Tuesday, August 21, 2012

e[lust] #39

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~ Top 3 ~

Never Pinch a Sadist: 50 Shades of Plaid - If you don't know kink, don't feel pressured into it. If you wonder what it is about, join Fetlife and find local event to teach you about it.

Collars & closure & owning myself - there is triumph in realizing that your paths are diverging, repacking your shit, and moving on with dignity and respect.

The Quarry - We agreed to meet up on the weekend and go out to the quarry. It was an old, flooded quarry. I didn’t know it, but the queers had taken it over.

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The Pussy Pride Project

~ e[lust] Editress ~

"I can't orgasm without a vibrator" So What? - Embrace it. Bring it in to your partnered sex life. Be happy that you can achieve orgasm whatever way that works for you.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Erotic Writing

A Guest for Dinner
A Beautiful Need
A Purring Machine
A Hard Man is Good to Find
Chlorine Kisses
In a different world
I Crave You!
Lolita Twenty-Twelve, Part Four
Mojo Back
My 69th Orgasm
Owned Part 4
Sensual room service
Tease Me
The Space Between
The Text
The Wicked Wench of Wupert Stweet
The Desk of Power
Use Me
What I'm thinking about when I'm...
When Frederick Met Camille

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Living with an Alpha Sub
Make Her Cum
Swinging and safe sex
Talking with the Lights Off
The Promiscuous Bisexual
Why Do I Have More Respect For Men Than MRAs?
What not to do for anal sex
Wants, Needs & Poly
Wifi Sex?

Kink & Fetish

A Boot Scene
Consent as Torture
Mores and Behavior
Pursuit of Squirting
Playing With Lightning
Submissive men: A celebration of beauty
strapping on...my first time
Submission for a Femdom Facesitting Film
rethinking warmup


  1. I'm going to give a gut reaction and ask a newbe (newbie?) question, since you brought this up. If I can't give my friends gut and new-whatever, where can I give it?

    I had visited e[lust] before and I understood that you had to have a blog or a website and I didn't. I did read the Rules though.

    I just read them again. Gut reaction -- too many freekin rules. Reminds me of prepping for LSATs. This is supposed to be about joy and lust and sex and kink. Why does it sound like the rules were written by lawyers? Not sexy.

    New-whatever question. I don't understand RSS. I have googled it. I'm relatively new online and I don't have a lot of time online but I'm not stupid. I passed the LSAT and I passed the bar. But I don't understand what RSS is supposed to do. Does it supplant my blogger reading list, and SBN, and bookmarks? Which I will be the first to admit my "system" is horrifically disorganized but can I get every blog I follow on RSS?

    Can you splain this to me, Lucy?

    Sorry. Feeling stupid and contagious :)

  2. It does seem like a lot of rules, but really it's just - write your own stuff, submit things that you wrote within a certain time frame, AND...re-post the digest on your own blog. :)

    Your blogger reading list is essentially just the RSS feeds of the blogs that you have "Followed." An RSS reader will let you put any site that has an RSS feed - which all blogs do - in your list and show you when it is updated. I use netvibes, some folks use google reader, I'm sure there are others but I haven't done a lot of research into it. But yes, you can use an RSS reader instead of whatever way you're keeping up with blogs now. :)

  3. I don't quite get the RSS feed thing either. When I want to read a blog, I go there. I like to see the blog page, the background, everything else that's on the page, the sidebar, links to that person's favorite blogs, etc. not just the post amongst other posts on Google Reader, so I don't use it.

    1. I don't use google reader, so I dunno - but netvibes easily links to the blog itself from inside. I just use it as a way to see what blogs have updated, and then I click to read. Unless I'm in a hurry.


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