Monday, December 3, 2012


He joins me in bed, and I immediately put my Kindle away and turn toward him, into his embrace. "No one said you had to put that away," he says, sounding amused as his arms wrap around me, his fingertips tracing goosebumps along my bare skin.

"Mmm, I know what's good for me," I answer softly, kissing his chest, peppering his warm skin with my love.

"I know what's good for me, and it's here in my arms," he says. Smoothness, rolling off his tongue like honey. I purr, and before the sound even finishes coming out of my throat, he's got my nipple between his fingers, pinching it hard. Harder, harder, and I'm squealing because it's an intense pain. The nipple is still sore from what he did to it the night before. He lets it go, briefly, rubs his palm across it and then grabs it between his fingers again, pulling up on it. I scream as quietly as I can manage.

His cock is soon hard, and he turns toward me and starts thrusting against my tender breasts. We're facing each other now, but I'm lower, my breasts perfectly aligned with his cock.

"Oh my God, those are still sore," I say, my voice shaking as he keeps humping into me. I'd like to write the post explaining why, but suffice it to say they were beaten with a belt. Mmmm.

"Is it bad to fuck bruised breasts?"

"Mmhmm," I moan, my arms wrapped around his body, my hand gripping his ass. I don't try to stop him, but it hurts.

"Ahh, does it hurt the girl they're attached to?"

"Yes sir." The words escape me on the back of a shuddery sigh. Oh, so lovely to be so owned.

"I see," he says, and he takes his cock in his hand and starts deliberately fucking into my nipple, the most sensitive part of my entirely sore breast. I am crying out each time he presses forward, and then he stops and whacks my nipple - with his cock. I squeal with surprise. Oh, God, what is he doing? He's beating my nipple with his cock, making me grunt each time as his hardness impacts the tender, already-abused flesh of my nipple. I bury my face, and my cries, against his belly.

"How's it make you feel for me to hurt you with my cock like this?"


"Good." He keeps slapping it; I have no way of judging for how long. It hurts, and I love the way it feels, his velvety hard cock whacking into my sensitive bit, inflicting pleasure and pain at the same time. I'm just moaning. "There's a way to keep my cock from hurting your breast, you know. You could put it in your mouth. It couldn't hurt you anymore then." He pauses, though he keeps slapping his cock into my nipple. My groans grow deeper, and I shift slightly. "Though you like to feel owned, don't you?"

"Yes sir," I whisper, moving down to take his cock into my mouth. My nipple burns. His cock is hot as I run my tongue over it, marveling at how he hit me with it so many times. I moan around the hard flesh filling my mouth as I slide down over it.

"Good, good cocksucker. Good hole. Good hole. Good hole to fuck." His hands stroke my hair as I suck, moving my tongue over him, gleefully drowning in his ownership of me. His hips are moving smoothly, driving his cock into the back of my throat. He grabs my hair and holds my head still while he drives even deeper, fucking into my throat itself. "So good," I hear him moan over the noises his cock is forcing out of me, and then his hand is not just holding my head, but forcing it farther onto him. I move so my torso is out behind me, lengthening and straightening my throat as he shoves, and then his hand is on my back, his elbow in the back of my head forcing my face onto his cock over and over.

His hand is squeezing my nipple extra-tight and I'm screaming, loudly, onto his cock. Hurts so much. Hurts so fucking good. I'm kicking out behind me, my body shaking, and he is pulling my hair again.

"Does my cock go in your face, sweet slave?"

I only hope the insanely-aroused screaming noise I make around his cock is a good enough response. Sweet slave, he called me. God, how amazing that sounds, growled out in his sex-husky voice as he shoves his cock in my throat.

"All right, girl, that's enough." He pulls his cock away. I cry out with distress, not having expected that. I suck him back into my mouth with the desperation of a starving woman.

"Poor girl doesn't like being deprived of cock. But I'd think I'd have your pussy pretty wet by now."

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm," I say, drawing the sound out on his cock, enjoying the way the sounds vibrate along his shaft, and definitely feeling my own wetness.

"Yeah? Then don't you think I'd like to enjoy that for myself?"

I agree with him, still moving my face on his cock. He probably would like to enjoy the result of all this effort.

"Present your next fuckhole, girl." I scream again. Present, he said to me. He is going to hit all of my buttons. I am going to die of the hotness of this. I pull away, my brain swimming with arousal, and turn over, leaning forward to best present myself for fucking. I am panting constantly, useless except for what he's going to use me for.

"Yeah. You know how this works, don't you?" His hands are on my hips, and his cock is sliding into me. It's too much. I slap the bed, squealing, trying hard not to scream with pleasure as he sinks all the way in. "Mmm, take the cock, girl," he whispers into my ear.

He's thrusting, and someone, somewhere is saying "So good, so good, fuck me, fuck me." It's me. My voice is husky from having my throat fucked, but it's me. I'm saying it, and he's obliging. He grabs my shoulders and moves me up and down on him. I take direction well - I move the way he's moving me.

He's gone. I cry out in distress - I need him.

"Mmm, I know, you need the cock. But, I have to stay in control here, girl," he says, taking hold of my shoulders and slowly shoving his cock back inside me. I am thrilled to think he finds all of this as hot as I do, and I am screaming again.

He's pulling my hair, he's pressing against my throat, he's saying dirty naughty things in my ear, he's tormenting my poor, sore breasts. I am just screaming, squealing, squirming.

"Time for another fuckhole," he announces at length. I whimper, biting my lip.

"Uh-huh, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?" he asks softly.

"Mmhmm," I whisper, wriggling a little. He's doing it again, the button-pressing. He's never stopped.

"Yes. I'm going to fuck your ass." I squeal. I can't help it. I feel him reaching for the lube, which is in a drawer behind him, as he keeps fucking me. Smoking hot sex god and contortionist. Never knew what I was getting. Such a lucky, lucky, lucky girl.

"Gonna fuck that pretty little asshole... right after I'm done with your pussy." He grabs my shoulder with one hand and my throat with the other, moving me on him again. I scream as his cock plunges into me over and over with renewed vigor.. and then he is gone. I know what's next, and I lean forward a little more.

"That's it, good girl, give me that ass." He has lube on his fingers, and he is applying it to me, then gently sliding his finger inside. My moans are deep and full of appreciation for the sensations he's giving me.

"That's gonna be my cock, fucking you." I squeal loudly, twisting my body as he hammers another button hard with his voice. "Think you can take that, girl?"

"Noooo," I pant, shivering. I don't think I can. I never think I can. It's huge, compared to his finger.

"Of course you can," he says, confident. He's a big believer in evidence. He's experienced it many, many times before. He's pressing the head of his cock against my asshole now, and I'm crying out.

"Take it... take it," he urges me, pressing forward gently.

"Too big, too big, toooo big," I pant, feeling impaled, helpless, as the head of his cock throbs, lodged just inside me, not quite yet to its widest point. I feel every heartbeat, his and mine. I feel like this is not going to happen. I feel like it will tear me apart. I feel like that every time.

I love it. I am streaming wetness between my legs.

He ignores me. "Take it," he says, one more time, shoving himself all the way in. I groan loudly, slapping the bed to release some of the tension. It's not pain - but it's too much, in that moment. I plead.

"Mmm, good fuck hole. Good hole," he praises me, moving gently, slowly, ignoring my words, responding to my body's movements. My body relaxes, and then, it's amazing. Oh, God, it's amazing and I don't ever want it to stop.

"Fuck hole likes to be fucked," I murmur, lost in sensations, as we slowly rock together.

"I know," he says, sliding. Oh, the glorious tension of anal sex. The fantastic sensation of being used in every available opening. I groan over and over and over, deep primal nearly-growling noises as he has his way with me. My whole body vibrates with the intensity of us.

His finger presses against my sphincter where it is stretched around his cock, and I scream. He holds it there as he fucks me, increasing the sensations at least twofold. My world narrows to the sounds of my screams and the feeling of his cock and his finger against my ass.

"Oh, I think the girl likes that," he says, sliding his finger along the edge a little.

The king of understatement, even in the midst of wild crazy fucking.

He comes, expanding, stretching me even more, making me cry out. We rest, breathing hard, his softening cock still in my ass. I love it.

Did I mention I love it?

He nudges my legs open, pulling one back over his hip, and his hand takes over, his finger stroking my clit ever so gently. "It's interesting how happy one little finger can make a girl," he whispers, as my hips move and I whimper and pant to the rhythm he sets. Eventually his cock slides out of me due to my motions, and then he rises up over me, his finger in my ass, his thumb on my clit. He's fucking me with his hand, and it feels so incredible. He slides his thumb inside my pussy, letting me feel him in both places at once, making me moan and twist beneath him, before he goes back to stroking my clit. Another thing I love - his hand. He is so good at fucking with his hand, and he is pulling out all the stops right now.

He's amazing, and he's urging me to come for him.

I do. I'm shaking, my body curves up toward him, and I come, screaming, screaming, screaming.

He seems ready to keep going, but I am so exhausted and he already gave me a million orgasms the night before. "Please, please hold me," I beg.

He stops, to his credit, and wraps me up in his arms, his leg snaking over me as well. Husband-cage. It takes me a while to come down, but I am safe, wrapped in his lovely warm arms.


Total, absolute, bliss.

I am the luckiest girl in the entire fucking universe.


  1. "Present", um yeah! That would have pressed my buttons too!

    1. He's never said it that way before. I thought my brain might just start leaking out of my ears. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yours today was pretty awesome too. :)

  3. Maybe in the entire fucking universe and the entire non-fucking universe :)

    I love... I scream as quietly as I can manage. Man, I've so been there!

    ...and oh the loveliness of " drowning in his ownership"

    VERY nice!!!

    1. I thought about including the non-fucking part too, but thought it might be overkill. :) Thanks!

  4. 'present'

    oh my.

    and now I have a new word to fixate on and hope for...

    and yeah, whole thing - INSANELY hot. But you knew that :D

    1. I didn't know it would do that to me, and then he said it, and. Yeah.

      I was there! :) But, it helps to know I've conveyed the temperature of the thing.

  5. "Is it bad to fuck bruised breasts?

    You think?

    Okay it took me 3 times today to get through this because I couldn't concentrate after reading it and damn it I had to work. (Thanks Conina!)

    On a serious note "Husband cage" I love that and love this post.

    You are one lucky girl!


    1. Hah - they weren't literally bruised - not visibly, anyway. But they felt like it.

      I love love love the Husband cage. :) Thank you for the fantastic compliment - and I really, really am.

  6. Wow. Once again, very hot.


    1. If only the background was enough in my head to write that too - the spanking that went on forever the night before. :) Oh, well, can't have everything. Thanks!

  7. Definitely a lucky woman :-)

    1. I, believe me, I know. So many unhappy/frustrated people in the world. :) Most of us are all quite lucky 'round here, methinks.

  8. Such a lucky, lucky, lucky girl.

    You already know that - but I will reaffirm it. This is so, so, so good and so incredible... and I am so, so, sorry that it took me TWO WHOLE DAYS to see it. And I knew it was coming!

    But damn, I didn't know it was going to be THAT GOOD. Wowsers. Love.

    1. Ha - you know, I could say that I didn't notice, but that'd be a lie. :) Thank you for getting around to it. (it's crazy kinds of long, I know)


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