Thursday, May 2, 2013

Masochist, part 2

First part is here.

"Poor, complex girl," he said, pulling me into his arms and kissing my cheek. "Good thing for you I know how to be gentle," he murmured as his hand wandered between my legs.

He does know how. His touch was soft and so so light. I purred softly as he stroked my clit with the slightest of pressure from his fingertip. . . but then his finger stopped moving, just resting against my clitoris.

He was asleep.

I groaned, moving my hips slightly against his fingertip, but it wasn't the same. I sighed loudly and turned onto my side, feeling the frustration that had already been inside me start to bubble over dangerously.

My movement woke him. "I wish I could be as good to you as you are to me," he said softly, his hand on my hip.

"You could be," I answered, a bit snappishly. "I'm not difficult. I just require you to be present." By "present," of course, I mean there with me and not drifting off elsewhere to sleep or think about Doctor Who, rather than just his physical presence. I'm right there stumped by many of Doctor Who's mysteries along with him, but I'm not thinking about it during sex.

He pulled me back toward him, his fingers finding my clit again.

"No," I whispered. "You're bored. That's not sexy. Boredom is not sexy. I'd rather not."

"That's not boredom, silly girl. That's orgasm putting me to sleep. Brain chemicals. Not boredom." And he rose to the challenge, his fingertip gliding delicately across my clit as he held me down, his leg keeping my legs open.

He was persistent, but I was having a really hard time breaking the orgasm barrier. Until he started talking. He talked about the sex we'd just had, about his cock hurting me, and then he was telling me to come for him.

"I can't," I whispered. I wasn't there.

He didn't care though, he just kept talking, and what seemed like an eternity later, I was vibrating, screaming with my arm clutching his head. But he didn't stop.

"Oooh, girl's gonna come again. Gooood fuck hole," he whispered, my world hinging on the motions of his fingertip. I flew away. The second orgasm overshadowed the first by miles.

"Oh my GOD," I screamed as I came, my body arching up and vibrating helplessly.

Still, he didn't stop. The third orgasm was heaven itself unleashed upon my brain. Screams poured from me and my fingers clutched at him, at nothing, at the bed, at whatever they could grab. I broke out into a fine sweat and I was so, so sensitive that every few seconds another orgasm was crashing over me, each one just as good as the third.

"Look at you, fuck toy," he whispered.

"I can't, I can't, I can't come anymore," I panted, just getting over another one.

"Don't give me that!" he growled. "Come for me!" he said, and I did, because his finger just kept touching me in that magic, delicate way that makes me crazy.

"Oh God, Oh, fuck, oh my GOD oh fuck," I kept panting, helpless, tossing my head, trying everything just for another breath of air.

I could feel his cock, hard against me again.

"I have this hard cock here," he said, his finger still creating waves of sensation and setting fire to my brain. "I could stick it in you, but it might hurt you. You want that? You want me to hurt you with my cock again?"

Oh my God. He really just asked me that, while my insides still burned and ached. And I did. I wanted him to fuck me again.

"Fuck, yes," I panted. "Hurt me with your cock, hurt me with your cock. Hurt me with your cock."

He managed to push me over onto my side and slide his cock inside me without taking his finger off my clit - or if he did, I didn't notice it. The burning pain I felt as he entered me was dampened by the intense joy I felt of having him inside me again so soon - and then the pain was GONE. My top leg was over his hip, and his finger just kept delivering the goodness, and he was huge and hard inside me and I screamed with the joy of it - and then he made me come again, pressing his cock as deeply as possible into me. I felt him hot and hard inside me as I spasmed, and I screamed even louder.

"So fucking good," I gasped, disbelief warring with the extreme pleasure I was feeling.

The floodgates on my own verbosity had lifted and I screamed and talked just as dirty as I could have ever asked him to. "So so good to come all over your fucking cock," I gasped out after he held me down through another orgasm.

My brain exploded somewhere around here - I'm not entirely sure what happened. But it was amazing and splendorous and the entire night made me remember why I adore this man so very much.

I do remember, after he had pulled me into his arms, that I whispered in a joking rebuke: "You didn't hurt me with your cock at all."

"I noticed," he responded, somewhat smugly.

He has a right to be smug.


  1. To paraphrase your label - damn your man is awesome. So are you, I think, coming that many times!
    Dr. Who plots - seriously you think they can be explained!

    1. He can be pretty terrific sometimes. It makes up for the slight imperfections in day-to-day life. (like, you know, earning a living and all) :)

      We do our best trying to explain them... we talk about Doctor Who a LOT. I'd say it's 10-15% of our total conversation material when new episodes are on or we've just binge-watched a bunch of old ones.

  2. Sounds like you two had an amazing evening. Good for you...making up for all that time lost last week!


    1. It's the good nights that let me hold out for the worse ones. :)

  3. Very hot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading! (and commenting :))

  4. Impressive!
    I'm glad the night ended so well, especially after he fell asleep. :)

    1. The things the man can do with a 5 minute nap, I don't even. ;)

  5. This was good. Nights like that are memorable. How come I haven't wandered over here before? Or if I did I don't recall. Anyway, I'm going to have to make time to read over some of your older posts. Thank you for some good writing.

    1. I've been over to your place several times, but my time to read/comment on other people's stuff took a NOSEDIVE back in March and I haven't really recovered. Glad to see you here, and thank you for the compliment. :)

    2. Conina - very hot and wonderful. Jacquie - so glad you found Conina. Yay, two of my favorite bloggers connect!

      Elisa Xo

  6. Oh my! Glad I waited until part 2 was up!

    Somehow you flew under my radar until now. I read back through December and had to stop. Kids and dinner and all that good stuff.

    Mmmm... You've got quite a way with words! Its gonna be a fun night around here once lil ones are off to bed!

    1. Words are my favorite. :) Thank you for the compliment! I think I've seen you around. I love it when I discover a blog that's been around a while and I lose myself in their archives.

  7. Replies
    1. Yeah, I'm kind of known for that. :) Not sure what to make of this though.

  8. Isnt it wonderful when pain is pleasure :-)

  9. I love the way he sees you, Conina. It is beautiful.



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