Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mind blowing spanking

So, back to our kinky sex and amazing spankings. Any objections? No. Good.

Disclaimer before I begin: The spanking that blew my mind was interestingly not one on my backside. A thigh and pussy spanking seemed to be what my husband was in the mood for, and he gets what he wants.

It had been a couple of days since we've had sex, and my husband disappeared into our bedroom right around 9:00 on Friday. I was sending a few emails in the living room, thinking he would come back and we'd watch something, when he poked his head out. "Are you coming to bed, girl-person?" he asked me.

"I... didn't know we were going to bed," I said, surprised, looking at the time.

"We are going to bed." His tone indicated he had plans.

I shivered internally. "Okay then," I responded, getting up and turning off the lights, joining him in our room.

We fiddled with light levels, lighting candles, blowing them out, opening our curtains to let the parking lot lighting light the room, relighting the candles.

Eventually the room was lit just right - a flickering half-light that left us both satisfied, and he started stroking me, asking me questions as his fingers roamed my body.

"Maybe I could beat you now," he said after a while, "but maybe you're not in the mood to be beaten. Are you?"

"Not really, but you can do what you like with me."

"I suppose if I just hit you hard enough to feel good, it doesn't count as beating. How about light slapping?" he asked as he pushed my legs open and lightly slapped my inner thigh, "Where does that fall?"

"Usually on my breasts," I joked.

His hand wandered up to my breasts, which he had bared earlier by pushing my nightshirt up over them, and he slapped one lightly. I barely felt it at all. "How's that? Too light?" he asked.

I nodded. "You could hit me a little harder."

He did, but he moved his hand back to my thighs, pushing them open, and then he began slapping my inner thighs, light, barely stinging blows up from my knee to the juncture of my thighs, then across and down the other thigh. "It's harder to hit you lightly," he said.

"Really?" I asked between my soft grunts at the impacts, surprised. Who'd have thought delivering less force would be harder?

As the sting began to build and my thighs began to burn, he started smacking my pussy as he moved from one thigh to the next. My sighs and moans and grunts varied as he hit me in different places, a little "Oooh ooh ooh" kind of cry slipping from me each time he slapped my mound.

"Fuck toy," he murmured as his hand started randomly slapping me in his established zone - anywhere along the insides of my legs between my knees. I was making a lot of noise now, because my skin was ultra sensitive after many minutes of this treatment. "With all the noises I make you make, you're more like my fuck instrument, aren't you?" he asked.

I groaned at his words. "Yes sir," I whispered.

"Yeah. Fuck instrument," he said, his hand slapping me sharply in several areas, making me cry out in several different tones.

My thighs and pussy burned, and it felt like he was hitting me ever harder. "Are you ready for me to hit you harder?" he asked.

"Oh my God," I cried out softly as he continued, "I thought you were hitting me harder."

"That's interesting," he said, smacking my thigh several times in the same spot.

I was arching into his slaps, feeling very very aroused, when he stopped. His fingers gently trailed along my inner thighs, making me whimper, before he slipped a finger between my folds and let it slide up my slit. "Oh, nice wet pussy," he said as I arched up into him with a moan. He pulled his finger away and slapped me again, on my mound, then between my spread legs. "I'm sorry," he said as my groan of disappointment was taken over by the cries of impact, "I'm learning how to be a tease. Apparently last time I was doing it wrong." He peppered more blows all over my spread thighs, and my pussy as I arched, my pussy begging for his fingers back.

I have no idea what he was talking about, for the record.

He did it again, sliding his fingers along my slit, letting one enter me, waiting for me to hump up to him, and then withdrawing, resuming the spanking. "Oh, fuck," I whispered, trying to spread my legs wider. I wanted him to touch me badly, but he just kept spanking me.

When his fingers finally slipped back between my folds, gliding up to circle my clitoris, I let go a soft sigh of satisfied pleasure. "Oh, oh," I groaned.

"Fuck instrument likes that," he noted as he circled his fingers so, so slowly, then let his fingertip rest directly atop my clitoral hood, moving it gently back and forth.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said as his fingers found their way inside me, "because that's what you're for."

"Yes sir," I agreed as my body arched into his touch.

He climbed atop me and I felt the head of his cock brush my folds, prodding gently, and then he pulled away, sliding down my body. "But not yet," he murmured as I groaned with frustration. His head was buried between my thighs soon thereafter, first rubbing the soft growth of his beard against my tenderized skin there. 

"Oh, God, it's sensitive," I gasped, bucking, trying to get away from the torment.

"Mmm, I know it's sensitive," he said, taking some of my flesh in his mouth and biting it gently, making me cry out, "I've been hitting it."

Then his tongue was circling and flicking at my clit as his fingers slipped inside me, and I was crying out loudly, over and over. He felt so amazing, and I felt so helpless. There was nothing for me to do but surrender to what he was doing. I couldn't touch him except with my feet, and my hands fluttered uselessly, slapping the bed now and then as he delivered some particularly intense pleasure. I was making even more noise now.

He finally pulled his head away and I kissed him, desperate for interacting, something, anything to do. I clutched at him, sucking the taste of me off of him, delighting in it, making small noises of pleasure. "Such a wet pussy," he commented as his fingers still played inside me.

"It's for you," I breathlessly whispered against his lips.

"Oh, is it? I think I'll have some more then," he said, diving back down, his mouth fastening to my soft parts, his tongue once again driving me crazy as his fingers invaded me. He spent another eternity there, making me moan, and I could feel his cock prodding against my leg.

When he raised his head again, I latched on to his lips just as before, sucking greedily.

"You like tasting yourself on me?" he asked as he kissed me back, his fingers continuing their wonderful task.

"Yes, yes," I confirmed between my frantic kisses.

"You like having your pussy smacked?" he asked as he did so, lightly.

"Yes! Please, please," I panted, humping his hand.

"Please what?" he asked, deliberately, as he kept sliding his fingers inside my body, circling my clit with his fingertips, making me groan with need.

"Oh, God. Please fuck me with your cock," I begged.

"You sure that's what you want?"

"Yessss," I hissed softly.

He was on top of me then, driving his cock down into my body, stuffing me full of his flesh. Our eyes met as he sank into my body, his stare piercing me more thoroughly than his cock ever will.

I lifted my feet and pressed them to his shoulder blades as we rocked together.

When he came, I pressed my hands to his ass, pressing him deeply inside me. "Just so you know," he said, leaning his face down to my ear so nothing was between the gravelly rasp of his words and their intended target, "I'm not done fucking you. You're still my fucktoy, and I'm not done playing. You got that?"

I did.

His fingers slowly worked my clit as he talked to me. "I think I'm going to shove that huge plug in your ass," he whispered.

"Oh, God," I groaned, orgasm approaching with his words.

"Just shove it right into that tiny asshole of yours. Fill you right up," he said, his fingers working furiously.

I screamed as his fingers and his words brought the orgasm crashing down onto me, crushing me, vibrating my body for a moment. His fingers slowed and stilled before they pulled away to gather the plug and the lube. "Turn over for me," he said.

I did, whimpering, and felt the lube as he slipped a finger inside me. The plug followed, its cool, slippery mass an intrusion that I tried not to resist. I squealed as he slowly pressed it into me, as it pushed my tiny hole farther and farther open. "Take it for me, my girl," he said. I was wriggling and crying out "Oh, God," and it hadn't even reached the largest part yet. He kept slowly advancing, and I screamed and started bucking. My crazy movements wound up shoving the last part of it into me, and I grunted in shock as I was suddenly stretched to the max and then closed around the neck of the plug.

"Good girl!" he praised me. "It's all the way in there!" His hand pushed against the base. "I think my girl likes having things shoved in there."

"I thought you might put your cock in there," I managed to say. A whole sentence is quite the feat.

"Oh you did, huh? My girl is greedy. Turn over," he said.

I gathered my wits about me, but I wasn't moving fast enough. I'd managed a quarter turn or so when he barked "Turn over!" again. I whimpered as I finished the turn, facing him.

"Is it hard to move with that plug inside you?" he asked.

"It is," I whispered.

"I seem to recall you wore that while driving all the way to pick me up and back," he said as his fingers played with my clit.

"And it was a bad, bad idea," I moaned as I writhed under his ministrations.

"Sometimes, I think my girl doesn't think through her decisions clearly. Why do you think that is?" His hand crept up to my breast, and he started spanking me there.

"I don't know, oh, God, I don't know, you ask me questions I can't answer." His hand slapped my breast steadily, just hard enough to hurt. It's very, very hard to think like that.

"Because you're a slut. That's all you have to say, 'I'm a slut.'" His hand continued slapping my breasts, a steady slapping sound echoing in my ears and the tremors vibrating throughout my chest.

"I'm a slut," I said softly.

"See, there you go." He rewarded my obedience with another hard slap, and I whined again, the pain and the force of having to speak and his words all combining to cause a sound of complete subjugation and arousal to emit from me. "Aw, is it hard for you to call yourself a slut?"

"Yes sir," I managed through my pants, arching my body into his touch, his blows. Loving caress, gentle slap, hard blows, all merge into a single expression of desire for me in these moments.

"Let's try it again then. Say it again." His voice was hard, commanding.

"Oh, God. I'm a slut," I whispered, the words barely audible. I do so love doing as he tells me, but being forced to vocalize my inner thoughts like this is hard. Overcoming my own inhibitions at his order is amazingly rewarding, as I become even more aroused.

"Good girl. Whose slut are you?" His fingers slid inside my pussy, pressing against the plug on one side, reaching for my g-spot on the other.

"Yours," I responded immediately, my hips arching into him of their own accord. "Yours, I'm your slut."

"Ahh, that was easier, wasn't it?"

"Yes sir," I squealed.

"Again. What are you?" his hand returned to tormenting my breasts.

"I'm your slut," I whispered.

"Good. And what can you do for me?" he asked. I remained silent but for my moans of pleasure, assuming he was thinking of what I could do for him. "Ahhh, that's right," he said, "you can suck my cock."

I moved down to do as he bade me, sliding my tongue against his still-soft flesh, flavored with our mixed fluids. I licked all over, cleaning it, then spent some time gently sucking his balls. "Good fuck toy," he said as I sucked them, running my tongue over them in my mouth. "You suck those balls. That's what you're good for, isn't it?"

I moaned as he kept talking to me, sliding my tongue up along his cock to take it back in my mouth. Using my hand around the base, I began pressing his foreskin gently between my lips and hand, then sucking it across his cock, sucking the whole thing into my mouth, then pressing again. He seemed to really, really like this, making all sorts of delicious noises between his words to me, and it didn't take long before he was hard. I love sucking him hard, though there's less to do with a hard cock. I slid down, gagging myself on his girth, sucking hard, and back up again, using my hand to stroke his balls.

He exploded down my throat after a few moments of that, groaning loudly.

He gathered me to his side then and we kissed, tenderly at first, but with more longing on my part the longer it went on.

I am a greedy toy.

He plays me well.

It was midnight before we were asleep.

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  1. I like girl-person, lol.

    I love the intoxication that comes with being a good girl, I love feeling the force of him compelling me. It's incredibly hot.

    1. Yes, yes. That. Intoxication. Thank you for expressing it so well. :)

  2. I like girl person too. And I love how you guys talk during. At least that is what it reads like. DH and I used to be pretty quiet during, but have been voicing our thoughts more and more during. Soo totally hot!

    1. Mostly, he talks and I make lots of noises. I think he prefers me to talk a bit more, so he seems to be guiding me in that direction... even if the things I say don't make that much sense. :) It is so much hotter with the words.

  3. WOW. WOW. WOW. What a session. to say he plays you well is an understatement. I assume you are eager for an encore the sooner the better. Thanks for sharing all the details.


    1. Thank you, this comment made both of us grin. :) I'm always eager for his encores, absolutely.

  4. Girl-person made me chuckle. So did his reaction to you saying you thought he was hitting harder already. Heh heh heh.

    Not to give him ideas, but sometimes when Mrs. AP is very ready for me I'll tease her by slapping her clit with my cock. The way she shudders in delight when I do is delicious.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. It's always interesting how he responds to the information I provide him with.

      And please, give him all the ideas you like. ;)

  5. Wow. You had me at girl-person too.

    1. The resounding approval of girl-person (from everyone) made us both smile. He calls me that quite often, actually, but as it turns out never in a post I've written. My name, like my pseudonym, has three syllables, and so he likes to call me endearments that do as well.

      Thank you! :) (Wows make me smile)

  6. Mmmmm, thanks for all the glorious details. delicious.

    1. I was a little nervous about this one, because I was distracted by people wandering around while I wrote most of it. I'm glad it turned out better than I thought. Thank you! :)

  7. Girl-person is definitely a winner!

    and i love saying I'm his slut too. it's so liberating.

    1. Liberating is a good way to describe it. Even if the words themselves come hard to me, getting them out there feels good.

  8. No! No objections here. I love the thinking side of you and the sex side of you! As long as you keep writing, I expect I will keep reading. :)

    1. As long as we keep loving, I'll keep writing. :)

  9. Wow! I love how well you're able to describe things in a way I never could articulate myself. I adore Mitch speaking to me at times like these but I too can barely form a coherent response and when he demands I say something, ah it's sooo hard, but so damn hot. Great post :)

    Dee x

    1. Sometimes the description is easier than others. And sometimes, I think I don't remember stuff, but I'll have one specific event in my head...and as I write that down, how we got there comes to me.

      You're right about how hot it is being forced to say something... even if you can't make any sense. I'm forming a theory about that as I type.

  10. Absolutely wonderful post Conina! Love it!!! Add me to the admirers of "girl-person" - that's the greatest!

    I need for "your reality" to give "my reality" some "vocal" pointers!! Sometimes words alone can do more than a physical touch. :)~

    Keep 'em coming (excuse the pun-lol)!
    -xoxo Lolli

    1. Thank you. :) I'm really tickled by the girl-person love.

      I talk in this post a bit about how he started talking so much during sex, but it was definitely a growth process over several years. :)

  11. I tease the Mrs too. Albeit in a different way. I dunno, something about her wanting it more makes it better, and the power to give it and or take it away.

    You guys sure know how to talk up a storm, it sure seems to work for the both of you!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. My husband has been known to get really serious with the teasing too, so I'm pretty sure he feels the same way you do.

      Words are my first love, so yeah, it works really well for us. :)

  12. Very hot.

    Elisa Xo

  13. I love to tease, and I am very vocal as well. Also very verbal. On the rare occasions when I get to go deep into subspace to resurface as 'goodgirl', I have trouble forming sentences, but I still make sounds...very very interesting sounds.

    1. Being very verbal is very, very good. :)

      I definitely identify with the lack of ability to do sentences.


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