Friday, September 19, 2014

What he's thinking

I always tease my husband that he never thinks about sex unless we're having it, that he's a very much in-the-moment kind of person. Whatever he's doing at that moment is the thing he wants to do.

But in his arms, with his lips against my ear and his fingers stroking my clit in that way I like, he began to reveal something.

"You know, I didn't tell you this, but I think I should now. Earlier, when you'd just gotten home and were finishing your lunch and you were telling me about your day, I was looking at you and thinking: 'I own this woman. I could take her right now and make her do anything I wanted.'

Shocked at this revelation, and more than a little aroused by it, I moaned. I know the things we get up to but the idea that they should cross his mind in the middle of the day while I'm just talking to him was just mind-blowing.

He  continued: "'I could take her in the other room at this moment and have her suck my cock, or I could fuck her. I could fuck her anywhere I wanted.' But I didn't think we should be doing that in the middle of the day with the boy right in the other room, so I didn't say anything. I just contented myself with looking into your eyes and thinking that you're mine, that I could take you anytime, anywhere."

Concluding his little speech into my ear, he slid his fingers into me and pressed my clit just so. It didn't take long before I was helplessly rocked by spasms.

I always ask what he's thinking, but this is the first time hearing it actually made me orgasm. Maybe I should ask less and just let him tell me more.


  1. Oh wow! Ya, that's insanely at rousing!! Amazing what goes through their minds that we don't think of!!!


  2. Thinking of us in that way during everyday moments is amazing! Lucky girl!!
    XOXO Pearl

  3. Those were some ridiculously hot statements

  4. Oh my, that certainly would have done it for me too!


  5. I am so new to blogging in general and to being a submissive wife. My husband and I have always been happy and very much in love but we have been becoming more and more D/s and we are happier than ever, deliriously so. I wanted to thank you all, but especially you Conina, and Kitty-the submissive wife (although I can no longer read her blood as it is closed to uninvited guests). I have been a lurker all this time but only because I only have internet access on my smartphone. I would love to share my thoughts within this open and caring community and learn more about these things from all of you. Thank you all for being around and hopefully someday I'll be able to share more. I have been writing in a notebook for my husband so I'll have one heck of a drafts folder!

    1. Feel free to email me, as well, if you have questions you're not quite ready to go public with yet. :) I am incredibly busy with life things of late, but I do try to get around to answering emails.

  6. Replies
    1. oh, thank you! Everything is wonderful. Life gets in the way of this expression of myself more sometimes than others, but we keep chugging along.


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