Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to normal

Some of you may have noticed that things have been a little sparse around my neck of the woods lately. We've been acting like tourists and tour-guides simultaneously for a little over two weeks; it takes its toll on a person. I think we're all rested up now though.

I had a long chat with a friend last night while my husband kept working on his computer. I was grinning and giggling and just having a grand old time. After, I was feeling frisky and I told him, "You know, you could have come to bed with me at any time, but you just kept tap-tap-tapping away."

"Work doesn't do itself, you know," he told me. "Neither does wife, for that matter."

I laughed. "I know! I keep trying, but it just doesn't work for me."

"So what can I do to make you feel good tonight?" he asked me, wrapping me in his arms and tossing his leg over me.

"Mmmmmm," I purred at the closeness, "I dunno, there's such an extreme deficit that you probably need to do everything to make up for it."

"Oh is that right?" he asked, a teasing edge to his voice. He drew his hand back and brought it down hard on my bare left breast, square on the nipple, causing me to inhale sharply and exhale a long moan. So long since such attention had been visited on my breasts. "I don't have anything to do this for me, you know," he informed me.

He slapped my breast repeatedly, and my nipple started burning. I was panting out little "Oh-oh-ohs" with each strike, arching up into the blows. My brain was afire with sensation. I'd missed this, so much.

"Not that that means I don't have things to hit you with," he said. "In fact, I think I have a ruler just waiting for these nipples in this drawer." I gasped loudly, a little fear on my breath. "Oh, does that scare you?" he asked, turning his torso to open the drawer he mentioned. "I mean, you did say you had a deficit, so I think the ruler should fill that in nicely. Aha." He pulled it out and rubbed the edge of the wood against my stiff nipple. I held my breath, waiting. While he was turned over I slid my arm under his ass and between his legs, and my hand was now resting on his erection. He continued rubbing the edge of the ruler against my nipple while he said "Looks like you've found my cock. What you gonna do with that, baby?"

"Mmm, hold it," I whispered, letting my fingers squeeze it.

"That's good, baby. You hold that cock, I like that." He lifted the ruler and brought it down on my nipple with a soft little smack sound. I bit back a shriek. God, that hurt. His left hand was holding my left hand on the other side of my head, and my right hand was trapped under his leg, or I would have moved my hands to  protect my nipple. As it was, my body curled and both my knees lifted into the air in the direction of my chest. At the same time I felt the curls of heat building and building in the pit of my stomach, because for all that it hurt I loved it. I loved it and I loved enduring it. "Oh, that looks like it hurts. But look! Your nipple is still standing up all stiff and ready to be smacked again." He whacked it again and again, the soft smacks followed by my own near shrieks, and my grip on his cock slackened as I bore up to the pain. I writhed in his embrace and a fine sheen of sweat broke out all over my body. I was tossing my head back and forth, my mouth wide open as the moans escaped from it.

"Oh, what about this one?" he asked, his fingers finding my right nipple, squeezed up against his body. "Did it think it would get away from me? Go on, turn on your back," he whispered. I obeyed, my left nipple burning and tingling from the extensive amount of abuse it had taken. He gave the left one the same working over. My hand now gripped his thigh instead of his cock because I didn't want to clutch at his cock with a spasm of pain. My open mouth caused him to comment "Mmm, I wonder what I could shove in that mouth of yours? Does it need fucking?" I made no answer, just gasped and writhed there in the circle of his arm as he continued whacking that fucking ruler into my nipple.

"I think I'm going to fuck you now. Because you turned me on, and when you turn me on it makes me want to fuck you." I faced away from him and lifted my leg over his hip, opening my pussy against his cock and pressing backward toward him. "Mmmm, what have we here?" he asked, first letting his fingers spread my folds more. "Oooh, that's a very wet pussy." He pressed his cock inside me and I gasped. Just a couple of days (forever!) since we'd last fucked like this and I was so tight he felt invasive. It thrilled me to be forced open like that, speared, my softness yielding to his hardness. I shivered with the intensity of it and moaned loudly. His cock was only halfway in, I realized, and he was waiting for something. I squeezed him inside of me and we both made noises of surprised pleasure.

"You need more, baby?" he asked, prompting me. Ohhh, that's what he was waiting for.

I wriggled against him and squeezed him inside of me again. "Oh yes, please."

He pressed all the way in and I breathed deeply with the joy of feeling him throb, encased inside my body. He moved slowly; I could feel each movement of his within me. "How do you like that cock inside you, baby?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I do," I purred, turning so that my torso was more flat.

"What about this nipple?" he asked, running his fingertips gently over the left one, still super sensitive from the beating it had taken.

"Mmmf, it hurrts," I whispered, reflexively tightening around him.

"Mmm, good. And what if I hit you here while I fuck you?"

"It'll hurt," I responded, a little breathless at the idea.

"Mmmmm, then hurt, slut," he growled, as he started hitting me again, hard, fast, not stopping. "Hurt while I fuck you." His thrusts were slow but powerful, deliberate, as he continued spanking my breasts. "You want cock, you'll have to pay for it." Each blow caused me to tighten, moan, and wriggle, and it was fantastic. It hurt in the best way possible, and he didn't stop. "Mine!" he growled, gripping a handful of my hair and holding my head still while he slapped my breasts with his other hand, his cock still plundering my wet softness. "Such a good little fuck hole," he whispered, causing me to moan even louder than I already was.

"Hurts," I whispered as his fingers tightened around my poor nipple and squeezed, pulling it upward away from my body.

"Isn't that the point?" he asked, releasing my nipple and slapping my breast again. I groaned. "I'm ready for you to suck my cock now," he whispered, sliding his finger into my mouth for me to suck. "I think we should put you up on that ramp, so I can hold your head and fuck your face if I want to. Yeah, just hold your head and fuck. your. face." He kept thrusting inside me though, not pulling away. On the wall I saw the shadow of a long flogger, flickering in the candlelight as he pulled it from the drawer while he continued fucking me. "Feels so good inside your pussy, baby."

It took him another minute or so to stop, and he pushed me away. I grabbed the Liberator ramp and put it on the bed while he stood next to it, and then, before I was even in position, I sucked his cock into my mouth with a hungry moan, tasting my own extreme arousal sweet on his skin. I settled into position as his hands closed around my face, the ramp giving my upper body the lift to be on level with his cock comfortably. I spread my legs as wide as possible, wanting desperately to hump against something, anything, as I sucked that glorious cock into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, forcing choking noises out of me. I sucked hard and then his hands tightened around my head and he held me still as he began to thrust. I moaned, long and loud and repeatedly, as he used my face. "Mmmm, gooooooood fuckhole," he whispered, drawing the word 'good' out to make it almost an entire sentence. "You like this, baby? You like having your face used as a fuck hole? Good girl, gooood girl," he praised me, as all I could do in response was move my tongue against him and moan. My hands gripped his thighs and kept him close to me, squeezing him as close as I could despite his near-constant movement. Like it? I adore it. "This is what you're for, isn't it?"

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. All I managed was a repeated "Grrk," though, and tightening my hands on his legs.

He moved his hands, leaving one to tighten in my hair. "Suck it, bitch," he said, pulling up on my hair and striking me across my back and ass with the flogger he'd taken with him. I moaned at the change in sensation and I sucked. "Suck it!" he said, pressing deeper into my throat, as I did. He kept flogging me and I kept sucking, sucking, sucking. My brain was floating away and I was worshiping him with my mouth as best I could, pulling him into me, squeezing his legs, choking, gasping, pulling away for ragged breaths and then sucking him back into me.

He stopped flogging me and I felt his hands running down my back. I lifted my ass as high into the air as I could, moving my knees higher on the ramp, and felt his cock pressing more into my throat as he bent over me. I couldn't breathe, but his fingers were touching my pussy, sliding inside me. "Oh, my, what a very very wet slut you are," he said, touching my clit. I spasmed, my leg randomly kicking. "Oh yeah, lose it for me, baby," he whispered. I had to open my mouth around his cock to take a breath, resulting in some very strange noises, before I closed my lips and sucked again. "Mmm, that's good," he said, gently rocking back and forth, sliding just in and out of the entrance of my throat as his fingers explored my soaking wet open pussy.

"Mmm, what about this ass? I think it needs some attention too," he decided, spreading some of the plentiful natural lubrication from my pussy to my asshole. One finger of his other hand gently penetrated me there, and he sank two fingers into my pussy, still barely rocking into my throat. I made a lot of noises considering how thoroughly gagged I was, and I squirmed like crazy, unbelievably aroused to be so used.

"Oh yeah, you have all your fuckholes filled now, slut," he said, slowly moving his fingers inside me. My leg started kicking again and I had to open my mouth for another awkward breath, which resulted in a loud moan as well.

Eventually he disengaged so I could breathe without the awkward open mouth sucking, pulling his fingers away and standing up straight again, tugging on my hair. "I think that pussy needs more fucking now. Turn around so I can fuck you like this."

I kept sucking, not wanting to stop, too lost in the moment. I moaned because I wanted both. The flogger made a reappearance and he brought it down across my back twice. "Move, slut." I whimpered as I pulled away from his cock with a final long lick, and I turned around onto my hands and knees. "Good girl," he growled as he gripped my hips and slid inside my welcoming wetness in one long stroke, "good cockslut. Good fuck hole. Mine to fuck. You want to fuck, we fuck on my terms," he informed me in his sex-god voice, each sentence punctuated with a thrust into my body and my own moans.

His hands stroked up my back, tugged at my hair, then slipped under my body to cup my swaying breasts, gently. His gentle grip turned into groping and then into pinching my nipples as they hung underneath me. I bucked against him and made small noises. He pinched harder and pulled my nipples down. "Oh, it hurts," I whimpered, wriggling, struggling to stay in the properly fuckable position when he was torturing me so.

"Mmmmm, good, that's the point," he said, squeezing my right breast even tighter, pinching the nipple harder, as his left hand slid away to tangle into and pull my hair. He held me like that and increased the speed of his thrusts, "Mine. You feel so fucking good. I think I just might come inside you. You want that?"

"Oh, fuck, yes," I whispered.

"You want me to come inside you like this?" he asked as he kept thrusting, holding my body tightly.

"Mmmhmmmmmmmm," I moaned.

"Or you want to turn around and let me come down your throat?"

"Oh, yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes," I said, loudly. Fuck, yes, I wanted that.

"Mmmm, okay then, go ahead," he said, letting me go and pulling away from me.

I somewhat unsteadily turned around and devoured his cock, grabbing his ass and pulling him to me. The sweetness of my pussy coated him again and I moaned, loving the taste of us together. I sucked him deeply into my mouth and his hands tightened on my head as he rocked into my face, both of us working together for his orgasm. I felt him spasm when it overtook him, spurting wave after wave down my throat. "Good girl... good girrrl," he purred. I kept sucking for minutes afterward, enjoying him so much, looking up at him occasionally.  "Mmm," he said eventually, "you want to lie down with me now?"

I did. He moved onto the bed and drew me into his arms, his fingers sliding between my legs and delivering orgasms to me too, ones that had been sitting right at the edge and waiting to be brought out. I clutched him to me as fireworks exploded behind my eyelids and I moaned deep and long.

I lay on his chest afterward, gasping for air and pressing little kisses to his bare skin.

He just keeps outdoing himself, guys. I think we've reached the pinnacle of awesome sex-having and then he goes and does something like this.

You won't catch me complaining.


  1. Holy Shit. I am supposed to go back to work now? I can't even type this sentence.


    1. You somehow manage to always put the biggest grins on my face, lady.

      It really was, though! Sorry for the extreme distraction.

  2. I can't get myself there either unless he's directing me and there is some humiliation with it. It's good a thing we have them to help us out. I am glad you got to catch up.

    1. Masturbation hasn't done anything for me for some years now. I'll read some sexy story about someone else's masturbation now and then and I'll give it a go, but... no. It's only helpful if he's already worked me up past a boiling point and has to leave.

  3. Very hot Conina.

  4. Oh, did I miss you while you were busy :) Grrk? LOL. So glad you are back!

    1. It's good to be missed, and great to BE back. :) Thank you!

      You try saying something with a throat full of cock.. "Grrk" is my best approximation of that noise. ;)

  5. !!!!!


    *shakes head* I'm going to report you to the Head Injury Council if you keep this *@#$% up, yanno. ;-)

    1. If I could keep it up like this I would gladly take any amount of reports. :) Thanks for the grin.


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