Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exactly what I needed

We went to bed early. I've not been getting enough rest and it's starting to show. I lay on the bed, flat on my back, wearing a night shirt, exhausted. I felt my husband's weight on the bed next to me and opened my eyes to find him staring intently into my face, the light still on. I looked back at him, trying to ignore the twin reflections of myself in his blue eyes.

"Beautiful girl. I have plans for you," he told me.

"I'm a little afraid," I said, smiling. He's not generally big on plans. I was a little excited too.

"Mmm, maybe my plan for you is to just let you sleep," he said, kissing me, grinning mischievously.

We kissed, his hands wandering over my body, for some time, until I was breathless.

"I'm going to make you suck my cock," he said, between kisses. I kissed him again for saying that, then pulled away a little and looked at him. "How does that sound?"

I grinned at him; he grinned back in response. "Sounds... like a plan," I whispered, kissing him lightly on the lips once more before sliding down his body. I stroked his cock through his briefs first, listening to his noises of pleasure. "You like me?" I asked softly, working my fingertips under his waistband and sliding the briefs off his hips. I'd been feeling sad earlier in the evening, a side effect of delving into the past.

"Oh, I like you very much, baby." Good answer. Happy-making answer.

I rested my head on his hip for a while as he stayed on his back, just licking his cock lazily, taking the head into my mouth and sucking gently once in a while. So tired and feeling so good with him. He didn't give me any orders to get moving elsewhere, so I just relaxed, enjoyed his happy noises and his hand gently stroking my hair. After a while I wanted more. I couldn't get enough cock in my mouth in that position, and he wasn't moving.

So I got up on my hands and knees, climbed between his legs, and took him in my mouth that way, licking slowly up his length and then sinking my mouth down onto him slowly, swirling my tongue around him to lubricate my path. My hair fell all around my head, a curtain shielding me from his view. That wasn't to last, as his hands almost immediately gathered it up out of the way, pulling at it a little, making me make little stifled noises of delight. I don't know if he was looking at me, but he could now. I bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking him happily, moaning, not nearly as tired as I had been twenty minutes ago.

His hands clamped down on my head, holding it up in the air with his cock about halfway to the back of my throat. I whimpered. He thrust into me slowly, just halfway each time. I made a lot of little helpless wanting whimpers.

"You want more, don't you, slut?" I moaned more around his cock, indicating that I did. "Mine. You'll have how much I want to give you." I made a noise of agreement, and he kept teasing me like that for a while, slow half-thrusts into my face while he held my head immobile and I moaned helplessly, sucking at him as hard as I could. He wouldn't be coaxed.

Finally he let me go and I sucked him all the way in, sinking my forehead to his belly and groaning loudly with fulfilled desire. I stayed there, working my throat around his cock, until I had to breathe. I pulled away to breathe, licked all along his length. He lifted his hips, presenting me with his balls, which I happily took into my mouth, running my tongue over the soft skin, sucking gently on first one, then the other, then delicately taking both of them in. I opened my eyes to look up at him and he was looking back at me. "Good girl," he praised me, making me purr. "Mmm, I like it when you suck my balls. Feels so good..."

I pulled away after a bit, licking back up his cock, back down to his balls, moving back and forth, just barely coming to the head of his cock before reversing my direction, gliding along his cock and making him sound very very pleased with me. My mouth wanted more, though, and I began whimpering as I approached the head of his cock, my mouth wide open.

"My girl wants the cock in her mouth again, doesn't she?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm," I said, my mouth too busy pleasing him to form actual words, sucking gently along the underside of his cock.

"Here, then, have your face fucked some more," he said, tugging on my hair, bringing my open mouth to his cock, and sliding it in. He thrust into me and I moaned happily, swinging my hips back and forth in the air. So good. He pulled away again after several minutes and presented me with his balls again, which I sucked for a while.

"How would you like your pussy fucked?" he asked me.

"Mmhmm," I said, my mouth full of his balls, my tongue working, gently sucking.

"Oh, that's right, I have to make you stop, don't I?" he asked at length, and he fisted his hand in my hair and pulled. His balls slid from my gentle sucking motion easily.

"Take off your clothes," he said.

I didn't quite hear him and asked him to repeat himself, then quickly did as he'd asked, crawling up and laying on my stomach next to him. The fan at the foot of our bed had been blowing onto my backside for the whole time I'd been sucking him, and I purred when he settled our sheet over me. "Thank you," I said softly.

He slid his hand under that sheet and rubbed my ass. "Oh, baby, your ass is cold. Hmmm. Let's see what we can do to warm you up." He rolled atop me and humped me a little, and I moaned and pressed back against him, but he quickly rolled off me again. His hand wandered from my ass to my pussy, and he slid his finger all around my wetness.

"Oh, what a wet pussy. You'd like to be fucked here, wouldn't you?" I purred a positive response. "Oh, and it'd be so nice to fuck you.."

"All in time, love," he said, reaching over to the nightstand. "We've got to warm your ass up first."

I felt the crop then, running gently over my cold ass. I trembled and then he hit me with it and it was all pain, and he just kept raining the blows down onto me, covering my ass in little bites from the crop. I squirmed and squealed and I couldn't quite take it, but I did somehow anyway. He talked to me but the crop bit away all my senses.

"Oh, look, your ass is all covered in marks," he said. "Does this hurt?" He spanked me hard with his hand, once on each cheek.

"Yessss," I hissed softly.

He pulled out a flogger, and started hitting me with that. I purred.

"Does your ass like that?"

"Yes sir," I groaned, lifting my ass for more of the soft thuddy strokes. He delivered.

His hand again, and then the crop again, making me scream and squirm.

"I think your ass is warm enough now, don't you? Turn over."

"Are you going to hurt me more?" I asked softly as I obeyed, wincing as my tenderized backside made contact with the sheets.

"Why yes, I am," he said, kissing me gently. "I'd like to fuck you, but first I must beat you more."

I could feel his cock straining, pressing against my hip, my thigh. He wasn't lying. His hand closed over my left breast and he squeezed it hard, kneading it. I moaned deep in my throat.

"Hmm, that doesn't hurt very much, does it?"

"No sir.."

He let go of my breast, grabbed the crop again. I trembled, tensing. The moment spun out into an eternity as he rubbed my nipple with the crop. I didn't breathe. Then, suddenly, the world exploded into fragments, a gorgeous shattered mirror. I was screaming as he brought the crop down all over my breast, all around my nipple, on my nipple, a torrent of fiery blows, each one its own brand. I began to squirm and my screams became more breathless. Surely I couldn't bear more of it.

"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts," I begged, writhing.

"Mine!" he started announcing, the sharp slap of the crop and the following burst of pain his accompaniment and punctuation.

Oh, fuck. I was done for as he kept hitting me with the crop, all over my breast. My actual resistance dissolved and I felt a flood of arousal drench me at his words. "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Each word was another strike, and he kept saying it. My screams became thready, my voice vibrating as I struggled to endure the ordeal.

"Oh, fuck, ithurtsithurtsithurts. Yes, I'myoursI'myoursI'myours," I changed my chant in midscream.

"Mmm, good girl," he said, breaking his stream of "Mine!" for just a moment, then continuing on.

He finally stopped, running his fingertips lightly over my breast as I gasped for air. He pinched my nipple hard, pulling up on it, and I screamed again, as it was already incredibly sensitive from the beating it had just taken. I was ultra aware of my entire breast, the flesh throbbed there on my chest.

"Mmm, I'd really like to fuck you now," he said, pressing his cock hard against my hip. I was ultra aware of that, too. He curled his hand around my sensitized breast, making me moan. "I'd like to hold onto this breast, use it to pull you to me and fuck you."

"Oh, God, yes, please, please," I begged, writhing against him, turning more on my side, rubbing my ass against his cock. I could feel my sensitive sex membranes, so slick with my arousal, gliding against each other as I moved. It wasn't helping to put a damper on my need.

He rolled his hips a bit, making me feel him, grinding against my ass. "But you've got this other breast here.. completely ignored," he said, his fingers stroking my right breast as it was more exposed now. I whimpered.

He picked the crop up again and rubbed it against my untouched nipple, as I drew in several quick breaths.

"I'm afraid..." I murmured softly, angling my body away so he could hit me more easily if he chose. After having endured the onslaught on my left breast, which was still throbbing and tender, I was afraid. But so, so turned on.

"Oh you are, poor thing?" he asked, letting the crop dance gingerly around my nipple. "Maybe I shouldn't do it then..."

Then the crop was coming down on my nipple and breast, quick, fast, and I was screaming and he was asking me questions. "It makes you wet, doesn't it?" he asked as he kept hitting me, over and over.

"Yes sir," I responded, between screams.

"It makes you wet to suck my cock."

"Yes sir." Writhing, screaming, hurting.

"It makes you wet for me to hold your head and fuck your face."

"Yes sir." Oh, God.

"Does it make you wet when I spank your ass?"

"Yes sir."

"And when I flog your ass?"

"Yes sir."

"Everything I do to you makes you wet, doesn't it?"

"Yesss sirrrr," I managed, hurting so badly, screaming, and he kept landing the crop right on my nipple. It had exploded, surely.

"That makes you quite a slut for me, doesn't it?"

"uh. uh. uh-huh," I moaned, lost in pain and arousal and desperate for relief, desperate for his cock in me, just desperate.

He kept hitting me and I would have squirmed away, but he held my shoulder. "Can't get away from me, mine!" he said, letting the crop bite into my tender breast over and over. My shoulder rolled, trying frantically to get away, to protect my breast, at the same time as another part of me wanted dearly to lie open for him and let him have his way with me. That internal conflict is a powerful aphrodisiac. My shoulder finally broke his grip and I rolled a bit, but he followed me, the crop still delivering its endless stream of pain. "Is it too much for you?" he asked in my ear, falsely solicitous, making me tremble.

"I can't hold still!" I whined, though I wanted to for him, badly.

"Poor baby," he whispered. "I'd certainly like to fuck you now," he told me again.

I lifted my leg over his hip, rubbing my ass against his cock. "Oh, yes, please, please, please fuck me," I begged, as he kept striking me with the crop all over my breast. "Please, you can still hit me, but please.."

He moaned a little himself. "Mmm, well, I suppose you've had enough of this for now," he said, putting the crop down again. My breasts both throbbed, feeling like masses of exposed nerves on my chest. His fingers stroked my breasts so lightly, making loud groans come from me, and then trailed down my body to my pussy.

Wet. So, so wet.

"Ooh, you weren't kidding," he said. "That's a wet pussy you have there." He held on to my hip as I squirmed against him, his cock slowly pressing into my hungry body. A long soft moan of satisfaction issued from me as he sank his hard length into me.

"So. Fucking. Wet. Slut," he said as he thrust into me. He amused himself for a while by playing with my tender breasts, making me moan, pulling me to him, pinching and pulling my nipples, and then slapping my breasts, making me squirm and cry out.

He grabbed my nipple as he moved slowly inside me, slowly increasing the pressure, pulling up on it until it was something I wasn't sure I could bear. He pulled up on it, fucking me as I begged. "Hurts, hurts, hurts so bad," I begged, my hips undulating with his.

"Mine," he said, definitively, brooking no argument.

"Yours," I agreed, "hurts."

"I know." He finally released it. He slipped a finger into me alongside his cock and I arched upward, crying out. "Oh, GOD," I shrilled. "So full."

A blur of sex: slapping, pinching, talking, moaning, and screaming, a sensual eternity passed.

He buried his finger in my mouth and I gladly sucked it in, tasting myself there, licking my juices off of him. "Mmm. Now. Which part of you would like to take my cum?" I moaned loudly around his finger, but he wasn't really asking me.

"Would your ass like to? Mmm, yeah, I bet it would. Or your pussy is nice." He wriggled his finger in my mouth, thrusting his cock into me for emphasis as I made lots of excited noises. "Or I bet your pretty face would be nice too.. Oh, you don't really care, do you slut? You're all mine and I can come wherever I want to."

"Mmhmm!!" I responded as best I could with my mouth full of his finger, the entire monologue-discussion turning me on immeasurably.

"It would be nice to fuck your ass again," he mused.

"Mmhmm!" I moaned around his finger.

"Mmm, okay." He slowly removed his finger from my mouth, reaching over to the nightstand for the lube. "I probably don't even need this," he muttered, "so fucking wet." I moaned at his words as I turned completely on my side, leaning over to present him with my ass.

"Is there a problem?" he asked, as perhaps my moan was tinged with something else. Need, most likely.

"No sir," I said softly.

"Good girl," he whispered into my ear, applying lube to my ass.

"You want me to fuck you here?" he asked, his finger sliding inside my tight hole.

"Yes sir."

"Good." He pressed his cock against my hole, but it wasn't working. He pressed harder. "Come on, girl, take it," he urged me. I tensed at the difficulty, trying to will myself to relax. I couldn't.

He pulled away, got more lube, and then slid right in, no problems. I relaxed as I felt my ass open to him, groaning. It was good. "So good," I moaned.

"Mmm, mine. All your fuckholes are mine, isn't that right, slut?"

"Yes sir," I responded through a long moan, his words melting me. Hearing him say that is like applying fire directly to every resistance I've ever had to anything. It all just melts.

He ran his fingertips over my breasts, which made me squirm like crazy. So sensitive. His fingers moved down to my pussy, and he slid two fingers inside me. I groaned. "So full," I whispered, my body undulating helplessly to his every stroke and thrust.

"Oh, such a nice, warm, wet, soft pussy you have here. And it's right next to your ass," he said, moving his fingers around inside me, making me tremble and make all sorts of noises at the fullness.

"Would it be nice for you if I played with your clit? Would you like to have your clit played with while I fuck your ass?"

I just moaned my agreement. He moved his fingers to stroke my clit as well and it felt incredible, so fucking good.

"Oh, yeah, you like that. How about if I pinched your nipple? No? Would that be too much for you? I bet it would..."

"Mmhmm," I agreed with him, feeling my nipples and breasts still throbbing from everything they'd endured.

"I'm going to do it anyway. Just to see." It took some maneuvering for him to get his fingers to my nipple, but he was determined. I kept tossing my head, not denying him but not sure if I could control my reaction.

"Arrrghhhh," I screamed, shaking, unable to deal with the intense squeezing on my already-abused nipple. Oh God. He pulled up on it, his fingers rubbing my clit, his cock moving in my ass, and I screamed and screamed. Somewhere in there, I felt him start to come. "Oh, fuck, yes," I said, as his body shook and he moaned and he really seemed to be enjoying himself a lot. I reached around his hips and pulled him into me as hard as I could.

He kept moving in me slowly as he softened, his fingers playing their magic on my clit. He slid out of my ass and then he raised up over me, his mouth fastening on my throbbing abused nipple and sucking hard, biting into it, as his fingers slid inside me and his thumb worked against my clit.

It was all so much. I don't know how I hadn't exploded in orgasm yet, but as he hurt my nipple and I begged that it hurt, that I was too sensitive there, and his hand kept fucking me, I felt a monster orgasm approaching me. It was intense, and I wrapped my arms around him and I spasmed, a long, long groan issuing from me. Not loud, not screaming, but so intense as the release burst over me and I shook, my insides vibrating as I clutched my love.

Thank God he didn't push me to another, because as the wave of unbearable pleasure finally receded, my body went limp, done.

He kissed me, hard. "This is not a way for you to catch up on your rest," he told me.

Maybe not, but it was exactly what I needed.


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    1. Thank you. :) And for all your linking to it. You're awesome yourself.

  2. Girl! You ain't gittin enough rest cause you having crazy monkey sex!!!! Go you!!!!

    That's the best reason I can think of to be tired. Sometimes I read your posts and and I would swear you were peaking in our window. Just with a bit different dialogue, lol. You guys are better at that :0

    1. You made both of us grin huge grins, and my husband asked "We're not, are we?" :)

  3. Okay, the description of that first blow job? Positively poetic...

    No one is getting enough rest, but I'm glad it is because of the sex for some of us.

    1. Hang in there, lady.

      And thank you for the compliment. :)

  4. "a gorgeous shattered mirror"
    Nuf said
    Thanks. Hot and beautiful.

    1. Very welcome. :) Thank you for the feedback.

  5. I appreciate all of your comments! Sometimes it feels like crickets are chirping. :)

  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I'm not getting enough rest either cos I'm stuck here reading your hawt hawt post! And I love your dialogue. And I'm horny as fuck now.

    For your body's sake, I do hope you get some rest. But if you intend to keep having wild sex DO make sure you post it!


    1. Thank you! It was really, really hot to live through too. :)

      You're welcome, and I certainly will!

  7. :D Reading this was VERY ill advised on my no orgasm diet!!! I need another cold shower!!!!! :D :D :D

    1. The tags were all right there! The "whoa" tag is particularly for something that has blown my mind to experience. :) Thank you for the compliment though, and... hey, at least you should be really clean, right?


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