Thursday, July 12, 2012

A night to remember: The sex

The first part of this is here.

Going to bed early is definitely awesome. If my husband was trying to discourage me, giving me a long, long spanking followed by what followed certainly wasn't the way to go. Now I just want to go to bed early even more often.

"I know what you need," he said, pulling his lips away from mine and looking into my eyes for a moment. I'm sure they were clouded by desire, and I know they were very unfocused because I couldn't manage to bring him into focus in my vision, which is normally blurry at best, but this was even worse. My nipples burned and tingled from the beating they'd just received.

"Put this in you. Just like you did earlier," he ordered, handing me the plug and the lube. I whimpered as I took it from him, turning away, shaking all over. I wasn't entirely sure I could pull this off. My hands shook as I squeezed out some lube onto my finger, and reached back to gently lube my ass, sliding my finger inside, spreading the lube evenly out. I moaned because I was unbelievably sensitive and it was incredibly intimate, doing this with him there. "Yeah, good girl" I heard him say. It was only then I realized he was actually watching me, and I inhaled deeply and let go a long shuddery breath.

I had left the plug and the lube by my head, and I retrieved both now, lubing up the plug generously, making sure it was good and slippery. It's huge for me, and the last part of it is very close to painful to get in, so I wanted to make it as easy as possible. I reached back and pressed the tip of it against my tiny hole, feeling it open me up. I groaned.

"Good girl," he said behind me, making me shudder at the knowledge he was watching this too. I held the base of the plug and slowly rocked my hips, moaning once it got about halfway in. So big. "That's it, girl, shove it in there," he urged me. I cried out at being stretched so much, but I didn't complain, just kept crying out and rocking my hips. "There it goes, all the way, take it, my girl," he kept talking, making my hips move faster, arousing me and humiliating me all in one fell swoop. I screamed a little as the largest part slipped into my body, and then I lay there, panting and shuddering, squeezing my muscles around the invasion. He hadn't touched me since he'd handed me the plug and I was aroused beyond belief. I groaned, my hips still rocking, feeling stuffed. His hand gently stroked my back and at his touch something inside me melted, softening me. Then his hand was pushing against the base of the plug, making me scream again.

"How's your ass feel now?" he asked.

"Oh my God," I answered as that was all I could summon, the entire experience having wiped my vocabulary very nearly clean. I rocked against the pressure he was applying to the plug, shuddering.

"Full?" he asked, prompting me.

"Yessss," I moaned, the desire coiling in the pit of my belly making me employ all my restraint not to turn, wrap myself around him, and fuck his brains out.

"And your pussy?" he asked, his fingers entering me there easily as I was a slippery mess of arousal. "Oh, yes, this pussy wants to be fucked, doesn't it?"

"Oh, yes," I whispered. Oh, fuck, yes.

"Turn around so I can fuck your face first, before I fuck your pussy," he said, using the words deliberately for their impact on me.

Well there was something I could do. I moved slowly due to the plug stuffing me full, and took his cock in my mouth, laying on my side next to him. Oh, he was hard, smooth and velvety under my lips and I moaned as I sucked him in, his heat overwhelming my senses. He put his leg over my shoulder and grabbed a handful of my hair, tugging on it as I sucked that cock as deeply in as I could. He grabbed my head and just moved it on his cock, faster and faster as I screamed with the excitement that particular activity generates in me, and when he stopped I kept moving at the pace he'd established, faster, faster, pressing his cock into the back of my throat on each stroke. He kept tugging on my hair. "What a good cocksucker, that's what you are, isn't it, a cocksucking slut? My cocksucking slut." I moaned my response. "I thought so," he rasped as I sucked him. "Good, good, fuck toy."

"What about your pussy?" he asked after many, many minutes elapsed in a similar fashion. "Does it still want to be fucked?"

"Uh-huh," I managed, without letting his cock slip from my mouth.

"You should probably stop and turn over so it can be, then," he said, "but I know how your mouth is. It just gets ahold of that cock and will not let it go, isn't that right?"

I kept sucking as my response. Deeper, deeper, holding him in the entrance to my throat until I had to pull away to take great gasping lungfuls of air. He stroked my hair gently as I took him back in my mouth. "I know," he said, "how about I fuck your pussy for a while, and then give you a nice juicy cock to suck? You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I moaned loudly. "Yeah, I thought you would. You like sucking those juices off my cock, don't you? Turn over, then, and give me my pussy."

I turned over, each breath hitching in my throat and coming out all shuddery, the plug still stuffing my ass. Despite the presence of the plug, his cock still managed to slide inside me with almost no resistance, my extreme arousal creating a nearly frictionless surface. I squeezed my muscles around him, making a lot of noise at being so stuffed. "So full," I whispered as he began thrusting into me.

My brain was on fire. He grabbed my head, holding it in both his hands, pressing gently on my throat as he slowly fucked me, his cock forcing its way into me, the plug and his cock battling for space in my body. I gasped and grunted and moved with him as best I could when he wasn't moving me himself. He left one hand tangled in my hair and let the other one move to my nipples, squeezing, pinching, pulling at them as he moved inside me, and then his finger was in my mouth. "Yeah, you like having all your fuckholes stuffed, don't you?" he asked, making me whimper my response around his finger as I sucked.

A long time passed like that, his voice, my noises of delight, his hands wandering over my body as we rocked together. Eventually he suggested he stop and give me his cock again, as promised previously. I just moaned and kept rocking with him.

"Oh, you do not like stopping what you're doing, do you, slut?" he asked.

"No, no," I panted.

"I know the feeling," he said, grabbing my shoulders and pumping into me even harder, pulling me back onto him. Long, delicious minutes passed like that. I put my hand on the wall over our head to give me more leverage to push back against him, enveloping his cock as much as possible on each thrust.

"Come on, slave, it's time for you to give me that face to fuck." He pulled his cock away from me and I whimpered, but started turning over as he'd requested. 

I moaned as I turned over, and he was rising up on his knees. "Oh my God," I shrilled, realizing what he was going to do, not knowing if I could take it, process it, or not.

I lay flat on my back and he swung his leg over my face, straddling me, facing my feet. I moaned as I smelled my sex on his cock and I took it in my mouth with a loud noise of pleasure, and then his hands were sliding in the slippery mess that was my pussy, his fingers entering me, playing with my clit, as he humped my face, his cock sliding down almost into my throat and back out again. His cock entered me as his fingers did, and he let his fingers skate all around and over my clit. I was a mass of nerve endings and moans that were cut off by his cock entering my throat, near-screams of pleasure as he overloaded my sensory inputs... and he was talking. "Good fuckholes," he was saying, and more, and more, but my overloaded brain cannot remember everything that he said. I just remember screaming, writhing, my screams constantly turning into cut-off noises as his cock entered my throat, and "I like to use you," he said.

I sucked him for all I was worth, and even though his exploration of my nether regions led to a lot of pauses to merely moan around his cock in ecstasy, eventually he came down my throat, his turn for loud moans of pleasure to stop what he was doing.

I kept sucking for a while afterwards, and he kept his fingers stroking me, kept talking to me. "I will fuck you in all three of your fuckholes at the same time if I want to, because that's what you're for. Isn't that right?"

He forced me to acknowledge this as he slipped his fingers inside me, pressing against the plug, other fingers pressing against my clit, pushing it around. I groaned at the words, at being compelled to respond to them. "Yes sir," I whispered, shuddering.

He climbed off of me and lay next to me on his side, his hand delving back into my wetness, filling me up with his fingers, making me squirm and make noises of delicious pleasure.

I was taking a long while as he stroked me, and my arm wrapped around him seemed to be concerning him. "Is your arm going to sleep?" he asked me.

"No. Is yours?" I managed to sound merely like a breathless person instead of a verge-of-orgasm fucktoy.


"I should probably turn over," I panted, still humping his hand. It's easier for him to make me come if I'm on my hands and knees, and I was beginning to feel like I never would and we would both be frustrated. Also easier for me to get away from him once I am in that state, which is why the next thing shouldn't have surprised me.

"You probably should," he said, tossing his leg over mine, pressing his knee up against his hand as it moved on my sex, and speeding up his strokes of my clit. He squeezed me close as I squirmed. "I'd like to see you try," he growled, and that was all it took. His determination to keep me close and under his control coupled with the slight change in his movements sent me spinning, screaming, over the edge. "Oh, there you go, baby, come for me," he said, satisfaction dripping from his words.

I did. I clutched him even closer to me and I writhed, my hips doing everything they could do get the fuck away from the stimulation that he just. kept. giving. And then I was screaming again, and again, and again, and he was really enjoying himself as he forced me to come over and over and over. I was sweaty, exhausted, but I kept clinging to him and coming, coming, endlessly coming on his fingers. I did not count, I lost the ability to count, but there were dozens of orgasms crashing over me.

"You just keep coming and coming and coming," he whispered into my ear as his fingers did their dance.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I can't help it," I screamed, tossing my head.

"You should probably work on getting better control over yourself," he said as he kept his fingers moving.

"You control me," I panted between my screams.

"Oh, that's right, I do, don't I? Look at you, slut, you just came twice in the same sentence."

His fingers slowed, gentler, soothing, and I thought he was going to stop. Apparently he was just taking a break, because he increased his speed after a few moments. I shook my head as I approached another orgasm. "No, no," I begged.

"You don't get to say no, baby," he whispered, kissing me roughly, sucking my tongue, his fingers coaxing the orgasm out of my exhausted body as I screamed and whimpered into his mouth.

Something about all of this - my screams in the throes of orgasm, the sweat slicking my skin, or perhaps my helpless tossing - got him turned on again, and I felt his cock, hard again against my hip as I struggled to deal with the endless onslaught of pleasure.

I felt it, and I came again, just knowing that this was turning him providing the extra stimulation to send me into two more paroxysms of joy.

"You should probably stop coming so I can fuck you again," he said.

"Oh, fuck, yes," I panted, my hips still squirming as he kept touching me.

I managed to turn over and his cock pressed into me from behind, feeling even bigger than before, probably due to all the orgasms he'd given me. He grabbed a handful of my hair and held my head up, his other hand gripping my shoulder and moving me with him. "What a good fuck toy you are," he said as he moved my body on his cock.

This second time was faster than the first, though still respectably long. When his breath started to quicken I pressed my hand against the wall to push harder against him and screamed. "Oh, fuck, yes, fuck, yes, come in me, yes, YES, YES," because it was incredibly exciting to have brought him there twice in such a short time. I love his orgasms as much as he seems to love mine.

Afterward, as we lay there panting, he reached up and grabbed my hand off the wall where I had planted it, holding my forearm tightly as we spooned and he squeezed me against him.

"Oh, fuck," I kept saying, and then, much later, "That was the best yet. But I say that a lot."

He laughed. "I suppose I learn from experience."

Hell yeah, he does.

Yay for going to bed early.


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    1. That was pretty much my reaction as well.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? Mind-blowing is always "That was AMAZING but how will I write about it since I don't remember half of it?" Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I'm really glad I was able to express it well enough to get this sort of speechless response - because yeah, me too. Thanks. :)

  4. I want to wake my husband and share this story with him. Sounds delicious and wonderful. Who knew that my body would react to a story that I read. So much of it sounded like my husband's way of talking. Geez, I really need to wake him up

    1. Ooooooh, did you? You could always share it later.

      It most definitely was both delicious and wonderful. :) Thank you!

  5. You keep getting better and better! Awesome.

    1. He keeps getting better and better. My writing is struggling to keep up with his level of awesome. Thank you! :)

  6. Good lord woman! That was great, ridiculously hot.

    1. I like that, so hot it's ridiculous.

      You should know. :) Thank you!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! Wow was definitely the word of the evening.

  8. Just lovely! I can not wait to have better sex!! :) (I'm completely jealous!)

    1. It'll be a while for you, huh? BUT it won't feel like as long because you'll be ridiculously busy with those bundles of joy. :) (I feel your pain, I remember as my due date got closer becoming depressed because of the downturn our sex life was about to take)

  9. That was one of the best yet for reals. :)

    1. Glad you agree. :) The limit pushing is hot and tremor-inducing.

  10. I can see why that took all morning to write.

    1. Oh, man, by the time I was finished with these two posts it was way more than the morning. I think all told it took me about 8 hours to write 2 (and a half? or so?) hours' worth of events.

      It doesn't usually take me so long. So much to remember and place in order, and even after that I got something wrong - my husband says he took my hand from the wall while we were still coupling, because he thought he heard the wall crack from the force I was applying to it. That'd be something, wall-breaking sex. Not quite the "BREAK DOWN WALLS WITH YOUR COCK" kind of thing the spammers were envisioning, I think.

      Thank you for commenting!

  11. still thinking about this post a day later, btw...

    1. I'm both flattered and insanely curious as to why. :)

    2. It pushes my boundaries a bit (even just reading). I *think* I'm strictly a spanko, without the BDSM tendencies (I don't like hairpulling, etc). But I'm pretty turned on reading your adventures. Okay, really turned on. so it has me questioning my own desires...

    3. Hair pulling is kind of a fine art, for me. I love it when he gets it just right. Sometimes he'll do it in the middle of the day for a kiss - just thread his fingers against my scalp and then, tightening his grip, a slow tug. Oh. It's much better than I ever thought "hair pulling" would be.

      I heard someone once describe it as "hair passion," somewhere. I like that.

      I don't like labels so much - BDSM, spanko, because they feel very limiting. I like just doing what we enjoy without the labels - BUT the labels do help identify What It Is That We Do for other people, which I suppose is a good thing when people are trying to figure out What It Is That They Want. :)

    4. yeah, funny how as soon as you put yourself in a box you want out of it...

  12. I don't know how you remember it all. I should understand it, I read it once and I remember it all.

    :) :) :)

    1. I don't remember it all! What I write is a poor shadow (well, maybe a decent shadow) of what actually happens. There's a lot of stuff that slips through the cracks of my orgasm-shattered memory. :)

  13. I think i stopped breathing for a little bit there... wow.

    1. Oh, girl, I know I did. He told me sometimes he's afraid he's giving me a heart attack because I'm vibrating like crazy and then I'm just utterly still....

      Thanks. :)

  14. Oh, wow wow wow wow wow.

    Yep, this one is definitely getting forwarded to Himself.

    ::pant pant pant::

    1. I like all those wows - they made me smile. Thanks! :)

      May you have dozens of orgasms yourself!

    2. From your lips to His ears.... :D

  15. Good gods... between the spanking and the sex afterward, I think I need to start heading to bed early myself. Thank you.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. Early to bed at least twice a week, preferably. :)


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