Monday, December 5, 2011

Late-night scene


Got my ass belted, for nothing in particular.

I was kneeling, folded up, my face down on a pillow and my arms out, palms pressed against the wall. I just sort of folded up into that position when we went to bed, exhausted from a long day of fun. I had no idea we were about to do anything but sleep.

"What are you doing?" he asked me, a little amused by the position I was in.

"Nothing," I responded, my voice muffled by the pillow.

"I think your ass wants some attention," he said while he slowly rubbed his hand across it.

"Is that right?" I wonder what could possibly give him that idea? This was one time I would actually have been okay with sleeping. Not that I'm complaining, mind!

"Oh, yeah." I heard the clink of a buckle and then heard the loud slap of a belt against the curve of my posterior. I drew in breath sharply as the next slap landed, a little higher. That hurt, dammit. WTF. He miraculously landed three blows in the same spot, and I moved forward to get away from the burning pain but quickly settled myself back into position. "That's right, little bitch, you take what I give you, don't you?" He was really getting into it, and I kept moving up-and-down on my knees in the vain hope that the next blow wouldn't land on already marked flesh. Squeals I was no longer able to muffle spilled between the lips I was biting in order to keep the noise down. He hit my lower back, the curve of my ass, the backs of my thighs, but most of the pain was focused on the top half of my right cheek. It burned like crazy.

He stopped and rubbed my skin for a while, eliciting little whimpers from me, and then he started hitting me with his hand. "It hurts," I told him softly in between gasps.

"I know," he responded, hitting me again. His other hand crept underneath me between my legs and he stroked my pussy gently. I lifted myself higher for him and parted my legs a little wider to grant him better access. He whispered something about me being hot for him. He whispered pure sex into my ear and I felt tears in my eyes. Time turned to putty and a jumble of events poured out.

A version of reality reasserted itself when I found myself propped up on the ramp at the edge of the bed, his cock halfway down my throat and his hands pulling hard on great big handfuls of my hair. His hands moved down to cup and lift my breasts, to rub my nipples. I whimpered, frightened. The last time we'd been in this position he'd tried to rip them off. "Ohh, are you afraid?" he asked me.

I made an affirmative whimpery noise around his cock. "You're afraid I'll hurt your nipples, huh? I wonder why you'd think a thing like that?" He just continued rolling and stroking them as I sucked and then he let go, returning his hands to my head. I sucked, but mostly I was fucked. He slapped my sore ass a few times, somehow. Shudders racked my body. "When your pussy is ready, you can turn around and let me fuck it."

Well, that's a different thing than "When you're done sucking," now isn't it? Still, it was difficult to pull away from the intensity of having my face fucked like that. I needn't have worried, the intensity only escalated from there. I turned around and he sank inside me in intolerably slow and arousing increments. He slapped my poor ass a few more times, telling me how good it felt to have my pussy around him like that. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard back toward him, holding me in that position while he pounded into me. I heard the words "fucking whore" penetrate my extremely thick fog of arousal and I rushed to pant my agreement. He did a lot of talking and it was fantastic talking, but I shan't try to recreate it here because I was in too deep and it would not be a faithful recreation.

He told me later that I made an awful lot of noise. I don't really hear myself when we're having sex. I know there was a lot of "Fuck yeah, oh God, yes, yes, yes" coming out of me, but beyond the words, the other vocalizations I made are lost to me. Mostly he pulled my hair while he fucked me, but that doesn't do it justice. He would gather a handful of it and slowly tighten his grip, then yank firmly in time with his thrusts. Sometimes he had a handful on each side of my head, yanking my entire body back toward him like that.

He moved his hands to cup my breasts again, gently rolling my nipples once more. "I haven't even hurt these nipples of yours yet.." he mused, seemingly to himself, and then he squeezed a little, but not enough to really hurt. He let go, roving his hands over my body... then his the fingers of his left hand curled around my throat and the fingers of his right were closed gently over my nipple as we rocked together. "You know what's next, don't you?" he rasped close to my ear, his fingers moving threateningly against the hard nub.

"Yes," I managed fearfully past the hand on my throat, as his fingers clamped down and twisted. I squealed.

"Take it, slut."

He forced me to move faster and faster, until I couldn't have controlled the movements if I'd tried, when I tried to think about it I couldn't move anymore and actually slowed down. He drove my conscious self out of my body in order for that body to respond like a wanton whore to his urgings.

Too much stimulation, brain in overdrive, memory circuits overloaded. No proper recall from here until we were done and I collapsed beneath him, and we lay there atop the ramp, his weight pressing me down and his skin warming me. I shuddered, he laced his fingers in mine and whispered sweet nothings to me until I could manage to move onto the bed properly and be held and cuddled under the blankets, where I still shuddered for a long time.

I need my expectations shaken up like this sometimes, and there's no better sleep than the kind that claimed me afterwards.


  1. Mmmmm. Nothing like a good belting and nipple torture to keep winter at bay!

  2. Wow. Beautifully hot and intense.


  3. maui girl: Do you have winter there? But you're right, I certainly didn't notice the chill (which is what passes for winter here) until after...

    aisha: Thank you. I dunno how he keeps doing it night after night..

  4. Hi Conina, I've seen your name around the blog comments. It's a very unique name. Not sure why I never followed back to find your blog, but I'm glad I did. Very hot, I will have to stop back and read some more.

  5. Hi faerie,

    Glad you came by, thanks for the compliment!

    I snitched the name from a book. :)

  6. I love sex like that......the rawness is intoxicating, and takes you places you never thought possible.
    Today I'm bearing the marks of a similar experience. I hurt, everywhere....but damnit if I don't crave more.

  7. I found this blog through RogueBambi's and boy am I glad I did. This was crazy hot. :)

  8. butterfly_flip: I always crave more afterward too, even if I was so raw I knew I couldn't bear any more at the time.

    FeministSub: Welcome, I'm glad you did too! :) Thank you.


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