Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Q&A: Wildest bucket list of unbelievability

Pearl, who is a wonderful human being from everything that I know about her, took up my plea for post fodder right-fast and asked me three questions. 

What is the wildest night you two have had since you last posted?

Wildest since I last posted. Unfortunately there hasn't been a lot of anything wild going on in our nights. Sometimes, he pinches my nipples really hard and makes me scream.

That's about it. Although he has started going down on me quite frequently and I have had my first orgasm from just his tongue, which I didn't believe was even possible for me but, hah, looks like it is! Also beard stubble feels absolutely divine on aroused flesh. 

Still, kind of vanilla over here lately.  Once in a while we get to sleep a whole eight hours, and that, my friends, feels pretty damn wild.

I don't know. Our lives have gotten incredibly full of 'stuff' and 'people' and somehow we wind up not having much time for each other. 

Name 5 items that would be on your kinky bucket list?

Oh, wow. I could go on here. 

1. I'd love to have a day or two (like when the munchkin is elsewhere or possibly moved out) where I am tied for easy availability (pussy, mouth, ass) and just fucked, but left while he goes about his business for a while, then fucked again, and so on. Preferably with some orgasms.

2. I want to be properly tied up, like all over. Or maybe even suspension bondage.

3.  I'd love my husband to double-penetrate me with his cock and a strap-on. Perhaps even while I'm tied up. 

4. A cage. Oh my goodness, or one of those dungeon beds with the cage underneath? I can't decide. But I don't mean like a dog cage, I mean like prison bar cage. .  So many lovely kinky fantasies with that. But even a dog cage would do, at that. 

5. A want a hood. But I don't just want to have it, I want it to be put on me and I want to be fucked with it on. Regularly.

My husband likes looking at my face though. More's the pity. Woe is me. (I'm only 3/4ths joking)

What is one thing you think your blogger friends would never believe about you?

Hmmmm. You guys know so much about me. But what would you never believe? 

Would you never believe that I'm shy and people frighten me? And yet here I am, spilling my guts to strangers (and friends ) on the internet. 

Hm. I wind up looking at porn gifs a lot. But they usually disgust me. They're all herky-jerky fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck. But now and then there's a nice slow smooth one that's fuuuuuuuck-fuuuuuuuuuuck-fuuuuuuuuuuuck and those I can just stare at for quite some time. I think I've found two so far. Meh. 

That was fun! Thank you, Pearl!

I will answer DelFonte's question next.

Does anyone else have a burning need to have me ramble on aimlessly in the general direction of a question they have asked? Have at me! 


  1. Love your answers. I always like to learn new things about you and our blog friends.
    My question to you is, would you ever allow a third person into a night of sex?

  2. Well, shoot. Thank you for the kind words and for answering my questions!

    re: bucket list #1. YES- that is a HUGE turn on for me and would be the top of my list #2. Yes again, the suspension scares me though, not sure I could get over feeling terrified of breaking my neck. #3.GOOD GOD YES! #4. Your recent post makes me a yes here too =) #5. Again, it would cause a level of fear I don't think I could get get over. Interesting, I had no idea that a hood would be a trigger for me! Wow.

    Q&A is just fun to read!


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