Monday, April 23, 2012

Promises, promises

Promises in the morning. 

Saturday morning dawned and we were incredibly reluctant to leave the bed, but our little one had come in already and left our door open. "I really wanted to make love to you," he said, his whispered voice colored with disappointment. We had a full day of parent-pleasing stretched out ahead of us, so starting off with a bit of us-pleasing would have been ideal.

"I know, love," I whispered back, stroking his chest and belly, "but maybe you should just tell my what you're going to do to me tonight? You know, give us something to hold on to today?"

"Mmmmm, okay," he responded, tugging my face up to his by my hair and kissing me gently. "I'll start by tying your hands behind your back with rope," he started, and continued on in delicious detail. 

All those whispered words had me very very aroused. When he spoke of fucking my face, he traced my lips with his fingers, holding my head tightly as he described what he would do to me. His hands roamed my body as he whispered.

".... and maybe, maybe if you're very lucky," he finished as I laid purring against his side, dropping little kisses on his chest, "I'll take that plug out and fuck you in the ass."

I was still stroking his chest, arms, and belly, and he took my hand in his, shoved his boxers down, and placed my hand firmly on his hard cock. "That's my cock,  I'm going to fuck you with it later. Do you want me to fuck you, love?"

I nodded and softly said "Oh, yes," as he shoved my legs apart and found the wetness he'd created with his words.

Sounds of people doing things drifted through our open bedroom door as his fingers played with me."I'm going to fuck you now, I think. Come on." He pushed me over to face away from him, and then he was inside me, whispering low so his voice didn't carry into the occupied living room. "I could just come inside you right now," he told me after a few minutes of him thrusting into my all-too-eager body. I did my best to muffle my moans.

"Oh yes," I begged softly.

"What's that, love? You want me to come inside you right now?"

"Oh yes, yes."

We got up, spent the day with his parents, doing fun stuff. While we prepared tea in the kitchen after coming back home, he kissed me heatedly. "You still holding on to that," he whispered, but was interrupted by a question from the other room.

"Yes," I answered once he finished speaking to the other person.

"Yes to what?" he asked, amusement evident in his tone.

"Your question," I said, burying my face against his chest.

"Oooh, I didn't know I'd finished it." He pressed my head against him.

"You didn't. But I am."

Oh! I haven't told you guys about our new toys! I found these things at Target, on the same aisle with the duct tape, (ours are pink), and I just immediately thought whoa, that looks like something kinky. I tossed them in our cart and he used them on my nipples that same night.

We lit a large candle to light our room and we slipped into bed together, talking about the day before easing into more erotic endeavors.

True to his word, he started with rope. Once my hands were well and truly bound behind me, he slapped my breasts several times, raising my nipple. He fixed one of these guys to my nipple. It's awesome because he can squeeze it tight around the nipple and it can hurt for a bit while he does, but once he lets go it's just like my nipple is being held snugly, and there's no blood restriction issue.

He pushed me over and started spanking me, alternating between his hand, an array of floggers, something stiffer. It was a long, long spanking. The words went with it. "Have you been good today?"

"Yes sir."

"I think you have too. I keep trying to think of some reason to punish you, but when I think of you, I just think of how awesome you are. And you're mine. So that's why I'm rewarding you," he said as his hand kept slapping my flesh.

He rolled me over, squeezed the tie around my nipple, making me cry out. Oh, so lovely, such a delicate pinching sensation. Then he slapped my inner thigh until I cried out and begged. "Hurts so bad!" I whined, for his information. 

"Oh I know you're sensitive there, aren't you? I'm going to hit you there again, now. Nothing you can do about it." His hand hovered over my reddened skin and I gasped and whined with the unexpected intensity of the anticipation he was creating within me. "You're mine and I'll do what I want with you," he finished, as his hand indeed slapped me there again and I cried out. 

He slapped my pussy several times too, in between slaps to my thigh, and I was bucking and groaning. Such a display! 

Finally finished torturing me, he pulled me into his arms. My arms were still bound behind my back and he removed the tie from my nipple. His fingers wandered to play between my legs, where I was already incredibly wet.

"You want to suck my cock, don't you?" He asked, matter-of-factly.

"Oh yes," I gulped, because I certainly did.

He let me suck, and sometimes he pressed my face down against the mattress and thrusting, pulling my hair as he fucked my face. Sometimes he held my head tight and fucked into my face like that. My moans deepened as he spoke and thrust into my mouth.

"Such a good fuck hole. My fuck hole. Cockslut. Feed a cockslut cock and she's a happy girl."

He untied my hands while I sucked his cock, and I immediately snaked my arm around his leg and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into my mouth. "Thought you'd do that," he said through his own pleased noises.

"Get between my legs," he said after a long, long time.

I sat up and crawled over his leg, all without letting his cock slip from my mouth. He clamped his legs around my head, grabbed all of my hair tightly and pulled up on it. Oh WOW, my brain said. I liked that a lot. I think the pulling was just as much to aid his view as it was to titillate me, but WOW. I groaned loud and deep around his cock as I sucked on it, and he kept a tight hold on my hair as he thrust up into my mouth.

"You need to stop now so I can fuck your pussy. Or... you can figure out some way to suck my cock while I put this plug in your ass," he said, when I demonstrated my dislike for the idea of stopping by groaning my disappointment. 

I crawled back over his leg and turned my body completely around, still sucking his cock like I needed it to live.

"Goooooood girl," he praised me, stroking my ass now that it was presented to him. I felt the cold lube against my tiny hole, and then his fingers. I squealed as he began to push the plug into me and I stopped sucking, just holding him in my mouth and squealing. 

"Keep sucking," he told me firmly as he pressed.

Finally fully invaded by the plug, I squirmed. He told me to get off him, and I moved off of his leg and stretched out toward the foot of the bed, trying to cope with the invasion of my ass and the sudden emptiness of my mouth.

"Up on the ramp with you, you know where you go," he urged me as he flopped the Liberator ramp on to the bed next to me. I did know; he'd told me that morning that's what he was going to do.

I climbed onto the ramp and felt his hands grip my hips. I moaned deeply in anticipation and lust, as he pressed his cock against my pussy.

"Oh, there's not much room here. I'm going to force my way in though," he assured me as he did. I rocked back and forth trying to cope with the fullness. He moved slowly but it was very very intense.

"Oh my God I'm so full," I groaned.

He kept talking, ramping up my arousal with his words but they're lost now in the sea of sensation he generated for me.

"I can't," I eventually said, though I had clearly been dealing with it for at least several minutes if not more.

"You can. In fact even saying you can't makes it sound like you have some kind of choice, and you don't have a choice."

"So full," I groaned over and over, my voice a coarse remnant of its usual self, "So fucking full."

"Gonna fuck your ass next," he informed me.

He pulled out of my pussy, pulled the plug out of my ass with a pop. I heard him lubing his cock. I whimpered, suddenly so so empty. I kicked my legs back and forth and whined, upset at the sudden shift from incredibly full to absolutely empty.

"Oh, are you empty?" he asked, his tone patronizing at first, then shifting to dark. "Such a fucking slut. Can't even be empty for a few seconds."

His cock slid easily into my prepared hole, pressing deep, deep moans of "Oh. My. God." from me. I stretched my arms out in front of me, gripping the edge of the ramp, and widened my knees, offering myself in a better position.

"Oh, so good," I kept saying, as his cock stimulated all those wonderful nerve endings in my rear passage. I was lost in ecstasy and he was still talking, which of course aided the fantastic cloud I was riding on in its happy journey.

"Gonna come in your ass now," he told me, as he gripped me and moved faster.

"Mmmhmm," I responded dreamily, pressing back against him as much as I dared without upsetting the balance of the ramp. 

He emptied himself inside me with a groan, and continued moving inside me for several minutes after, since I kept making happy noises. He likes to make me make happy noises. 

"You gonna lie on the bed with me?" he asked, as he slowly slipped his soft cock out of me.

"Mmhmm," I said, crawling over the ramp as he settled himself back onto the bed. He drew me into his arms and let his fingers find their way back to my pussy. He played with me, and I was so, so close, but something about the position just wasn't working for me. 

"It's too hard like this," I whispered, turning over onto all fours. Much easier to get an orgasm out of me like that.

And he did. His fingers slid inside my pussy and his thumb played across my clit and he had me screaming in just a few moments. I collapsed against him and he held me tightly, stroking my hair and whispering words of love to me.

Oh yeah.

I like it when he makes promises because he is very inclined to fulfill them. I married a man of his word.

Just for you, Kitty. Well, okay, for me a bit too. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully intense time!


    1. Oh yes. Flutterings of it still being felt this morning - images in my mind giving me pause and making me shiver. Yeah. Thanks for reading. :)

  2. And man did I like it... Excellent Miss Conina, and thank you.

    1. You're very welcome, and thank you for caring! 'cause it would have been a shame not to record it.

      Typing on a Kindle Fire still sucks though. ;)

    2. You are a trooper. H read it, but he wouldn't let me hang over his shoulder while he was doing so... drat.

      I wanted to watch him get hot. But then I remembered I am not in charge of him. :)

  3. Wow, AAAH-mazing! :)

  4. As always I love reading your posts.

  5. joey, Subbie, dancingbarez: Thank you all so much for the praise and for your enjoyment! :)

  6. Incredible. N got my juices flowing ;p


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