Friday, June 28, 2013

Step 2: Drive the slave girl into crazed arousal

Step 1 is here

I moan when he squeezes my head close, pressing my face tightly against his shoulder. He responds by pulling me even closer, holding me even tighter. I moan louder.

"You like being close to your master, girl?" he asks softly. He doesn't have to speak loudly because my head is right there at his lips.

"Yes sir," I purr as he presses my face even closer to him.

"You like having your master inside you, girl?" he asks, and I groan. His fingertip plays around my mouth; his hand covers my face and presses down, mashing my nose slightly in the way I adore.

"Oh, God, yes, I like that," I answer. My voice is masked because I'm speaking against his palm. Oh, yes, I like it when the boundaries of our bodies blur and his becomes part of mine, whether that's his finger in my mouth, his cock in my ass, or any of the range of possibilities between. I love when he penetrates me and we are no longer two people. I long for that, crave it, especially if it's unexpected and on his whim. His hand re-positioning the parts of my face is part of that.

"Flogging, spanking, and fucking. These are a few of your favorite things, aren't they, my girl?"

"Oh yes sir, they are my favorite things," I murmur. My hand strokes his cock, which I haven't forgotten even though I am sinking into a happy, happy place in my head.

"You like that cock?" he asks, and he moans softly as I press my palm against it and rub up and down through his boxer briefs.

"Yes, Master," I whisper, as I hook my fingers in his waistband and tug the garment away from him. He moans a little louder when my palm meets his bare flesh again, and he pulls my head close into his shoulder. I nuzzle him there, moving my face slightly, enjoying the pressure as I rub my palm up and down the underside of his shaft.

I lick my lips. I want to pleasure him with my mouth. I duck my head down, covering my top lip with a finger so if there is a cold sore it won't touch him, and I lick along his length. He rewards me with a loud groan. He wasn't expecting that. He lets me play there for a while, shoving my head down a little. "Ohhh, you want to suck me, don't you, slave?" he asks. "Trying so hard to be careful, but you just want your face fucked. You want to be my fuck hole, don't you? Such a good fuck hole you are, too." I just moan around his cock as he talks, eventually pulling my mouth away for sanity's sake.

He pushes me over, shoves my legs open, and lets his fingers gently, delicately explore between the folds of my pussy. "Ooooh," he says as he discovers the wetness pooling there, "is that a good place to be touched?"

I moan, taking in a deep, shuddering breath as he drags the wetness up to my clit. I squeal as his fingertip touches me there, my hips bucking up into him. "Is that your favorite place to be touched, slave?" he asks as he gently moves his slippery fingertip across the little nub, back and forth.

I gasp. "Yes sir, I like when you touch me there," I manage to say, though the words tremble as I moan through them.

His finger moves, and I tremble. My body arches up, my head lifting off the bed. "Oh, you're going to come for me, aren't you?" he says, perhaps a little surprised at how quickly this first orgasm reached me. "Go on, then," he says, "come for me, slave."

It's only a little orgasm, but it is there. My head pounds, my heart races. He keeps touching me, talking to me, telling me what a good sex slave I am, what a good, wet, soft pussy I have, and how much he'd like to fuck it. "I'm going to fuck you, girl," he says. "I'm going to get on top of you and shove my cock inside you. You like that, don't you, having your master on top of you, fucking you."

His finger keeps moving and his words are making me crazy. I am almost coming again.

He spoils it.

"You're going to come again, aren't you?" he says. He can tell I am close.

"uhhh, no," I groan. He directed my attention away from his control and to the impending orgasm and it began to recede.

"'No??' You don't get to say 'no,' slave." He's surprised - shocked, even, that I would dare. "You get to come when your master fucking tells you to. Now come for me."

It works. The feeling of being controlled surrounds me again and I feel my clit pulse under his finger, my breath catches, and I cry out, my limbs shaking.

"Good girl," he purrs.

"uhhh," I groan, spent but insanely aroused. "You fuck me now?"

"Hmmm," he says, pondering, "Well, I suppose you did something for me, now I can do something for you."

And so starts step 3: Fuck the slave girl's brains out.


  1. I seriously couldn't finish reading this because I can't get the song out if my head. Dying laughing here...

    In a Julie Andrews voice, or Little Mermaid voice...they both work:

    Flogging and spanking and fucking and moaning. These are a few of my favorite things.

    Oh dear, more naughty lyrics are quickly being added in my head. Must. Go. To. Work.

    1. Haha, hope you had fun working with that going 'round in your head. ;)

  2. NSFW!!! Makes it very hard for this Kittie to concentrate on her job!!


    Beautifully written! Can't wait for step 3!!!!!

    1. Pretty much none of my posts are SFW, but I don't tend to put graphic images in so they're safer than some. :)

      Thank you! Step 3 posts on Monday.

  3. Oh this is seriously hot! I love the way he gets in you head with all the dirty talk.

    Flogging, spanking and fucking are a few of my favorite things too. Looking forward to step 3.

    1. Shhh, don't tell, but the talking is actually my favorite thing. ;)

  4. "Flogging, spanking, and fucking." Yes please! So hot! I love when Daddy says "Come for me baby girl." Ahhhh.... Can't wait for step 3.

    bg (P Surren)

    1. I get pretty distracted often, if his timing isn't right with the orgasm order. It's still something we're working on. It's been known to work a few times. :)

  5. He has dirty talk down to a fine art - just words that make you come - v. Hot and there's still your brains to blow out!

    1. MMmmmm and he did such a fine job of it too. :)

  6. heh. i knew there'd be a step 2. I'm patiently waiting for the next installment.

    1. Apparently it's a 3 (or 4, depending who's counting) step process on the road to sleep.

      Yep, 's all sleep aids 'round here.

  7. Lord, what a lovely image you have created. Thank you.

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