Friday, June 7, 2013

Sleepless morning

5:30 AM: I need the bathroom. Needed it two hours ago but managed to go back to sleep. Sprained ankle means lots of maneuvering, me with my hurt leg supported in an office chair scooting down the obstacle-ridden dressing area to relieve myself, then scooting back down the path, now slightly cleared due to my initial pass through.

I crawl over my sleeping man, lay staring up at the ceiling. My perfect vision lies off to the side, so what I can see of the ceiling is blurry, but the morning light is just starting to peek around the dual layer of curtains covering our window. I’ve just exhausted myself with the effort I’ve expended, but I can’t get back to sleep.

My husband’s body is warm as he tosses his arm over me, pulls me into him. I enjoy his physical presence at the same time as I am frustrated by the infirmity of my own body. I reach over, grab my Kindle Fire, and read some of Shelby’s book.

So hot. Anal sex and spanking and figging, which I cannot stand but have experienced and - oh - it’s so hot, and my husband is right next to me, sexy and warm and - but no. He has to work and he needs his rest.

I’m hungry. I’m aroused, and I’m hungry. Most definitely not a winning combination. The light is definitely coming into the room now, and light has always made it harder for me to sleep. I sit up, pull on my nightshirt, and scoot to the edge of the bed. 

“Where you going now, girl?” he asks sleepily.

“Living room,” I murmur as I pull myself back onto the chair and scoot to the door where I can grab my crutches.

“What time is it?” he asks, confused, his brain clouded with sleep. I never do this.

“I don’t know,” I respond as I reach the door.

I hear him behind me, reaching for his phone to check the time. “It’s 6:30,” he whispers, “only 6:30,” wonder and confusion and sleepiness coloring his voice as he settles back down.

I crutch myself into the kitchen, where we have leftover vegan pizza. I sit alone at the table and munch a slice.

Oh, that feels better. That particular hunger sated, I make my way back to the bedroom as sleepiness overwhelms me.

He moves his feet so I can crawl over him yet again, snaking his arm under my shirt and around me. I purr.

“Missed you, girl,” he says, half asleep.

I purr again as he draws me into him and I pick up the Kindle Fire again, read some more. I must be squirming a little bit against him because I feel his cock growing hard against my backside. I put the book down, stretch and rub my body against his. His hand wanders over my bare skin, his fingers finding my nipples, making me release a little “Oh” of longing. He pulls my shirt off so his hand can wander more freely, and I turn over into his embrace.

“Love my girl,” he whispers, kissing my lips gently. I’m concerned about the garlic on my breath from the pizza, but he doesn’t react to it. My hand wanders over his chest, his back, as he releases my lips and pulls my head against his chest. Oh, I do so love that feeling of protection. I feel his cock against my arm, and I move my hand to press against it. Hot. The man is a furnace and even through his boxer briefs he is hot

He moans his pleasure at my touch and I am encouraged to go further - to his skin. I pull the boxer briefs up over his cock and down, and then my mouth is on him, kissing, licking. Oh wow. It’s been too long, and he feels amazing, sounds amazing as his noises of delight fill my ears. His hips start to move smoothly, a gentle rocking motion into my mouth and I moan deeply. My mouth is a hole for his cock and that is how I like it. The thought fills my head as I suck, swirling my tongue over him. It is an intense feeling, and he intensifies it further by grabbing my hair, tugging on it slightly, and saying “Good girl.”

Good girl. I don’t remember the last time he said that. A few days, a week. Oh, but it feels good to hear it, feels good to have my mouth full of his erection, to have my moans of pleasure cut off by his cock entering my throat, to hear him enjoying himself so thoroughly so early in the morning. His leg goes over my neck and I am pinned, helpless as I pleasure his cock. If I were to show signs of genuine distress he’d be off me in a second, but for now the weight of his slim thigh presses against my neck and gives me pleasure in helplessness.

His moans grow more intense and I swirl my tongue, taking a few deep breaths through my nose when his thrusts pull back, ready to hold it for a while. I pull on his ass, drawing his cock into the entrance of my throat, where I suck it so that it pulls in and out of my throat just slightly as he thrusts, over and over, rubbing, rubbing as I hold my breath.

“Oh fuck, oh FUCK,” he moans, his orgasm overtaking me, his ejaculate shooting down my throat as I swallow again and again and again, keeping up the suction because his pleasure continues the whole time. I keep sucking even after he has finished, but carefully while his sensitivity is high. His cock stays big for quite some time and I enjoy having my mouth full of it even when he’s not actively using me.

Eventually he pulls me up into his arms, tossing his leg across my waist. His thigh fits perfectly between the bottom of my ribs and my hip. He tells me he loves me, murmurs words of appreciation for the pleasure I have given him, and I am grateful for it too. His alarm goes off - 7:30 - but he taps his phone’s face to keep holding me. His fingers draw tingles across my breasts, his hand cups my face and makes me feel owned. He slips his fingers between my legs, first circling around my slick opening and making me gasp, and then working his way slowly, teasingly, to my clit. Up a little, back down, up a little until I gasp, back down - until finally he is circling my clit and I am softly moaning my pleasure. I am thoroughly aroused already so his touch is amazing.

He draws my pleasure out for a long time, keeping me close to him, close to orgasm. I am trembling with what could pass for an orgasm but isn’t quite, and his finger moves a little faster.

“You want to come for your master?” he asks softly. I whimper in response.

“I know you do. Go on,” he says softly, “I’ll allow it.” His finger moves across my sensitive bundle of nerve endings and I arch up.

“Come for me,” he says outright, and I am there. White-hot burning explodes through my entire body, a nearly electric shock spreading through my limbs, and I cry out. It is too too much, I cannot bear it but I must because he isn’t stopping, his finger keeps going and my limbs are stretched to the max except for my sprained ankle which must not push, must not push, oh my God it feels amazing and I arch up using my one good foot, into his touch which just keeps on and on like a neverending onslaught of delight. I don’t know if I’m still on the first orgasm or if I've moved on to three or four, but I really cannot bear it anymore and I twist slightly, panting, begging. He relents, his touch gentling, soothing my overexcited nerves, and he wraps me in his arms, his leg over my body again.

“I’ve got you,” he whispers into my hair, and oh, does he ever have me.


  1. Oh a dawn blow job is such a fabulous way to start off the day....exceptional orgasms for you is the perfect cherry on top!! And when they get you to the edge and then command you to cum...holy hell!!


    1. It's been a pretty weird/awesome day all 'round, really. :)

  2. That was hot!! (like I stated before, love those wake up BJ's ) This would make a great erotic poem. Without the bad ankle that is. :)
    Get well...

    peace and love

    1. I sometimes get a muse that makes what I write sound more poetic than normal - minus the bad ankle. :)

      I think it is getting well as I type. :)

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Sounds like the perfect start to any morning. Hopefully you got some rest later in the day :)


    1. Plenty of rest, but no sleep. :) Still worth it.

  4. That is a great book! I have it too... and yes, when I read it, it generally leads somewhere good - even if he was the one leading, you must have been emitting the pheromones.

    What does BILLS mean?

    1. Or it could just be that we hadn't had sex in days. :) Or more likely a combination of all the things.

      I pay our bills too. It was an acknowledgement of... well, they kind of just go on and on and on and they don't end, they just...cycle. :)

  5. "I've got you..." I love it!
    Sounds like you had him too ;)

    1. I do believe the man likes me a fair bit, aye. :)

  6. A blow job in the morning is a great way to start the day. I really like that he is in the dom role all the time, and he holds you and catches you.
    I sprained my ankle too. And getting to the bathroom is so hard. I tripped on a small step, what did you do?

    1. I dunno about ALL THE TIME, but.. I like it too. :)

      Fell HARD after tripping on a root on a hiking trail. For a while the bathroom seemed a sort of unobtainable shining palace... of porcelain.

  7. OH you are a Good Girl, though, aren't you? How lucky your Dom is to have you wake up and ready to satisfy Him. I'm a little envious of that!


    1. I try to be my best. :)

      He says he knows he's lucky.


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