Thursday, May 1, 2014

A moment

I'd just come back from the bathroom and crawled into my husband's arms. He turned slightly toward me and his cock, hard and demanding, pressed against my wrist.

"Oh, husband, were you flopping your penis about again?" I asked as my hand rubbed his erection through the fabric of his boxers.

"No, it was like that before you left," he replied.

"Ooh, I didn't realize," I murmured, dropping little kisses on his chest.

"Maybe it would feel better if you sucked on it," he said.

"Hmm? Is something wrong with it?" I asked, slipping down his body already.

"Wrong with it? It's not in your mouth."

"Ooooooooh," I said, purring a little as I slipped his boxers down his legs. I planted a wet sucking kiss on his cock. "That's a good answer." I sucked him in, and then, for emphasis, lifted my head off once more. "I like that answer," I finished as I lowered my head all the way down and started pleasuring him in earnest.

I still do.


  1. I like that answer too!

    Lol, I love your conversations, we have ones that are very similar!

  2. A great answer. And why I'm I up reading this when I should be having a moment of my own?... Goodnight and have a great weekend...

  3. A very lovely moment! I hope to have some of that today.



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