Saturday, June 2, 2012

Staying power

All right, you guys. Buckle in. My man has apparently become a fucking machine with the sexual stamina of... a fucking machine. Yeah, okay, so my linguistic skills may need some dusting off. Yours would too if you'd experienced the same stuff I have since last night.

Lots of gaps in the narrative, indicated with the horizontal rules.

We'd been playing Dr. Mario, and I was handing him his ass a lot. "Don't worry love, you can beat me any time you like," I told him, mischievously.

We stopped playing, and he started writing some code.

I went to bed and lay there alone, starting at the ceiling, pondering my own thoughts in silence while my husband wrote code in the living room. A lot of silence elapsed, but I don't know how much because I wasn't looking at the clock, in a meditative haze. After a while he came in, and sat down next to me, chatting away, asking me what I was thinking. I just kept staring, out of it.

"I'm gonna take a shower. You stay here... and think about me."

"Yeah, right," I thought to myself, and continued on my thoughts, which admittedly had been partially about him. I heard him start the shower, and shut it off some minutes after. He came in, looking all handsome and clean, and sat back down next to me, leaning across me and propping himself on his elbow, putting himself right in front of my face.

"What have you decided about me? Do you like me? Do you loooove me?" My lips turned up at the corners, despite my attempts to remain studiously calm and detached. "Do I make you laugh when you don't want to?" I started laughing in earnest then, trying to turn away from him, but he stopped me, slapped my breast, making me cry out and twist. He pulled my legs apart and slapped my bare inner thigh, and I twisted again.

"Oh, what? You did say I could beat you annny time I liked. I like it now, even if it's inappropriate." He hit my breast, my thigh, my breast again.

"That hurts!" I complained, twisting again as he held me flat. My lip stuck out in an involuntary pout.

"Oh, look at you pouting, poor thing. It's not fair is it?" he asked. I laughed and he kept up the onslaught of pain, pinching my nipple, twisting, slapping hard at my inner forearm, slapping my breast again. "Pout, slut, pout, go on, let me see it. Oh, there it is. Good girl. Oh, I knoooow, we're supposed to talk or something, aren't we? I know what you're thinking." I had twisted away partially and my ass was exposed. He slapped me there several times as he spoke, letting his hand linger after each one, rubbing the sting in. "You're thinking 'Stupid nerdy husband, would rather stay in the living room and write code than come to bed and spank his wife.' Is that about right?" Each of his last words starting with "spank" was punctuated with a hard smack to my bottom. I groaned and laughed, because it was true. I'm a nerd myself though, so I get how consumed a person can get with code.

"Do you love me and hate me at the same time?" he asked, leaning over me, his lips right near my ear as I tried to twist away from him and his random blows to my various body parts. "Do I just have you wrapped around my finger?"

He knows he does. I just nodded into the pillow, his voice invading my ear canal turning me into a puddle of girl goo.

"You haven't been tied up in a long time," he said in a musing sort of voice as he grasped my wrist. He stroked his fingers along my inner forearm gently, and then slapped hard, leaving red marks and making me whimper, "And you're not gonna be tied up now, but you can think about it. I'm nice like that."

"I bet you'd like to suck my cock now," he said, leaving off the slapping of my poor red arm and trailing his hand down my body. I nodded again, moaning softly, gazing at the red marks his fingers had left on my pale skin. "Oh, but look, what's this? A horny pussy." His fingers dipped into the wetness there and I moaned, arching my hips up to him. He stroked my clit delicately with a fingertip.

"You wanna suck my cock so bad, don't you? I'm not gonna let you. I'm gonna fuck your pussy." True to his word, he climbed atop me and pressed slowly into my pussy. I arched up into him, running my fingers all along his sides, making soft noises of pleasure.

"Mmm, how's that? Your pussy like that?"

"Yes sir," I whispered, lifting my hips up, squeezing his biceps with my hands, tracing my fingernails delicately all over his chest.

"Mmm, and we're probably going to be interrupted, and then you won't get to suck this cock at all." I groaned at that entirely too likely prospect. "You won't like that, will you? You don't like having to go a day without having your face fucked, do you?"

"No sir."

"Of course you don't.. but even worse is a day without being fucked at all, isn't that right, slut?" he asked as he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the bed on either side of my head, grinding down into me hard as I writhed under him.

I just moaned and nodded, his words completely incapacitating me. I wanted that cock in my mouth.

"Mmm, you don't just like sucking the cock, you like to dive right onto it, impale your face on it, devour it. Don't you?"

"Yes sir," I moaned, my mouth open, my tongue slipping out to touch my lip, wanting. He's such an evil tease.

"I know you do, slut," he acknowledged as he kept grinding down into me.

"Please, please, please please please please please," I begged, tossing my head, arching, rotating my hips against him, "please let me suck your cock."

"Oh, all right, I'll let you suck it."

But he didn't. He kept thrusting into me, holding me there, taunting me.

"Please please please pleeeeeeease," I begged again, feeling myself grow wetter at being forced to beg.

"Oh, that's right," he remembered, rolling off me.

I did just as he'd predicted I'd do, dove after it, moaning softly as I tasted him in my mouth, coated in the evidence of my own arousal. He turned on his side and tossed his leg over my shoulder, and I settled in for a long, long, long session of cock worship, punctuated with him grabbing fistfuls of my hair, pulling it, using it as a handle to move my head on his cock, making all sorts of happy noises come out of me. I took him in my throat several times, angling my head just right, feeling the head push past the resistance at the opening to my throat, wanting desperately to make pleased gurgling noises, but all noise-making abilities completely removed from me. Each time I pulled away for air, a little breathless reedy moan emerged from me.

"I bet your face is starting to hurt, isn't it?" he asked me, an untold eternity later. I moaned an affirmative around him. My lips were starting to hurt, but I didn't actually care.

"Mmm.. okay, slut. Time to stop sucking the cock. Whenever you're ready."

Well that's clearly a pass to continue as long as I liked. I did, sucking, moaning, taking him in my throat more, letting my hands cup his balls and fondle them gently.

"Hmmm.." he said, coming to his senses long minutes later during a gentler recovery phase of my sucking, "didn't I ask you to stop?"

"Mmhmm," I moaned around his cock.

"And you didn't?"

I pulled my mouth away long enough to breathlessly whisper, "You said when I was ready," and then sucked him right back in, all the way into my throat at first, then sucking hard and rolling my tongue over the glorious hardness of him.

"Oh, that's right, I did. Did that on purpose, too, because I just wanted to keep fucking. your. face," each of those words was punctuated with his hands shoving my head onto his cock, making me squeal with delight, "and I could blame you if you got yourself hurt..." his hand tangled in my hair and he pulled my head off of his cock, a little wail of disappointment issuing from my still open mouth. As soon as he released my hair I dove back after the cock, sucking it into my throat over and over.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he purred, "that's nice. Okay, slut, ten seconds," he said, and he counted down as I sucked. "Ten...nine...eight...oooh, mmm, seven..."

I sucked hard, bobbing my head, swirling my tongue, as he approached two I took his cock in my throat and just held it there.

"One. Okay, sweet cocksucker, time's up," he said, grabbing my hair and pulling me off of him once more. "Turn over." I whined a bit, but I did as he told me.

He grabbed my hip, spreading the fingers of his other hand out over the back of my head, and his cock slid inside my pussy. I moaned deeply, feeling the wetness make him glide, completely frictionless, into me.

"You don't have much sense of self preservation there, do you, girl?" he asked.

"My lips are sore," I answered, feeling it more now than I had before.

"Mmmm, I bet they are. You have been sucking my cock for the last half hour or more. I'm pretty sure faces weren't made for fucking that long. I'm not sure faces were made for fucking at all. Well, I know yours was." I groaned very loudly and trembled, hearing that as his cock plundered my insides.

"You're a fucking machine," I moaned, as he kept pounding me, forever, eternally.

"Mmm, that works out well, 'cause you're a fuck toy," he growled. I felt those words impact me, a fierce ball of wet heat in the pit of my stomach, and I moaned loudly.

"Are you gonna fuck me all night?" I was absolutely delighted at how very very long we'd been at it, but wondering just how much more to expect, beginning to get a little sore and relishing even that.

"Mmmm, you'd like that, wouldn't you, horny little slut?"

"Yes sir," I whispered.

There was a long interlude where I just gazed at him as he moved inside me, still fucking me from behind, my leg wrapped backward around his waist, my body tilted at a perfect angle to just turn my head and look. He looked back at me, his thrusts even more deliberate, his cock penetrating my lower regions as his gaze penetrated my soul, all of me bare before him. "Beautiful girl," he finally whispered, apparently feeling the intensity too, as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face to his for a hot steamy kiss.

"I love you," I murmured when he let me go, gazing at him again, the joy of the experience washing over me, so grateful to him for providing us with it.

"I love you too, beautiful," he whispered back to me, a particularly deep thrust overwhelming my ability to keep my eyes open.

"You ready to be fucked a different way now, my girl?" he asked.

"No, sir," I moaned, enjoying him so much, even though I could feel my sensitive tissues beginning to get just as sensitive as my lips had been earlier.

"Oh, you just don't like giving up that cock at all, is that it? 'Why be fucked a different way when you can be fucked the way you're being fucked?' Right, slut?"

"Yes sir, feels so good," I agreed, squeezing my leg around his hip.

He started playing hard with my nipples, pinching, twisting, pulling them a bit, still slowly moving inside me. I liked that a lot and made a lot of noise letting him know so, squirming against him. He drew back his hand and hit my left breast hard, leaving it tingling and bouncing a little on my chest.

"Oh, yes!" I groaned, terribly excited by this, arching my chest up towards his hand. "More, please... please."

He slapped me across the breasts just as I'd asked, more, more, and then he was groaning quite loudly himself and he was coming inside me.

He positioned himself on top of me between my legs, his fingers found their way to my pussy and he slid them deep inside, stroking my g-spot, making my legs spasm, trying to close around him. "Ooh, yeah, baby, take that, I know you like that..."

I wasn't quite there but I was so sore and it was already so late..."You should stop," I moaned as I writhed under him.

"Oh, what's that, stop?" His voice beamed incredulity. "Did my slut just ask me to stop?" He slid off of me and slid his wet finger into my mouth. I shook my head and whimpered, sucking our fluids off his finger. "Mmm, that's just a thing she says sometimes, isn't it?"

I nodded, my body undulating, desperately missing his touch. Since when does he listen to me? Don't stop just 'cause I say you should! What new form of torture is this?

"Come here, girl," he said, gathering me into his arms, his fingers then slipping back to my pussy. "Are you my slut?" he asked, his fingers delicately strumming my clit.

"Yes sir," I said softly.

"You'll do anything I want?" he asked, speeding up his stroking a little as my body squirmed in his embrace.

"Yes, sir," I responded, my lips against his neck, kissing him gently, breathing harder.

"Are you my slave?" he asked.

"Yes, master," I whimpered against his skin, arching up into his touch. He brought orgasms, then. The first one had barely faded before he brought the next one, crashing into me, making me shake. He held me tight.

"I've got you, my good slave," he whispered into my hair. More orgasms, and I was shaking my head, each new one seeming an impossibility to be borne.

"I can't.. I can't.. I can't stop," I pleaded, as I kept shaking, spasming and screaming.

"Oh, don't stop, slut," he urged me as I whimpered. "Where's the fun in that?" He tilted his head to claim my lips with his, so so gently. He slowed down the strokes of his fingertips, and then there were more orgasms coming and I was lost in the waves of pleasure, drenched in inconceivable amounts of sweat.

He slowed down, letting me catch my breath briefly, and then slowly, deliberately, brought me up that cliff again. As I started to cry out and tremble, he said "Oooh, look at that. What's that? Are you having another orgasm?" I nodded desperately against him as I screamed with release. "Tsk, slut, you're not that bright are you? I mean," and he was pushing yet another orgasm out of me as he spoke, "how hard can it be to not come?"

"Very hard," I panted, my voice reedy from screaming.

He kept going, and going, and going, and my hair was completely soaked by the time he was finished with me, satisfied with himself, gathering me into his arms, whispering lovely things to me.

We talked, then, our legs tangled together, my head on his chest. "You're so fucking amazing," I whispered, pressing a sweaty kiss to his chest, squeezing myself as close to him as I could.

He is, too.


  1. *smiles* I wish there were emoticons on this wretched thing.

    1. It's all right, I prefer text anyway. :)

  2. A Dominant cyborg, able to keep going and going like a rougher, sexualized version of the Energizer Bunny? Now that sounds like it could be fun...

    1. Oh, it was, Jake. It really, really was.

      I pondered the title of this post for a long time. Several energizer bunny related ones went through my head... :)

  3. The vignette approach when you have the gaps. Effectively got me very hot. I loved coming in and out of the story like that (so to speak).

    Good post, but damn girl, you are right about the fucking machine and the stamina.

    That I don't have. We are explosive like a match head, not so much a raging all night forest fire.


    1. Oh, thank you! I felt a bit like I was drifting in and out of awareness too, during, so it's quite appropriate to the experience.

      It's funny, I asked him afterward what he'd been trying to accomplish, and he said "I was trying to have me some good long sex. I'm still working on my stamina."

      I collapsed into giggles on his chest.

      This is definitely something he's been building toward, seemingly deliberately.

    2. Working on his stamina... that would totally make me laugh too!

  4. Mmmm....long lazy days spent in bed!!!! I remember those days, lol. In fact it was raining when we woke up this morning and I proposed spending the day nekkid in bed. Unfortunately, the sun came out and we both had things to do. So up and dressed and on to other things. I hate when life interferes with fantasies :( LOL.

    1. I wish! These are just our nights....

      The last time we got to spend most of the day in bed was last year, just before I started this blog. Oh, that was lovely. We'd gotten away for a couple of days, my mom was watching the munchkin.

      Unfortunately we also had to get up and do SOMETHING so we'd have photos to show her so it didn't look like we'd gone away to have sex the whole time...

  5. Oh Goooooooood he's good! How do you have enough brain matter left to write about this?

    Seriously, you go through this and then write about it -- stuff like your name and address gotta be droppin right out of your head, girl. You run into one of those "what's your mother's maiden name" questions you're gonna lock up like a Twinkie through a Junebug.

    Fabulous post. Fabulous fuck. I want more. Eat, take some vitamins, drink lots of water.


    1. I know, right? And this isn't the half of it - before I got to write this post there was another blow job in the morning and another string of unrelenting orgasms. It's no wonder there are gaps in my recall.

      Thank you for appreciating the effort of ANY kind of brain work after something like this! :)

      Also can I just say you write awesome comments and I think I love you a little for it.

    2. You write awesome posts and I love you a lotta for it. But isn't that the wonder of this world we live in (TWWLI ha) because of TTWD? Someone wrote, and forgive me I don't know who, and really forgive me if it was you :), some woman wrote about finding this world of women (and there are some great men) who so support each other and delight in each other, when mostly what she finds in RL are women hating and waiting to stab each other in the back.

      I have dear vanilla gf's who I love but only in This World do I find this level of intimacy and trust and acceptance. Just think, all us masochistic painslut perves spinning silver threads between almost every day that nourish us and strengthen us and make us smile and laugh and clench and quiver. Together. So effortlessly.

    3. Emen, that sounds like something I've said many, many times.

    4. I would have said it, but yeah, that sounds like faerie. :)

      It's lovely all right. I only wish I'd started blogging (or at least commenting!) years ago.

  6. oh i loved this, you write so well. Im not sure i would have the stamina to keep up but i would give it a damn good try lol


    1. Thank you! Keeping up with him is a challenge I'm loving to rise to. :)

  7. Hot hot post Conina and teasing at its best :)

    Dee x

  8. This post is just delicious. Thank you so much for it!


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