Friday, April 18, 2014


He's on top of me and my legs are in the air. He made me beg for his cock in me, words I could hardly get out for the blood pounding in my head, but now it feels enormous, so big that I cry out with every thrust.

"So nice of you to make yourself into a hole for me to fuck," he growls as I barely keep from screaming. I remember we forgot to close the window. I had no idea this was going to happen.

"I think I'll fuck your face next," he whispers, pressing his cock fully into me and leaning all the way down to send his words straight into my ear canal. I cry out again, the pulses of blood through his cock making it swell and stretching me almost beyond endurance. "I'll stick my cock into the hole all that noise is coming out of, and I'll fuck it."

My entire body breaks into a sweat. His whispered promise sends heat through me like I'd never imagined.

He's not a man to mince words. Soon, he's straddling my face, and his cock blocks all the screams that I would be making. It presses into my throat, unavoidable, undeniable, tasting of sex.

The noise is stopped. The window needn't be thought about.