Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It just gets better

My last couple of nights have been incredible.

I sucked his toes and he really got off on that. A few "oh fuck yeah"s were uttered by him. That was fantastic. His big toes fit perfectly against the roof of my mouth. I was there for a long time.

I love it when he uses my body to warm himself, taking my warmth for his own comfort. Especially when he just outright orders me to give him my warmth. "Warm my feet."

Wow. It sounds inane, like that, but it makes my stomach flutter and my heart pound.

So that leads us to last night. He told me to warm his feet, and I melted against him and took his feet between my thighs, resting my head on his belly. He stroked my hair and told me I was a good girl. My hand stroked his heels. He murmured lovely things about how good I felt.

Once his feet were warm he pulled me up higher and kissed me. So good... I didn't mention we hadn't been kissing because of my cold. It is a very sad thing not to be able to kiss. I realized how much I'd missed it as our lips and tongues danced together, and his hand cupped my face.

"What am I going to do with a girl like you?" he whispered huskily against my lips.

"Anything you want." I squeezed myself as close to him as I could, enjoying his hand on my head.

"What if I just want to hold you and kiss you and rub you?" His hands stroked up and down my body and he kissed me again. I purred. "Or what if I want to hold this head," he gripped my hair for a moment, "and fuck it. And flog your ass while I do it?"

I had no words. My brain at this point was just a puddle of goo and sensory receptors between my ears. I just nodded.

He kissed me again. "I think I'll do both." He stroked me slowly and I responded in kind to the heat of his kisses. Time passed, and eventually he rubbed his cock against my leg. "Feel this cock?" I nodded, softly moaning a little affirmative noise. "I want it inside of you." I nodded again, sucking gently on his bottom lip. "Get down there and suck it now."

I shuddered, the order grabbing me and shaking my body. I scooted down. His cock was already poking through the opening in his boxers. I exhaled slowly against it, then started licking it, building my own anticipation before sliding my mouth down onto it with a hungry moan. "Oh yeah. Goood girl."

Oh, so good to feel the evidence of his desire hard and hot in my mouth, then entering my throat, making choking noises come out of me. I sucked, and his hand tangled itself in my hair... then his other hand on my throat, squeezing. I have no idea how he got his hand there, but there it was. I was gasping, sucking, moaning. It was wonderful. Time has no meaning in that place.

Eventually he interrupted his pleased noises: "Where's that ass? Didn't I promise to flog that ass?" I moaned around my mouthful of cock. "I'd hate not to carry through on my promises. Show me that ass so I can flog it."

I was comfortably sucking under three layers of blankets, so it was actually quite a task to expose myself while still sucking. I managed it though. "Oh, good girl. There it is." Then he hit me, holding my head against him with his other hand. I gurgled with pain around his cock as the ends of the flogger curved around my ass and bit into the backs of my thighs. He flogged me and I sucked in between my moments of recovery. "Does that hurt, baby?" I gurgled again, nodding slightly. Time passed, pain and sex, pain and sex. I blissed out.

"How about you stop sucking me and get up on that ramp and I fuck that pussy of yours? I bet it'd like that." He pulled away. I moaned, chasing his cock with my mouth, capturing it again. He let me suck for a while longer, then said "Stop it, slut. Stop it." He picked up the flogger and hit me, once, twice, three times, telling me to stop it with each one. Finally the pain was great enough I pulled away to make it stop.

He stood up, putting the ramp on the bed for me to climb on, and I scrambled up it in a hurry. He grabbed my hips, prodded his cock against my pussy. "Oooooh, such a wet pussy you have there." The head of his cock just barely penetrated me and I groaned loudly, backing into him to try to engulf him completely. "Oh, but wait. You didn't want your pussy fucked at all." He pulled away. I groaned again. "You just wanted to suck it, isn't that right?"

"Oh God.. no, no." I panted, squirming, trying to hump back into him.

"Yeah, you did."

"Oh, God.. please, please, please, please fuck me."

"If you're sure." He pressed his cock back against my entrance and thrust deeply inside me, forcing a moan of pure sexual joy out of me. It felt really fantastic. I hadn't had his cock in there in days. Fingers, but no cock. I made more very pleased noises. "What do you say?" he prodded.

"Oh, oh...thank you." I panted breathlessly.

"Thank me for what, slut?" He kept moving slowly within me.

"Oh GOD... thank you for fucking me." I paused, moaning. "In my pussy. Thank you for fucking me in my pussy."

"Oh yeah. You're welcome. You're just a little bitch in heat, aren't you?" He pounded me hard like that, holding my hips, then slowed again, letting his hands wander... he grabbed my throat and squeezed, pulling me back toward him. "My little bitch." His hand wandered toward my head. "You know what I'm going to do with this head?"

"Noooo." I moaned, enjoying everything way more than I can relate here.

"This!" He grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled my head all the way back toward him in one fluid motion, still pounding me. A scream came from inside me with the tugging on my scalp, blocked a bit by the way my neck was pulled into this new position.

He held me like that while he fucked me faster, his other hand creeping up and sliding a finger into my mouth. "Loud little bitch. Why don't you shut up and just let me fuck you?" I sucked, effectively gagged by the finger... but noises still came from me, through my nose. I couldn't have stopped.

He eventually made a lot more noise and pressed his whole upper body against my back, stroking me with long strokes from shoulder to knee. My arms ached like crazy but it was so, so good. He murmured things, both sweet and nasty, and he kept fucking me much to my glee until he softened completely and slipped out.

He laid next to me, letting me roll off the ramp and shove it off the bed. He cuddled me. I purred, squirmed, rubbed myself against him. Asked him nicely if he'd lay on my back, he did so, holding my hands tightly, pressing me into the bed. I was still so incredibly turned on.  He noticed. "Hey, you're horny," he commented.


He rolled off of me and started probing the slick mess of my sex with his fingers. Unfortunately he got a little distracted and one of his fingernails practically shredded my poor clit. I whimpered when it didn't stop after a while, moved the sharp finger away. "Too sharp?" he asked. I nodded. "Better?" he asked, being more careful, softness brushing against me.

"Mmhmm," I purred, but the pain there made it difficult to get off. Eventually I was finished.. not quite orgasm finished, but done. He stopped, pulled me closer to him, told me how good I'd been. I purred. I did a lot of purring. "You're fantastic." I whispered against his chest, safe in the circle of his arms. "I could do without the shredding though."

He held me, we talked about sex and love and how amazing it all feels.

I never could have imagined having such a fulfilling sex life. I never could have come up with the concept that I could have such a depth of feeling in a relationship and also enjoy being degraded and used, spoken to so harshly and held tightly afterward, stroked and loved and cared for.

Such a pleasing dichotomy.


  1. Skin to skin togetherness is just divine...mmmm.

    Not sure I cope with the toes though ;-)

    DY x

  2. Sounds like fun for all :)

    Glad you had a great time.

  3. DY: Oh it definitely is.

    The toes? You know something, it took him years before he'd even let me look at his toes. They're kind of funny-shaped. But they're awesome for hurting/scratching the bottoms of my feet (depending on the amount of pressure he applies and the mood he's in), and they're clearly very very sensitive. I'm a fan of his toes, all of his bits, really. :)

    marriedwithsex: Thanks! :)

  4. I enjoy reading about you and your man, Conina! It's interesting what turns each couple on.

    Toes?! :)!


  5. Kitty: Thank you, dear! I'm not sure how to respond to your question mark, there. ;)

    Toes don't turn either of us on, of themselves; however, I was quite getting off on his reactions to what I was doing to his toes. The act of submitting to him in this way also pressed my buttons. The times he has done the same to my toes have been quite erotic as well. You don't think about your toes much, but there's a lot of sensitivity there and it can be quite overwhelming to have such an oft-ignored body part lavished with attention.


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