Monday, August 12, 2013

A little reminder

It's dark, and I'm driving on a relatively long haul for a family trip - three and a half hours.

He's sitting behind me to let the more car-sickness prone among us have a better journey.

I shift slightly in my seat to relieve some pressure point that's irritating me, and that's when his hand comes to rest on my throat. His fingers stroke gently at first, and I purr. But even after he stops caressing me, he leaves his hand there.

It's a glorious reminder of his presence and our dynamic, of the fact that I am his and if he chooses to rest his hand on my throat he damn well can.

It arouses me incredibly.

But the arousal will have to wait until the weekend trip is over.


  1. I do love a gentle reminder like that. I hope you're having a good trip and being a good girl.

  2. Love those reminders.
    Hope your trip is well....and fast! ;)

  3. I love little reminders like that, gentle affirmation of the dynamic.


  4. Oh I love those little reminders that let us know they are in control. A hand round the neck would be very effective.


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