Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Floggers and punishments and sex partners, oh my!

DelFonte answered my plea for questions by asking:

Do you still make beautiful floggers?

And sadly, my short answer is no. I had to give that particular pastime up due to arthritis in my hands. I was down to a simple choice: Make floggers or live relatively pain-free. I do still have all the materials and all the ideas and I'd love it if my hands would magically return to their former ability.

And I do still have quite the lovely collection of floggers of my own.

If you have one of mine, be happy! If you want one of mine... well, I do still have a few I made before my hands crapped out on me.

sub hub in phx asked three questions:

1. In what ways are you punished for being a bad girl?

Hm, this is an interesting question. It feels a little playful. We don't really have a "punishment" dynamic as such, but now and then my love will say something like "You're awfully grumpy. I think I need to beat that out of you." and then will begin a pretty good session of flogging/spanking, usually followed by a pretty forceful fucking.

It's really rather delightful.

He's not a man of many rules though, or of precise bizarre desires. There was a time when I kind of wished he was the sort of man to want me to do something mostly impossible and who would then punish me for not being able to do those things, but I think for me that's best left to a fantasy scene we play out together rather than the reality of my existence. It might be incredibly hot at first but I have a feeling it would get eye-rollingly old for me soon.

2. Do you have any desire to be required to have sex with others within the realm of your servitude?

These are wonderful questions, thank you for them. I personally don't have a desire to be made to have sex with anyone else. I do very much enjoy a sensation of violation but I think that this might cross a line? Though then of course, "required" is up for debate.

I don't want to have sex with anyone but my master. There was a time (funny how things change) when I thought "hey, this'd be great, we should try this," but harsh reality always intrudes and people are messy, messy creatures. They're all full of feelings and emotions and flaws and, for the moment at least, it seems like just too much work.

3. Would you able to witness your Master Husband having sex with another woman?

Wow, these are really thought-provoking. I'm trying to imagine this thing.

I don't know if I'd be able to witness it, in a literal sense, because he has even less desire to have sex with others than I do. He doesn't like people, so having another one in his personal space is farthest from what he'd want.

But I think I might be sidestepping the intent of the question. I believe what you mean is - would I be emotionally able to witness such a thing. And I am completely secure in the fact that I am his and he is mine. If he got a bee in his bonnet and wanted to have sex with another woman while I watched, I think I'd be okay with that. I might wonder what was wrong with him and if he was okay because that's not his style, but once we'd ruled out the possibility of brain tumor, I think we could roll with it.

I'd be more interested in watching the woman though, to be fair.

I have more answers coming! Please feel free to ask more questions! I am loving interacting with you all. 


  1. I'm sorry about the arthritis and the floggers. Having had several operations on my hand, I know how debilitating it is to lose mobility and the pain that goes with it.
    Thank you for answering.

  2. Save a flogger for me!!! Please!!!! (Seriously) I'll email you......
    (2) Ya, it's amazing how things change when the harsh reality kicks in.

    Great answers!

    What is your favorite sex position?

    What does a perfect date or weekend away look like to you?

  3. So many good questions. Subhub jumped right in with some tough ones!! I made our pretty pink flogger off of your instruction post but I really think I need to re-visit this with my Man...I would very much love one of your hand-made floggers!! HHmmmmm.......


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