Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March: what do you want to hear?

March is question month, if I recall correctly.

And I am in desperate need of inspiration.

What do you all want to hear about? I can wax philosophic for ages but somehow the initial spark got up and left me.

Ask me a question!

I love you all.



    You have no idea how seeing you post makes my day. Truly.

    My questions:
    What is the wildest night you two have had since you last posted?
    Name 5 items that would be on your kinky bucket list?
    What is one thing you think your blogger friends would never believe about you?

    SO VERY GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE! I hope you find your inspiration to blog more =)

  2. You've been missed!
    Do you still make beautiful floggers?

  3. Hi Conina B.

    Two questions ....... it what ways are you punished for being a bad girl?

    Do you have any desire to be required to have sex with others within the realm of your servitude?

    OK, third question ... Would you able to witness your Master Husband having sex with another woman?

    Love your blog!

  4. Hi Conina!!

    How long have you been with your man?
    Tell us about your favorite (or one of them) nights of passion/kink/romance/whatever?

    It's good to see you. :)


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