Friday, June 1, 2012

My favorite kind of day

Blow job in the morning

Too exhausted for anything at all the previous night, we fell asleep. But in the morning he slapped my inner thighs until I whimpered from the stinging, then my inner forearm, and then pulled me to him for a nice pre-work blowjob, which I delivered with gusto and delight, although it left me wanting the whole day.... with my thigh bizarrely stinging all day too.

Love in the afternoon

We had time alone in bed, although not exclusively. The threat of the little one wandering in at any moment was there. He teased the hell out of me. "You want me, slut?" he asked, pressing his clothed erection against me.

"Mmhmm, I do..."

"You can't have me. You'll just have to waaait.." And he teased orgasm after orgasm out of me, both of us fully clothed, his hand up the leg of my shorts, as the late afternoon sunlight filtered through our curtains and slowly faded.

"Look at you go," he said as I spasmed, kicking, slapping the bed, helplessly flopping around like a fish out of water. How that's sexy I don't know; it certainly doesn't feel sexy from the inside. What it does feel is incredible.

Sex in the evening

"I love you," he whispered fervently, lifting his mouth from my nipple.

"Mmmm, I love you tooooo, husband," I purred.

"Mmm, that's why it pains me to do this," he said, his hand slapping into my other breast hard. I groaned loudly. "and by 'it pains me,' I mean I lie," he finished, as my body tossed back and forth dealing with the aftershocks of the slap. He slapped across it several more times, making me twist and moan.

I sucked his cock while he tormented my nipples, sometimes slapping my breast, sometimes pinching hard and making me whine around the hardness filling my mouth.

"I bet your pussy would like to be fucked too, huh?" he asked. I made a noise of assent, but didn't stop. It's hard to stop. I could see everything, the light was still on, we'd not gotten so far as lighting a candle. The slick coating of my saliva glistened on the base of his cock each time he drew away.

Finally, after much coaxing and teasing by him, and whiny moans by me, I turned over, presenting him with my backside. His cock slid inside me and I groaned with pleasure. I lifted my top leg and moved it over his waist, hooking my foot around his back. I reached down to feel his cock moving inside me. "So slippery," I whispered, sort of lost in a haze of sex.

The haze is covering so much. But I remember gazing at him, my eyes half-closed, heavy with passion, as he moved in me, and then his head was resting on my arm and we were kissing, kissing, kissing, our bodies a bizarre tangle of legs and arms and torsos and heads, joined together at every possible place.

The intensity of that overwhelmed me. "Love you so much," I whispered against his lips.

I detangled my legs and arms from him and pulled away slightly, tugging at him, wordlessly begging. "Is there something you waant?" he asked, still slowly moving inside me.

I nodded, tugged at him more, indicating I'd like him on top of me.

"Oh, do you want me on top of you?"

"Yes sir," I whispered as a shiver ran down my body. Sometimes admitting the smallest things is so hard and so arousing. He withdrew from me completely and in one amazingly fluid motion was on top of me and inside me again. I arched up to meet his thrust, grinding my body against his.

My feet were not flat on the mattress, but sideways, as my legs could be open more like that. He rested his knees on the arches of my feet, pinning them in place as he moved atop me, keeping me from moving up into him. I groaned and clutched at him, my hands stopping their stroking of his body with the realization of what was going on. He captured my wrists in his hands and pinned them to the bed on either side of my head, and I was truly immobile. Deep, primal groans rose from some place within me, and he kissed me, taking my last method of expression into himself. My body rocked beneath his with every ounce of the intensity I was feeling, but it was just a bit of motion. Not enough. Not enough. I kissed him like my life depended on it. He pulled his mouth away and ground down into me, slowly, deliberately, gazing into my eyes, and I came. All the intensity of the actions I couldn't perform poured over me and I shook, my eyes rolling back into my head and closing, a long low moan issuing from me as if from some other creature.

He was talking through all of that, of course, except the kissing. But my recall fails me.

"You ready for me to come in you, baby?" he asked, speeding up his thrusts a little, my freed hands wandering over his body, his knees resting properly on the mattress now and not pinning my feet.

"Mmm, yes," I agreed fervently, pushing a little on his hips and scooting down, down, down until my face was under his glorious cock.

"Mmm, you want me to come in your face?"

"Yes sir," I whispered, my hands gripping his hips and pulling him into my mouth, the taste of us together on his skin encouraging a soft moan from my throat.

He did all the hard work. I just held on to his hips, urging him along as he fucked my face for several minutes, moaning softly, sucking, licking, enjoying the hell out of him, until he came, flooding my throat when it was in an awkward position. I couldn't swallow it all fast enough and I coughed. He immediately tried to roll off me, but I grabbed him back quickly, sucking it from him eagerly. This is what I want, I told him wordlessly, gripping him, sucking gently until he began to soften.

He rolled off me then, and I curled into his arms, exhausted.

I'd like to say we slept then...

Our little one woke up less than half an hour after that, as we were still drifting, tangled together in semi-conscious stupor. Poor thing has a fever and we were up all night, which is probably why my recall is so horrible and I'm doing such a bad job of it.

Despite my botch-job describing it, the sex was amazing, glorious. Particularly transcendent, amongst a life full of transcendent sexual experiences.  I'm pretty sure all the sex throughout the day aided in the awesomeness of it.


  1. OMG I had my head hanging off the bed and he was fucking my face (kneeling on a cushion for more height) but somehow I choked on MY own saliva and coughed too and he pulled away immediately. I wasn't as eloquent as you tho. I made wailing noises and furrowed my brows and tried to shake my head from side to side to tell him I was ok. All the while trying to reach behind his legs and pull him back into me. And after we got out of that position later I laughed. Ah well. Not every episode is a Harlequin romance eh?

    Nice one, as usual.

    1. Well, we've had a bit of practice with the nonverbal communication. Even so, he tends to err on the side of caution when I can't speak.

      Does no good to break the toy, you know. ;)

      I like including things like that because it's clearly NOT a Harlequin romance. It's a zillion times better. We talk, stuff goes wrong... we fix it. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

  2. Sorry to hear your little guy is sick :(

    Funny how both you and FA cough and your guys stop. Mine doesn't, of course we have been together so long he knows a cough isn't gonna be a problem for me :) What else would you expect from the BJ Lady? LOL.

    Great post as usual Conina.

    1. I think mostly it was because I had no way of moving, so he wanted to give me an out if I needed it. But yeah, you've got a few more years on us with the nonverbal communication.

      Thank you! :)

  3. So, this is my question (yes, I always have questions) - Do you think that orgasms lead to more intense orgasms (and we know they sometimes do) or do lack of orgasms (both over time and by control) lead to more intense orgasms?

    Or both? Or neither? Or it depends?

    1. I love how you're full of questions.

      ... for me, sex leads to orgasms, and the more sex, the more intense the orgasms. And by sex, I mean all the random touching, kissing, sucking, stroking, talking, during a day. The denial early in the day, and the string of orgasms in the late afternoon, led to a pretty intense one there in the evening. So.... denial + lots = more intense later?

      I think it all depends, for me, on how aroused I am. Some people get touched out. I just suck it all up...

  4. Awh! Looks like you had a nice kickoff to your weekend. Sorry to hear your little one isn't feeling well. I hope you can all get some rest this weekend.

    1. It was fantastic! But yeah, such a shame about the little one.

      He's feeling better now, we all slept much better last night, thank you!

  5. Botch-job? That was the hottest thing I've read in a long time! So steamy.... I'm jealous!


    1. I'm glad. It just feels like a botch-job when I read it, because I was there... and.. this isn't quite it. I get that a lot though - but thanks SO much for telling me how it feels to you.

  6. Oh another beautiful time you had!

    Hope the little one is feeling better.


    1. I swear, life is awesome. :)

      He is, thank you so much. I think he'll be completely over it by Monday.

  7. Hi, new to commenting here. Loved this post. Thanks. Out of all the insanely hot thoughts images arousals you packed in what got to me most was his knees pinning the arches of your feet. That's still getting to me. This is the age of miracle and wonder and you would think that pictures rule. Still pictures, moving pictures, pictures of genitals and sex acts from every conceivable angle and dimension, but it's the words get in my head. :)

    1. Oh, hello, I've seen you around and lusted after one of your beautiful comments myself, and now, here one is! :)

      I feel the same way. I'm not about putting a lot of images here on my blog because... the words do it for me. And the thing with his knees on my feet? Indescribable. It's still getting to me, too.


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