Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blink to Share

A good friend of mine wrote this sci-fi sex story and I thought some of my friends here might enjoy it. It's free on smashwords! "Blink to Share" is fun romp through what might happen when we start augmenting our sex lives with more than just sex toys.

Blink to Share

"Then she was serious—”Oh gosh, wow”—as Augmented Sexuality showed him how to give her internal and clitoral orgasms simultaneously. The lens app detected her orgasm, and it made the room appear to quake as she shook. Pieces of the ceiling fell down, exploding into 3-D numbers that were added to Jasper’s score in the top-right corner of his vision."

Sexual exploits complete with high scores and badges and a wee bit of self-examination. It's a fun read.


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