Friday, September 23, 2011

A story for foreplay

My husband was pretty distracted the other night, and he couldn't focus on what we were doing. He asked me to tell him a sexy story, so I did (great sex then followed; that's another post). I wrote it out for him the next day, minus his interjections and questions, of course. This is the result. I apologize for the weak start; I was a bit shy at the beginning. Everyone have a great weekend!

There was was a girl, and a guy. They'd been together a while, when one day the guy realized that the girl seemed to like sex an awful lot. He said to himself " 'Hey, this chick likes sex an awful lot. That's annoying. Let me see what I can do about this."

So the next morning, the guy thought about what to do in the shower. He got an idea, and got out of the shower, then he went back to the bed where the girl was and he woke her up and said "Hey, you. You like cock, right?"

"Uhh...yeah?" she said, still half asleep.

  "Well, open up and take this one then," he said, grabbing her hair and pulling her face close to his cock. She obediently opened her mouth and took it inside, licking and sucking and swirling her tongue around it. It grew hard and longer inside her mouth from her attentions, until it bumped into the back of her throat. He tightened his hands in her hair and pulled her face closer, feeling her throat fighting the invasion - it forced noises out of her that she wasn't making. He held her head, and since he knew he didn't have much time, he fucked her face, telling her "Yeah, you like cock, I know it...feel it in your throat, slut.. yeah, come on, I'm gonna come in your throat and there's nothing you can do about it.. yeah. You like sex so much, I'll give you sex whenever the fuck I feel like it, I don't care if you're asleep.." and he continued on talking like that, and fucked her face until he came, spurting into her throat while she moaned around his cock. Then he patted her on the head and said "Good girl. I'm going to go now - no touching yourself." and left and went to work.

She was kind of turned on by this whole thing, and spent most of the day thinking about it and wondering what had spurred such odd behavior. When he finally came home he took her into the bedroom and he stripped her, pulled down his pants and made her get on her knees and suck him again. She was enjoying that and getting really turned on, and making a lot of noise, and he didn't like that. So he told her to be quiet; she tried for a bit but it got harder and harder the more turned on she got, and she started making noise again. He got annoyed and stopped and he threw her onto the bed and set about beating on her ass and the backs of her thighs. She was really turned on from the cocksucking, and was getting even more turned on by the spanking, and he thought to himself "What do I do to turn this girl off?"

  She kept making lots of noise, and so he gagged her, but that only stopped the articulated noises, not the deep, guttural ones. Eventually he stopped beating on her ass and told her to turn over. She obeyed, putty in his hands, and he started spanking her breasts. She seemed to enjoy that too, but she wriggled and squirmed around and tried to get away from the blows. He took one of her nipples between two of his fingers and he squeezed it, hard, and twisted it. She moaned through the gag. "Horny little cocksucker..." he muttered, grabbing the nearby ruler and whacking it into her nipple, over and over. She jumped and twisted. "Don't you try to get away from me!" he told her firmly, and she settled down. He applied the ruler to her nipple a few more times, a burning fire rising in it that she couldn't ignore or be quiet about, and then finally he stopped and told her to turn around. She did. "No no, hands and knees," he said. She did as he requested, and he guided her into the exact position he had in mind with his hands on her hips.

  "I'm going to fuck you like this now, you cocksucking little slut.." he told her severely, slapping her already reddened and sensitive ass a few times for good measure. She grunted quite loudly at that, and pushed her ass back toward him as if to say "Yes yes, do it, do it, come on." He climbed onto the bed behind her, slid his hard cock into her wet pussy, and fucked her, so, so slowly. She liked that, and she fucked back into him and ground against him. He slid in and out of her, and oh yes, she was very very wet. The wetness was trickling down her inner thighs and she grunted each time he slid inside of her. He reached around and took her breasts in his hands, pulling back against them, using that grip as leverage for the fucking. Each time he slid inside of her, not only was she full of cock, but his hips brushed against her tenderized ass, and the sensations fought in her brain for dominance. She drooled, the gag not allowing her to swallow properly.

  He thought to himself that he had awakened a monster, because not only was he not turning her off, but he was quite turned on himself. "I know what I need to do," he said to himself.. and pulled his cock away from her heat, leaving her empty. She grunted and pushed back against him, searching for the missing part of herself. He stroked her ass and said "I know, I know.. you want the cock back, huh?" She nodded dumbly, and he said "Well, you can have it.. just wait a moment." She felt something slippery prodding against her sensitive asshole, and her brain processed that it was his finger. She grunted and squirmed, and he slapped her sore ass with his other hand. "HOLD still, bitch!" he commanded. "I want to do this, and you will accept it." She whimpered, but did as he said. The finger did feel nice, gently stroking inside her ass. He removed it slowly, and then something larger and colder was pressing against her there. She whimpered again, but held still. "That's a good girl." he told her, pressing the huge butt plug inside of her slightly. "Go on, take it, be a good girl... you want the cock back, don't you?" he paused for her to nod, and said "Come on then, push back on this thing, let me see you want it for me.." She was bewildered, but also very, very horny, and so she pressed back against his hand and the plug, forcing it deeper and forcing groans from some place deep inside of her as she assisted in the invasion of her most private space.

  "Oh, that's very, very good... it's all the way inside you now! Good girl." He slid his finger against the base of the plug, forcing it ever so slightly deeper, back and forth, making her moan. "Now... now you can have the cock." He waited a moment, letting those words sink in. It took quite some time before she shook her head and grunted frantically, every action and sound from her indicating "No, no no no no no!"

  "Oh, huh.... seems like you want to say something." He took the gag off of her, and she worked her jaw for a moment, getting used to the sensation of having a working mouth. He slowly pressed two fingers inside her pussy and said "Well?"

  She gasped at the full sensation and croaked out "You can't fuck me like this.. there's no ROOM."

  "Oh, yeah? I'm under the impression that I can do anything I want with you, am I wrong?" he replaced his fingers with his thumb, rubbing his fingers now against her clit.

"" she replied breathlessly, squirming.

  "So.. what I want right now is to stuff you so full you think you'll burst. Since you're mine, I think I will."

"Oh God, ohGodohgodohgod.." she breathed, softly.

"Turn over."

She did, like one drugged and unable to resist.

  "Now open your legs nice and wide..." she watched as her legs obeyed him, somehow bypassing her resisting brain. "Good girl. Now, here comes that cock you were wanting." He prodded at her pussy with his cock, slipping the head inside her easily due to her extreme slippery state.

"Oh... God. You can't. I can't." she murmured, overwhelmed by the fullness and the motion as he rocked slowly against her. She held onto his shoulders helplessly.

  "I can...YOU will.." he said, pressing deeper and deeper until finally he reached the end of his length. He kissed her. She devoured his mouth, finally given a chance to do something that felt interactive. He rocked slowly into her, enjoying now all the noises coming from her, not annoyed by them anymore, actually trying to produce them. She made a lot of noise.. and she got louder and louder and he just kept rocking at the same slow pace, not wanting to actually ruin her. He'd grind against her slowly when he was all the way in, and then withdraw not quite all the way, and then back in again. After a long, long time, she said "Oh God, oh...GOD!" and she pressed herself up into him and shook all over, grabbing his shoulders tightly and crying out, her pussy spasming around his cock. He thrust quickly now, then spilled his own orgasm inside of her.

  "You know..." he said to her later, snuggling after the intensity of removing the plug was over, "I think I went about discouraging you the wrong way."

  "I think you're right. And I think you should discourage me more often." she whispered, exhausted, kissing him.

  "Oh.. I will." He stroked her hair gently and they fell asleep in each others' arms.

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