Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One moment before I go

We'll be travelling for quite some time soon, and I don't know how much time I'll have for blogging.

Two nights ago we had fantastic sex that I can't remember well enough to write about - it's just a series of seemingly isolated moments and I have no timeline to arrange them upon.

Last night he pulled me close to him and snuggled me, said "Sleeping time is now," but then he started to kiss me.

He began to fondle my breasts; I could feel his erection growing against me and I couldn't just let that pass. "Hit me, please," I begged.

"Hit you?" he asked incredulously. "But won't that just get you worked up? And then I'll fall asleep..."

"That's okay... forewarned is forearmed," I stretched, offering my breasts. He hit them, spurring an "oh yes, more please," from within me. Heavy hard slaps fell on my soft flesh, and I begged for them again and again. His other hand that was wrapped around me started hitting my ass, and I pressed closer to him to give his arm more room. After a few moments he pushed me onto my back and went after my breasts again. He knocked against my jaw on one of his swings and he checked to see if I was okay. "I'm okay, I'm okay, don't stop," I gasped.

He'd stop once in a while to pinch and tug on my nipples, making me squeal. I was very turned on and I started humping the air as he hit me. "Silly slut, you know you can't have me, I'm too damn sleepy," he admonished me as he kept hitting me. My hand curled loosely around his cock and he thrust into it. That part of him wasn't sleepy. My breasts were very warm and my nipples were burning. After several minutes, I turned on my side away from him and positioned myself so his cock could slide along my pussy when he humped, my leg tossed back over his hip. "What are you doing with my cock?" he asked suspiciously.

"Feeling it," I purred, making lots of little pleased noises as he moved his cock against my desire-slick membranes. Eventually it was too much teasing for me and I made the small adjustment in my position that made his entering me more possible. His next thrust opened me and pushed inside, and we both moaned with pleasure.

"How does it feel like that?" he asked, like he didn't know.

"Very nice," I responded, as he moved within me. Heck yeah it felt very nice.

We moved together; I tried to make most of the effort because I knew he really was tired. He wrapped his hand around my jaw and sank a finger into my mouth, his other hand fondling my breasts, stroking my skin, then playing with my clit.

He finished with a groan, then he actually had it in him to give me an orgasm too.

I was impressed, delighted, and mostly boneless.

I snuggled against him. "That was damn good for a sleepy man," I whispered, "not that I'm saying it was your best."

"I would certainly hope you're not!" he responded, pulling me tight against him.

Sleepy sex and deep sleep wrapped in my lover's arms. Fantastic.


  1. Will miss reading your posts while you're gone. Hope you have a lovely time wherever you're going!:)

  2. Your night together sounds lovely. I hope you enjoy your time away. Take good care.


  3. I'm frequently amazed that being sleepy doesn't preclude great sex.

  4. t1klish: Thank you, we'll have a good try at it. :)

    BlackberryTasteIc: I hope it's a pleasant sort of sigh. :)

    Sky: Thank you, you too!

    Kitty: It doesn't - often enough he does just fall straight asleep though... I guess this time we had the right formula to prevent it long enough for something nice. ;)


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