Saturday, June 30, 2012

Long time coming

For various reasons, this past week has been a rough one on sex. We'd played, but I hadn't had cock anywhere but in my mouth since last weekend. I count blow jobs as sex for my "more than once a day" desire, but I was really, really missing attention.

To make it even worse, we were about to embark on a journey that would put us with extremely limited privacy for the whole next week. My future stretched out in front of me, bleak and mostly sexless. I was depressed about the days both behind and in front of me.

I was showing signs of stress and depression, and my husband suggested I go to lie down after dinner. I took a quick bath and then did just as he had suggested. He followed me after cleaning up the kitchen, joining me in bed and pulling me into his arms. We talked for a bit and he stroked my face and arms, kissing along my neck. He pressed into my back and I could feel his erection.

"Why are you turned on?" I asked him.

"Mmm, maybe because you're not stopping me, even though you don't feel like me doing these things to you."

"I belong to you," I responded softly, seriously. I had no reason to stop him.

"I love you, girl who belongs to me," he said. In a whirlwind of motion his hand was in my hair, his fingers curled into a perfect tight grip, pulling my face to his. His other hand was at my throat, squeezing roughly, making me feel his dominance. "I like to kiss you, girl who belongs to me." His lips claimed mine and then he was sucking my tongue into his mouth. He does this thing where he keeps it, not letting me pull it away, and I was squealing as I tried. He didn't let me have it, just kept sucking on it, squeezing my throat, pulling me close to him. I kicked my feet at nothing and tapped my hands uselessly against him. He finally let my mouth go and I panted against his chest, my tongue feeling too big for my mouth, like it no longer belonged inside me.

"I could make you suck my cock right now, girl who belongs to me," he whispered. "And you'd do it, wouldn't you? Because you belong to me."

"Yes sir." I was breathing hard still.

"But I should probably leave your mouth alone for now." his fingers wandered down between my legs. I'm so used to being naked below the waist in bed that I do it even when I'm not planning to stay there. His fingers slid inside me and played while he talked to me. I moaned softly as I felt his cock press against my leg.

"Oh, God, I want you," I pleaded with him.

"I know, girl who belongs to me," he said, his fingers pressing against my g-spot and rolling against my clit.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. "Oh, please, please," I begged.

"Please what, love?" he asked as I humped his hand, unable to stop myself.

"Please fuck me," I begged. "Oh, please, please."

"Mmm, can't have me yet, girl. You'll have to wait for bedtime. It's not bedtime." He kissed me, his fingers working their slow magic.

I groaned loudly and bucked, pulling him closer to me. I was losing it. "Please, Master, please, it's been so long, I'll be a good fuck hole," I pleaded.

He groaned and pressed his hardness against me even harder, exciting me so fucking much more.

"You have to wait, my girl," he whispered. That was it, the cock that I couldn't have, his words, his incessant denial, his magic fingers, and my own willingness to debase myself for his cock inside me sent me spiraling into orgasm. I clung to him as I shook, barely managing to restrain my cries of pleasure. He kept touching me.

Our little one knocked on the door and came meandering in. I clung to my husband, whispering "Oh my God," as they had some sort of conversation. He rolled away from me to continue the conversation and I snuggled up to his back, sliding my hand up between his legs to stroke his hard cock beneath the comforter.

The little one was gathered up for his own date night and my husband rolled back to me, his fingers finding my sensitive places again. "I still want you," I begged.

Despite the fact that light was still streaming through our window and it wasn't yet "bedtime," his shorts were gone quickly, and his boxers, and then he was inside me, holding on to me and fucking me hard from behind as we lay on our sides. It was glorious. "My pussy has missed your cock so much," I moaned out.

"My cock has missed your pussy," he assured me, cupping my breast in his hand and applying slow, intense pressure to my nipple, making me scream.

It didn't last long; it wasn't meant to. After he'd spent himself, his fingers were back inside me, playing me like his own personal instrument, and I was close. So fucking close. I was tossing my head, moaning, he was saying the perfect things to me.

Knock knock sounded at the door.

I don't know if you know this, but Friday night there was a massive blackout on the east coast. Several popular websites went completely down due to it. One of them was Netflix, which is where most of our entertainment comes from. "We need one of you!" said the little person. None of us knew about the blackout at this time either.

"Give us a minute!" said my husband. I groaned deeply. He kept touching me, harder, faster. "I guess one of us should go," he said.

"I'll go if you want me to," I moaned. I'd go anywhere he wanted me to.

"I suppose it would be better if you did. I do smell like sex." He kept fucking me with his hand, driving me closer to the edge of the cliff. I wanted him to push me over.

"And I don't? But I'll go if you want me to."

"Okay. You should go." He moved faster and faster, pressing against my g-spot.

"I can't go if you don't stop," I said, or something that would have resembled that if I was speaking English and not Nearing Orgasmish.

"I'll stop," he whispered, and he did, once he had pushed me right up to the very edge. I shook with unreleased sexual tension.

I sat up and pulled on my clothes. "You're a bad man and I'm not altogether sure I like you," I said in a shaky voice. I was trembling all over, my nipples hard points underneath my shirt.

"I know," he said smugly, a laugh barely restrained behind his words.

Have you ever tried to do tech support on a problem that is literally impossible for you to fix while you are right at the edge of orgasm? It's fucking hard. It took all my concentration just to stand on my feet. And then there are the user questions like "Try it on your computer," which you know won't work but they won't be satisfied that it won't until you show them. Trying to type? Impossible. I trembled all over and this whole scenario took a long time to rectify, finally having to supply them with a laptop and DVDs, and being interrupted several times after that when they did something retarded to the laptop.

There's more to the night - but I have to go sleep. It's been a long hard day and a lovely soft bed is waiting for me now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful July!


  1. Now I know why Netflix was down. So thanks for that interesting tidbit, girl that belongs to him. :)

    Too bad about the coitus interruptus, but you'll get back to it soon, I am sure!

    1. Mmm, you're welcome. :)

      There was lots lots more.. We didn't sleep until close to 1 AM. Awesomeness. But no time to write!

  2. What what? there's more to the night? Tell... oh do tell..

    1. Lots lots more, with butt plugs and Liberator ramps and multiple positions and orgasms. Mm. I will tell what I can recall but first a long day of traveling. :)

  3. "Girl who belongs to me." Now THAT I like.

    1. Oh, me too, for really really real. Yum.

  4. Nearing Orgasmish, I speak that, lol. Standing up and walking however, not possible :)

    1. I'm glad you caught that - it really does feel like a different language. I was so shaky I was afraid I'd fall! My voice shook too; it was quite the experience.

  5. Things I loved about this:

    "Nearing Orgasmish"
    "Girl who belongs to me."
    The sheer HOTNESS of it.

    Thank you. :)

    1. Thank YOU for commenting. :)

      I love those things as well - see, we already have so much in common. :)


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