Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sex for sex's sake

"I'll stop hurting you for a while, now."

"Do you have to?" I moaned.

"Well, while you suck my cock," he continued. I had interrupted him; how rude of me. His fingers closed sharply over my nipple, squeezing it painfully. A cry escaped me. "I like for you to be," he squeezed again, making me cry out again as he spoke, "somewhat in control of yourself while you suck my cock."

I turned on my side and began to lick his cock, slowly and gently at first, just swirling my tongue, before I sucked it into my mouth. His pleasured groans filled my ears, but soon his thigh was over my shoulder and I couldn't hear much. I could feel the vibrations of his pleased noises, could feel the heat of his cock jumping in my mouth, down my throat, as I gagged. His hand found my nipple and he squeezed it hard again, making me scream around his cock. "Nice nipple, nice face to fuck," he murmured.

I pulled him into me with my hand, causing his hips to fuck my face as I moved back and forth, and I pulled especially hard after a while, my enthusiasm not happy with my own movements. I pulled hard enough that he decided to just go ahead and rise up over me and fuck down into my face. We both rolled over and I felt him adjust himself, get a pillow, as I kept sucking. I grabbed his thighs and used them as leverage to repeatedly lunge my face upward onto his cock, meeting his thrusts and sucking for all I was worth. His hands found the sides of my head, grabbed my hair, held my head down and still, while he fucked my mouth. My gurgled moans of extreme excitement merged in midair with his grunts. I kicked, but he was still fucking my face.

His orgasm approached slowly, intensely. "Oh God," he grunted over and over as he spasmed. I sucked his seed down my throat greedily, and after a moment of recovery for him, I kept sucking his cock like nothing had happened. It slowly softened in my mouth, and I kept sucking. I love sucking his soft cock, as long as it's clear it's soft because it's just finished or because it hasn't started yet.

Eventually I pressed lightly on his hip, indicating he could roll back over and lie down, but I sucked hard on his cock as he did so it did not slip from my mouth.

We lay there, him on his side and me suckling his soft cock, listening to his moans of enjoyment, for so long that my jaw began to hurt. That is no small feat, since I can suck cock for 45 minutes or so with no pains. He asked me a question, and I pulled away long enough to say "My jaw hurts."

"Well why don't you stop then, silly girl?"

"You told me to start, not to stop," I answered.

He laughed. "You can stop," he said, amused.

I sucked a bit more. He laughed again.

"You can stop!" I sucked him one last time, to the sound of more male laughter. "Stop and come up here, girl," he said. Aha, instructions. I like instructions. I scooted up and rested my head on his chest. His arms went around me, a band of love and comfort. His hands stroked my back as we just relished the excellent company. I sighed softly, enjoying his touch. We chatted. I was drifting in that space between waking and sleep when he moved suddenly, pushing me over onto my back, pushing my legs open.

"Ahhh!" I squealed, awake now, "What are you doing, don't!"

"Don't?" he asked, his fingers already pressing my folds apart, finding my core, drawing out my wetness. "Did you think you were going to get away without being played with?"

"Uh-huh," I whispered, my head falling back, my eyes closing as he drew my lubrication over my clit. I shuddered. Ohhh that feels amazing, that first drag of a finger across that spot.

"Why would you think a thing like that?" his fingers circled my clit over and over, eliciting groans and sighs of pleasure from me.

"Uhn... it's easier," I said. We were almost asleep, and getting me to orgasm is not a simple feat most of the time. He hardly ever wants to play for the sake of playing - he goes for the gold.

"It's easier, huh?" he asked, but words were beyond me. My body was undulating to his touch, and his fingers were filling me up, overfilling me, pressing into my g-spot. If the first touch of the clit is amazing, the first press of the g-spot is some indescribable feeling beyond amazing - possibly because it doesn't always happen.

As I'd suspected though, amazing as he felt to me, it wasn't happening fast. But his words were there, pressing me along. "You suck my cock just like a pro, don't you, girl? You SAY you don't stop because I don't tell you to, but I'm pretty sure you just keep going because that's what you want to do..."

I wasn't in any position to argue. The way he was playing me I could barely grunt my uh-huhs.

My breathing was coming faster and harder, as he kept pumping his fingers inside me. With his other hand, he squeezed a nipple and I squealed, arching up into him. "Come for me, baby," he whispered harshly. And I did. Fuck, I did. I screamed and clutched him against me, barely able to hang on as my body shuddered to an intense climax, whether I'd wanted to go with it or not.

He kept touching me afterward, making my hips buck, until I begged him to stop. I'm not sure if he was just tormenting me or trying for another. But I was completely spent, and soon after we slept, all curled up into each other.


  1. Oh oh my goodness, there is little I love more than my Sir laying over and fucking my mouth. Oh, so trapped, so used, so His!! Wow - awesome!

    1. I have a resistance to it in my head, but once it's happening it is the best thing ever.

  2. Wow. Very hot!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Awesome! Fabulous! Absolutely beautiful :)

  4. Mercy! I know better than to read you when bed is nowhere in sight!

    1. Now I am thinking of making little bed keychains...

  5. Conina, I believe you are trying to kill me :) Yummy..... wonder if those children are asleep yet....

    1. Children and the sleeping that they never do at the right times. Yep, I have one of those.

  6. Aha, instructions. I like instructions.

    Me toooooooooooo..... :)

    1. You'd think he'd know by now, the difference in "You can" and "Do this." :)

  7. Replies
    1. Sometimes we get those. Sometimes we get "Whoops" too though. :) Thank you!

  8. Replies
    1. I'll take you whatever way I can get you. :) (said in a totally not-creepy way)

  9. So freaking hot, Wee Ooo.

  10. Lovely. So well done, and very hot!!


    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that.


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