Friday, November 30, 2012


It's early. Our alarm is vibrating.

We don't care.

He's wrapped around me and my hand is gently stroking his inner thighs, his cock, his balls, his belly. Anything I can reach in that area. As he hardens, I focus my rubbing more on his cock, rubbing down, cupping and lifting his balls, then back up. He's wearing boxer briefs, so everything is in one neat area for me to play.

When the alarm finally gives up, we take that as notice. "You should go get ready," I murmur reluctantly, "but maybe you can come back?"

He's showering, and I doze. We haven't had sex for two days; virtually forever in my world. My half-asleep brain just keeps thinking about the last several times we've had sex, about how awesome he is, how awesome we are together.

He comes back. Oh, he smells divine. He feels amazing. He's kissing me, his hand is cupping my breast. Oh, I want him. I want him now. I slide down and take his hard-again cock in my mouth with a hungry moan, turning him on his side to face me. God, it's good just out of the shower. I run my tongue over it, moving my head, fucking him with my mouth. His leg slides over my neck just the way I like it.

I hear it before it registers; he's slapped my breast while I'm sucking him. I moan; I love it.

His hands tangle in my hair, and I am making more noises of pleasure than he is. He's pulling, he's talking to me, saying all the things that get me going, that make me his. "Such a lovely face to fuck," he's saying, as I gag on his cock. I shift my body to make my throat more of a straight line, so it can take more of him. His hands are on my back. How are his hands everywhere? I want. I want everything and I want it all now.

"Good, good cocksucker," he says, and I moan deeply, feeling the vibrations travel through his cock in my mouth.

I rock back and forth, briefly noticing that my hair is providing a nice replacement for ball-bearings as my face slides on it. He's groaning then, and all my attention focuses on him as I fully impale my throat on his cock, sucking him down into me, feeling the pulses along his shaft with my tongue as I keep stroking him with it.

I want.

I slide up, into the crook of his arm as he wraps his arms around me. "Good girl," he praises me, stroking my hair. "So good to me."

He strokes my hair, my back. He kisses me, long and tenderly. Our tongues dance. Kissing the fuckhole, I think to myself, and tremble. My breath comes out all shaky when he pulls away. I move so my sex is pressing against his knee, and I press myself ever-so-slightly against it. Not enough pressure to do anything but make me crazy. He's not helping.

"Is my girl horny?" he asks, knowing the answer already.

"Mmhmm," I moan.

He strokes my breast, down my belly. His fingers graze my pubic hair, and even though I know it's pointless, I arch up to him.

He withdraws his fingers before he touches my wide-open sex, and I groan.

"Why you do this to me?" I whisper against his side.

"Mmm, my girl. I have to do things like this once in a while, or you'd lose interest in having sex with me. Wouldn't you?" He twists my nipple a little, and I arch into the touch.

"Maybe," I reluctantly agree. I've been in that place where I lose interest in sex, so I can't deny it. But this seems extreme. He disentangles himself from me and gets dressed. I watch him, soft sounds of craving coming from me without my permission. The hunger threatens to overwhelm me entirely, to consume me alive.

"What are you looking at, girl?"

"You're so mean to me," I whisper, trembling with desire.

"You like it when I'm mean," he says, sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed now. "Teasing is what you're for, girl. It's one of your myriad uses."

"Oh..." I gasp, barely able to think, feeling an extra surge of moisture between my legs at his words. How can he use a word like 'myriad' at a time like this? He leans over and kisses me as he speaks, his hand smoothing a path over my belly, my breast. My nudity contrasts so fully with his clothed form that my trembling doubles. He squeezes my breast hard, his lips inflaming my need even more as he torments me.

"Will you miss me, my girl?" he asks, his hand stroking my face now.

"Oh, yes," I respond fervently, turning my face to kiss his palm. I am so wet.

"Good," he says, and the satisfaction in his voice is evident. "I'll be right here, just out of your reach."

I whimper as he gets up to have breakfast, and I get up and get myself dressed too, shaky though I am.

And he works. Right there. Just out of my reach.


  1. Mhhh what a tease. Just the thought of having to get up and go on and start the day. Arg.

    1. He made up for it later though, in a big way. :)

  2. Ahhh the tease...What I love to hate :)

    The Man is also a fan of the tease. Thankfully I normally do not have to wait that long.

  3. Oh how I loved the...
    My nudity contrasts so fully with his clothed form

    That is such turn on!

  4. This was such an amazingly well written post. I enjoyed reading it. ^.^

  5. How can he use words like myriad at a time like this?

    That. Brilliant thought process - I love how you capture that we think all kinds of things. This is a truly excellent post and he is kind of mean. I'll just say it.

    1. He read this post, and he stared at the floor for a while, laughing. He insists he didn't say it - that he didn't even KNOW what it means.

      I heard it though. That's what he gets when he messes with my head. :)

  6. Teasing like that is so damned mean, isn't it? I hate it and love it all at the same time.

    That was really hot and very well written!

    xx Dee

    1. It is mean. He continued the "mean" theme throughout the day and into the night, too.

      And that's why I love him.

      And, sometimes, just a little bit, hate him. :) Thank you so much for the compliment!


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