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So there's me, and there's my husband. He's been my lover for more than a decade now, but we're still exploring each other. I've pretty much known I was submissive my whole life. I remember being thrilled by being "tied" to the tower and being "rescued" over and over again when I was, what, six? And I think it was Rocky and Bullwinkle with the tied up woman on the railroad tracks... that always hit me in a place I was pretty sure it wasn't supposed to.

I didn't discover there was a name for it and other people like me until I was 18. I felt immensely relieved that I was a normal sort of freak. I married my husband when we were both fairly young, but he knew about my submissive side. It's not as intense a need as it is for some, but I certainly get off on it more than anything else - most of the time. I'm a sucker for some sweet tender vanilla lovin' sometimes too, and so that makes it difficult for him sometimes; not that I'd ever complain either way!  For years he'd only dominate me on special occasions, which was frustrating, but I tried to keep that to myself.

It's difficult when you want someone else to want something in order to have it for yourself.. but he's no mind reader, of course, he couldn't see inside my head that I was wishing something else was going on. I'd often add the kink as a dialogue in my head, because often the smutty talk alone was all that was missing. I'd even tell him that I was doing so, but he was unsure about how to fix it, because I hadn't provided any examples of the sort of talk that would turn me on. He was worried about going "too far" and turning me completely off instead. He also has a bit of a shy streak, so starting slow was a key - getting him to talk and have sex at the same time was a first thing to go for. Now, he pretty much dominates every time, even if it's mostly vanilla there will be some hand-tightening in the hair or some overwhelming kissing, and always the glorious words in that sexy sexy voice. I even get some out of the bedroom stuff! I have a rule! It's very groundbreaking, exciting stuff for me.

We have a young child, and since we coslept for a while, our sexual activity was limited for a couple of years. Our child has been out of our bed for a while now, but we've discovered that my husband's sex drive has dropped considerably. Despite that small issue (which I do take to heart as some fault of mine more often than I should), we are regularly having the most mind-blowingly awesome sex of our lives. Thankfully I've said that many times during the course of our marriage; this man just keeps getting better. I adore him, and he loves me just as much.

All of the things I write about here, unless specifically tagged as "fiction" or otherwise listed as a thing I was fantasizing about - have happened.

I make a habit in my everyday life of being honest and forthright, and that's what you'll get from me here as well.


  1. Isn't it funny? I have been saying "That was amazing." about sex since I was 19. I have to admit, the first few were not what I had hoped for but after that-always improving. He and I have been together now for 17. We think since it just gets better and better, what might we be up to when I'm 80.....?

    1. Yeah, same! Our first experiences were a bit...eh. The first time we kissed I thought I'd been attacked by a dog! :) But now, oh my. It really does get better with age.

      If it just keeps getting better, I don't know how we'll even handle it. But all indications are that it will!

  2. You've been nominated!


  3. So lovely to find you here. I've just spent the past 30 minutes captivated and enchanted by your posts. And then reading your "About" section here I find myself nodding in agreement as you say you and your husband's times together just get better and better. (Ours is over 30 years and still grower stronger and more exciting).
    So wonderful to find more people with similar experiences and similar outlooks. I will return . . . regularly!!!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! I am so glad you've been enjoying the blog.

      30 years with the one you adore - sounds like heaven to me. :)

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