Friday, April 6, 2012



His hand, tangled in my hair, slowly becoming a fist. He shoved my face down, telling me I should fill my mouth with cock, that I was complaining too much about some stupid thing.

"Ah.. hear that? That sounds much better," he whispered as I moaned around his cock.

Sucking, mouth and throat full, legs clamped around my head. Spasms wracking my body.

"Come on, get your face off my cock," he growled at length after several other failed attempts, gripping two handfuls of my hair and yanking me upward. So hot. A surge of heat spilled through me at those words, that he would need to say those words, to physically remove my hungry mouth from his sex organs.

He got the pretty flogger with the pink handle - my favorite - from the drawer, made me get the Liberater ramp and get into position on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed for him, ass toward him as he stood next to the bed. He pressed his cock into my pussy, letting his hands wander, randomly spanking me, slapping my breasts, flogging my back, pulling my hair. I dissolved into cries of intense pleasure.

"Mmmm, this is a goood position to have you in. I can do all sorts of things to you. I can fuck you in all sorts of places, spank you, flog you... did I mention fuck you?" He did all those things.

Fingers, working into my ass while he pressed his cock hard inside my pussy. Moans spilling from my mouth.

"Yeah, you like that? Hope so, 'cause I'm gonna fuck you like this now," he said as he started moving again, doing just that.

The lube... a quest all its own, as he made me crawl for it on my trembling arms and legs and give it to him so he could fuck my ass.

Lube. Gentle fingers working their way into me.



Splitting me open. Not literally, but nearly. Anal is particularly hard for me in that position. He started moving. The burn.. oh, the burn. It gave way to the fantastic feeling it always does.

"How does your ass feel?"


"Mmmmmmm, good."

He gently reached around and lightly cupped my breasts with his palms, brushing them against my nipples. Gasps bordering on screams came from me; I was too sensitive to bear even such gentle ministrations. He made me anyway.

Then his hand. In my ass, my pussy, stroking my clit. I have no idea where all those fingers came from, but they were amazing.


Love, wrapped around me, stroking my hair, telling me I'd been good.



  1. Mmmm, wish I was as good at the details as you are :) In the moment everything is so vivid, but afterwards the details become all mixed up, lol.

    1. Your comment makes me smile, mostly because I felt this one was significantly lacking details, but made up for it in immediacy.

      I've been writing about the sex we have for close to 10 years now, so it stands to reason I've gotten better at remembering some of the details.

      Sometimes I'm too used up to remember much at all, so I know what you mean about things getting mixed up. I try to just leave out the mixed-up parts and put in the bits I do remember exactly.

    2. oh, and THANK YOU for the compliment! :)

  2. I also noticed some of the lack of details that you normally had, but I thought it was awesome, because it felt fuzzy and I felt that last night and this just took me back! Well done.

    @Faerie, you can totally take liberty with mixed up details if you want, I won't tell. :)

    1. My experience was pretty fuzzy, so that makes a lot of sense. Thank you. :)

  3. Very hot and erotic post!!


    1. Thank you, and thanks for coming to read!

  4. Replies
    1. I hope that's the good kind of oh my and not the "Oh My, I must go gouge out my eyeballs now!" ;)


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