Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clarity in the night

Before we went to bed, my husband was irritating me. Wandering around, "trying to clean up," moving my papers and documents, eventually moving something pretty important and more or less forcing me to find a new place for it. 

My brain knew the old place for it just fine. All this moving around of objects disturbs my own order and I'm an old dog; new tricks don't come so easily to me. I was randomly irritated. Exhaustion and having my things suddenly reorganized led to a generally huffy, unhappy feeling. 

So when we did go to bed, I crawled on top of the blankets to sleep while he was under them. It wasn't really intentional, but I did it and I was too worn out to get up again to cover myself, despite the slight chill in the room.  I fell asleep almost immediately. I guess that happens when you're too worn out even to cover yourself. 

Hours later I woke up to visit the bathroom, and when I returned I climbed under the blankets next to my husband. He stirred, draped his arm over my waist, pulled my body tight into his, and whispered into my ear "You belong to me," before he drifted back off to sleep. 

Just like that, no more irritation.

If only everything was solved that easily. 


  1. It makes your whole day brighter when they get all possessive, it's great! :) My Owner told me he wanted me to sign all my notes to him as Your whore. It makes my day each time I sign one like that. It reminds me I'm his and it reinforces my submission, love it.

    I've missed seeing your posts! Glad to see you are back!!

  2. How perfect of him to remind you that you belong to him. Must make you feel so submissive.


  3. mmm that is a great way to end the day.

  4. mmmm I love it when that switch is flipped and ta-da! no more angst!

    lovely to see a post from you, hope you're all well and had a nice christmas xx

  5. I love those moments that clear the air, so simplistically lovely.

  6. It's amazing what 4 little words can do.

    It's nice to see you around. :)

  7. <3
    Some moments are just, there.
    I was hoping to see a post from you!
    XOXO Pearl

  8. You guys are so awesome. :) Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment, and to notice my periods of distraction and outright absence.

  9. Those moments still amaze me when they happen.

    So glad to see you on here, miss you. I hope all is well!

    Much love~


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