Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early edition

"I still haven't read your blog post," my husband said, snuggling up to my back in bed. "Though I can't read today's one, as that's scheduled for tomorrow...." He trailed his fingertips down my side, making me shiver. "Though, I think I can experience tomorrow's blog post, today." I burst into giggles at that, the reference to the TV show not lost on me. "That's a neat trick, isn't it?" he asked, his voice raised a little so I could hear him over the giggles shaking me.

"You're funny. I like that about you," I said, as I gained control of my voice.

"You should turn over." I did, rolling into his arms. "I dunno why you like to face the wall like that anyway," he mused as he squeezed me close to him.

A behavior to correct? I'm on it.

He started stroking me, asking me what I was thinking about. I wouldn't share. His hands wandered over my body, and I kept my noises down to quick inhales and exhales as the sensations chased each other. "Are you sad, love? You seem sad," he commented as he gazed at me in the candlelight.

"Am I?" I asked, expertly avoiding the question. Or not.

He pulled my legs open and slapped his hand down on my inner thigh, hard, and my noises were much more than loud breathing then. He slapped me there more times and I whimpered, my body arching, rocking back and forth. "Oh, don't you like it when I hurt you, slut?" he asked. I was just tossing my head back and forth. He apparently didn't need an answer, as he slapped my other thigh hard. "Of course you do!" he answered himself. "You like my attention, don't you?"

"Yesss," I managed, my legs closing themselves for protection. I forced them back open and he hit me again.

"Any kind of attention I want to give you, isn't that right?" I'd just put moisturizer on my legs, it's so dry here. Something about the moisturizer made those slaps on my thighs sting so incredibly. I nodded, a little high-pitched wail coming from me as my legs flapped open and closed, trying to relieve the sting.

"Turn over and let me give your ass some, then," he said. I turned over, just the rush of air against my freshly-spanked thighs making me moan softly.

And then he was spanking me with his hand.

Then the tickler, making me purr. "You like that?" he asked, then put it away. "I should save that for later, after your ass is sore. I'm gonna make your ass sore, right, love?" he said. I nodded, because I was sure if that was his intent he would do it.

Then a flogger. He stopped after several strokes. I could see his flickering shadow on the wall next to me, pulling another flogger from the drawer, straightening it out. He hit me with it. I love that one. It hurts and feels amazing all at the same time. He hit me with it for quite some time, I didn't count though.

He stopped, stroking my ass gently, dropping little kisses on it, listening to me purr. "I'm going to hurt your ass now, love," he said, waiting for my whimper of anticipation before his hand smacked me several times. Oh, the hand is amazing.

His hand tired, and he switched to a flogger again, smacking it into my ass and the backs of my thighs....

"You're hurting me," I whined at one point.

"Oh, I know," he responed, crooning, "isn't that what your ass is for? Well, that and being fucked..." I shivered as his words impacted me along with the flogger, so very very turned on.

On and on and on and on and on like that. I wasn't thinking about anything else anymore. My universe had narrowed to just the two of us, just the sensations, just his words.

I was in a position with my ass all the way up, and he said, "Oooh, maybe you want a different kind of attention, huh?" as he put down the flogger he'd been hitting me across the backs of my thighs with. His fingers found their way to my pussy and played there briefly, stroking my clit, sliding a finger inside me, making me purr.

"You want to be full, don't you?" he asked me.

"Mmmhmm," I responded.

"I'm going to fill your ass up, then," he said confidently.

I whimpered. He moved, got the plug and the lube, and came back, draping one arm around the small of my back, holding me down as he slowly slipped a lubed finger inside me, readying me for invasion. "My ass," he said as I moaned.

He pressed the slippery plug into me, and I moaned. "Nononono," I whimpered, shaking my head, trying to buck as the plug invaded me slowly. I couldn't buck because his arm held me down.

"You saying no to your master?" he asked, holding me down as he pushed the plug about halfway in, then moving up so his face was next to my ear.

"No sir," I said.

"Good girl. Don't," he said as he pressed it inexorably into me. "Take the whole thing in your ass, girl, go on.."

"Uhhhh uh uh," I groaned, as he kept pressing. "Too big," I complained as it reached the widest part, stretching me to my own limit.

"Oh, no it isn't," he said, pressing it all the way in. I groaned in relief as the muscle was allowed to contract around the neck of the plug. "See? There it is, plenty of room in you."

I moaned, my face buried in the pillow, tossing my head, tossing my hips back and forth. "Full, full, full," I chanted.

"You know what I think?" he asked, rubbing my back firmly. "I think you should stop complaining so much and stick a cock in it."

I moaned into the pillow and started obediently scooting down, the movement made more awkward by the size of the plug. I was slow, and the entire situation had me so aroused that I stopped every inch or so, humping the bed and moaning. "You nice and full, girl?" he asked me as he noted my lack of progress. I just moaned again and made my slow way to his cock, opening my mouth when I got there and sucking it in, swirling my tongue around it, shuddering. "Mmm, goood girl," he said, his hands in my hair.

I was still mostly on my stomach, leaning over to suck his cock. I felt how incredibly wet I was as he grabbed my head and held it still, thrusting into my face. I humped the bed, which seemed like the thing to do since my head couldn't move. Oh, that felt nice. I groaned as each movement of my hips emphasized the presence of that plug. Finally, he released my head and let me move up and down his cock, pausing once in a while to let a shudder of desire and invasion wrack my body, accompanied by a long loud groan. Sucking his cock with the plug in is so amazing and makes me so incredibly wet, it's like my pussy is going "Me too, me too, fuck me too! I'm fuckable!"

"You ready to have your pussy fucked yet?" he asked me as I sucked. I moaned, sucked harder. "Oh, I know, it's so hard for my slut's horny face to stop sucking the cock..."

He pulled away from me, and I planted wet kisses all along the bottom of his shaft. He got up, walked around the bed, put the Liberator ramp on it. "Go on, you know where you go," he said, standing there, waiting for me. I felt incredibly exposed with that plug sticking out of me, but I climbed up on it, face down, ass up toward him. "You think there's room in there for me?" he asked me, pressing the head of his cock against the entrance of my pussy, rubbing it around in my extreme wetness.

"No," I murmured, muffled by the ramp, with my face pressed into it.

"Oh, I'm sure there is," and he was pressing his cock into my wet, wet pussy. I moaned as I felt my body give way to his hardness despite the fullness already present.

"There you are, baby, nice and full," he whispered, moving slowly. "Yeah, that's one full pussy all right..." he reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head up, wrapping his other hand around my throat, leaning over and pulling my back against his front for a brief moment of shared warmth.


"You ready for my cock in your ass, baby?" he asked after a while.

"Uhhh, uh-huh," I stammered, not entirely certain that I was. But I don't get to say no, you know. Thrill. He slowly withdrew, and his hand pulled on the plug, making me scream as I was stretched wide to allow it out again. "Oh, oh, oh, oh... ohhhhhh," I groaned as it finally slid out.

He lubed me a little more, and then he slid into my ass, and it felt lovely, but the position is hard for anal, making it hurt long before it should.

It had only been a few minutes before I felt I couldn't handle it like that anymore. "It's too much, too much for me," I pleaded with him, pleasure and pain mixing, but pain winning as he moved too quickly for me and it burned and ached.

"You don't get to decide when it's too much," he said, gripping my hips and thrusting, "you just get to take it. So take it, slut, take it." He spanked me a few times for good measure, adding a "Mine!" to the mix.

I could handle it, I thought. I didn't need to safe word. It was actually kind of turning me on more to be ignored like that, which was his goal of course. I bore up under the thrusts for a while longer, whining, before I collapsed forward onto the ramp, my body winning the mind/body battle and trying to relieve the pain.

"You trying to get away from me?" he asked incredulously, following me with a long thrust, not letting his cock slip from my ass. Oh, sweet, lovely relief from pain, though, the position we were in now felt just fantastic, and I moaned, spreading my legs wider.

"No, no, I'm sorry," I grunted as he continued moving.

"That's right, you can't get away from me, you're mine," he whispered roughly into my ear, making me cry out as he ground into me.

"Mmhmm, you can fuck me anywhere you like, anytime you like, any way you like," I groaned in response, making sure he knew I knew, that I hadn't been trying to get away.

"That's right, baby," he agreed, moving faster and faster, the sounds of his hips smacking into my ass filling my ears.

When he came, it was loudly, my legs curling, lifting into the air to either side of us, aided in that position by the tilt of the ramp.

"I'm going to lie down with you now," he said, then laid on top of me, pressing me into the ramp. I'd have been okay with that, except his face was keeping me from getting any air, and I needed lots of it, breathing hard as I was.

"I can't breathe, love," I said.

He laughed. "Mmm, I'm moving." He rolled to my side, next to the ramp, and I just stayed there, gasping for air, my legs returning to the air because it was incredibly easy for them to be there with the ramp tilting me like that.

"You're not lying dowwwwn," he said. "You're just lying on this ramp with your legs in the air, like you still need fucking or something...." his hand moved to my pussy and I gasped loudly as he brushed the sensitive folds. "Ohh, I see, you do still need fucking," he said, and proceeded to slide his thumb inside me, making me groan. I love that thumb very very much, love the stretch of the base of his hand pressing into me. His fingers stroked my clit and when I came, not screaming but groaning deeply, my legs arched even more, my head moving back to meet them as I trembled. I didn't quite make a ring of myself, but surely it was a close thing.

I like the early edition blog posts the best.


  1. Oh my but that is one great time. A lot of my favorite things. I just found your blog and I have been skipping around, reading different posts. Great Blog!

    1. Blondie, welcome! So glad you're enjoying it, and thank you!

  2. And as usual you've captured all the details again. Can I just say I actually burst out laughing at this line:

    Sucking his cock with the plug in is so amazing and makes me so incredibly wet, it's like my pussy is going "Me too, me too, fuck me too! I'm fuckable!"

    Cos I feel that way too sometimes :)

    1. It feels a little hilarious in the moment too... you know, the part that doesn't feel insanely aroused. :)

    2. I think sometimes I end up whining that I want him in my mouth AND in my pussy at the same time! It really feels like a dilemma. He'll ask - do you want me to fuck you now? And I'll say yes, but refuse to let him out of my mouth.. I'll be sucking even harder and then following his hip with my head...if you know what I mean. LOL

    3. Oh, girl, that happens to me ALL THE TIME. Sometimes he has to yank my head off him by the hair.

    4. SO I've been wondering. The friends I talk to about sex all HATE giving their men blowjobs. I know they're averse to the TiH/TTWD/D/s relationship model too. Is there some correlation between women who enjoy blowjobs and desiring to be sub to their men? your thoughts please?

    5. That's a whole other post, lady. I'm on it.

    6. Awesome. I just did one. More a question than a post tho. And just so you know, BIKSS and I were reading your blog together in bed earlier... and we were both commenting on how it's great fodder for foreplay! Thank ye much *curtseys*

    7. Oh, I can't ask for higher praise than that. Seriously, thanks for telling me. :)

    8. Thanks for the add to your blogroll too.

  3. I get to experience tomorrow's post now! I love it. :)

    Great post and now I am super ready to go find my man and seduce him. :)

    1. The world needs more honest, lovey-dovey seduction. I'm glad to contribute to the presence of it!

  4. sounds wonderful thanks for sharing

  5. Excellent and very hot always from you. And gave me some ideas for my sub. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, and you're also quite welcome. :) Ideas are the food of intimacy!

  6. Nice! I just had to tweet this one!


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