Thursday, January 23, 2014

Making the girl blush

We get up to some awfully intense things in the bedroom, but my husband rarely speaks aloud of them outside the bedroom door.

The other night, I was feeling horrible. Overstimulation from constantly caring for our child, bills, cleaning, and a lack of sex for several days had contributed to me generally feeling withdrawn and angry on a broad, not-directed-at-anyone scale.

He followed me around and when I wound up in bed, he forced himself on me despite my protests.

"But you're not going to stop me, are you girl? I wonder why you're not going to stop me, girl," he said as he performed all sorts of things upon my person. I didn't resist. I only answered his questions when he made me, though.

But later, when it was all said and done and a large chunk of the evening was gone, I mentioned how late it was as we sat on the sofa together and talked about what to do next.

"Where did the time go?" he asked, a little startled as it was 10:30 at night by now.

"You munched it up," I answered. This is common in the language of our marriage, we speak of time being munched a lot. It's not out of the ordinary. His response, though, was.

"Oh, so it was between your legs, then?"

I couldn't even respond. I gave him a look of incredulity as the blood rushed to my face.

You'd think that making me blush would be harder than this by now, but nope, it really, really isn't.

What makes you blush?


  1. oooooh this was lovely - it never ceases to surprise me how my husband can also still make me blush - after nearly two decades now!

    When he insists I ask or beg for things, or voice my desires, or repeat certain dirty talk phrases - that makes me blush!

    Also, like you've described here, when he unexpectedly refers to things... Only my husband does it A LOT *grin*

    1. I often don't blush in the dark - but if he has the lights on, and I know he can see me, then I'm more prone to it. (with anything - dirty talk, making me talk, the whole kit 'n' caboodle)

      I dunno if I could handle it if he did it a lot. I might just explode of embarrassment. :)

  2. I honestly can't think of a time when Master made me blush. For example, when he makes me say things I don't like to say, like calling myself a slut, that doesn't make me blush, it just annoys me.

    I think the closest that ever came to almost a blush was Master. The first time he ever came on my face, right afterwards he got up to wash off because he was behind schedule, and while he was at the bathroom sink, in front of the mirror, I came in and looked in the mirror at him and started wiping it off my face with my fingertip and licking it off. The look on his face in the mirror was unforgettable. Seriously. I will never forget that look. Hee.:)

    1. Haha, that's awesome! I don't think I could have pulled that off with a straight face.

  3. Hmmm, make me blush?

    Actually, just the other day it occurred. So, after my Man cums he does NOT usually feel kink at all. I see it as a switch, and I know that my craziest ideas and thoughts need to come out prior to him cumming or it feels out of context. We had some wonderful sexy time that had my feeling the need to just explode. He came in my ass (yahoo!!) and I was so on edge. I decided to let him know 'I know after you cum your not in the mood for more usually but just so you know, after you fuck me in the ass like that it feels like I could cum so hard if you spank my pussy'.

    You would have thought I said those words in the middle of church I was so silly! This Man just had his cock down my throat and said 'I want to cum, mouth or ass?' and I am embarrassed now!? It was funny.

  4. hmmm, I can't remember blushing lately either, but I"m sure I do...

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