Monday, March 25, 2013

Anger & Love: Q&A

From Elisa, whose blog is private right now for some reason I'm not aware of since I've been out of it for a while: My question is this - can you define in the worst of times, why you love your husband? Or: When you are the most angry, what keeps you anchored in your love for him?

My husband is kind of a miracle of a person. We do have some "worst of times," but they're usually completely external to us. Like, the both of us in a craptastic situation, not either of our faults but that we must get through together. So, during those times, it's easy enough to say why I love him - he's my lifeboat. A sort of oasis of calm while I freak out. He doesn't really have lows or highs. He's a generally happy person who just sort of stays even... so when I am miserable, he can hold me and some of his calm imparts itself to me. He loves me, and I can feel that, and so that's what makes me love him. I know that's a little difficult to understand as it's a recursive loop, but love is not programming.

As far as anger... I don't really ever get truly angry at him. Sometimes there's a bit of exasperation on my part with some trait of his that makes no sense to me (bad, bad sense of direction, horrible memory). His parents (mostly his dad) have been the source of much anger and frustration for both of us, but my mom has occasionally been the source of some of that as well. 

I sometimes get intensely sad in my husband's general direction. He tries so hard, but sometimes the very trying triggers the sadness. Just that I'm something he has to expend so much effort toward can upset me. 

Right now, I'm in one of the lower places. When I'm up a bit higher all I can see is the miracle of him, but sometimes I do feel a bit unnecessary and like I'm just in his way. So, from this vantage point beneath the clouds, I can say what keeps me anchored in my love for him is how we are together and how he tries to maintain that regardless of the situation.

We don't go to bed alone. 

If I say "Good night, husband," when we're in bed together, and he's not wrapped around me, he says "Don't 'good night, husband,' me. You're not in a proper snuggling position."

He always comes and kisses me goodbye before work.

He always lets me know where he is.

He works so hard to provide for us. That's a thing I keep reminding myself, too. That the work that sometimes seems to consume him is for all of us. 

Sometimes I just want him though, and wouldn't mind being poor again for all the extra time with him.

Hope that answer was helpful. Thank you for the amazing question, Elisa.

It's still March! Any more questions?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

e[lust] #44


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Husband answers: Q&A

From fiona: So, what's your HUSBAND's favorite part of your body and what's HIS favorite part of HIS body??

So, I said I'd ask him, but I didn't.

He was holding me in his arms and we were chatting, and there was a natural pause in the conversation.

"Ohhh," he said, taking a deep breath, "I'm going to have to pick the same thing as you."

"Huh?" I said.

"fiona's question."

"Oh." I could feel the color rising in my cheeks. He'd read the post, he'd read the comments. "You've just made me blush," I said, "but you can't tell because my face is already red." I'd gotten a little too much sun on my face that day.

He was amused and he squeezed me closer. "Or your mouth," he said. "It says nice things, it kisses nicely, it fucks very well."

The things he was saying weren't making my blush go away.

"But," I continued, trying to move the focus away from me, "she also asked about YOUR body."

"Geez, I don't know. Who has a favorite part of their body?"

"I dunno, love."

"My penis, I guess. It does lots of things for me. In bed. Except when it doesn't. My hands do too, but I don't want to exactly copy what you said."

I laughed at him. But why not? We should all love the sources of our pleasure.

If anyone has any more questions for March, apparently my husband is also fair game!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Long distance, body parts, and craftiness: Q&A

From wingbowl (no link): I love reading through your blog. Based on your most recent post, how long were you involved "long distance" before you reestablished physical connection?

Thank you!

The word "reestablished" here gives me pause, as it implies that Husband and I were an in-person couple who had to endure separation for a brief time before we could be together again. But no. We met online, as so many people do these days, but not so many people did back then. There was an ocean between us, but we were drawn together. It's really quite a good story.

To answer the question, though, we were involved for just shy of two years before we managed to get married. We had long visits (4 weeks, 6 weeks) where we got closer and closer, and the times apart were desolate wasteland nightmares where (I at least) just held on to the moments we could spend chatting on AIM. He proposed after one of his visits had ended and he'd gone back home.

From fiona: What's YOUR favorite part of your body? What's your favorite part of Husband's body?

Not sure what favorite actually means here. It could be one I like the best or one that appeals the best to me in a visual sense. I love my clitoris because insane amounts of pleasure come from it. I think that qualifies as a favorite part?

As for my husband, it's a hard call between his legs and his hands. His legs are long and lean and they wrap around me just so, but his hands do so many wonderful things, from stroking my hair while we're watching a movie to making all the magic happen in bed.

Yeah, hands. 

From Riley: what gave you the idea to start making floggers? And since you're clearly crafty and talented, have you made anything else kinky or vanilla?

I'm vegan, and many many floggers are not - animal hides depress me. I don't want to be depressed during a joyful time, or really support sales of animal hides, even though the animal was probably killed for food. (Because yes, being hit with things makes me happy.)  After doing a little research, the few floggers that I found for sale that were vegan seemed either badly put together (cheap), ugly, too intense (rubber), or far, far too expensive for me to pay for something I wasn't even sure I'd like.

So I bought some rope (which wasn't cheap), and started making my own. I had some leftover materials after that first round, and made another, which a few bloggers urged me to sell. And then I discovered I was addicted, because the only thing better than making beautiful thing after beautiful thing is not having to find somewhere to store all the beautiful things. (there are only so many floggers a couple can use). They don't sell so fast as to making a living at it, or really do more than just support the habit, but it's soul-refreshing to make them and have other people enjoy them - vegan or not.

I have crafted since I was a wee thing. I used to crochet, do needlepoint, taught myself to knit, do plastic canvas. Later, my need for creativity was met by writing programs, by planning flower and vegetable gardens and growing plants from seeds. It's amazing how godlike you can feel just by encouraging a seed to do what it was always meant to do anyway. Moonflowers are especially gratifying.

Even later, I started working on an old house. There are people who will tell you that sewing and sawing are worlds apart, but it really is just a letter.

March is question and answer month! If you have any burning questions (or things you're mildly curious about) feel free to ask!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flogger recommendations: Q&A

From dancingbarez: Also was wondering if you could make a recommendation for a first purchased flogger. We only have the heavy homemade one so we wanted to try something a little different. To be honest the one we have now makes me shudder and not in a good way. The straps are braided leather with tied knots at the end so floggers freak me out a little. 

So, first off - I make no claims to be a flogger expert. I genuinely love floggers and flogging and all things that involve flogging in my little corner of the world (the one where dead animal bits don't go in the bedroom). Since I make floggers, I get this question quite often, actually, but usually it's in reference to true beginners who have zero experience with floggers and want one of mine. What I recommend to them, pretty much without fail, is one of these:

I recommend these because they're inexpensive and very, very sensual. I only make these custom order, so people can choose the handle color they want. They can build to a slow burn, but there is not anything to be freaked out about. In fact, with the exception of some of my braided and paracord types, I'd put all my floggers into the thumpy/silky/delicious category.

I can't in good conscience recommend any of the hide-type floggers to you - but I know the typical hides used to make the standard garden-variety floggers are a bit more intense than I'd want applied to my bare skin. I've seen photos of the kind of braided leather you mention and they make me shudder too, in a not-good way.

I wind up sounding like an ad, but I really recommend any of my knotted types if you're already experienced with a flogger and not completely put off by the experience. They're a bit heavier than the "beginner" type and really feel fantastic. The knots are like smooth little fists that pummel you.

Like this one. Yummy.
If you're interested in talking more about either type, feel free to send me an email or drop me a comment.

Something I'm very curious about, but haven't tried so I can't recommend one way or the other, are rubber floggers. Like this one from The Stockroom.

March is question and answer month! All through the month, I'm answering questions about almost anything! Feel free to email me or leave a comment on any of my posts.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sex time, kink, and to-do lists: Q&A

It's March! Question and answer month! Yay, and I already have some very, very excellent questions to answer. 

From Lola: On average, how many hours a week do you engage in sexual activities ? Has it changed over time? Are you longing for more/less? 

I don't know that I can get an meaningful number from an "average." On a good week, we spend 2-3 hours a day engaged in sexual activities - flirting, touching, stroking, sucking, fucking - so, around 16-18 hours.

On the weeks when other things get in the way, we probably spend two hours every other day or so fully engaged.

My husband estimates it at about 7-10 hours a week, on average, right now, but he didn't include morning sex and so I'd say it's closer to 10-12 hours, on average. The average probably happens substantially less often than we either spend more time than that or slightly less. 

As for ME - you can probably double (or possibly more) whatever our mutual number is for time I spend reading and writing and fantasizing, with the occasional masturbatory session tossed in for good measure. Those all count as sexual activities to me, too.

It has changed over time. When we were first married, we probably had the same level of frequency we have now, but I'd say the quality was substantially less - we just get better as we get older. When we were both working pretty stressful, low-paying jobs and when I was pregnant and going to school a lot (25 credit hours one semester, and a 90 minute commute each way), our sex time took a hit because we were just too tired.

Then the baby came, and immediately after it was okay - we co-slept but the baby was tiny and not really aware of anything when asleep, so we could play around, even before intercourse had been okayed by the doctor my husband teased me mercilessly.

When the youngster got a little older and more demanding, our sex time went way, way down. Sometimes as far down as once a week when  my mom took him away for a while - but we made those nights really, really worthwhile - trying to pack 4, 5, 6 hours of sexual activity into them.

And now that the little one is quite a bit older, we put him to bed and then we have our own time. So we're back up to probably around the amount of time spent being sexy with each other that we were when we were newlyweds, it just tends to be more confined to our bedroom than it used to be.

Am I longing for more or less? 

Well.. less is right out. No way I would ever want less. I would love to have more, absolutely love, but I am not longing for it. It's just something I really really enjoy and can never get enough of, so I would definitely welcome more. For me, sex is like learning or knowledge. I can have enough to keep my brain happy and fulfilled, but given the opportunity for more I will always, always say "Yes!" Some part of my body or my muscles might momentarily give out, but there's always another part and another muscle group. 

From FionaWhat's one thing, ttwd related, that you haven't done but would like to? Do you think you ever will?

Wow, that one's loaded. The great thing about the wide universe of kink is that there's always something new to explore. Right now I feel intensely happy with where we are, so I don't know if there's something I haven't done that I'd like to do. There are of course munches and play-parties that we haven't done, but I don't know that I'm actually interested at this point in my life. That being said, though, we're still fairly young so who knows where our interests will take us later in life? 

Maybe a little more bondage would be nice now and then.

There's a longer list of things we've done just once that I'd really like to see incorporated more into our play.

My husband once looped his belt around my neck and pulled back on it (oh-so-carefully) while he fucked me from behind.... yeah, I'd not mind a bit more of that either. 

When our little one needs us a little less, perhaps we can experiment more with more time-consuming rope work and/or belts.

From GraceWho brought "kink" to the table, you or your husband or both of you? If it was only one of you, how was it initially received by the other?

I was incredibly fortunate to be aware of my submissive sexuality before my husband and I became a couple, so I didn't so much bring kink to the table as the table was built with it. My husband (boyfriend) was this incredibly open-minded, blank-slate, innocent European who adored me beyond what I considered good reason, so he was extremely receptive to anything I wanted. Having zero experience before me left him with no preconceived notions of what an intimate relationship included, although the more violent aspects (spanking, flogging) took a little longer to pass his social acceptability filter. 

I think the long-distance nature of our relationship in the beginning was particularly helpful for me in revealing the sexual things I wanted or needed - with no facial reactions for me to be afraid of, there was just his easy, reasoned textual response. Generally it all excited him a lot, which was very encouraging for me.

That said, once we were married we sort of hit a wall where I had to re-learn to communicate as openly with him in the realtime world.

dancingbarez asked a good one too, but I'm going to give it its own post because a lot of people have asked me similar questions.

If you have a question, feel free to ask in the comments or send me an email all through March!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hundreds of orgasms

He pulls me in close. "You like to think about sex, don't you?" he whispers right into my ear.

"Yes sir," I answer, my voice low with my mouth buried against his neck.

"You don't just like to think about it, though, you like to hear about it. You like me to tell you, remind you what a dirty slut you are, that you are mine."

"Yes sir."

He yanks my legs apart and he hits my inner thighs, and then my pussy with a measured force that hurts, but doesn't sting so badly I try to close my legs. I whimper with each one, and eventually I am arching into them, my whimpers changing to half-moans. 

"Does this hurt, girl?" he asks, keeping his rhythm steady. My clit is hiding but the steady thump thump thump on my mound really feels good to it, despite the low-level pain on the external bits.

"Yes sir," I whimper.

"Do you like it when I hurt you, girl?"

"Yes sir," I moan. Oh, I really do.

"You like to be owned," he says, not really a question, as he moves his blows back to my thighs.

And then he stops hitting me and his fingers are sliding around, stroking my folds, dragging the wetness up to my clit, making me gasp. He holds me tightly against him, his beard is pressed into my cheek, his lips right against my ear. Later, my face will feel burned. Now, I don't notice.

"Look at you, moaning with your legs spread." The way he is holding me, his cock is pressing against the back of my hand. I turn my hand around so my fingers can encircle his erection, and he pushes it harder against me, fucking my hand.

"Feel that cock? You like the way that feels?" He waits for my head to nod against him as I release a shuddery breath, then continues. "I'm going to fuck you with it." 

I gasp, trembling. His fingers are sliding over my clit, over and over, around, over. It feels amazing but the real treat, the true centerpieces of the experience, are the words coming out of him. 

"Yeah, that's right. You're my fuck slave. My sweet little fucking slut-slave. Gonna take this cock and spread you open, invade you, fuck you. Or maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just rub it all over your face. Or let you take just the head in your mouth. Oh, you gonna come for me, bitch? Gonna come just from thinking about sucking on the head of my cock? Yeah, do it, bitch, come on, come for me, yeah, good girl."

Without the words I wouldn't be anywhere near orgasm, but with them I can't stop. I scream and arch into his touch and he just keeps talking while his fingers do the supplemental stimulation that pushes me over the edge, over and over. "Oh yeah, come for me again, bitch. Yeah, you just can't stop can you? 'cause that's how you work, once you get going you just....can't... stop. You like thinking about my cock down your throat? About me fucking your face like it's a pussy?"

"Oh, God... I can't breathe with your cock down my throat."

"Mmmm, I know, and you're so fucking helpless. You love that, don't you?"

I can't answer him, I'm too busy coming. God, the words just keep pouring out of him.

"You couldn't stop me if you wanted to, could you?"

"No sir," I pant, trying to catch my breath.

"Go on, girl, try and stop me." He tosses his leg over mine, pinning me down and open. He wants me to fight him? What? I struggle, trying to first arch up to get his leg off me, to pull away. I'm weakened by orgasms; he's stronger, pins me down, keeps me open to him, continues forcing orgasms out of me. His strength thrills me and I come again even as I struggle.

"See, girl? You're mine. Can't stop me," he drives his point home straight into my ear as I scream my pleasure.

He positions himself over me, his mouth over my left nipple. "I'm gonna bite your nipple now," he says. 

"Oh, God, that'll hurt," I whimper.

"Yes it will," he says, and closes his mouth over me. I don't feel anything at all at first, just his fingers continuing to deliver the constant stream of pleasure between my legs, and then his teeth are biting down into the tender nub of flesh atop my breast, really, really biting it. It's sharp, it hurts, I scream. I arch up - into his bite. I scream again, and his fingers close over my right nipple, hurting it even more than his teeth are hurting the left one. I scream - loudly. A monster fucking orgasm comes barreling down onto me and I spasm into him. 

"OH THAT FUCKING HURTS," I scream/growl. "FUCK YES, HURT ME, HURT ME, FUCKING HURT ME, YES, FUCK, I LOVE IT WHEN YOU HURT ME." My hands, completely free agents at this point, grab his head and press it hard against me. I don't want to lose this incredible feeling. The more I scream about loving it, the more he hurts me and the more I come. It's a feedback loop of incredibly intense proportions and oh GOD how can I come so intensely from having my nipples tortured so? But I do. He makes self-satisfied "mmhmm" noises. How someone can manage to sound so in control with his mouth full of nipple I'll never know.
I lose all track of time as the orgasms wash over me. Eventually he stops biting/pinching my nipples, but still I am completely owned, his voice has wrapped around my brain and I will do anything he tells me - including come.

"You want to suck my cock now?" he asks, years later, as I am gasping for air, spent, my heart pounding so hard I can feel it everywhere. The guttural noise of anticipation that comes from me is partially caused by the roughness in my voice from all the screaming, but it's mostly a genuine expression of desire. His cock has been fucking into my hand for ages now, and I really, really want it inside me. Anywhere. 

"Yes sir," I gasp out, taking my face from his neck to look up at him. He's still touching me, still slowly delivering orgasms as he speaks. 

"Or I could fuck your pussy," he says, pausing, clearly waiting for my response. 

"Mmmhmm," I respond.

"Or your ass," he says, just as casually. 

"Mmmhmmm," I say. "Want your cock inside me," I beg, squeezing it with my hand, my hips still moving to his touch as another orgasm slowly builds.

"And you don't care where, huh?"

"Just want your cock inside me," I repeat. 

"Fuck-slave," he says.

"Yes sir," I agree, though his words shake me and my words come out even more tremulous than they had been.

"Suck it, then, slave," he orders.

"Yes Master," I say as I move. I lick all along his shaft first, getting it good and slippery before I slide my mouth on it in one smooth gliding stroke, making sure to compress the head the way he likes as it passes my lips. We both groan as his cock slides to the back of my throat.

He grabs onto my hair, tightening his hands into fists, and I scream around the hard flesh in my mouth. Oh, I do love it. The anticipation is driving me mad, and then his hips start moving.  "Ohh, good fuck hole," he says. "My good fuck hole. Is it hard for you to breathe when I fuck your face like this, fuck hole?"

"Mmmhmm!" I manage to respond even as he keeps driving his cock all the way into my face. I'm sure my excitement about the entire situation is blatantly obvious.

"I don't care," he says, and I squeal with a new flush of arousal. His cock in my throat cuts off my squeal. "Just take it," he growls. His hips are moving smoothly, his cock never completely leaves my mouth, and we are both really, really enjoying ourselves. My tongue rolls over his cock as it plunders my mouth and I suck until he enters my throat, which makes pretty much any active participation difficult.

He gathers up all of my hair and hauls up on my head, popping his cock out of my mouth. It strains toward me, slick with my saliva, shiny, wanting. I open my mouth to take it in and start to move back down, but he has all of my hair in his fist. I moan helplessly.

"What's the matter, girl? Wanna suck the cock?"

"Uh-huh," I squeal, my head held captive by the hair.

"Go on, then, girl, suck the cock. What's stopping you?" He keeps holding my hair as I pull against it, feeling more and more tension as I try with all my might to take his cock in my mouth. I cry out with arousal and frustration - it so turns me on when he tells me to do something he's preventing me from doing, and added to that that he is forcing me to pull my own hair - oh, he is a diabolical sexy genius. I am panting, pulling, a stream of frustrated cries coming from my mouth. I can just barely reach the head of his cock with my tongue, and so I do. It darts out to lick and I moan as my tongue strokes over the smooth surface. I want it in my mouth! Why won't he just let me?

"How badly you want that cock, girl?" he asks over my frustrated squeals.

"Oh, God, fuck my face!" I beg.

He lets go of my hair, then, and taunts me between his own pleased noises as I consume him. "Horny slut," he murmurs, "I never did see a girl want a cock in her mouth so badly she almost pulls out her own hair."

He fucks my face, holding my head. "Maybe I should fuck your pussy now," he says. "I could get on top of you, hold you down, fuck you. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" 

My ability to respond is limited to "mmhmm," but I make it a good one. 

"Or I could fuck you sideways... fuck you from behind.. put you on the ramp. I could fuck your ass." He keeps talking and I keep sucking, responding to each suggestion with equal enthusiasm. I just love fucking him any way he wants.

"Oh but you really like the cock in your pretty face, don't you?" he asks. 

"Mmhmm," I agree, and I do, especially now after I had to work so hard for it. I wrap my arms around him, grip his ass, pull him into me hard, take him as deeply into my throat as I can and leave him there until I must breathe. I pull away to inhale great lungfuls of air and then repeat the entire thing, over and over. Oh, it's amazing. It's really, really amazing. He's loving it too, and eventually he's coming into my face.

"Oh, fuck, yes, take it down your throat, girl," he whispers, holding my head tightly against him as I swallow.

I keep sucking him for a long, long time, long after his cock has deflated and resumed its previous unassuming size. Eventually he pulls me up into his arms again, and we talk for a while about submission, about evolution and hard-wiring. I wind up feeling a little hurt and I go silent, but he's not having that, and we talk even more, until the entire thing is a nonissue because honestly he's incredible.

And then his fingers are exploring me again, but now I'm on my stomach and he's sliding his thumb inside me while his fingers stroke my clit, and he's saying something.

"Gonna come for me, girl?" he says. I shake my head, I'm not quite there. 

"Yes you are," he says, "don't even bother trying to fight it. You're my fuck-slave and you'll fucking come for me when I tell you to. Now come for me!"

The entire speech sends me rocketing off into orgasm-land, much-aided by his manual ministrations, of course. After I settle, I feel his cock, hard again. "Turn on your side and give me your pussy," he says.

I do, facing away from him, bent over. I might have liked him atop me better, but it's gotten very late and we're probably both too spent for that. His cock slides into me easily because I'm soaked with arousal, and we both enjoy that sensation. He drags my top leg backward over his hip so he can stimulate my clit while we move together. 

I move my hand down to feel his cock as it moves in and out of me. It's a busy area - his hand on my clit, my hand on the base of his cock, our bodies fucking. It's sex. It's the definition of sex and it is very, very, sexy. I groan. "Let me suck it again," I whisper.

He does. I suck him down my throat, a very enjoyable repeat of what we'd already done, flavored now with the countless orgasms I'd already had. When he comes again, he comes for a long time. It feels pretty intense from where I am. Some of it comes out of my nose, but not enough to burn.

His fingers are on me again, stroking my clit as he kisses me hotly. My body is his plaything; it responds to his touch quickly since I am already so very very primed.

"Gonna come for me?" he asks as my body arches up. I shake my head, not there yet, and he speaks again. "Yes Master. I'll come whenever you tell me to, Master."

Oh my God what is he doing? Oh, fuck, I have to say that. Oh, oh, oh my God. "Yes, Master," I manage, and the orgasm starts to overtake me as the words leave. "I-i-i'll come..." oh, fuck, I'm screaming, it's too much, "whenever you tell me to, Master," I finally manage to eke out the rest of the sentence between my spasms of pleasure and my screams of joy.

He gently soothes my flesh as I come down, kissing me, stroking my body. I am full of things to thank him for.

"Thank you for coming down my throat twice. Thank you for all the orgasms. Thank you for fucking me. Thank you for hurting me. Thank you for talking to me, and making me talk back to you."

He squeezes me close. "Thank you for being mine."

I purr. We are a pile of arms and legs, my head on his shoulder as we drift off to sleep.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is it March again?

It's March! AGAIN! February for us was jam-packed with the kinds of amazingness many people only dream about, but now it's over and we're on to the next adventure.

March is question-and-answer month. Open forum over here. If you have any (non-anonymity jeopardizing)) questions about me, us, or our life together, now's the time to ask! You can ask a question in a comment or send me an email - I'll answer in a post.

As an aside, this post, this one right here, is my THREE hundredth. Wow.