Saturday, May 12, 2012


I was inexplicably tired, had been since just after noon. I went to bed early, leaving my husband sitting at the table writing code. He stopped me on my way past him. "I'm coming to bed!" he said. "I know it looks like I'm writing code right now, but I'm sipping my drink, and I'll be along in a few minutes."

"Okay, husband," I said, "but I'm going to sleep now."

"You do that, love," he said, with a smug grin on his face that said he knew I wouldn't be sleeping for long.

He slid into bed behind me and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close to him. "Sexy girl," he said into my ear, as his hands wandered over my skin, chasing sensations all over my body, coaxing soft moans of pleasure from me for several minutes, long enough that I thought this would be a lovely vanilla lovemaking session.

I was wrong. Suddenly he pinched my nipple, hard and fast. I screamed at the unexpected pain.

"Ooh, that hurt, huh?" He paused, listening to my breathing. "I'm going to do it again," I inhaled sharply at this revelation, the anticipation sending my body into overdrive, "but this time I'm going to hold it." His fingers stroked around my nipple and I took lots of quick breaths, not knowing when it was coming. "I suppose you could run away. But you'd rather stay here and take it?"

He pinched down and held it, and I cried out. "Oh, fuck, ohhh fuck fuck fuck," I gasped. "Ohhh God." It hurt a lot. I writhed, twisting my body in a futile attempt to dislodge his fingers and I felt his cock press against me. I also felt my pussy, instantly insanely wet, far more so than normal.

"Well that just tells me everything I need to know about you, doesn't it?" he squeezed my nipple even tighter. "It tells me you'll trade pain for being touched, for being close."

He let my nipple go, trailed his fingertips over my breast, my stomach, then to my other breast, pressed against the mattress. "You have a nipple here, don't you?" he asked, his fingers pressing and stroking the flesh of that breast. "Is it hiding from me?" It probably was. I nodded. He finally found it and squeezed it just as hard as he had the other one. "Is this a nipple?" he asked darkly when I inhaled sharply and exhaled a series of 'oh fuck.'

"You know, I suppose I could find something to pinch your nipples FOR me, and then I could do other things with my hands. That sound like a good idea?"

I shook my head. "N-no," I managed, his fingers still pinching my nipple and causing my words to come out stuttery.

"Oh, it sounds like an excellent idea to me. You just wait right there." He went in the drawer and got one of the gear ties, which he pressed around my nipple, making me cry out softly. "Mmm, how's that?" he asked.

"Hurts," I responded.

"Good," he said, tugging on it. I gasped as it slipped off.

"Oh no no no, not good enough," he said, putting it back and squeezing it extra tightly, making me bite back a scream. "It's not supposed to come off."

"I'm going to fuck you," he said.

"Mmmmf," I responded, already ready for such a thing.

"But I'm not going to fuck you yet. I'm going to torture you for a while first." My nipple secured to his satisfaction, he moved down a little, leaving the other nipple bare.

"I'm going to hit your thighs now," he told me, pushing my knees apart for his access. The anticipation he kept creating with his statements of intent kept me so fucking alert and turned me on far more than I ever could have expected. He started slapping my inner thighs hard, two or three strokes on one and then switching to the other, back and forth, for longer I think than he's ever hit me like this. I kept screaming and bucking under him.

His fingertips slid across the very outside of my pussy, which was wet even there. He let his fingers slip between my folds and stroked me gently. "Mmm, so wet. So fucking horny," he said. "I'm going to hit you here now." Then he drew his hand back and did as he said he would, three times, making me scream with each one.

"I like to make you scream," he said, moving up higher and slapping my breast hard. I arched up and whimpered. "I like to make you whimper." His lips descended on mine, soft and erotic and tender, a perfect contrast to the harshness of the pain he was dealing me. He drew back after a second and said "I'm going to kiss you now," before he continued, our lips dancing together, mine urgent, his leisurely, unhurried. He was still kissing me when he hit my breast again, making me scream into his mouth, again, again, then switching to my thigh, where he dragged his fingers along my skin before he slapped, sucking my screams and whimpers into his body in a display of dominance so very perfect that it literally took my breath away.

"Maybe I won't fuck you at all," he said, pulling his mouth from mine. "Maybe I'll just torture you and go to sleep. You'd be okay with that, right?"

I shook my head. "No, no."

"But you're so tiiiired, remember?" His fingers once again delved into my pussy, sliding effortlessly between my folds, so slippery that I couldn't even believe it. His thumb played against my clit and I groaned, gasped, and arched into his touch, my hand slipping around his back and rubbing him there.

"Maybe I'll fuck you after all. Yeah, I'm going to fuck you here," he said, increasing the speed with which he rubbed his thumb across my clit, bringing me to the edge. "But not yet. First I'm going to make you suck my cock."

I moaned loudly, both hating that idea because I was so horny and loving it at the same time because I love sucking cock. "Yeah, so you'd better get started," he said, pulling his hand away from my sex, leaving me throbbing, unfulfilled, and frustrated. I burned with need.

I channeled that desire for him into my cocksucking, as I slid down and devoured him as soon as my mouth could reach. "Mmm, that's right, sweet little cocksucker," he moaned his own pleasure as I made all kinds of happy noises just to have him in my mouth. Soon I was perched over him on my hands and knees, and then his legs were over my shoulders and his thighs were clamping around my head as he pulled all of my hair straight up, making me scream around his cock.

He held my head still and fucked my face, just entering my throat and pulling out over and over, and I moaned and moaned and moaned. "Oh yeah, sweet little cocksucker. This feels so good to me. You like this? You like me holding your head and using your face as a fuck hole?" I moaned even louder. "Oh, that's right, you can't answer because your mouth is full of my my cock. Mmmm," he said, tugging at his handfuls of my hair.

He let go and let me suck at my own pace, then after a long time pulled away and lifted his hips, presenting his balls to my mouth. I sucked them both in gently, running my tongue over them and sucking slightly. "Mmmm, good girl," he said. I opened my mouth wider and wanted the cock back desperately, but my hair was covering it and my arms were wrapped around his thighs. I just pressed my open mouth wetly to his length and let my tongue stroke his cock where I could get to it. "Suck it!" he said, brushing my hair away. I hungrily sucked him down again.

"I'm just about ready to fuck your pussy now," he informed me, "but you know what? I'm going to shove a plug in your ass first, get you nice and full. You'll like that, won't you? Having your pussy fucked while your ass is all stuffed full."

I made a negative noise around my mouthful of cock. "Oh, no? But I will." He opened the drawer, took out some things. "Come on, get up here and give me some ass."

I lifted myself over his leg and rotated on his cock so that my ass faced him, without letting his cock out of my mouth. "Oh, you think you're so clever," he whispered, pressing lubed fingers to my asshole. I whimpered, ultra-sensitive for some reason and a little afraid. I kept sucking as his fingers stretched me slightly, then the plug, slippery and hard, pressed against me. I squealed and stopped sucking, focusing on the sensations back there. "Keep sucking!" he barked harshly. "You wanted to keep sucking, so keep sucking!" he said as he pressed the plug all the way into me, and pressed against the base, making me squeal over and over again.

"Going to put you on the ramp to fuck your pussy now," he said, and I groaned as he pulled away from me. I pulled backwards and laid there with my face down, arms out, ass in the air, breathing hard. "C'mon, you want your pussy fucked, don't you?" he asked, hitting me with a flogger several times across my back. "Move, slut."

I took a few ragged breaths as I moved, climbing up onto the Liberator ramp where he placed it, my body trembling with want and with the invasion of the anal plug.

He stood behind me and pressed his cock into my so-slick pussy and the breath whooshed out of me. I whimpered, too full to feel anything but stretched and used. He stroked my body as he began to rock his hips back and forth into me, occasionally grabbing my hair and pulling my head up, sometimes reaching under my body and pinching or pulling my nipples. One moment that particularly stands out as erotic: He leaned over me, our bodies moving together, his hands rubbing along  my sides, my back, my breasts, and rubbed the soft growth of his beard up and down my spine. I trembled with the erotic tension of it, and I moaned continuously.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, so fucking full," I groaned after an eternity of fucking, as the fullness and his thrusts began to do more than just stretch and began to hurt. "Fuck, it hurts," I finally said.

"Ohhh, are you getting sore?" he asked, his voice a mockery of solicitude as he continued fucking into me. "Is it time to switch holes?"

"Mmmf, no," I whispered.

"What's that?" he asked.

"No," I repeated, louder.

"Mmm, okay, if you say so," he said, grabbing my hips and continuing his even movements, pulling me tighter into him and making me cry out. "Doesn't matter to me," he grabbed my ankles and pulled my feet up higher,  next to his hips, forcing me to balance on my knees, "you're just a fuck toy to me. Damn fine fuck toy."

I moaned loudly at that, and my arms trembled, unhappy with the extended amount of time they'd been in this position. "So fucking full," I rasped out. I managed my pain for a few more minutes of hard fucking and then started repeating "Hurts, hurts, hurts," over and over.

"Okay," he finally said, burying himself inside of me and grinding, holding my hips so I was right against him. "You may not have any self-preservation instincts, but I know I'm going to want to fuck you here again." He pushed harder into me and I cried out loudly. "So I'm going to fuck your ass now. That means taking this plug out." He pulled his cock out of me, his fingers gripped the base of the plug, and he started to pull.

The sensation of having the plug pulled on was too much. I screamed, I think, maybe even a "no!" and my arms gave out. I collapsed face down on the ramp, my arms stretched out in front of me, my legs still spread and at weird angles, my right one I know still bent at the knee with the foot waving around in the air to my side.

"It's okaaay," he soothed, "I can do anything I want with you."

Fuck. Like I needed to be turned on any more. I humped into the ramp a bit as he slowly pulled the plug out, and I lay there, exposed in the flickering candlelight, slowly humping the ramp, my legs at awkward angles. I heard him lubing his cock as he said "Look at you," and I knew then he was in fact looking at me. A tight fist of aroused humiliation punched me in the stomach and I moaned, my fingers clutching at the soft bamboo sheets just beyond the edge of the ramp.

"Come on, get back up here," he finally said, and I groaned, not sure if I had the strength to support myself any longer. I got my shaking arms back under my body and I lifted myself back into position, hands and knees, legs far apart, head lifted. He pressed his cock against my ass and I thought at first that it wouldn't work, that somehow the plug had made me tighter rather than ready, but then he pressed through and he pulled my hair and lifted my head up higher. "MY ass," he proclaimed, as he sank fully inside me, "my ass to fuck."

His left hand still tangled in and tugging on my hair, I felt his right reach around my leg and brush against my pubic hair. I gasped and rose up higher away from his fingers but into his cock, so incredibly sensitive that the slight movement of the hairs on my skin made me nearly scream. "Ohhh, sensitive pussy," he said, his fingers stroking me there despite my small attempt to avoid him. He stroked my clit, and it occurred to me for a moment, between screams of pleasure, what an awkward position he must be in himself before the sensations he was generating drove everything else out of me. He slipped some fingers into my pussy as he fucked my ass, and I did scream then, unable to deal with it quietly, my already-sore pussy walls complaining even as I relished his touch.

"Oh, that's right, this pussy is sore, isn't it? Oh well," he said, pressing even harder, making me scream again and again.

He pulled his hand away and stood upright once more, his hand finding a new fistful of hair to grab. I was gasping loudly and breathing hard. "Mine! And you were sooo tired, huh? Just wanted to sleep, right? I knew you didn't want to just sleep. I knew you wanted to be fucked. Know how I knew that, slut?"

I'd punctuated each of his sentences with a long low moan, and I answered him now with a "no" that was just as much a moan as a word.

"I knew, slut, because you always want to be fucked." He ended his statement with a hard thrust and I screamed shrilly, the truth of it sinking in. He's right, of course, I do. My arms trembled even more and I sank to my elbows, pressing back into him, moving with his thrusts.

"You ready for me to come in your ass, slut?" he asked me later, pulling my head up by the hair hard enough that I rose back to my hands.

"Fuck, yes," I cried out.

"You sure?" he asked, moving faster.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck, yes, do it, fuck me," I practically screamed.

"Mmm, okay slut," he rasped, moving even faster, responding to my screams and my own motions into him. I felt him expand, becoming almost unbearably larger in my tight back passage, and then I actually felt him come inside me. I screamed again, unused to that sensation and incredibly turned on by it. He held my hips and kept slowly thrusting into me for a while longer, bringing us both down.

He pulled away slowly. "You want to lie down with me?"

"nnnng," I said. I tried to move but had no balance and actually almost fell off the bed. I squealed in surprised fright and clung to the ramp, which he scooted more onto the bed while I just clung to it helplessly. He chuckled. I slid off onto the bed, my upper body still clinging to the ramp, sitting up against it. I just clung to it for fear of falling, for another several minutes. He sat on the other side of it, stroking my head.

Finally feeling like I could move, I pushed the ramp away and lay down in his arms, my head on his shoulder. He encircled me and his fingers moved to stroke my soaking pussy. "I love being in your arms," I whispered against his skin as his fingers displayed their mastery over my body. After several minutes I was so close, I was bucking against him and panting, clutching him to me.

"I can't, I can't, I can't," I begged as his fingers sank inside me, pressing against my g-spot.

"You fucking can," he growled. "You can because you're mine and I'm making you and you don't. have. a. choice."

I mewled, I arched, I screamed, as I came all over his fingers.

So loud. So fucking good.

Did we sleep then? No. He held me and we stroked each other and we talked and we kissed, oh God did we ever kiss, we kissed like horny teenagers, like we'd never done it before, we kissed and kissed and talked and then we fucked some more.

Fuck yeah for early to bed.


  1. Awesome post Conina.

    1. Thank you for bearing with it! I knew it took me a long long time to write, but I didn't realize it was actually so very long. :)

  2. **THUNK**

    Dammit. Now I need a helmet! All this swooning is getting hazardous.

    1. I bet you rock a helmet. Sexy helmet Lily, in stores this summer!

      Thanks for the extreme compliment (x2)!

  3. That is one hot as hell post Conina.

    I often wonder why our bodies betray us in such obvious ways, why pain elicits that response from us. Why we end up craving the pain.....

    I don't have the answers, and if I'm honest I'm not sure I *want* the answers!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yeah, the pain/pleasure connection still freaks me out, especially as mine becomes more and more honed. It still hurts, but I like that it hurts, and once given a little taste of it I want more and more..

      Perhaps it's some Pavlovian response and the endorphins certainly don't hurt, but it's more than that too I think.. some indefinable magic that I shan't examine too closely, either. :)

  4. And then we fucked some more... Damn girl.

    So much to comment on here, but I have to say that the kissing like horny teenagers is something that we have been doing a lot lately... it actually makes me feel so submissive, so desirable, when he just takes over my mouth and plunders it. (How's that for imagery.) Great post.

    1. I know! The second wind is rare but I think that's mostly because we tend to leave ourselves such a little bit of time at the end of the day, by necessity most of the time.

      We've kissed like that so much just today that my head is spinning. It's really really nice.

      We were kissing in the kitchen last night and my mom walked by and started calling the boy. "Boy! Boy! I need you in here with me! These people are going crazy in here!"

    2. Oh, I forgot to add that we both started our recent posts with the expectation of a vanilla night and then it was. not.

      Are we not giving Them enough credit???

    3. I'm pretty sure I'm stuck back a few years in my head, when he seemed to be uncomfortable with the general idea of kink and insisted all this stuff was "just for me," you know? It's a strange place to be stuck, when he's clearly enjoying himself quite a lot...

  5. I think maybe I'll turn in early tonight, lol :)


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