Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Squeak, toy, squeak

I wrote this a while ago and forgot to post it, like, after the relevant bit. But here you go. Note: I wrote the story out for him the morning after this happened, so included some bits of what he did in it, since I felt it needed a little fleshing out with more detail than I was able to muster as I got more and more aroused talking to him.

After I told him the story, he rubbed my back and fondled me a little, then said "How about you suck some cock? I think you've earned that.."

"But you don't like sex.."

"It's not for ME, dummy!"

"Oh...right." So I slid down his body and did what he asked me to do. Whee!

I was a greedy slut and I couldn't pull myself away from the cock in my mouth, even though he told me to several times. When I finally did he told me he would punish me by not giving me any more cock. He pressed it against me, asking "Feel that cock?" When I said I could, he growled, "You can't have that cock."

After being tortured like that for a bit, I asked him "Surely there's some punishment you can give me that doesn't deprive you too?" He mused on this for a bit, decided I was probably right, and after some torturous rubbing of cock against pussy, he flipped me over to face away from him and sank inside of me. I turned a bit more towards him so my upper body was flat, and we fucked like that for a lovely long while, until I got up the courage to ask him if he'd thought of other punishments for me.

"Was I going to punish you? I thought I was just going to fuck you." I reminded him he had been going to "punish" me some way that didn't keep him from pleasuring himself.

He got out the (plastic) ruler, but I didn't know that's what he was doing until I felt it prod against my right nipple. He said "how do you handle pain, anyway? I mean, if I do this," he whacked my nipple lightly, "it doesn't hurt much, does it?"

"Nuh-uh," I managed, through the fog of the fucking we were still rocking to.

"How about this?" he asked, and whacked it a little harder, still thrusting inside me.

  "Nuh-uh," I said again, and then he hit it really hard, and I gasped. He hadn't exactly ramped up from 0, 1, 2.. it was more like 0, 4, 40!

 "How about that, huh?" he asked, with an edge to his voice, and he did it again and again and again and I gasped each time. "Take that," he urged me, thrusting into me faster, in time with the whacks on my nipple. I was groaning and twisting my body, trying desperately to relieve the tingling burn. He switched to the left nipple briefly, asking "What about this one?" but I think he couldn't target it properly so gave up on it to go back to the right one.

"Take it, you cock slut. You just couldn't get away from the cock, even though I asked." He hit me again and again and again, the almost reasonably level of pain building cumulatively until my twisting took on more urgency and I started gasping out "it hurts, it hurts thurtsithurts."

  "It's supposed to hurt!" he put the ruler down for a moment and squeezed the nipple between his fingers, gently at first and then more cruelly.

I gasped, then groaned, "it huuurts," slipping once more from between my lips.

He fucked into me and said "Good." He stroked my nipple slowly, soothing it. Then, the fire of the ruler suddenly slapped across it again. "You thought I was done, huh? Take it!" he hit me more, and I bucked against him and moved like a crazy person as he tortured me, and a litany of "hurtshurtshurtshurts" escaped from me. He finally did put it down and replace it with his fingers. He gave me a few good whacks on my left breast with his hand, probably to make up the difference. His fingers then soothed my hurting flesh, and he fucked me gently again, languorous movements that felt wonderful.

After some time, I started to pull away from his cock. "Are you trying to get away from me?" he asked sternly.

"No, no," I assured him.

"Ah, so you just want to be fucked somewhere about your ass, huh? How about that?"

"Yes, please," I asked prettily. He turned the light off, getting the lube from the nightstand while he was turned that way.

He worked a slippery finger gently into my ass. "Do you like that?" he asked me.

"Yes sir," I whispered softly. I did.

He kept gently stroking me for a few minutes, then "Can you take more?"

"I think so," I responded hesitantly. It's never completely certain until the deed is done. Then there was something cold and large pressing against me. "Do you know what that is?" he queried.

"It's cold..." I ventured.

"Yes, it is." He pushed it inside of me a bit. "I imagine it'll warm up inside of you."

"It's not your cock," I pointed out, brilliantly.

"No, it's not. But you'll take it because I'm giving it to you. And you need to do less complaining and more taking it," he said as he pushed it a little harder. I grunted because it's a big plug, and squirmed back against him and it. I pushed back in order to take it like he wanted, but I couldn't stop the groans.

"That's a good girl..take it all the way in there," he said once it was seated inside me, slipping a finger underneath the flange a bit, applying reverse pressure to it which made me groan and squirm away. He pressed his finger against the base of it and slid it back and forth, pressing it into me at different angles as his finger slid around. Then he slipped his thumb inside of my pussy, while pressing the heel of his hand against the plug.

"No room, no room," I murmured softly.

"No room, hm? You're mine, and I can fill you up as much as I like.. isn't that right?" he asked as he pressed his thumb more deeply into me, stretching me wider with the base of it.

It felt fucking enormous. Also fantastic. "Yes, that's right." I agreed through a moan. He played with me like that until I felt I couldn't stand it anymore, so intense. I was squirming, moaning, wriggling and it was all just too much and I started breathing "Can't, can't, I can't.."

To which he replied, "Oh but you can, and you will, because I want you to."

"Oh, fuck, I'm just your toy," I came to the breathless realization.

"Yeah, and I can play with you as much as I like," he said roughly.

I groaned loudly, really close to the edge at this exchange. "Give it to me then, I can't take it but I have to, so give it to me." So he did..he poured some serious effort into it for a few minutes and then my brain exploded all over the place and I was crying out much louder than I intended to. He gently, slowly disengaged his hand from me and then moved to start to remove the plug, but I was much much too sensitive and I cried out "Can't!"

"Oh.. I guess we'll just have to leave it in there then," he said nonchalantly, pulling me against him, sliding his leg up and pressing it against my ass, which pressed the plug inside of me, and I moaned. He did it again, over and over, each time making me moan.

After a few minutes I asked, very distracted, "What are you doing to me?"

"You're my toy, and I'm playing with you," he pressed his leg against me and I moaned again. "When I do this you make a noise." Press, press, moan, moan, "Squeak, toy, squeak," he whispered, matching his actions to his words.

This. Oh, this. It was very good. I moaned more, not just because of his actions now but because he'd told me to and because of how he'd said it.

Eventually he stopped, and we lay there for a bit. I panted, "That was the wrong way to discourage me."

He laughed, "I keep getting that wrong."


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  2. This sounds so perfect <3 You are one lucky gal!

  3. maui girl: He is. I have no idea where he pulls this stuff from - it's not like he spends any time reading about it.

    cuddlykitten: I really am! Thanks!

  4. Sweet Jesus, that is soooo f*cking hot!! :)

  5. good tha you take all perfect hun kissses

  6. No more foreplay needed after reading this. A delicious mix of him doing whatever he wants because he can and you letting him and accepting whatever he has to give. And, making this exchange even more exquisite, love. Thank you for sharing.

    PS (OT): I forgot to mention, I love "Wicked", the musical, but the book is even better.

  7. BlackberryTasteIc: Thank you for commenting and for reading my blog so voraciously!

    We love the book too. It is better, but we mostly see it as two completely different, individually awesome pieces of work. Definitely the musical was loosely "based on" the book. I've also read "Son of a Witch" and "A Lion Among Men" (husband got me that one for a birthday, isn't he awesome?).

  8. Yes, I haven't gotten around to reading the sequels (yet). I remember that the first book touched me deeply at the time and I couldn't bring myself to lose that feeling by reading the sequels. Weird, I know. Are they any good?

  9. They're good in an expands-the-world sort of way. Virtually nothing at all to do with the first book, though, spiritual sequels more than literal ones. Some parts of "Son of a Witch" upset me because of direct conflicts (mostly about the age of Nor) with information in "Wicked," which I read immediately before but he did not write that way. Apparently he didn't read it again before he started writing the sequel either.


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