Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantasy Friday

I don't normally write fiction, but today... well.

Teased, turned on, left wanting, panting, writhing helplessly. "You're cruel," I whisper as he pulls away from me and stands up, then "So horny."

"You should do something about that," he quips as he puts his pants back on and heads out the bedroom door.

The images and words rose unbidden in my mind, then. Hope you enjoy.

On her hands and knees on the bed, she is exposed, helpless, bare to his penetrating gaze. Her knees are wide and her back is curved, exposing every bit of her body for his viewing pleasure. He walks around her, a riding crop in his hand which he uses to slap against her flesh when he wants her to move a bit this way or that. Her pale skin already bears several red marks where he has indicated she should move to get her into this position. Her arms are starting to tremble. She doesn't know how long it has been, but it has gone on for a while.

He lifts her chin with the riding crop, traces it over her lips, already swollen from sucking his cock. "What is this?" he asks sharply.

"My mouth?" she responds, confused.

"What is it for?" he asks, tapping the crop against her cheek, softly, over and over as he waits for his answer.

"Eating. Talking. Breathing?" She has no idea what he's after, and a fearful shiver shakes her form.

"Wrong on both counts. It's a fuck hole, and it's for me to fuck," he corrects her, bringing the crop harder against her cheek, drawing a red mark and a gasp from her.

He walks behind her, wraps his free hand around her throat and pulls her up to her knees. He presses his body against her back, holding her to him by the throat. He moves the crop across her breasts and belly, forcing her body to press back against him in a futile attempt to avoid it. He starts tapping with the end of the crop on her nipples, enjoying the feel of her body tensing for pain he is not yet delivering, the sound of her soft expectant whimpers.

"You're mine," he whispers darkly, directly into her ear, even that tiny canal invaded by him. He squeezes her throat gently for good measure.

She shakes in his arms as she absorbs his words, tension leaving her body, moaning as she surrenders herself to the reality of his ownership.

He feels the tension draining from the soft, warm body pressed against him, feels the fight leave her. And that is when he raises the crop and brings it down on her left nipple, again and again, hard and fast. She squeals, the sudden unavoidable pain setting fire to her brain, enlivening her previously relaxed body, bringing the tension back. She squirms, her body writhing backwards, but that is where he is, the wall of his body preventing her from moving away from the pain. She tries to twist, but he tightens his grip on her throat. She keeps her hands down.

"Good girl," he praises her even as he angles the crop slightly to hit her right nipple instead, fresh cries of pain erupting from her wide-open, panting mouth. "My good, sweet girl." He relishes the feel of her body squirming against him, absorbing the pain, the sounds of her helpless cries as the crop lands on her delicate flesh. His cock is hard as steel, full of the power he has over her, but he ignores it for now. They have plenty of time...


  1. Ok, one question. Are our guys related? LOL I may not be great at the details, and Musicman is still learning the power of words, but really!!! I think they are cut from the same cloth.

    On a different note, I was just wondering if you have ever thought of becoming a published writer? You definitely have the talent and ability :) I'd buy your book.

    1. *lol* If our men are cut from the same cloth, (and mine took some years to learn the talking thing too, you know), then you're a lucky, lucky girl. But yeah, they can be cruel at times.

      That is a lovely compliment, thank you so much! My husband has been encouraging me of late to write a novel, so I'd say I've toyed with it a little if only due to that. I promise I'll let you know if I do.

  2. lovely! And hot!


  3. I concur with faerie, your writing is very well done. This particular piece has inspired me to purchase a riding crop for my pet. I think it would be a wonderful addition.

    1. We didn't actually have one, but I went and purchased a vinyl one right after I wrote this, myself. :) Thank you as well for the compliment!

  4. This was a wonderful vignette. I live for the "good girl" comment actually.

    A little Fantasy and/or Fiction is always nice. I have two parts of a three parter tucked away, and I am kind of proud of it, but it is a DD one and I feel a bit fraudulent pretending that I know what that is really like.

    1. Thank you! It's not just you. It fills the pleasure center of my brain right up just to hear it - especially if his hands are on my head or face.

      You should finish it anyway! It's not fraudulent if it's a fantasy. Like I said above, we didn't even own a riding crop... it just served as a better visual than a ruler.

  5. Nicely done! i enjoyed this very much. We do have a crop...I hate it. And I love it. And yeah, the good girl comment-makes my knees weak even when I don't want it too!

    1. I understand that hate/love relationship, totally!

      And yeah, he's tossed that at me a few times in the supermarket or something and it's very...melty at inconvenient times. :)


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