Sunday, October 30, 2011


He whispered into my ear as he climbed into bed behind me, wrapping his arms around me: "You know what my problem is with you?"

"" I had no idea what he could be talking about, but was curious to hear.

"My problem with you is you're just too damn good all the time." He kissed my cheek. "You're always saying nice things to me, doing nice things for me. You just don't give me a reason to punish you." He traced a fingertip along my jaw line, ran it along my parted lips, inducing shivers all along my spine. I moaned softly and turned my head away. "I suppose I could punish you for being so fucking perfect all the time." He spread his hand out against my throat, pressing gently. "Kiss me."

I turned my face toward him and our lips met. I moaned into his mouth as he increased the pressure on my throat just slightly. The heat between us built, our lips sliding against each other. He started firmly sucking my tongue for just a moment, then following it into my mouth with his when I pulled it away, then repeating the cycle. Sliding, sliding. A deeper moan rose up from within me. He's gone beyond good kissing; he crawls inside my head and strokes the sex parts of my brain directly.

A hair was tickling against my mouth and I pulled away to fix it. I was ready to kiss more, but his attention had wandered. "How would you like it if I got on top of you and fucked your face?"

"Mmmm, mmhmm," I nodded earnestly.

He slung his leg over my body and straddled my chest. He moved, and I opened my eyes in time to see him pull his shirt off over his head. The blue glow of our alarm clock on its brightest setting illuminated his body, and I was struck by how gorgeous he is. I was provided such an excellent angle for viewing, from hard cock, over flat belly, hairless chest, to his penetrating eyes, sexy even in the dim light. I groaned with pleasure and lust at the sight of him and I had to touch.

My hands moved pretty much of their own volition to caress him all over the parts I could reach - I started stroking at his sides and moved my palms up, over his shoulders, down his arms, to his ass, then up his back, over the shoulders again, down his chest. He stilled and let me touch him, reveling in the attention, in my enjoyment of him.

He let me do that for a bit, then: "I'm going to fuck your face now." I nodded, opening my mouth. He slid his cock between my lips and I stroked it with my tongue, then sucked, then he was thrusting hard into my mouth and the back of my throat, forcing air strangely through my nose and causing my throat to make choked gurgly noises. It's a difficult position for breathing and we don't do it often. I lifted my head up to open my throat more and I heard him groan as he was able to move a little deeper. He pulled away to give me a moment to breathe and I felt a long string of my saliva trail across my lips and chest. I gasped for air, my hands flat on his belly which was now parallel to me, and I got another look at him, then planted many many kisses between my hands onto his skin, between my gasps.

"You ready for more?" he asked.

"Yes, please." My voice was gravelly with lust and with his cock's use of my throat.

He gave me more. Gurgles came from my throat; I clenched my hands on his thighs. His sounds of pleasure made their way to my ears and I rejoiced in them. My throat worked around the invading member until I had to breathe properly again. "Good girl" he whispered as I panted against the skin of his thigh. "I want to hold that pretty head of yours," he told me, rolling off of me and onto his side.

That worked nicely because I want to give him what he wants. I shuddered and moved  to take his cock back in my mouth as his hands wrapped themselves around my head. He was still in control, still thrusting into my face and making strange sounds come from me, pressing slowly into my throat and cutting off my air. I wriggled so my body was more at right angles to his, to open my throat more. I felt one of his hands on my rear, which was still covered with my panties.

"How about you take those off so I can hit you?" I wriggled out of them with some effort, not letting my mouth slip off of his erection. "Good girl. Keep sucking now." Then I heard the flogger, whoosh, crack onto my skin and hitting hardest on the back of my thigh just under the curve of my ass. I squealed loudly because holy crap that one hurt. His other hand pressed my head down. I responded by sucking and stroking with my tongue.

"Keep sucking, that's right." he hit me again, and again, and again, and somehow - somehow, every damn time it hit the same place and it only hurt more. I was squirming like crazy, practically screaming around the hard flesh filling my mouth, but it did make a rather effective gag.

He stopped flogging me, returning both hands to my head. He murmured praises and asked me if I was okay. I don't usually respond with that much alarm to a flogging. I gurgled an affirmative around his cock, and he let me suck at my own pace for a while. "Why don't you turn over so I can fuck your pussy now?" he asked casually.

I didn't really pay him any mind, questions posted like that seem like they're optional, so I kept sucking, slurping happily, enjoying his arousal. A few more minutes and he pulled away from me, "I think I asked you to turn over." I tried to capture him in my mouth again, groaning my disappointment. "I know, I know, it's hard to be a cock slut and have to think about preserving yourself. That's why I have to do it for you. Now turn over."

I did, reluctantly. He prodded his cock at my pussy for a bit, searching for the wetness he knew would be there, then when he felt it he groaned. The thrill of hearing his groan made my blood sing, and I wriggled against him. The head of his cock sort of popped inside me and I squealed, still oversensitive from our previous encounter. I tried to squirm away, but he grabbed my hips, stopping me. "Give me that pussy," he ordered, so what's a submissive to do but comply? I pressed myself back against him, taking him all the way inside me, an extended soft cry spilling from my lips.

"Oooh, very sensitive, aren't you?" he asked as he thrust into me slowly. His hand stroked from my hip to my breast, then he slid his finger inside my mouth. "I like to fuck you." He gripped my face with the rest of his hand and his other hand tightened on the back of my head, moving me back and forth as he increased the speed of his thrusts. "You're a very good fuck toy, you know?"

I purred, allowing myself to be used, really enjoying him and the praise. It's a hard thing sometimes to give up my own rhythm and let his take over, wash over my body. It worked really well this time, and I floated in a glorious place where all I needed to do was be used, to make happy noises, and to do what he told me.

He removed his hand from my mouth, then slapped my breast, suddenly, unexpectedly. I cried out in surprise, exerting my own rhythm again now, humping him as he hit me. He stopped, let our movements slow, then slapped my breast again, "Take it! Take what I give you." His slaps urged me into moving faster again. He repeated the cycle a few more times, then stopped and stroked me for a long time, slowly, slowly thrusting and whispering words of praise and encouragement, telling me how good I felt. "Ooh sexy girl, what am I gonna do with you?" he asked me eventually.

"Hit me?" I responded shakily, missing the impacts. I love it when he hits me with his hand.

"Is that what I'm going to do? I guess it is." He hit my breasts again, even more heat suffusing my whole chest and spreading over my entire body as we moved together. His blows crashed down and he ordered me to take his cock, to not stop moving, to take his strikes and everything he offered me because I was his. He shuddered to a climax inside of me, and kept thrusting for a while longer, gripping my breast firmly.

He pushed me roughly over onto my stomach and slid his fingers inside me, stroking my clit with his thumb. Not done with me, clearly. I shuddered and squirmed, humping against his hand. "Oh, you know what? I got so worked up and excited fucking your pussy, I forgot about your ass." I groaned loudly, exhausted, but part of me still thrilled inside. "I can fix that though. I can still shove something in there."

He kept playing with me for many minutes and I was thinking he'd just brought it up to get a reaction from me, then "Hm, I think I said I was gonna shove something in your ass." He pulled his hand away and I whimpered. "Oh, I know you like having your pussy played with. Don't worry."

I felt lube and his fingertip against my poor asshole, and squealed. "Sensitive!"

"I know. You'll be even more sensitive in a while. Feel this?" He pressed the plug against me and I moaned.

"Too big," I whispered, hopelessly.

"I know it's big, but you can take it." He pressed it in part way and I wriggled and squirmed and complained. He held it there for a while. "You ready for more?"

Yes, yes, at least when it was in it would be smaller than where he had it. "No, no...yes," I responded.

"Good girl. You can take it." He slowly, slowly, slowly pressed the plug the rest of the way in, to a stream of moans and grunts from me. "There you go," he said as I uttered a final loud cry as the biggest part entered me and my sphincter locked it inside, "told you you could take it."

He slid his fingers inside of me again and continued what he'd been doing before. I moved with him, overfull, murmuring that it was too much periodically. Hard to process so much fullness. I whispered for probably the twelfth time that I was too full, and he growled: "You'd better take it. You'd better like it. You'd better say thank you."

I squealed, my brain going into overdrive at his sudden escalation. "," I panted.

"Say 'thank you for shoving this thing in my ass.' 'Thank you for fucking me.'" While he said this, he did something...else. I don't really know what it was. I think he slid one finger between the base of the plug and my sphincter and rubbed the sensitive membranes there, while simultaneously lightly rubbing my clit with the fingers at the farther end of his hand.

The sensations were all over me; my brain was on fire. "Thank you for shoving this thing in my ass," I parroted, spasms rocking me, "Thank you for fucking me."

My God.

I squealed, screamed, bucked. I came and came and came, humping against his hand that didn't stop moving as long as I still was. Oh my, I can almost orgasm again just writing about it now.

After this, I was so sensitive that every breath of his across my skin sent me into mini-orgasms. "You're gonna be even more sensitive when I pull this thing out of you," he whispered. I nodded, knowing better than to ask him to wait with the head space he was in, and he started. I squirmed and twisted as he removed it, panting, kicking and slapping the bed repeatedly until it was gone.

I begged him for water, which he brought me and I drank with gratitude.

He drew me into his arms and I shuddered and cried out as his lips touched my ear. "I've got you, baby. I'll protect you from the mean people like me who do these things to you.."

I shuddered with every movement, every breath, every stray hair across my skin for the next half hour.

He melts my brain and it runs out of my ears.

It's easy to be perfect for him.


  1. You write well for a girl with her brain melting out of her've got a great dynamic going, lady.

  2. Thanks so much, pepper. The brain-melt actually reverses after a few hours. :)

  3. Oh yes, Heather. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I'd say being "too good" is a great problem to have!

  5. Sexperts: It certainly beats any other problem he might come at me with!


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