Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Scheduled post. Enjoy!

A comment on slashdot regarding TV:
"It's just boring to sit down and talk about something. I do that already when I go out eat with my girlfriend and it's enough."
Seriously? I'm sure this fine gentleman had ladies chomping at the bit to be his girlfriend.

My husband and I talk all the time. If we do watch something then we sit down and talk about it afterward, or we talk about it snuggled together in bed, which really is our preferred method of talking and always has been.

Perhaps the online nature of the formation and initial growth stages of our relationship led to this apparently bizarre way we enjoy each other, but I like to think we just like each other a hell of a lot.

A sampling:

We were getting ready to go to bed and I had a bunch of things to say, that blanket doesn't go there, it's cold, how did you manage not to hear me when I was explaining this thing to you, etc.

He finally responded jokingly: "You complain a lot! I should probably beat you, but I'm too tired," and he climbed into bed with me and we laughed together.

He held me snuggled close to him and was explaining a problem he's having at work: "So there's a rectangle, and when you rotate it.."
I interrupted: "Is it on a plane?"
"A plane?"
"Yeah, a plane." I held my hand flat against his chest to indicate what I meant. It went over his head.
"No, love, it's not on a plane."
"So it's 3D?"
"What? No, I thought you meant an airplane. Yes, it's on a plane."
"I'm not stupid, baby."
"Well I am!"

I collapsed into giggles against his chest while he went on to explain the rest of the issue.

Kinky or not, we're talkers, and the hours can disappear and the daylight fade outside while we lie all tangled up in each other and just talk. It's really quite beautiful. When we've had great stretches of time alone, (hardly ever in the last few years) we've made love, talked, made love again, talked.

Boring? Not by a long shot, mister.

Maybe the problem with that commenter's conversations is himself.

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  1. I'm a talker too. Me and my ex talked all the time, before he went nuts. I'm a talker, he's a talker, my mom's a talker, my best friend is a talker . . .

    Now I have that old Dr. Pepper commercial stuck in my head.

    I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, she's a pepper, we're a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?!


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