Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alone together

What are two kinky grown people to do when they're left alone for an hour or so in her mom's living room?

What else?

"What you wanna do now?" I asked my husband as the car left the driveway. We were sitting on the sofa. He waggled his eyebrows at me suggestively and I giggled.

His arm was around me and I was kissing his throat, still giggling a little. He tightened his grip and just like that, I was there, his. He shoved my shirt up, shoved my bra out of the way, and his lips were fastened to my nipple - sucking, biting, hurting. I moaned, sliding into the corner of the sofa against the arm, half reclining.

He had my jeans off, and then the layer of long underwear, followed by my panties. "Gonna fuck you, girl," he growled, his hand on my back forcing me to arch my breasts more into his face. His other hand started slapping the breast that he wasn't torturing with his mouth. He was sucking and biting on one side and spanking on the other. I was twisting, but he held me fast.

"Are you for me to fuck?" he asked.

"Yes sir," I moaned.

He shoved my legs apart - one along the sofa's cushions, the other stretched out on the floor, and started spanking my inner thighs, forcing little cries from me with each slap. The Christmas tree twinkled at me.

"Look at you, all naked," he murmured, spanking my spread pussy, making me scream. "Well, mostly." My shirt and bra, pushed up over my breasts, accentuated my nudity rather than helping me feel more covered. I moaned. I felt his hips lift, heard the sofa's springs creak, as he divested himself of his own jeans. His hard cock poked through the slit in his boxers and pressed against my bare leg, the intense heat of it contrasting with the chill of the room that was already trying to settle on my skin.

He was enjoying slapping my sensitive parts far too much. Thigh, pussy, other thigh. I arched into him, and his fingers were gentle, touching my folds but not delving very deep. I groaned.

"Want me, girl?" he asked roughly.

Holy fuck. Is it not obvious?

"Yes sir," I whispered, hoarse from the crying out.

"Hmm... what to do with you," he pondered, pulling away a little. In the corner of the couch with my legs splayed open in either direction is certainly not a position that I recall us trying before. I groaned with disappointment when he was not touching me, but then there he was, the head of his cock nudging at my opening. I have no idea what he had to do to get into that position, to get his cock lined up with me just right. It can't have been easy. I used my hand to spread myself open just a little more around him, and he slid all the way in.

"Ohhhhhh," I moaned as he bottomed out, pressing just that little bit more inside me, stretching me out to accommodate him. I love that feeling.

He was thrusting, talking, saying dirty things. My head was tossed back and I was moaning, arching into him, so I have no idea how he was even moving, but it was good. I moved my legs so that one was up higher along the back of the sofa and the other was wrapped around his back, allowing him a better angle and allowing me to rock with him a little more.

"So fucking sexy," he kept saying, each time prompting a loud agreement from me. Fuck yes, this was sexy.

"You know what would be nice?" he asked eventually.

"Uhhh?" I moaned. This was nice. Nice? Hell, what's he talking about?

"If I threw you over the arm of the sofa and fucked you like that."

"Mmmmmmm," I agreed.

He slid into me a few more times, feeling so incredible I didn't want him to ever stop, but then he did, pulling away, standing up.

"Come on, fuck toy," he said. I groaned and did as I was told, bending over the arm of the sofa, standing on my tiptoes on the floor.

"Good girl," he praised me. He is so much taller than me. He grabbed my hips and slid in. Oh, fuck, so good. So hot, bent over the arm of the sofa and fucked. I was screaming, and then he started slapping my ass.

It was too too much. My tiptoes couldn't maintain contact with the floor. I lifted my feet into the air and then his hands were gripping my ankles as he pounded into me - faster, faster, faster.

"Oh my God," I screamed.

"Gonna come in you, bitch," he growled, as he did just that.  He kept fucking into me then, as his cock softened. His hand was pulling up on my hair and I was screaming.

I crawled forward onto the sofa, collapsing with my legs still in the air over the arm, and he (rather abruptly) came around and sat down. I put my head in his lap and he rubbed my back while I cleaned his cock with my mouth.

All of that and the man never took off his boxers.

We pulled a blanket over us and lay like that, our fingers entwined, me mostly blissed out, until we felt we should probably wash up and put clothes on before the absent people returned.


  1. I can't think of a better way to enjoy an hour alone.... BLISS indeed!

  2. Gotta love those stolen moments. You two will enjoy those knowing glances between one another when your mom is sitting on that end of the coach for sure!

  3. What a great way to spend an hour alone.


  4. Sounds like a fun way to spend an hour alone to me! ;)

  5. Hot! And I would definitely like to do this with a stolen moment.

  6. Oh ya, that sounds BLISSFUL!!!! I live that you finished and cleaned his cock after. I love doing that. It seems like the perfect ending.

  7. Flying Orgasms!!! Nothing wrong with a position that has your legs straight up in the air. :)

  8. What fun! I need some of your Christmas cheer. I might just suggest this new over-the-sofa-hold-onto-my-ankles position to hubby. It sounds like it should help with our height difference. Thanks for sharing your story.


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