Friday, August 2, 2013

Orgasm trigger

He's fucking me. It's hot and he's been talking since he started - he's pulling out all the stops. He's on top and we rock, a perfect rhythm. His hand goes to cover my face; I whimper with all the lust that action causes, and as I do he says it.

"Fuck object doesn't get to talk. Fuck object doesn't get to make a sound. Fuck object just gets to be fucked."

Beyond my heavy breathing I am silent as he instructed, and I bite into the side of his hand where it presses slightly into my mouth. But as he keeps moving and as the orgasm gains strength, as his words bounce around inside my skull, a half-choked scream emerges from me, and the orgasm itself completely saps my energy.

Ohhhh he's soo good.


  1. Did he complain about the bit to his hand?
    You 2 are good together :)

  2. Oh he IS good, though so is his fuck object! mmmmm, objectification is such a turn on!


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  4. Very hot. Fuck object. Wow.

  5. Oh wow! Talking always gets me, too. It's almost unfair. But oh so nice.

  6. Remember when a spanking was used to discipline a naughty girl who deserves it? Well, these girls get taught what it's like to get restrained and have their asses beaten until fiery and sore, then be used for pleasure and enjoyment. Turn up the heat and attack that fucking red hot ass.


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