Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blow jobs are awesome

SO I've been wondering. The friends I talk to about sex all HATE giving their men blowjobs. I know they're averse to the TiH/TTWD/D/s relationship model too. Is there some correlation between women who enjoy blowjobs and desiring to be sub to their men? your thoughts please?
-From Fondlers Anonymous

I'm definitely submissive, and have been so for the entire span of my relationship.

I love giving my husband blow jobs. I love everything about blow jobs. I love the ease of having my mouth penetrated, I love how easily he gets turned on by the idea of it. God, I love having his cock in my mouth, growing to hard as steel if it started out soft, just forcing its way into me if it's already hard. The taste, the smell, the texture, the way it gets shiny and coated in my saliva and the way it blocks my air as it enters my throat, the noises it forces out of me as it pushes into me. The feel of his hands on my head, the encouraging and sometimes humiliating things he says to me during.... GOD. Sucking his cock turns me on, yo. One-way ticket straight to hornyville.

Umm... yeah, where was I?

Anyway. I've always loved them. Even cyber ones. But I've found that the more I do it, the more addicted I am to it - just like sex. If you don't do it at all, then you begin to lose sight of the appeal of it.

We went through a period (YEARS, readers, YEARS), and I don't know why because we were up to some pretty kinky shit, of mostly vanilla sex very very sparsely punctuated by intense D/s scenes. During that time I hardly ever gave a blow job, and I didn't really miss it, crave it... anything. I craved more control, yeah, and if he'd told me to I would have. But blow jobs specifically didn't really appeal to me, though I could recall when they really, really did.

And one day, inspired by reading an old chat of ours, or perhaps a deliciously naughty email he'd sent me years before, I decided I'd just do it the next time we had sex.

I did.

It wasn't spectacular for me, I won't lie. But I did feel incredibly submissive and compliant and pleasing, as he lay there panting from pleasure and obviously delighted.

So I did it, every time, not always sucking him to completion but sucking him in some way, shape, or form, as often as I could. It didn't take long before it wasn't just to please him, before I did indeed crave it, before I was, in fact, a complete and total slut for his cock.

I also started writing him letters detailing my desires, once again, as I've referenced before...

It didn't take that much longer before he stepped up and started being the dominant he is now. Perhaps because he saw how much pleasing him was pleasing me, perhaps because he had some vague recollection of how things had been, or perhaps he realized I was after more permanence than the brief, shining, widely scattered jewels of scenes we were having.

I have no proof that the constant, unrelenting cocksucking is what brought back this dynamic, but it certainly didn't hurt.

I don't think it's necessarily a singularly submissive trait to enjoy it - because holy shit but it's awesome to please a lover like that. But I do think there's a certain amount of adoration required before you're thinking more about your lover's pleasure than your own, getting off on getting him off.. and on the sheer physical experience. I think it's all wound up with social conditioning too - if you're going to have sex with it, and if sex is dirty, why would you put it in your mouth? could you not want to put it in your mouth? But then I spend quite a bit of time getting myself clean, and I don't think sex is dirty AT ALL, so...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early edition

"I still haven't read your blog post," my husband said, snuggling up to my back in bed. "Though I can't read today's one, as that's scheduled for tomorrow...." He trailed his fingertips down my side, making me shiver. "Though, I think I can experience tomorrow's blog post, today." I burst into giggles at that, the reference to the TV show not lost on me. "That's a neat trick, isn't it?" he asked, his voice raised a little so I could hear him over the giggles shaking me.

"You're funny. I like that about you," I said, as I gained control of my voice.

"You should turn over." I did, rolling into his arms. "I dunno why you like to face the wall like that anyway," he mused as he squeezed me close to him.

A behavior to correct? I'm on it.

He started stroking me, asking me what I was thinking about. I wouldn't share. His hands wandered over my body, and I kept my noises down to quick inhales and exhales as the sensations chased each other. "Are you sad, love? You seem sad," he commented as he gazed at me in the candlelight.

"Am I?" I asked, expertly avoiding the question. Or not.

He pulled my legs open and slapped his hand down on my inner thigh, hard, and my noises were much more than loud breathing then. He slapped me there more times and I whimpered, my body arching, rocking back and forth. "Oh, don't you like it when I hurt you, slut?" he asked. I was just tossing my head back and forth. He apparently didn't need an answer, as he slapped my other thigh hard. "Of course you do!" he answered himself. "You like my attention, don't you?"

"Yesss," I managed, my legs closing themselves for protection. I forced them back open and he hit me again.

"Any kind of attention I want to give you, isn't that right?" I'd just put moisturizer on my legs, it's so dry here. Something about the moisturizer made those slaps on my thighs sting so incredibly. I nodded, a little high-pitched wail coming from me as my legs flapped open and closed, trying to relieve the sting.

"Turn over and let me give your ass some, then," he said. I turned over, just the rush of air against my freshly-spanked thighs making me moan softly.

And then he was spanking me with his hand.

Then the tickler, making me purr. "You like that?" he asked, then put it away. "I should save that for later, after your ass is sore. I'm gonna make your ass sore, right, love?" he said. I nodded, because I was sure if that was his intent he would do it.

Then a flogger. He stopped after several strokes. I could see his flickering shadow on the wall next to me, pulling another flogger from the drawer, straightening it out. He hit me with it. I love that one. It hurts and feels amazing all at the same time. He hit me with it for quite some time, I didn't count though.

He stopped, stroking my ass gently, dropping little kisses on it, listening to me purr. "I'm going to hurt your ass now, love," he said, waiting for my whimper of anticipation before his hand smacked me several times. Oh, the hand is amazing.

His hand tired, and he switched to a flogger again, smacking it into my ass and the backs of my thighs....

"You're hurting me," I whined at one point.

"Oh, I know," he responed, crooning, "isn't that what your ass is for? Well, that and being fucked..." I shivered as his words impacted me along with the flogger, so very very turned on.

On and on and on and on and on like that. I wasn't thinking about anything else anymore. My universe had narrowed to just the two of us, just the sensations, just his words.

I was in a position with my ass all the way up, and he said, "Oooh, maybe you want a different kind of attention, huh?" as he put down the flogger he'd been hitting me across the backs of my thighs with. His fingers found their way to my pussy and played there briefly, stroking my clit, sliding a finger inside me, making me purr.

"You want to be full, don't you?" he asked me.

"Mmmhmm," I responded.

"I'm going to fill your ass up, then," he said confidently.

I whimpered. He moved, got the plug and the lube, and came back, draping one arm around the small of my back, holding me down as he slowly slipped a lubed finger inside me, readying me for invasion. "My ass," he said as I moaned.

He pressed the slippery plug into me, and I moaned. "Nononono," I whimpered, shaking my head, trying to buck as the plug invaded me slowly. I couldn't buck because his arm held me down.

"You saying no to your master?" he asked, holding me down as he pushed the plug about halfway in, then moving up so his face was next to my ear.

"No sir," I said.

"Good girl. Don't," he said as he pressed it inexorably into me. "Take the whole thing in your ass, girl, go on.."

"Uhhhh uh uh," I groaned, as he kept pressing. "Too big," I complained as it reached the widest part, stretching me to my own limit.

"Oh, no it isn't," he said, pressing it all the way in. I groaned in relief as the muscle was allowed to contract around the neck of the plug. "See? There it is, plenty of room in you."

I moaned, my face buried in the pillow, tossing my head, tossing my hips back and forth. "Full, full, full," I chanted.

"You know what I think?" he asked, rubbing my back firmly. "I think you should stop complaining so much and stick a cock in it."

I moaned into the pillow and started obediently scooting down, the movement made more awkward by the size of the plug. I was slow, and the entire situation had me so aroused that I stopped every inch or so, humping the bed and moaning. "You nice and full, girl?" he asked me as he noted my lack of progress. I just moaned again and made my slow way to his cock, opening my mouth when I got there and sucking it in, swirling my tongue around it, shuddering. "Mmm, goood girl," he said, his hands in my hair.

I was still mostly on my stomach, leaning over to suck his cock. I felt how incredibly wet I was as he grabbed my head and held it still, thrusting into my face. I humped the bed, which seemed like the thing to do since my head couldn't move. Oh, that felt nice. I groaned as each movement of my hips emphasized the presence of that plug. Finally, he released my head and let me move up and down his cock, pausing once in a while to let a shudder of desire and invasion wrack my body, accompanied by a long loud groan. Sucking his cock with the plug in is so amazing and makes me so incredibly wet, it's like my pussy is going "Me too, me too, fuck me too! I'm fuckable!"

"You ready to have your pussy fucked yet?" he asked me as I sucked. I moaned, sucked harder. "Oh, I know, it's so hard for my slut's horny face to stop sucking the cock..."

He pulled away from me, and I planted wet kisses all along the bottom of his shaft. He got up, walked around the bed, put the Liberator ramp on it. "Go on, you know where you go," he said, standing there, waiting for me. I felt incredibly exposed with that plug sticking out of me, but I climbed up on it, face down, ass up toward him. "You think there's room in there for me?" he asked me, pressing the head of his cock against the entrance of my pussy, rubbing it around in my extreme wetness.

"No," I murmured, muffled by the ramp, with my face pressed into it.

"Oh, I'm sure there is," and he was pressing his cock into my wet, wet pussy. I moaned as I felt my body give way to his hardness despite the fullness already present.

"There you are, baby, nice and full," he whispered, moving slowly. "Yeah, that's one full pussy all right..." he reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head up, wrapping his other hand around my throat, leaning over and pulling my back against his front for a brief moment of shared warmth.


"You ready for my cock in your ass, baby?" he asked after a while.

"Uhhh, uh-huh," I stammered, not entirely certain that I was. But I don't get to say no, you know. Thrill. He slowly withdrew, and his hand pulled on the plug, making me scream as I was stretched wide to allow it out again. "Oh, oh, oh, oh... ohhhhhh," I groaned as it finally slid out.

He lubed me a little more, and then he slid into my ass, and it felt lovely, but the position is hard for anal, making it hurt long before it should.

It had only been a few minutes before I felt I couldn't handle it like that anymore. "It's too much, too much for me," I pleaded with him, pleasure and pain mixing, but pain winning as he moved too quickly for me and it burned and ached.

"You don't get to decide when it's too much," he said, gripping my hips and thrusting, "you just get to take it. So take it, slut, take it." He spanked me a few times for good measure, adding a "Mine!" to the mix.

I could handle it, I thought. I didn't need to safe word. It was actually kind of turning me on more to be ignored like that, which was his goal of course. I bore up under the thrusts for a while longer, whining, before I collapsed forward onto the ramp, my body winning the mind/body battle and trying to relieve the pain.

"You trying to get away from me?" he asked incredulously, following me with a long thrust, not letting his cock slip from my ass. Oh, sweet, lovely relief from pain, though, the position we were in now felt just fantastic, and I moaned, spreading my legs wider.

"No, no, I'm sorry," I grunted as he continued moving.

"That's right, you can't get away from me, you're mine," he whispered roughly into my ear, making me cry out as he ground into me.

"Mmhmm, you can fuck me anywhere you like, anytime you like, any way you like," I groaned in response, making sure he knew I knew, that I hadn't been trying to get away.

"That's right, baby," he agreed, moving faster and faster, the sounds of his hips smacking into my ass filling my ears.

When he came, it was loudly, my legs curling, lifting into the air to either side of us, aided in that position by the tilt of the ramp.

"I'm going to lie down with you now," he said, then laid on top of me, pressing me into the ramp. I'd have been okay with that, except his face was keeping me from getting any air, and I needed lots of it, breathing hard as I was.

"I can't breathe, love," I said.

He laughed. "Mmm, I'm moving." He rolled to my side, next to the ramp, and I just stayed there, gasping for air, my legs returning to the air because it was incredibly easy for them to be there with the ramp tilting me like that.

"You're not lying dowwwwn," he said. "You're just lying on this ramp with your legs in the air, like you still need fucking or something...." his hand moved to my pussy and I gasped loudly as he brushed the sensitive folds. "Ohh, I see, you do still need fucking," he said, and proceeded to slide his thumb inside me, making me groan. I love that thumb very very much, love the stretch of the base of his hand pressing into me. His fingers stroked my clit and when I came, not screaming but groaning deeply, my legs arched even more, my head moving back to meet them as I trembled. I didn't quite make a ring of myself, but surely it was a close thing.

I like the early edition blog posts the best.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Such a chore

I asked my husband as we lay tangled in each other's arms if it was a chore being married to me. He was distraught, saddened that I would even ask such a question, that it wasn't bloody obvious to me.

He was holding me with my head on his left arm, his left hand gripping my left wrist, me lying on my back. His fingers tightened around my wrist and I purred as the fingers of his right hand stroked down the sensitive inner part of my forearm. Stroking me there is the first way he ever turned me on, and it seemed a lovely callback. But then he pulled his hand back and slapped me there. I gasped and jumped, reflexively pulling at my arm a bit. His grip didn't relax, he held it there, stroked it gently again, then slapped, again, again, making me jump and gasp.

I've fantasized about such a thing... but I hadn't told him. Here he was doing it, making me purr and then slapping me on the sensitive inside of my arm... I trembled, feeling very very exposed, like he could read my mind.

He held on to my hand as he switched targets to my nipple, hitting my breast with blows of increasing intensity, until I started curling up and my body broke into a sweat, and beyond that.

"You're mine. I can hurt you if I want to. Can you imagine why I might be hitting you right now?"

"No," I whimpered, my body writhing helplessly as he kept hurting me.

"Maybe it's because you called yourself a chore. You're not a chore. You're here for my pleasure, aren't you? You're my girl. I'm your master. You please me. How can you be a chore, silly girl?" He hit me the whole time he talked.

I just whimpered in response.

"Oh, I know, it's just not fair for me to beat your poor breast like that, is it?" he asked sarcastically. "Not without giving the same to the other one," he finished his thought, slapping the other breast just as hard, many more times. I arched and writhed, trying to meet the blows and escape them at the same time, feeling the sweat become a slick sheen over my skin.

"I'm going to pinch it now," he said, his fingertips stroking around my nipple, making me whimper in anticipation of the pain. He pinched it just a little at first, slowly increasing the pressure and the pain, a breathless scream emerging from me as it grew unbearable. "Kiss me," he ordered in the midst of my scream. I tilted my open mouth to his and he took my screams into himself, kissing me deeply, continuing to increase the pressure, pulling my breast up by the nipple as he did.

"Good slut," he whispered against my lips as he released my nipple. "Maybe instead of calling you my slut, I should just call you my chore." I whined sadly against his mouth. "Oh, you don't like the sound of that, do you? Well, it doesn't matter what you like, chore, your job is to take what I want to give you." His hand moved to the other breast. "I'm going to pinch this one too, now," he informed me, claiming my lips in another steamy hot kiss as he pinched, pulling, sucking the cries of my pain into his body as he created them.

"You want me, don't you? You want me to fuck your face," he said, releasing my mouth and my nipple, his fingers stroking my burning breasts delicately.

"Oh, yes, please," I begged.

"Mmm, but it's such a chore to fuck you, so I don't know."


"Oh, you want to suck that cock, don't you? It's right there.. but you can't suck it yet."

He let me curl my body toward it, it was less than an inch from my lips, hard, straining toward me. I slid my tongue out, moaning softly, my breasts burning with the beating they'd already taken, to lick the swollen head of his cock. He taunted me for a few minutes, letting me lick it longingly, before he finally relented. "Mmm, okay, well... I suppose you can suck it, but I'm going to have to hurt you if you do."

That was all the permission I needed. I opened my mouth wide and sucked his cock in, moaning softly with pleasure. His hand came crashing down onto my already-hurting breast, and I turned slightly on my back to allow him to hit me there better, screaming a little around his cock with the pain as the intensity of it increased. "My chore really wanted to suck my cock, didn't she?" he asked as he hit me, hard. "Bad, bad girl." I finally pulled away when the pain of his blows on my breasts became too much to bear, curling into a ball of pain, whimpering that it hurt.

"Poor slut, you just want to make me feel good, is that right? Bearing all that pain just to suck some cock..."

I nuzzled his cock with my nose, nodding against him. "Yes sir," I breathed.

"Mmm, okay, girl, I suppose I can let you suck it without hurting you." He stroked my head gently. "But.. you'll have to tell me 'thank you' every time I take my cock out of your mouth. Can you do that, slut?"

"Uh-huh," I panted, opening my mouth wide, ready.

His hands twined in my hair and he pushed my face onto his cock, pressing deep into my throat. "Take it, take it, girl," he urged me as my throat convulsed around the invasion. "Mmm, such a fucking chore to fuck you in the face, slut," he told me as he held my head and thrust into me. I gagged as he hit bottom, trying to straighten my throat out more as he pushed into it.

He thrust more, tugging on my hair, then moved my head up and down on his cock with a fistful of my hair as a handle. When he pulled away, resting the head of his cock against my lips, I whispered hoarsely, "Thank you."

"Mmmm, good girl," he said, forcing his cock back between my lips.

He rolled on top of me, fucked down into my face, his hands holding my face down to the mattress while he thrust. I couldn't move my head. I squealed, bucking under him. His legs brushed against my sore breasts, bringing fresh pain. I opened my throat as best I could and sucked like my life depended on it. "Mmm, you like it deep in there, don't you, slut?"

"Mmhmm," I managed to say around the cock filling my throat.

He pulled out of my throat, resting his cock against my lips again, and I hoarsely whispered "Thank you, thank you," again.

"Mmm, you're welcome, chore. You want it back in there?"

I nodded, and he teased me, rubbing it all around my face, my open mouth trying to capture it. "Yeah, I know your horny face wants it," he whispered, finally pressing it into my mouth, sliding to the back of my throat, holding my face down and fucking me there for a long time.

He pulled out again, waiting for my "Thank you," and then rolling to my side, pulling me with him, pressing my breasts around his cock and thrusting there, the sweat of my body and the saliva coating his cock lubricating his passage between my breasts. His hand gripped the top one tightly and I moaned, feeling every thrust against my tender, abused flesh.

"Such a chore to fuck your tits," he said, one hand squeezing my breast and the other holding my head against him, stroking my hair as I moaned at each thrust. "Does this hurt? Did the bad man beat up your poor breasts and then fuck them?"

"Mmhmm," I whimpered, pressing my lips to his chest and kissing him, sucking lightly, my arm wrapped around his slim hips, pulling him as close to me as I could.

"Mmm, good," he said.


He was on top of me, fucking my pussy. I lifted my legs into the air on either side of him. "Mmmmm, such a fucking chore to fuck this pussy," he whispered, kissing me as he ground his body into mine.

I bent my knees, and he gripped one of my ankles, holding it out to the side of my body while I held on to the other one. I moaned constantly. "So fucking good," I whispered, opening my eyes to look into his. I couldn't bear the intensity of seeing this handsome man there above me, knowing he was inside me. I spasmed briefly and closed my eyes again.

"It's okay," he said roughly, "you can look at me while I fuck you."

I groaned deeply and opened my eyes again, gazing up at him for another moment before I was overcome again. I really couldn't. I lifted my legs higher.

"Nothing but a fuck hole now, are you?" he asked, making me moan my agreement as he moved, enjoying the sensation my lifted legs created, opening me up to him fully.

"It'd be really nice to come inside you," he mused as he fucked me, "but where?"

"Oh, oh, oh, my ass, come in my ass," I managed between my moans of pleasure.

"Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you, chore?" He waited for my whimper and my positive response as he kept sliding inside me. "You like having your ass fucked until you can't stand it? And then beyond that, huh?" He kept grinding down into me, fucking me for a long, long time. I'm amazed at his stamina.

Eventually he said, "Okay, I'll come in your ass. But you can suck my cock some more first." I moaned loudly, excitedly, at that. Love.

"Mmm, my chore likes that, doesn't she?" he said, rolling off of me, making pleased noises as I dove after his cock with a vengeance and a hungry growl. "That cock taste good?" he asked, and I purred, delighted, sucking him into me, rolling my tongue across his lovely, lovely cock.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm... you just let me know when your mouth is tired of that cock, and I'll fuck you in the ass," he said.

I pulled away slightly, just enough to whisper "Not gonna happen," against the head of his cock before devouring him again.

"Not gonna get tired of it? Oh.. guess it's up to me then, isn't it?"

"Mmmmmm-hmmm," I purred, enjoying myself immensely at my assigned task, sliding my mouth up and down.

"Mmm, well, I'm not terribly inclined to stop you," he murmured through his pleased noises, "I like fucking your face." I was propped up on an elbow but I laid down, pulling him over on his side, and we stayed like that for a long, long time.

"Oh, that's right," he finally said, ages later, "you said you weren't going to get tired of that cock. You ready to get up on that ramp and have your ass fucked?"

"Nuh-uh," I whispered, sliding my tongue across the head of his cock. I hadn't thought we'd have to have the Liberator ramp involved. I'd envisioned something a bit more relaxing.

"Mmm, well, I'm ready to shove this cock into that tiny little asshole of yours and fuck it," he said brusquely, getting up, walking around to the bed, and putting the ramp on it.

I climbed up on the ramp obediently, presenting myself on my elbows and knees, and he was gently applying lube to my ass, stretching me just a tiny bit with a finger. Too soon, his cock was pressing against my tiny, tiny opening, then he burst through, holding still for just a moment.

"Mmmmmmm, how's that?" he asked.

"Uhhh, too big," I begged, desperate for a bit of time to adjust.

"Mmmmmm, nonsense," he said, gripping my hips and pumping despite my cries of discomfort. "See? It fills you up good, doesn't it? Such a chore to fuck you in the ass, slut, but somebody's gotta do it."

He moved slowly, and very, very slowly, I adjusted, and then it felt amazing. He pulled me up, to my hands, then a little beyond that, forcing me to balance on my fingertips, and pressed his front to my back, all along the lengths of our bodies, gripping my breasts. "Oh my God, oh, my God," I moaned, overwhelmed with love and devotion and sensation. If only we could stay like that for longer.

"I love you so fucking much, slut," he whispered as he moved inside me.

He reached around my thigh and let his fingers play in my pussy, his other hand yanking on my hair or gripping my throat. I screamed a lot.

He slid his fingers out of my pussy and stood up straighter, gripping my hips. "Such a fucking whore.." he said, quite clearly, deliberately. I startled, surprised, a whimper of uncertainty slipping out of me. "Yeah, you heard me right, fuckin' whore. Fucking chore," he said, gripping my hair tightly and pulling my head up and back toward him, making me cry out, a constant stream of ohmygod pouring from my open mouth as he moved inside my ass.

The intensity built and built and it grew from intensely pleasurable to almost unbearable, and he was still moving, still hard inside me. He moved faster and I was grunting with every movement; he felt impossibly huge inside my ass, which squeezed tighter around him involuntarily every time I thought about it. Then he was moving faster, moaning, grunting, excited, and I moaned with him because I felt him swell to an even more impossible hugeness.

He pumped his orgasm inside me as I urged him on with my moans, and he kept moving slowly, gently, afterwards.

"You want to lie down with me? Now that that chore's over with.." he murmured softly, sarcasm dripping from the last part. I whined and nodded, and he slowly withdrew, running his hands over my back. He pulled away from me and I stumbled off the ramp, pushing it off the bed and collapsing with my head toward the foot of the bed. He slid up next to me, pressing his body to my back, squeezing me close, hooking my top foot with his and pulling it back so he could slide his fingers to my pussy. I moaned, so sensitive there, trembling in the circle of his arm. His fingers were relentless, coaxing the pleasure from my exhausted body, whispering in my ear. "Sexy slut, I love you so much," he said. "You like this, don't you?" I purred for response, my body writhing as the pleasure built and built. It became too much and he liked that, as my body shook. "Mmm, yesss, squirm for me, baby," he murmured commandingly in my ear, continuing on until I screamed with release, my legs trying to kick but trapped by his, just vibrating there.

He didn't stop there. I thought he would, but he didn't. Orgasms cascaded onto me, through me, and I screamed over and over. "Mmmhmm, yeah, baby, come again for me," he whispered right into my ear, his fingers playing their magic on my body.

 "I can't, I can't take anymore, love, please, please, love..."

"Mmm, yeah you can," his sexy voice said straight into my ear, his fingers pushing, pushing, and then I was screaming even louder, my legs vibrating between his, my whole body a tense arch of release, and I was begging him again to stop.

"Mmm, you can come again for me," he assured me.

"No, love, no..." I begged, writhing, trying uselessly to close my legs to him, to get away from the all-consuming intensity of the pleasure he was forcing on me.

"You don't get to say no, slut," he reminded me, forcing the loudest, hardest, longest orgasm from me. I collapsed against him afterward, panting, and he held me quietly as I rolled into his arms, resting my head on his chest, dropping little kisses all over him.

We talked. We talked and stroked and kissed and we turned around the right way on the bed to get the blankets on us and he held me against his chest and we talked more, about the amazing sex we'd just had, about how lucky we both felt to have each other, about how amazing our life together is. We talked for half an hour or more, kissing each other randomly in between. I told him, after some time, how it affected me to open my eyes and see his handsome face above me while he's inside of me, and he said that he'd noticed that.

"I think... it turns me on a little bit, the power I have over you," he told me.

"mmm, just a little?" I asked, grinning, kissing the smile on his face.

"Mmm, okay, a lot," he admitted. "I think you'll find I'm turned on right now..."


Well, one thing led to another.

And another, and another, in the morning after we'd slept...

I feel like I hit the kinky nympho jackpot.

I suppose I'm not a chore after all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bad, bad man

It was late when we went to bed Friday, and I was just a little sad, because we had to get up early and would more than likely be too exhausted on Saturday for anything to happen (we were, too). I curled into a little ball facing away from him, not wanting to seem too needy, knowing if I touched him that I would explode with want.

"Turn over," he told me, not liking my curled-away posture. I rolled to my back, his arm under my head.

"All the way, so I can hold you properly. Even if you don't like it."

I obeyed, resting my head on his chest, a little sad still. "I do like for you to hold me."

"Even if part of you doesn't want to right now?"

"I do want to..."

He started gently stroking my hair, kissing the top of my head. "Take off your clothes," he said after a few minutes of that. I slid off my night shirt, not really expecting anything to come of it.

"Good girl."

"My naked girl."

Holding me in one arm, he started hitting my breasts with the other, over and over, pushing moans of varying intensity out of me. "Good naked girl." He hit me on the inside of my forearm, where it rested on the bed, and I gasped. "Mine!" He slapped my breasts back and forth, not stopping, not letting me absorb the experience, just inundating me with the blows. I moaned constantly.

"I like these breasts, I like these nipples." He got a gear tie out and tightened it around my nipple, making me whimper with the pain, squeezing it tight.

"Turn over, naked girl, so I can give your ass some attention. And you'll let me know if that thing comes off your nipple, right?"

I turned over as he requested, my nipple with the tie squeezed around it smashing into the mattress.

"I'm going to fuck this ass." He spanked me with his hand. "But not yet."

"Is your mouth ready to be my pussy?"
"You're my little fuck toy, I like to use your mouth as a fuck hole."

More. It seemed he kept ramping up the intensity of what he was saying to see what kind of physical reaction he would get from me. He got a lot of them... then he rolled me onto my back, his fingers found their way between my thighs and he played with my pussy, sliding his fingers into me slowly and gliding his thumb delicately across my clit.

"What could be better than this? Could having that thing off your nipple, maybe?"


"Oh, no? Hm. I know! Having your face fucked would be better, right? After all," he whispered roughly into my ear, his fingers making me gasp and moan and arch helplessly at the pleasure, "this only gives you pleasure. And having your face fucked gives me pleasure. Isn't that better?"

"Yes sir," I whimpered, out of my mind, tossing my head.

"Do you want your face fucked, or do you want that thing off your nipple?"

"Fuck my face, please.."

"Mmm, you really want your face fucked, huh? OR... do you just not feel it anymore?" He reached over and squeezed the tie together around my nipple, making me scream. "Oh, huh. That hurts, doesn't it?"

Finally, he let me slide down and suck his cock. He held the back of my head and I made all those happy noises I always make, gripping him with my hands.

He came down my throat, ages later. He started to pull away from me first, but I kept sucking. "Go on then, let me fuck your horny face," he told me, grabbing my head and thrusting into me hard and fast until his pleasure erupted.

Then there was flogging. On and on, my face against his thigh, holding his hip with one hand and his thigh in the other.

"How does your ass feel?" he checked with me after some time.

"Okay." I love being flogged. It felt lovely.

"'Okay'? Hm." I heard him go after another implement. "I'm going to make your ass not feel okay anymore." He brushed the very fine, very solid wooden spoon against my backside, and I inhaled sharply with fear. He hit me with it, sharp and hard, twice on one cheek, once on the other. I squealed and gripped his hip and thigh tightly, clinging to him for strength, not wanting to stop him but not seeing how I could take it. He hit me with it more, making my brain boil. Then, suddenly, he was still hitting me with it but it was bearable. My noises continued, but with less intensity. I could handle it.

He muttered to himself, "Hmmmmm, wrong side. Let's see." He paused, flipped the spoon over in his hand, and hit me with it again.

"Arrrggghhhhk," I screamed, burying my face in my pillow to muffle it. Holy crap, that much difference from hitting me with the opposite side of the thing?

"Mmm, that's better," he crowed.

"Hurts so much," I whimpered, still clinging to him.

"Mmm, I know it does," he told me, landing a few more blows on my poor ass before he stopped. He ran his hands gently over the red, sore flesh, making me jump and whine.

"I know that spoon hurts you. But I hit you with it anyway. I'm a bad, bad man. How does your ass feel now?"

"Hurts," I responded.

"Good. Now let's see if we can make you forget about that, huh?" he asked as he went into the drawer again. I heard the lube cap pop, as he kept talking to me. "Hm, looks like there are some marks on this ass." He kept rubbing his hands across the painful parts where he'd hit me with the spoon, making me jump and jerk, and then I felt his finger, slick with lubricant, sliding into my ass. I moaned softly, and he slid it in and out slowly.

"How's that feel, baby?"

"Mmm, good," I said, practically purring.

"Oh, it's much better than that nasty spoon hitting you, isn't it?"


Too soon, he stopped with the finger, which was feeling fabulous, and I felt him press the plug against my hole. "It's going in your ass. Ooh, it doesn't want to. But I'm going to make it."

And here is where I gloss over because my brain short-circuited as soon as his fingers made contact with my extreme arousal. I was a pool of need, and he slid his fingers into me and made me come over and over. "Too full," I begged at one point, as I think he had all his fingers in there and the plug was in me and it was overwhelming and his thumb began to play with my ass where it was stretched around the plug...

"Mmm, I don't think there's any such thing as too full for you, slut," he told me, continuing what he was doing.

"I think we'll just leave that plug right there for a while," he told me afterward, and he fell asleep. I tried to, and I've been able to once before, but it just felt so impossibly huge inside me that every time I moved I moaned and humped the air.

"Oh, can I do anything for you, love? Anything at all?" he asked, waking up some time later to taunt me, it seemed. "You're making more noise now than you were when I was doing things to you," he said. Surely a lie. Surely not more. Then his hand was inside me again, and there were more orgasms. He removed the plug when he was finished with me this time, thankfully.

"You're a good master," I purred, curled into his arms, exhausted.

"Mmmm, you're a good slave."

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sex bloggers meet up, world doesn't collapse

Today, my family and I met Kitty, who is a lovely, lovely person. There was a bit of a transportation mix up so by the time we found each other we were all just ready to take naps, but we had a good time. Good friends, good conversation, just lovely. Her little one and mine had a good time with each other too.

Her hair is amazing.

According to my husband's pedometer, by the time we got home we'd walked around 7 miles. I'm too beat to even give this a proper write-up, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

It was awesome!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


"I want you so badly," I whisper against his chest. Our bedroom door is wide open, our little one watching a video in the other room, randomly coming to interrupt our after-dinner snuggles with the goings-on in the movie.

We are kissing, stroking each other. He tastes of the wine he'd been sipping at an event that kept him from coming home for an extra hour, making me miss him even more than normal. He's intoxicating me, but I'll have to wait.

My hand rests on his hard cock and he whispers a moan. "You want that, baby?"

"I do," I respond, my mouth watering as I stroke and squeeze it.

"Does it go inside you?" he whispers.

I shudder against his chest and squeeze his cock again, nodding my head and moaning softly at the mere suggestion of him penetrating me.

"Which part of you does it go in?" he asks, clearly liking the physical effect his line of questioning is having on me.

"All of them," I whisper, a quake in my voice. I duck my head down to quickly suck on the head. He grips my hair and pulls it slowly as I do, but releases me when I move my head back up to his chest.

Our little one comes in then to tell us about the movie. Fingers torment my nipples under the blanket, making my mouth open in soundless gasps against his chest while he responds to the little one casually, sending him off again to watch.

"God, I want you," I whisper when we're alone again, my lips fastening to his and kissing him like my life depends on it.

"You should turn over and let me give myself to you then," he suggests. I shudder, his words impacting me like an erotic blow. We can't. We shouldn't. Not my decision. I turn over, pressing back against him, and then he is penetrating my wet pussy from behind with his hardness and it feels so big that I slap the bed and stifle a squeal. He grips my hip, the back of my head, just uses me, pulls me against him as he thrusts into me hard and fast, and I am biting my lip to keep silent despite the overwhelming rightness of it all. This is what I'm for.

He erupts inside me, finding a need to stifle his own noises of pleasure. We are sweaty, sticking together as I roll back into his arms, breathing hard, kissing him, stroking his face, gazing into those eyes of his that look at me as if they could devour me whole. I thank him for the interlude, I want nothing more than to stay there in his arms forever...

But we promised we'd watch the end of the movie. So we gather our wits about us, and our clothes, and we do what we'd promised.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Set straight

I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading conversations that I had with my husband in the days immediately following his first visit to see me, when we'd been ripped apart and we were both miserable with longing.

The man worshiped me.

I brought him home from work in the evening and various distractions led to not much time to connect between us, and I began to feel sad. We went to bed and he ordered me to face him so he could look at me. I rolled toward him and buried my face in his shoulder, but he wasn't having it. He pulled my head up by the hair to look at my face. I closed my eyes.

"Open your eyes," he said.

I whimpered.

"Come on. Don't make me make you."

I opened them. Tried to focus on my own image in his eye. "So hard," I whined. I've been known to gaze raptly, adoringly, into this man's eyes for a long, long time, so this wasn't normal behavior for me. I think part of the difficulty was coming from how I was feeling: sad, disconnected, neglected, and just not wanting to be open enough for him to see I was feeling that way because I knew it was unreasonable.

"Why is it so hard?" he asked.

I whined again. "Because you can see me."

"I like to see you," he whispered softly. As I looked at him, I felt all my concerns disappear into the blue pools of his eyes. When I buried my head in his shoulder again, it was out of an overwhelming surge of affection and tenderness.

I made a suggestion while we talked afterward that made him very unhappy. It involved me leaving this place for a while, being separated from him for an extended period, for several reasons that in practice were very logical. The heart isn't logical, though. "You don't get to give yourself to me and then take yourself away," he said. "How could you even suggest that? You were reading today... surely you know how unhappy we were apart? Surely you remember how awful that was."

I do remember. I don't want to live through it again.

He held me a while longer, his hands stroking my body, and then he asked what I was thinking. "Are you thinking you need a beating? I think you need a beating, trying to get away from me. Turn over."

I turned on my side, facing away from him. "More," he said. I rolled onto my stomach. His hand smacked my ass several times, making me gasp. He rummaged in the drawer for a while, gathering things, and then I felt a soft flogger, which drew soft purrs of pleasure from me. "You go with me, slut," he said, his other hand stroking my hair. "You don't get to leave me, sweet slut. My sweet girl." A more painful flogger landed across my backside then, and he kept swinging it.

"I never wanted to leave you," I managed, feeling it was important to say that. I never would want that, but we could make it through if it was more reasonable to do.

"Mmhmm, then why you come up with such a horrible idea?" He kept flogging me and I was starting to squirm and twist. He was hitting my sit spots with the flogger too, and he stopped once in a while to smack with his hand. I felt myself growing wet for him, and I couldn't reason enough to carry on conversation, so I just moaned.

He put the flogger down, and then he went back in the drawer. I felt the wooden spoon stroke across my ass, and I inhaled sharply. He did mean to leave an impression. 5 smacks with it, I think, and I was squealing helplessly, each one feeling completely unendurable. "You learned your lesson?" he asked me, gathering me into his arms.

"Yeah, I think so."

"What's that, then?"

"That you don't like me thinking of us being apart."

"Good girl," he said, kissing my head.

"You did ask what I was thinking, though," I defended myself. Not that I mind the spanking at all, but it's not like I had planned the whole thing out.

He agreed with me. I really didn't know just the thought of it would shake him so badly.

A brief interlude later and we were kissing each other with hot, steamy kisses. He was stroking my hair and face, and he pulled my shirt off so he could touch the rest of me. He started brushing his fingertips across my nipple oh so very very lightly, and it felt like absolute magic, heaven dancing across my breast. My mouth opened wide and I moaned loudly as he kept doing it. "I think you like having your nipples touched," he said. Mmm, master of observation, isn't he? I squirmed in the circle of his arms and tugged a bit on my wrist that he was holding, for the sheer joy of feeling his strength.

He pushed my thighs apart and his fingertip stroked my clit. "Mmm, a little excited here, aren't we?" he asked as I gasped and squirmed more. He teased me, slipping his fingers just barely inside, then sliding his fingers all around the sensitive membranes, then brushing across my clit again. I bucked and wriggled and moaned, and he fastened his lips to mine and took my noises into himself. "You like this, don't you?" he asked.

I managed something resembling a positive response, as he didn't stop for me to gather breath for words.

"Mmmm, then how would you like me doing this while you suck my cock? Yeah? Let's find out." He turned completely around then, on his side. I was stunned. He's a lot taller than I am and the few times we've tried 69 didn't really come out that well, I thought, but it was very sexy that he was willing to try again.

He gave me a moment to adjust to his positioning, to get his cock in my mouth, before he shoved my legs open again and slid his fingers between them, whispering "Good girl," as I opened them wider for him. Then I was screaming from the overwhelming sensations of cock in my mouth and fingers on my pussy. I screamed around his cock as I sucked, and then he started slowly thrusting in my mouth while his fingers plundered my pussy, and I moaned and screamed every time I had air to do so. I wasn't really in control of anything, and he put me even less in control when he rolled atop me, thrusting down into my willing mouth and throat. I grasped helplessly at his lower back, bucking under his ministrations, sucking as best I could through the screams and the moans as his cock entered, opened my throat, stopped my breath, and withdrew, allowing my moans and screams out, then starting the whole cycle over again.

Then I felt his mouth lower onto my pussy, felt his moans, his tongue, against my sensitive membranes, as his fingers continued sliding into me, as his cock continued fucking my face, and I lost my mind. I screamed, then sucked hard on his cock, pulling him down into me as hard as I could as I just absolutely lost it. I heard and felt his moans as well, and he came down my throat not long after. I sucked the orgasm from him hungrily, clutching him to me even as he thrust.

He stayed like that for a while longer, continued playing with me, letting me suck his softening cock, before he moved off me. I whimpered, bucking my hips, missing him. "Don't worry, I'm not done with you yet," he said, sliding his arm around me again, kissing me as his fingers moved down to stroke many more orgasms out of me.

Want to leave him? Never.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Multiple orgasms: the extra lives of sex

I've previously discussed how I enjoyed Star Trek and the X-men and various other geeky forms of entertainment, so it shouldn't be a surprise when I reveal that I spent a lot of my childhood and youth playing video games. A large chunk of the time I spent playing games, I spent playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES.

You mean you don't think of orgasms when you see this? Huh.

The game was huge. It took hours and hours and hours to play it all the way through, although you could warp to the end and be done fairly quickly, I didn't figure there was a lot of value in that.  Since the game didn't have a feature to save, I wound up replaying the first levels a lot to get to the later ones, though sometimes I would warp, it wasn't often.

I became an expert at this game. Every secret, I knew. Every invisible block, every vine, every warp zone, every chance to gather 99 lives, every place to slide behind the scenery, every matching game pattern, and every place where it was a good idea to use a special item. I knew this game, inside and out, backward and forward. I played it so much that it is burned into my brain. Even now, twenty years later, I can play it and do things just like I did then, even though occasionally I'm not sure why I'm doing it. Physical memory is a bizarre thing.

The first opportunity you have in this game to collect 99 lives is in the second level, right at the beginning, so I did it there every single time I played, even if it was a quick run-through just for fast laughs. Later, when my husband would play the game in 2005 or so, I would always get those lives for him. He's not as good at games as I am, so he needed the help.

The process could be kind of frustrating, as you had to have a raccoon suit, and you had to wave Mario's raccoon tail around in the air while you landed on endless Goombas as they popped out of a pipe, using the boost jumping on them gave you to stay in the air so that you didn't ever touch the ground.

Here's a video of it that explains more than I can in words. Your points for jumping on each one doubles until you get to 8000, and every Goomba you stomp after that without touching the ground is an extra life.

It occurred to me after my post yesterday that my own multiple orgasms are like that. The tension slowly gathers as we approach the first one, and as long as his timing is perfect and he lands exactly right, he can keep pumping them out of me.

Like this! (read 'orgasm' for 1UP) Yeah, now we're talking.

Of course, the timing has to be absolutely perfect. Even I would occasionally go a little too fast in the game, and run out of Goombas to stomp before I hit the ground. So frustrating, because to get more lives, I'd have to start all over again, back from 100. Seven Goombas before I was back in The Zone, and my timer was ticking the whole time.

If it goes too long before the next orgasm, he may not be starting completely over, but it's pretty close. Once I've fallen off that delicate knife-edge of arousal, he has to get me there again in order to coax more orgasms out of me. 

And in both situations, your thumb gets really really tired.

The extra-life zone is an amazing place to be, as you watch your life-counter just go up and up and up. It may be frustrating when you fall off, but it's so worth it to get back up there again. The quality and pleasure of your entire game rests on those lives, really, whether you panic at losing everything or whether it's just all good fun, later.

He must feel like that as he watches me writhe and scream and pant, as his orgasm counter just goes up and up... and breaks, because I can't count orgasms after so many. The quality of the rest of his life, while not dependent on those orgasms, is probably greatly enhanced by them.

I know mine is.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Endless orgasms revisited

I debated for a bit on whether my readers would prefer me to write my post today about the sex we had Saturday night, or a nice anal plug + online toy shop review.

I decided on the sex.

Anal plug review can wait, right, guys? Right?

Disclaimer: what happened between us was so much more awesome than I can describe. I can't remember half of it because the intensity of things that happened later just wiped it all. Just imagine what I write and multiply it by 15 or so levels of amazing, and that's it.

I didn't know what would happen. He'd gone so far beyond my wildest imaginings on Friday night that I just couldn't even consider anything else. I thought perhaps a reset, maybe even just snuggling. We read two more chapters of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty in bed, me curled into his arms as we alternated holding my Nook up above us. His hands wandered over my bare breasts, my neck, and shoulders as we read, and I purred. He'd pinch a nipple once in a while and I'd moan softly with the beautiful burst of pain. I could feel him grow hard and softer by turns as we read; I'm not sure if that was the reading or what he was doing to me.

We finished the two chapters and we kissed, our hands gently running over each other, his hand occasionally tightening in my hair.

His fingers wandered to my clit and he began to stroke it delicately. My mouth opened against his as he continued, and I started to pant as I got wetter and wetter. 

"Slut," he murmured softly against my lips, "you just need to be touched in this one little spot, and nowhere else." He stroked me there, so very gently, until I orgasmed. I was panting and I wondered what on earth he was trying to accomplish as he continued stroking me, pushing another orgasm out of me, balancing me on the knife's edge of extreme arousal and pushing me over it, over and over and over. He slid some fingers in and out of me as I got wetter, and the waves of unbearable pleasure kept crashing onto me.

He was doing a lot of kissing me too, as I screamed my orgasms into his mouth. 

"I can't, I can't take anymore," I begged him.

"Mmm... sure you can," he said, his fingers trapping my clit and pushing it gently back and forth, forcing another orgasm from my sweat-soaked body. I arched up into his touch and screamed, shaking uncontrollably. "See, look at you take it," he whispered against my ear.

I cannot tell you how many orgasms he gave me, because I was having them. After a while, I was enduring them as I screamed and vibrated. Afterward, I asked him, breathlessly, to try fisting me, because I was already insanely wet and all those orgasms surely had led me to a place where I could take more. 

He got the lube, and made his fingers and his hand all slippery, and he slipped two fingers inside me, then three. "You ready for another one?" he asked softly.

"Yes," I whispered. I'd taken four before, but it's a lot. He worked the fourth one into me gently and I cried out. 

"You ready for more?" he asked, careful, observing me, his thumb playing against my oh-so-sensitive clit while it waited to join the fingers inside me.

"Yes," I confirmed through my moans. He placed his thumb alongside his other fingers and he pushed them all inside me. His hand was sticking.

"So fucking big!" I gasped out, taking the lube from where he'd dropped it and applying it all around his hand, taking the opportunity to feel how much of it was in me. Most of it. He worked it out and in a little more, pressing hard, and I felt more of the slender bulk of it slide inside me, aided by the fresh lube. My pussy ached terribly. "It feels like you're tearing me apart," I moaned.

I reached down again and felt just the very widest part of his hand sticking out. The rest of it was completely inside me. I groaned with that knowledge. He wriggled his fingers inside me. Too much. I squealed. I squeezed my pussy around his hand, the unyielding bone of it just under his flesh resisting my tightness.

He pushed, withdrew, pushed again. It wasn't going any farther. Maybe if we had all night and another tube of lube. That was okay, it felt amazing just like that... and to be honest the idea of pulling it back out again once it was in was kind of terrifying.

He made me orgasm again, pulling his thumb back out and playing it over my clit while his other four fingers moved in and out of me, filling me up, talking to me.

And again.

He finally removed his hand, which made me scream too, pulled me into his arms and was almost asleep.

"If you wake up horny, love, I'm here for you," I told him, dropping little kisses on his chest, my body slick with the sweat from the orgasms and the hugeness of his hand.

I tell him that a lot. I don't ever expect anything to come of it, but it's true. 

A little over an hour later, he did wake up, running his hands over me, making me purr. I felt his cock growing against my hip and I quickly turned my back to him, bending forward, pressing my still-wet pussy back against his cock. "Ooooh," he said, clearly liking this, "is there a pussy here just waiting for me?" 

'Mmmhmm," I purred as he slid his cock completely into me, rubbing all the extra-sensitive spots that his fingers had pressed into earlier.

"Good girl," he praised me, his lower hand grabbing my hair and his top hand gripping my hip firmly as he slowly rocked inside me. "Good fuck toy. Love having my fuck toy.." I moaned at his words, enjoying it all. So, so good. I was surprised at how very tight I still felt after his hand had stretched me so much. He moved so deliberately, he spoke so clearly, distinctly. I couldn't believe he'd been asleep just moments before.

He talked beautifully but what came after wiped it all from my head. 

His orgasm came, and I wriggled back against him, gasping "I love it when you use me," thinking he would just go back to sleep now he'd had his pleasure. But he was very much awake, and his fingers pushed their way back to my clit, back inside my pussy, and he rose up over me on one arm, his fingers once again performing the relentless orgasm dance, making me scream, arch, moan, tremble, shake uncontrollably, did I mention scream? He bit my nipples while he forced the orgasms out of me, which I love. I was begging him to please, please stop, that I couldn't take anymore, between paroxyms of joy, bouts of screaming and the even more intense variety of silent scream. 

Dozens of orgasms later, "No, no, no," I begged as one of the last ones crashed over me.

"You don't get to say no, you just get to take it," he told me, making me scream even louder.

He pulled his fingers out of me, just delicately strumming my clit once again. "I think you like orgasms," he whispered.

"Uff, uff, mmhmm, I do," I responded, my body helplessly undulating with the tiny motions of his finger against my sensitive place.

"Mmm, well have yourself another one," he said, pushing me, screaming, limbs waving, off the cliff for the umpteenth time that night.

Finally, finally, he let me down gently. I gasped for air, unbelieving this entire episode had even happened.

"I like to make you feel good," he told me as I kissed all over his chest before we drifted off, totally exhausted.

The king of understatement, that's my man.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Every single day is awesome

That man of mine, reader, has a devious, devious mind. I adore him. He is absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, magnificent.

In a nod to Kitty, I'd just like to say that we read in bed last night. It's something we have done before, but not for a while, and it wasn't planned. I started reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty last night, and he came into bed with me and peered at what I was reading. "That's an interesting book," he said, from the text he saw on the screen, "mind if I read with you?"

And while I did a little, because it made me blush, we read the first chapter together, silently.

Afterwards, I told him it made me blush. "Even though I've written worse. Today."

But I like for him to make me blush. It's nice to know I still have blushes in me.

"You like for me to make you do lots of things," he said.

We were facing each other on our sides, but I was sucking his cock, of course I was. It had already been going on for a while - starting with enthusiasm, working through into just a thing I do, and then into an absolute frenzy of arousal, partly because this was just a thing I did, and partly because he was enjoying it so much. "Mmm, slut, better be careful," he said as I sucked particularly hard, stroking all along the underside with my tongue, "or I'm going to come down your throat."

I moaned and redoubled my efforts at that, working my throat, pulling him into my face with my hands on his ass.

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? But I have other plans for you. Mmm, you want to know what my plans are? I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass. Yeah, you'd like that, you like for me to come in your ass. Mmm, I may bypass your pussy altogether, you know. That pussy's been wanting me for a while, hasn't it? Yeah, I know, it enjoyed me this morning.. but something was missing, wasn't it? Yeah, no proper fucking. I'm such a bad man, teasing you like that. I'm going to fuck your ass, but I like to fuck your face an awful lot." He grabbed my hair and moved my head back and forth on his cock which of course made me scream because I love it so much. "Yeah, just like that. Sweet fuck hole. You like to be my fuck hole, don't you? I love my fuck toy..." Seriously, oh my God, he just kept talking and I moaned at his words, ever louder as the ideas he planted got hotter and hotter.

"Stop sucking my cock now." I had been sucking for so, so long, and he was gloriously hard underneath my lips and tongue. I didn't want to stop, but I desperately wanted to obey. I stopped sucking and pulled my mouth off of him with a whimper. He didn't move. My lips rested against his hot, hard flesh and I moaned with want.

"Don't suck it," he admonished me, as my tongue slipped out to caress the head. I kissed and licked at it, and eventually, as I opened my lips around the head and slipped it inside my mouth, he repeated himself. "I said don't suck it!" I whimpered and let the head slide back out, resting my lips against the shaft and breathing hard. "Don't even think about it," he said, and I moaned against him.

"You're thinking about it, aren't you?" he asked.

I nodded, my mouth open wide against his shaft, helplessly silent in my desire.

"Don't," he said harshly, a flogger coming down across my ass. I squealed. "What are you thinking about?"

"Sucking the cock..." I whispered.

He hit me again with the flogger. "Such a slut, aren't you? Can't even stop thinking about sucking my cock. What are you thinking about?" he asked again, as I licked him longingly.

"Mmmf," I said, kissing his shaft wetly.

"You're thinking about sucking the cock!" and he flogged me again.

That went on for a deliciously long, torturous time, until he finally said "I suppose I should give you something else to think about," and he rolled over on his side, pulling my leg over his hip. He reached his hand between my legs, feeling how absolutely wet I already was, and then he pressed his cock against my opening. I groaned and pressed down against him, but he rocked backwards. "You want it to fuck you, don't you?" he asked.

"God, yes, please," I whispered, kissing him. He rocked his hips back and forth, thoroughly soaking his cock in my arousal, pressing against my opening and then pulling away.

"I'm not going to fuck you. Don't even think about it," he said, rocking, teasing me, as I tried to press down and take him inside me. I groaned loudly at this new torturous game and my body shook with desire.

"You're thinking about it," he said as I rocked into him. He drew his hand back and slapped my breast several times.

"God," I moaned, fastening my lips on his neck, biting gently, sucking.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, his cock repeatedly nudging my opening, so, so slippery. Had someone dumped an entire tube of lube on us? No, that was all me.

"Please, please fuck me," I begged, wriggling as his cock rubbed against my swollen clit.

"I told you not to think about it!" He slapped my breast again. "Slut, and here you are just thinking about it."

Forever. He did that for forever, and it drove me absolutely insane. No matter how I wriggled, he could always just pull away. I kept thinking surely, surely, he'll fuck me now. Surely.

When he'd had enough torture himself, he rolled me onto my back, pinning my wrists down and sinking inside of me. "Don't think about it," he said, thrusting into me several times, grinding as he sank in completely. I arched up and ground against him too, gasping, moaning deeply with the extraordinary pleasure of finally being full.

"I suppose it's hard not to think about it while it's fucking you," he relented, "so you can think about it now."

We moved together, moaning, grinding, he talked. "I bet your pussy's glad I didn't skip it," he said as he rotated his hips against mine.

"Yesss," I responded, bucking under him, tossing my head from side to side, moans constantly issuing from my open mouth.

"Mmm, I see an open mouth there. I think it needs a cock in it. I'm going to fuck your face now. Gonna hold your head down and just slide my cock right into you. Nothing you can do about it," he said. I grabbed his hips and pulled him down to me harder, grinding, grinding, moaning loudly, so very close to getting off. "You seem like you're trying to stop me," he commented.

"Ugh," I said, forcing myself to stop. I dropped my hands down to my sides, whimpering.

"Good girl," he said, melting me. He kept thrusting and grinding into me, though, not stopping even though I'd stopped pulling him into me. "How nice it would be to come down your throat," he said, "or in your ass." I groaned loudly at that. "Poor girl, you keep being teased with the promise of me coming in you, and all you're getting is fucked." He grabbed my hands where they'd dropped at my sides and pinned them over my head. "And you don't like being fucked at all, do you, slut?" he asked as he pressed into me extra hard, pushing me deeply into the mattress.

"I do, I do, God, I do," I said, writhing under him.

"Good, slut," he said, pounding me for another minute before he pulled out and moved up my body. His cock smelled fantastic and it tasted pretty wonderful too as he forced it into my mouth. I lifted my head and he grabbed the back of my neck, thrusting deeply into me and making me gag as I sucked him. He slid back down my body, his cock gliding smoothly back inside my pussy as I opened my legs wider and grabbed my knees.

At length, he decided to change positions. "I want to fuck you sideways," he said, rolling off next to me.

I quickly turned my back to him, tossed my leg backward over his hip, and turned my torso slightly toward him. He slid his hard cock easily inside my wet heat. "Ohh yeah, and you'll give me what I want, won't you? Because you're mine and you do what I tell you." His fingers wandered to my clit and stroked it, making me moan and buck. "Mmm, and I can play with you like this, too."

He slipped a finger, possibly more than one, inside me with his cock and I bucked and squealed. It stretched me, filled me uncomfortably as he kept thrusting into me. I bucked, trying to get away. "Too full," I whined.

"You can take it," he assured me confidently, slipping the fingers away. My wild movements and loud noises calmed as his cock alone moved inside me and I purred. "Is that better?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm," I confirmed.

"That's funny, because you seemed to like this more," he said, slipping the fingers back alongside his cock.

"Nnng," I grunted.

I think, then, he took his fingers away and replaced them with his thumb. I cried out loudly, over and over... and then he slipped his fingers in my mouth. "Suck my fingers, slut," he ordered.

I took them in my mouth with a loud groan. "You taste like sex," I whispered, my voice rasping from the use my throat had endured.

"I wonder why?" he asked sarcastically.

"I think I'm ready to fuck your ass now," he told me after a while. "Go on, get up on your ramp."

He kept moving inside of me and I groaned. "Hmm, I'll give you a few minutes to recover," he said, slowing his thrusts inside me. He still didn't stop. "You don't seem to be moving,"  he said. "I suppose it might help if I stopped fucking you, huh?" He slowed even further and pulled away.

Anal is so hard on the ramp. I moved, though, and he actually got up and got the ramp for me as my physical exhaustion was apparent. I climbed on top of it on my hands and knees and he stood next to the bed. He slid his cock into my pussy and I moaned, arching my back. I spread my knees as far as possible on the ramp, and I felt his fingers applying cool lube to my little hole. "So sensitive," I whispered, shivering as he touched me there.

"Is your ass ready for me?" he asked as he kept thrusting, his fingers pressing against my asshole.

"Ugh, so sensitive," I repeated, begging a little.

"I said, is your ass ready for me?" he repeated.

"Mmf, yes sir, whatever you want," I responded.

"Good girl. Good slut," he said, pulling away and pressing the head of his cock to my asshole.

I panicked a little, squirming. "So big!" I cried out.

"You can take it," he said, pressing.

"Too big! It doesn't fit!" I whined.

"Of course it fits," he said, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me back onto him, forcing himself inside me in one go. Oh, God, it hurt. It felt like he'd punched straight through me. I screamed. "See?" he said.

"No, no, no, no," I squealed, struggling.

"You don't get to say no," he told me, making me scream again, "you just get to do what I say." He held my hips and moved slowly, but too much for me. I couldn't adjust, it hurt, it hurt. I whimpered. But at the same time I was so incredibly turned on, and slowly, slowly, I did adjust. The burning soreness didn't dissipate, but the intense pain did, and then it was glorious and I could hear him again. I moaned with intense pleasure as the pain faded.

"...sweet fuck hole. My sweet fuck hole. Love my fuck hole," he was saying. "You like it when I fuck you here, don't you?"

"Yes sir," I squealed, unable to say anything without almost screaming it at this point.

"You know what you need?" he asked, moving slowly, his hands wandering over my back.

"Uh?" I responded.

"You need me to pull your hair now, while I fuck your ass. Isn't that right?"

"Uhhhh... yes sir," I managed, breathing hard, crying out with the intensity of it as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back by it. His other hand held my throat, my head prisoner between his hands. I panted helplessly, impaled, imprisoned, and so very aroused. I could feel the wetness of my arousal running uselessly down my thighs as he roughly pounded into me.

"Gonna come in your ass," he said, moving faster, harder. The lingering soreness made me scream with almost every thrust, and then I felt him swell larger and empty himself in me, responding to each of his loud moans with one of my own. Scream, moan, scream, moan. Just an average night around here.

He pulled out of me and I collapsed on the ramp, my feet on the floor now. He climbed onto the bed next to me and slipped his fingers inside me, pressing my g-spot, stroking, rubbing my clit, making me pant and moan and squirm. He kept talking too, of course. "Just fuck holes for my pleasure," he whispered. His thumb found its way into my ass and I squealed with surprise. "Oh, didn't I tell you I was going to put my thumb in your ass? I'm a bad man..."

He pumped me with his fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my poor sore ass until I bucked, screaming, my legs and head both coming up behind me so I was a perfect arch on the ramp. Screaming, coming, panting, collapsing... and then, gathered into his arms and stroked, loved, adored.

We slept our favorite way, naked with all our limbs entwined.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantasy Friday

I don't normally write fiction, but today... well.

Teased, turned on, left wanting, panting, writhing helplessly. "You're cruel," I whisper as he pulls away from me and stands up, then "So horny."

"You should do something about that," he quips as he puts his pants back on and heads out the bedroom door.

The images and words rose unbidden in my mind, then. Hope you enjoy.

On her hands and knees on the bed, she is exposed, helpless, bare to his penetrating gaze. Her knees are wide and her back is curved, exposing every bit of her body for his viewing pleasure. He walks around her, a riding crop in his hand which he uses to slap against her flesh when he wants her to move a bit this way or that. Her pale skin already bears several red marks where he has indicated she should move to get her into this position. Her arms are starting to tremble. She doesn't know how long it has been, but it has gone on for a while.

He lifts her chin with the riding crop, traces it over her lips, already swollen from sucking his cock. "What is this?" he asks sharply.

"My mouth?" she responds, confused.

"What is it for?" he asks, tapping the crop against her cheek, softly, over and over as he waits for his answer.

"Eating. Talking. Breathing?" She has no idea what he's after, and a fearful shiver shakes her form.

"Wrong on both counts. It's a fuck hole, and it's for me to fuck," he corrects her, bringing the crop harder against her cheek, drawing a red mark and a gasp from her.

He walks behind her, wraps his free hand around her throat and pulls her up to her knees. He presses his body against her back, holding her to him by the throat. He moves the crop across her breasts and belly, forcing her body to press back against him in a futile attempt to avoid it. He starts tapping with the end of the crop on her nipples, enjoying the feel of her body tensing for pain he is not yet delivering, the sound of her soft expectant whimpers.

"You're mine," he whispers darkly, directly into her ear, even that tiny canal invaded by him. He squeezes her throat gently for good measure.

She shakes in his arms as she absorbs his words, tension leaving her body, moaning as she surrenders herself to the reality of his ownership.

He feels the tension draining from the soft, warm body pressed against him, feels the fight leave her. And that is when he raises the crop and brings it down on her left nipple, again and again, hard and fast. She squeals, the sudden unavoidable pain setting fire to her brain, enlivening her previously relaxed body, bringing the tension back. She squirms, her body writhing backwards, but that is where he is, the wall of his body preventing her from moving away from the pain. She tries to twist, but he tightens his grip on her throat. She keeps her hands down.

"Good girl," he praises her even as he angles the crop slightly to hit her right nipple instead, fresh cries of pain erupting from her wide-open, panting mouth. "My good, sweet girl." He relishes the feel of her body squirming against him, absorbing the pain, the sounds of her helpless cries as the crop lands on her delicate flesh. His cock is hard as steel, full of the power he has over her, but he ignores it for now. They have plenty of time...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love Wednesday

He gathered me in his arms and stroked me, whispering sweet things to me, letting his fingers wander over my skin. "What should I do with my girl?" he asked.

"Mmm, sleep?" I responded.

"No," he dismissed that idea outright. "Sleeping night was last night, remember?"

He rubbed my back, ran his fingertips over my breasts, upper chest and shoulders, making me purr with pleasure. "Sensitive girl," he commented as I clearly enjoyed everything he was doing to me, even the lightest touches.

"Turn over, sensitive girl, I'm gonna beat your ass." I whined because he was making me feel so good, but I obeyed, turning over onto my elbows and knees, bottom up.

He spanked me, then, for a long time. His hand, a paddle from a paddle-ball game that broke, which was actually really nice, sort of flexible plastic, a flogger, perhaps two floggers. He'd use an implement for a while, then rub gently. After flogger strikes he'd drag the flogger gently up my ass and then along my back, causing soft gasps of pleasure from me. He interrupted one of those soft gasps by quickly slapping me with the paddle before the soft stroke of the flogger was even finished. I screamed into the pillow. He did it again, flogger, soft stroke, paddle, so that even if he didn't do it, those soft strokes were less of a relief, more of a tense anticipation. He talked to me the whole time. "My ass. My sweet little slut. You gave yourself to me, didn't you? I can do anything I want with you, slut, isn't that right? Ohh, did that hurt?"

He took a break in the middle of the spanking to finger my pussy, already wet and ready. "Mmm, such a wet slut we have here," he commented, teasing me for a minute longer before he continued the spanking.

He flogged my back a little, too.

"You ready for this cock?" he asked as he tired of the impact play, pressing his hardness against my side. "You ready to suck it?"

I nodded, breathless from moaning and crying out at the impacts. He hit me again an extra time with the paddle, and said "Well, slut, here it is." His fingers tangled in my hair and gripped a handful at the back of my head, physically moving my head, making my mouth open in an aroused 'O' of surprise. He moved my head downward, and I moved the rest of my body to comply with his movement of my head, turning on my side to face him as I slid downward.

I took the head in my mouth first, unable to stop myself, sucking on it with soft moans of pleasure, and then pulled away a bit to lick all over his length first, exploring it with my tongue.

His sounds of pleasure encouraged me a lot, echoing in my ears as I sucked his entire cock in, relishing the feel of it filling my mouth, sucking hard, stroking it with my tongue.

His hands in my hair meant he could stop me when he wanted, hold me still, fuck my face. His leg tossed over my shoulder gave us a perfect angle. I moaned almost constantly.

My eyes were open and he was holding my head still - I was moaning and watching his hips undulate as he fucked into me. Suddenly he stopped moving his hips, and he just took my head and moved it back and forth on his cock, using my face to stroke himself. I screamed around his cock, over and over, excited beyond belief at this use, using my tongue to stroke him as he moved me. "Oh yeah, I think you like that, baby. You like being a fuck toy for me, don't you?" he said, as he kept doing it. My excited screams had reduced to louder moans and they became "mmm-hmm"s as he moved my head. He finally stopped and let me pleasure him on my own again. I could feel my arousal seeping between my thighs as I sucked him as far into my throat as I could and sucked as hard as I could, quickly, before pulling back slightly and running my tongue over him, over and over.

"Mmm, I think I should fuck you somewhere else too," he said. "Like your pussy. I like to fuck your pussy."

He kept talking about fucking me elsewhere, but he didn't stop me, or stop holding my head still at his whim to fuck my face. "Your mouth makes a good pussy." I squealed loudly around his cock at that, my body bucking. "Oh, I think you liked hearing that."

"You have any recommendations as to where else I could fuck you?" he asked me later, as I sucked desperately at him. "Oh, you want me to come down your throat, don't you?" I nodded as best I could with his cock in my throat. "I know you do, but I have other plans for you." I moaned a deep, long moan around his cock. "Mmm, so, no recommendations? I hear the pussy is horny..."

He had taken his leg off of my shoulder and I was still sucking. "How should I fuck you? Should I climb on top of you and fuck you like that? Should I put you on top of me? Mmm, or should I put you up on the ramp? You'd like that, you like being there for me, exposed for me to do whatever I like... Hmm, yeah, you just keep sucking my cock while I think about how to fuck your pussy."

I squealed loudly and grabbed his ass, tossing his leg back over my shoulder so I could pull him into me properly. He kept talking. I kept sucking, but he was making me absolutely crazy.

My lips were sore, my face was wet. I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to stop but I had to. I pulled away, gasping for air, rolling onto my back, breathing hard. He followed me, not letting up, his hands quickly slapping my breasts. "Ooh, yeah, these nipples need beating, don't they?"

I gasped and rolled my shoulders, unprepared for the attack he was delivering. "No," I squealed.

"'No?' Yes they do. You don't get to say no. You get to say 'Yes sir, my nipples do need beating. They need to be taught a lesson. Oh, and can you please fuck my pussy now? It needs cock.'" He kept alternating slaps to my nipples as he spoke, making me curl up.

He was expecting a lot from me with that one, when I could barely string two words together. As soon as he said "You don't get to say no," I cried out "Oh, fuck.." because that is one of my extreme turn-on phrases, whether he knew it or not. The g-spot of my brain, if you will.

"Well?" he asked as he kept slapping my poor breasts.

"Mmf, mmf, mmf.... yes sir, my nipples do need beating," I managed.

"Mmhmm?" he said, as he continued hitting them.

"and..mmf.. please fuck my pussy with your cock." Not exact, but pretty damn close. Proud of myself even as I was lost in a sea of desire.

"Hmmm. let me think about that," he said, trailing his hand down my body, leaving a long path of tingles in his wake. His fingertips brushed my pussy lips, seeping my arousal already. "This wet thing?" he asked.

"Mmmf, yes, please," I whispered.

His fingertips delved into the wetness they found, and then he slipped a finger inside me. "Mmm, I can see how this would want a cock," he commented. "Okay, I'll fuck your pussy for you. Get up on your ramp."

I got the Liberator ramp and put it on the bed, grabbing the wedge as well for a better resting position. He stood next to the bed as I arranged myself on hands and knees. "Mm, good girl," he said as I did as I was told, then presented myself for his cock. He pressed the head of his cock just slightly against my opening and I moaned, relishing the anticipation. I tried to press back onto him but he moved back as well, keeping the tease up. I whimpered. "What do you say?" he asked me.

"Nnng," I said, then, realizing that wasn't quite what he was after, "please fuck me."

He pressed inside me just a little bit, just the head of his cock inside my wet, hungry pussy. I groaned loudly. "Please, please fuck me," I begged again.

"That's not enough cock for you?" he asked, doing a fairly good job faking disbelief, thrusting just the head of his cock inside me.

"Mmf, no," I begged, wriggling, trying to move back onto him again. He moved back again to maintain the level of penetration he'd determined I should have.

"You're mine. You'll have the amount of cock I want you to have," he said.

"Please," I begged.

"Mmm, okay, I'll give you a little more," he said, burying about half of his cock in my body. I could feel him pushing my inner walls wider.

I tried to move back onto him again, but he moved back yet again. I kept moving backward until I felt the ramp start to tilt off the bed and I stopped with a frustrated groan. He could move backward far far more than I could, perched on my hands and knees as I was.

"Isn't that better?" he asked.

"Mmf, yes, but... want more cock," I begged, even more prettily than I had done.

"That's still not enough for you? Quite the little slut, aren't you? How much do you want?"

"all the cock," I whispered.

"Mmmm, okay then, love," he said sliding all the way home, leaning forward over my back slightly, his hands reaching up to grip my shoulders tightly and pull me into his thrusts. His cock nudged my g-spot as he moved and I cried out loud with surprised pleasure, over and over.

He left one hand on my shoulder and wrapped the other around my throat for a while, pulling me up higher, the position forcing his cock against my g-spot with every thrust. It felt so incredible that I kept screaming with joy, only briefly worrying about our shared wall. I was five feet away from that wall anyway.

His hands moved again, one on my throat and one tangled in my hair, pulling my head up by both the throat and the hair, and I just kept calling out loudly. "Ohhh, ohhh, Oh, my, GOD," I screamed out repeatedly. He kept talking to me but my short circuited brain means I don't get to share what he said.

My eyes were wide open with continued disbelief at the wonderful sensations his movements inside me were producing, rubbing against my g-spot with every single thrust. I saw his hands, fingers spread, moving slowly under my breasts, first stroking lightly over them with his palms. "I can do anything I want with you, isn't that right?" He seized my nipples then, as I agreed with him. "I want to fuck you like this, then," he said, squeezing my nipples very, very hard as he kept thrusting. The pain in my nipples and the pleasure radiating through my body from his movements created very extreme reactions from me.

"It hurts, it hurts, oooh, God, it hurts," I whimpered, loving it, moving to his rhythm.

"It hurts, but you like it," he told me, continuing on like that for a while.

His hands eventually let go and wandered over my body more, pulling my hair, grabbing my hips, running over my back, tightening around my throat. I saw them do the slow spread-finger approach to my breasts again, and this time he grabbed both my breasts tightly. "I can do anything I want with you," he said again, reinforcing this idea in my head. "And so I think I'm going to hold your tits like this and come inside you, because I can. Because I want to. And because you're not gonna stop me." He used his grip on my breasts as leverage to move faster inside me, and I felt him expand, his breathing coming faster and faster and then erupting into loud moans of his own as he emptied the evidence of his pleasure inside me. I screamed myself at the knowledge of his enjoyment, moving with him.

He kept moving inside me slowly as he softened. When he finally pulled away and his cock left me, deflated, I whimpered.

"Ohh, where did the cock go?" he mocked me, sliding his thumb inside my pussy and pressing into me. His fingers were soon inside there, rubbing my g-spot, making me scream again. I fell forward onto the ramp and he followed me, his fingers pressing me there over and over, the pleasured shrieks coming from my mouth seeming just to egg him on.

"Ohhh, fuck, ohhh, fuck, what are you doing to me?" I asked him, unable to cope with the extreme pleasure.

"I'm fucking you," he said, as he continued.

My leg, bent at the knee and sticking up where I'd collapsed across the ramp, started twitching back and forth, waving my foot about like a white flag at the end of a pole. I couldn't control it. I couldn't control any of this. "I can't, I can't, I can't," I pleaded as his fingers plundered me, relentlessly. What I "couldn't" I don't know. Control myself? Take it? Orgasm? Any of that. The approaching orgasm loomed over me, threatening to destroy me with its intensity.

"Of course you can," he told me. "You're my slut, aren't you? Take it, slut," and he pressed an extra time inside me and the floodgates opened. My foot waved around like crazy and I screamed repeatedly as I spasmed around his fingers, my own fingers alternately clutching at and slapping the ramp.

"Ohhh my God," I breathed when I could make coherent sounds again.

"How you feel, baby?" he asked, as he disengaged himself from me, stroking my back.

"Mmm, I could go another couple of rounds," I said, totally high on adrenaline.

"Okay, baby," he said, a smile in his voice. Big talk. Maybe I could have. We rotated, snuggling together under the sheets, and drifted off to blissful sleep.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Don't screw society, that's what it wants: the socialization of sexuality

My regular readers know that I adore sex with my husband. I love it. There aren't enough words for awesome in the thesaurus to express how much I enjoy this part of our relationship.

But I'm in a fairly small minority, I believe. While women everywhere are reclaiming their sexuality and enjoying themselves in the bedroom (and out of it!), I still hear more than my fair share of these sorts of comments in mixed company when the conversation turns to sex:
My husband wants sex! More than once a week! Whatever shall I do? Is there some way I can get out of this? I don't like sex! It's messy and it just doesn't do that much for me. 
She just likes to snuggle, and I don't mind,
which reeks of something very wrong to me. Of course that's a valid decision and a valid response under certain circumstances, but if the exploration of sexuality that would be required to arrive at that decision hasn't taken place, I'm sorry, but you've both been had.

My grandmother hated sex. Hated it so much that you didn't have to be around her long to realize it. She talked about my grandfather in their youth as if he was the biggest horndog. "His name was Freddy, and he was always ready," she would say he said of himself. They had four children together, and somehow she never got to like it.

Clearly they were both doing something wrong.

In the comments on my previous post, I wrote a response to faerie that seemed far more like a separate topic than a comment response.

"But maybe it's fair to say it was a lack of communication," as BNL once sang.
I think our culture has a lot of shame about sex - you're either supposed to be really good at it and like it a lot, or shut up because if you're not enjoying it, you're doing something wrong. Not that you and your lover just need to talk more, to find out what makes each other tick. In a lot of people's minds, sex is some kind of cookie-cutter, one size fits all experience, when in fact it's more of an individually crafted, tailored experience.

People don't like to be wrong, and in my experience and those I've read of others, they have a lot of problems just speaking up and saying "You know, this would be a lot better for me IF..." because that makes either them or their partner wrong.

But truthfully, I bet even the people who are happy with the cookie cutter off-the-rack sexual experience could enjoy themselves a lot more if they'd tailor it a bit.
Even if you're enjoying the sex you have, chances are a little communication could go a long, long way to making it even better. Mind-blowing. There's not a lover out there who wouldn't thrill to hear his or her lover in the throes of pleasure, or the hard breathing afterglow. It's a trip, taking someone to that place.

Your sexual relationships are yours, they belong to only you and your partner(s). It doesn't matter what society says you should or shouldn't do. Screw society. Or, wait, no, you're not screwing society. That's the point. You communicate your desires, what you think will work for you. Just like everything in life, you have to work for it to be really good. You don't expect to be a master bread baker on the first try - you learn new techniques and you keep trying until you get those beautiful, perfect, golden loaves.

1835 - Those folks knew some kink, eh? Everybody pick a favorite!

My grandmother actually tried to reclaim her sexuality in her late sixties. She asked my grandfather, in his seventies, to get a Viagra prescription. And my grandfather... asked my husband for sex advice, how to please a woman. My grandfather had never learned, she never told him he could make it better for her, I can only assume she didn't know herself. Being good conservative Baptists, they never went hunting down sexual self-help books. They'd just accepted their lot.

Funny, sad, awkward... but kind of sweet and awesome that they'd try. I know the Viagra wasn't actually necessary for them to be intimate, but when he was told his heart condition wouldn't allow him to take the drug, all that interest seemed to wane.

Although you could occasionally hear them giggling in their bedroom at night.

But if you've given it the solid try, you know, if you've communicated and you've both done your damnedest to enjoy each other and sex, and one of you still just isn't into it? That's okay too, although some alternate arrangement may need to be made for the best interests of all parties.

But don't give up on what could be the most magical, satisfying, mind-blowing experiences of your life without so much as a fight for them! Don't give up on the amazing intimacy and increased all-round good communication in a relationship that amazing sex can bring. The entire Internet is there to explore. You could start here. We did.

You have to start before you can be good, and you have to be good before you can be amazing.

Go, be spectacular with each other.