Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beyond Erotica

Is the title of a horrible movie that we wound up skipping through last night. Bad movie, great post title.

It's been brought to my attention by a dear friend that I need to write. It's true, I do. It keeps me happy, it chronicles my life, and it leads to a deeper connection in my marriage. It's hard sometimes, when you're so busy living, to carve out a few moments to write about it.

For some reason I can't remember, last night we were browsing the movies on offer in Amazon Prime's free streaming, via my Kindle Fire. After I finally put it away, it was approaching midnight. Already tired, I sank down onto my pillow. "Goodnight, husband," I sighed softly.

He turned the light off, and on again. "I think I'll leave that on," he said.


"So I can see you, silly girl."

"Why do you need to see me for us to sleep?"

"I told you I was going to do things to you."

"No you're not," I said.

"I am."

Unexpectedly, he began flogging me. I hadn't even noticed him retrieving floggers. On and on, the knots of our blue flogger thudding into my ass, the gentle velvet of the white one soothing, and perhaps a third? I can't recall. He stopped periodically, stroking my reddened skin gently with his fingertips, talking to me about how red it was, whispering naughty things to me while I shivered, his slightest touch sending me into a tingly shudder. It burned, it hurt, I cried out and he did not stop. It was amazing and I hope he will do it exactly like that again very, very soon.

"Turn over and kiss me," he said when he was finished. Our lips met as I continued shaking with tremors that wouldn't leave me from the unexpected force of the assault on my backside. His tongue teased me as his fingers found their way between my legs, slipping against my clit. My breath caught and I let it out in a moan, his simple stroke across my sensitive bit feeling better than I could remember it ever feeling. Isn't that amazing about sex, how you keep managing to forget exactly how amazing it is? Fascinating. Maybe it's to keep everyone from fucking or fooling around 24/7, because I so would.

"You have a red ass now," he murmured against my lips.

"It stings," I whispered, as his fingertips trailed across my skin there, making me sigh and tremble, pressing deeper into him.

"I bet it does," he said, his fingers returning to my sex, gliding against it like he owns it. He does.

"Oh, please," I begged against his lips as his fingers plundered my body. He slipped some inside me, his thumb gently pressing my clitoris back and forth.

"Please what, my girl?" he asked teasingly.

"Oh, please, please fuck me," I panted, my body undulating to the inaudible melody his hand was playing on me, inside me.

"Oh, is that what you want?"

I opened my legs and he was on top of me - missionary, but it's rare enough for us it's almost kinky by itself. Face to face, total intimacy. Yeah, like that. As he slid inside, I groaned, a deep, heartfelt groan of extreme pleasure. His manual attentions had spread my pussy open just so, so that the joining of our bodies went beyond miraculous pleasure to absolute divinity, perfect union, his body stimulating mine in all the right places.

"Oh, fuck," I whispered, not believing the perfection, the absolute pure pleasure of the moment when not an iota of space was left between our bodies.

Our eyes met as he pressed into me fully, grinding, his pubic bone hitting my clit just so, sending my eyes rolling back into my head before they rolled up to meet his again. "Do you like watching me fuck you?" he asked roughly.

"Yes sir," I moaned out, my body rolling up into his repeatedly as he maintained his downward pressure, our eyes meeting anew each time mine returned from their journey back into my head. "So, so good," I panted, rocking again as he moved with me.

He moved slowly, I think savoring my reactions, which were intense due to the perfection of the position, the continual stimulation of my clit driving me insane. His hand was pressing against my face, pressing it into the pillow, covering it up. The side of his hand was in my mouth, making my grunts animalistic. "Take it, fuckhole," he rasped, driving into me harder, grinding slower. Pounding.

I screamed, muffled, into his hand, actually orgasming from sex in the missionary position. Yes, I did. I clutched his hips, pulling him into me harder as I ground upward against him, lifting my legs up, running my fingers over his back. Glorious, glorious orgasm with his cock buried inside me, with his hand pressing my face down like I was nothing, like I was there for him to fuck. Oh, I do love that so. I bit into the side of his hand gently as I recovered from the orgasm, breathing hard, but feeling very, very good. We moved together again, my hands everywhere, my eyes on his except when they rolled away from the sheer pleasure.

It's true what they say - watching the eyes during orgasm is fucking hot. I saw it approach in his gaze, and then it was his eyes rolling away from the sheer pleasure of the moment, his head thrown back as he emptied himself into me. He stayed atop me for a long time, both of us breathing hard, sweaty despite the fan blowing at our backs. My hands wandered over his back and sides, loving him, wanting to completely absorb him through the skin of my palms. Oh, how I do love him.

He rolled off and gathered me into his arms. Perhaps we spoke; soft words of love and fulfillment and thanks. Perhaps we didn't; I can't recall. The aftermath of our lovemaking was swallowed up by the deep, dreamless sleep that followed it.


  1. =) i love watching too. at that very moment he looks like nothing else except sex and lust personified. ahhh

    thanks for the post i enjoyed it tremendously, as usual.

    1. I try to crowbar some writing time in amongst everything else. :)

  2. LOL - missionary position is kinky in is own way. Isn't that the truth? Honestly, for some people, having sex for any reason other than to procreate is kinky. And then there is us.

    This is good - it is always goo, but you also always find something new to write about and that is pretty amazing. Thank you!

    1. I took a survey today on sex. One of the questions was "During the last month, how much time did you spend aroused during sexual activity?" (or something like that) Seriously? There was no "Why the fuck would I be having sex if I wasn't aroused?" option.

      Thank you for the praise! :)

  3. Yep.
    Nothing wrong with missionary-and many things right.
    I enjoyed reading this-very erotic and as I may have mentioned before, it is a mistake for me to read your posts when Himself is not near by....I loved this: Isn't that amazing about sex, how you keep managing to forget exactly how amazing it is? Fascinating. Maybe it's to keep everyone from fucking or fooling around 24/7, because I so would.
    And sometimes, we just do, exactly that.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh, I remember the days when we spent all weekend in bed.. and one very special weekend this past summer when we went to a hotel and did just that. Oh, glorious days. Mostly, we don't get to because of the youngling. :)

  4. This was HOT! Thanks soooo much for writing it.

    Honestly, mouse loves the old fashioned missionary position...feeling his weight on mouse's body and seeing him...OMG it's heaven for mouse....

    Tho she'll take it anyway he wants it. :-)


    1. You're quite welcome! And I know what you mean, the weight, the pressure, the visual. Yeah. Good stuff. :)

  5. It is amazing when the puzzle pieces match up and there is no space between. So connected - so made to be together...YUM!

  6. Another fan of good ole missionary right here. Honestly, we spend so much time doing every other position that missionary gets pushed to the back burner, but its nice to revisit.

    1. HELLO, where have you been hiding your lovely self? :)

      I know, right? Missionary? What's that? Hey, wait, this is niiiiice...

    2. I've been hiding under a rock. :) things were a bit sketchy round here but I'm back for good now. Was I missed? Lol

      After reading this I was hoping for some missionary last night but things turned out a bit different. ;) More on that later.

      I missed all of you.

    3. I missed you, definitely. :) Glad to see you back!

  7. I love missionary. One and in her hair, the other gripping her shoulder from underneath to keep her from moving too far away, all the while my hips and hers finding that perfect grinding, slapping, pulsating rhythm...

    Sometimes I'll make her look at me as she cums. Sends me over, every time.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. I'm not sure I'd have it in me to keep my eyes open on command during orgasm - sometimes they fly open of their own accord though. :)

  8. I'm another missionary fan, and I agree that it often gets overlooked as too vanilla.

    But hey, but wait a minute! What about the movie? I LOVE bad movies, if they're that particular sort of "so bad they're almost good" kind of bad. Does "Beyond Erotica" qualify, or is it just the plain, old boring bad?

    1. If it hadn't been for the rape scenes, it could have qualified for MST3K, I think. I found myself laughing at some of it. "I want her to come," is one line that stands out in my memory, before we skipped to the next bit.

      It was bad enough that I did watch the entire last half of it without skipping through. So.

  9. I love eye contact. It is sooo hot in itself :)

    Dee x

    1. I'm getting there too. Sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's... too, too much.


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