Monday, February 4, 2013


In my life, he has burst like the music of angels, the light of the sun.
 -slightly misquoted from Les Miserables




My husband, by the mere act of falling in love with me, set into motion a chain of events that has led us through much heartache and strife, through even more joy and happiness.

He brought me the world, and became mine.

Now, even when there is tension between us, he dissolves it.

"Turn over and face me, girl," he says. Like he knows - just knows the difference between me facing away for comfort and facing away because I'm wounded.

In the circle of his arms, no minor irritation can last. Or perhaps it's not allowed beyond the barrier. It melts away as my face presses against his chest.

I belong to him; I am well and truly bound. He knows this.

I am endlessly grateful for the joys of the life we have built together.

The best part has always been there, though, and that is the joy I find when his arms are wrapped around me. Missing that for a single night seems a burden too great to bear.

Today, I am grateful for our love.

I am grateful for the way he indulges my whims.

I am grateful that he works so hard to take care of us.

I am grateful for the scorchingly hot sex that we have on such a regular basis that I can't even remember it all.

I am grateful for his boundless patience, for the way that he is so very, very slow to anger.

And I am grateful that at the end of every work day, he comes home to me and sleeps in our bed, wrapping his long limbs around me and making me feel like the most treasured person in the world.


  1. Oh, he is a good man, married to a good woman! That you both feel normal, treasured, and loved is a testament to your fit! You are two half to a whole!


    BTW, love the label!!

    1. We go together, all right. :)

      I've only used it a few times but I like it a lot too.

  2. Sometimes my husband needs to hold me more frequently, especially in times of strife. But for the most part, my gratitude closely resembles yours.
    This is a beautiful tribute to the depth of love, commitment, and understanding that you guys have for each other.

    1. Thank you - and girl, I totally know what you mean about being held more frequently. Some days it's like - I will have a meltdown if I am not in his arms at least 1/2 of the time. :) (that's including sleep so not as needy as it sounds)

  3. Aww. I wish I could write like that. Or was deserving of such lovely devotion. Thank you for those kind words, my love, you are too good to me.


  4. I'm grateful to be able to read your writing.

    1. And I'm grateful that you like it so much! :)

  5. I long to meet a man who inspires me in such a way as your husband does you.

    Flip x

    1. I feel like a lucky, lucky girl all right.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for you, too. :)

  6. i agree with cammies, what a beautiful post.

    ava x

  7. Replies
    1. Oh, thank you!

      I feel like I gush a lot.

      But he's pretty gush-worthy.


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