Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love Wednesday

He gathered me in his arms and stroked me, whispering sweet things to me, letting his fingers wander over my skin. "What should I do with my girl?" he asked.

"Mmm, sleep?" I responded.

"No," he dismissed that idea outright. "Sleeping night was last night, remember?"

He rubbed my back, ran his fingertips over my breasts, upper chest and shoulders, making me purr with pleasure. "Sensitive girl," he commented as I clearly enjoyed everything he was doing to me, even the lightest touches.

"Turn over, sensitive girl, I'm gonna beat your ass." I whined because he was making me feel so good, but I obeyed, turning over onto my elbows and knees, bottom up.

He spanked me, then, for a long time. His hand, a paddle from a paddle-ball game that broke, which was actually really nice, sort of flexible plastic, a flogger, perhaps two floggers. He'd use an implement for a while, then rub gently. After flogger strikes he'd drag the flogger gently up my ass and then along my back, causing soft gasps of pleasure from me. He interrupted one of those soft gasps by quickly slapping me with the paddle before the soft stroke of the flogger was even finished. I screamed into the pillow. He did it again, flogger, soft stroke, paddle, so that even if he didn't do it, those soft strokes were less of a relief, more of a tense anticipation. He talked to me the whole time. "My ass. My sweet little slut. You gave yourself to me, didn't you? I can do anything I want with you, slut, isn't that right? Ohh, did that hurt?"

He took a break in the middle of the spanking to finger my pussy, already wet and ready. "Mmm, such a wet slut we have here," he commented, teasing me for a minute longer before he continued the spanking.

He flogged my back a little, too.

"You ready for this cock?" he asked as he tired of the impact play, pressing his hardness against my side. "You ready to suck it?"

I nodded, breathless from moaning and crying out at the impacts. He hit me again an extra time with the paddle, and said "Well, slut, here it is." His fingers tangled in my hair and gripped a handful at the back of my head, physically moving my head, making my mouth open in an aroused 'O' of surprise. He moved my head downward, and I moved the rest of my body to comply with his movement of my head, turning on my side to face him as I slid downward.

I took the head in my mouth first, unable to stop myself, sucking on it with soft moans of pleasure, and then pulled away a bit to lick all over his length first, exploring it with my tongue.

His sounds of pleasure encouraged me a lot, echoing in my ears as I sucked his entire cock in, relishing the feel of it filling my mouth, sucking hard, stroking it with my tongue.

His hands in my hair meant he could stop me when he wanted, hold me still, fuck my face. His leg tossed over my shoulder gave us a perfect angle. I moaned almost constantly.

My eyes were open and he was holding my head still - I was moaning and watching his hips undulate as he fucked into me. Suddenly he stopped moving his hips, and he just took my head and moved it back and forth on his cock, using my face to stroke himself. I screamed around his cock, over and over, excited beyond belief at this use, using my tongue to stroke him as he moved me. "Oh yeah, I think you like that, baby. You like being a fuck toy for me, don't you?" he said, as he kept doing it. My excited screams had reduced to louder moans and they became "mmm-hmm"s as he moved my head. He finally stopped and let me pleasure him on my own again. I could feel my arousal seeping between my thighs as I sucked him as far into my throat as I could and sucked as hard as I could, quickly, before pulling back slightly and running my tongue over him, over and over.

"Mmm, I think I should fuck you somewhere else too," he said. "Like your pussy. I like to fuck your pussy."

He kept talking about fucking me elsewhere, but he didn't stop me, or stop holding my head still at his whim to fuck my face. "Your mouth makes a good pussy." I squealed loudly around his cock at that, my body bucking. "Oh, I think you liked hearing that."

"You have any recommendations as to where else I could fuck you?" he asked me later, as I sucked desperately at him. "Oh, you want me to come down your throat, don't you?" I nodded as best I could with his cock in my throat. "I know you do, but I have other plans for you." I moaned a deep, long moan around his cock. "Mmm, so, no recommendations? I hear the pussy is horny..."

He had taken his leg off of my shoulder and I was still sucking. "How should I fuck you? Should I climb on top of you and fuck you like that? Should I put you on top of me? Mmm, or should I put you up on the ramp? You'd like that, you like being there for me, exposed for me to do whatever I like... Hmm, yeah, you just keep sucking my cock while I think about how to fuck your pussy."

I squealed loudly and grabbed his ass, tossing his leg back over my shoulder so I could pull him into me properly. He kept talking. I kept sucking, but he was making me absolutely crazy.

My lips were sore, my face was wet. I couldn't breathe. I didn't want to stop but I had to. I pulled away, gasping for air, rolling onto my back, breathing hard. He followed me, not letting up, his hands quickly slapping my breasts. "Ooh, yeah, these nipples need beating, don't they?"

I gasped and rolled my shoulders, unprepared for the attack he was delivering. "No," I squealed.

"'No?' Yes they do. You don't get to say no. You get to say 'Yes sir, my nipples do need beating. They need to be taught a lesson. Oh, and can you please fuck my pussy now? It needs cock.'" He kept alternating slaps to my nipples as he spoke, making me curl up.

He was expecting a lot from me with that one, when I could barely string two words together. As soon as he said "You don't get to say no," I cried out "Oh, fuck.." because that is one of my extreme turn-on phrases, whether he knew it or not. The g-spot of my brain, if you will.

"Well?" he asked as he kept slapping my poor breasts.

"Mmf, mmf, mmf.... yes sir, my nipples do need beating," I managed.

"Mmhmm?" he said, as he continued hitting them.

"and..mmf.. please fuck my pussy with your cock." Not exact, but pretty damn close. Proud of myself even as I was lost in a sea of desire.

"Hmmm. let me think about that," he said, trailing his hand down my body, leaving a long path of tingles in his wake. His fingertips brushed my pussy lips, seeping my arousal already. "This wet thing?" he asked.

"Mmmf, yes, please," I whispered.

His fingertips delved into the wetness they found, and then he slipped a finger inside me. "Mmm, I can see how this would want a cock," he commented. "Okay, I'll fuck your pussy for you. Get up on your ramp."

I got the Liberator ramp and put it on the bed, grabbing the wedge as well for a better resting position. He stood next to the bed as I arranged myself on hands and knees. "Mm, good girl," he said as I did as I was told, then presented myself for his cock. He pressed the head of his cock just slightly against my opening and I moaned, relishing the anticipation. I tried to press back onto him but he moved back as well, keeping the tease up. I whimpered. "What do you say?" he asked me.

"Nnng," I said, then, realizing that wasn't quite what he was after, "please fuck me."

He pressed inside me just a little bit, just the head of his cock inside my wet, hungry pussy. I groaned loudly. "Please, please fuck me," I begged again.

"That's not enough cock for you?" he asked, doing a fairly good job faking disbelief, thrusting just the head of his cock inside me.

"Mmf, no," I begged, wriggling, trying to move back onto him again. He moved back again to maintain the level of penetration he'd determined I should have.

"You're mine. You'll have the amount of cock I want you to have," he said.

"Please," I begged.

"Mmm, okay, I'll give you a little more," he said, burying about half of his cock in my body. I could feel him pushing my inner walls wider.

I tried to move back onto him again, but he moved back yet again. I kept moving backward until I felt the ramp start to tilt off the bed and I stopped with a frustrated groan. He could move backward far far more than I could, perched on my hands and knees as I was.

"Isn't that better?" he asked.

"Mmf, yes, but... want more cock," I begged, even more prettily than I had done.

"That's still not enough for you? Quite the little slut, aren't you? How much do you want?"

"all the cock," I whispered.

"Mmmm, okay then, love," he said sliding all the way home, leaning forward over my back slightly, his hands reaching up to grip my shoulders tightly and pull me into his thrusts. His cock nudged my g-spot as he moved and I cried out loud with surprised pleasure, over and over.

He left one hand on my shoulder and wrapped the other around my throat for a while, pulling me up higher, the position forcing his cock against my g-spot with every thrust. It felt so incredible that I kept screaming with joy, only briefly worrying about our shared wall. I was five feet away from that wall anyway.

His hands moved again, one on my throat and one tangled in my hair, pulling my head up by both the throat and the hair, and I just kept calling out loudly. "Ohhh, ohhh, Oh, my, GOD," I screamed out repeatedly. He kept talking to me but my short circuited brain means I don't get to share what he said.

My eyes were wide open with continued disbelief at the wonderful sensations his movements inside me were producing, rubbing against my g-spot with every single thrust. I saw his hands, fingers spread, moving slowly under my breasts, first stroking lightly over them with his palms. "I can do anything I want with you, isn't that right?" He seized my nipples then, as I agreed with him. "I want to fuck you like this, then," he said, squeezing my nipples very, very hard as he kept thrusting. The pain in my nipples and the pleasure radiating through my body from his movements created very extreme reactions from me.

"It hurts, it hurts, oooh, God, it hurts," I whimpered, loving it, moving to his rhythm.

"It hurts, but you like it," he told me, continuing on like that for a while.

His hands eventually let go and wandered over my body more, pulling my hair, grabbing my hips, running over my back, tightening around my throat. I saw them do the slow spread-finger approach to my breasts again, and this time he grabbed both my breasts tightly. "I can do anything I want with you," he said again, reinforcing this idea in my head. "And so I think I'm going to hold your tits like this and come inside you, because I can. Because I want to. And because you're not gonna stop me." He used his grip on my breasts as leverage to move faster inside me, and I felt him expand, his breathing coming faster and faster and then erupting into loud moans of his own as he emptied the evidence of his pleasure inside me. I screamed myself at the knowledge of his enjoyment, moving with him.

He kept moving inside me slowly as he softened. When he finally pulled away and his cock left me, deflated, I whimpered.

"Ohh, where did the cock go?" he mocked me, sliding his thumb inside my pussy and pressing into me. His fingers were soon inside there, rubbing my g-spot, making me scream again. I fell forward onto the ramp and he followed me, his fingers pressing me there over and over, the pleasured shrieks coming from my mouth seeming just to egg him on.

"Ohhh, fuck, ohhh, fuck, what are you doing to me?" I asked him, unable to cope with the extreme pleasure.

"I'm fucking you," he said, as he continued.

My leg, bent at the knee and sticking up where I'd collapsed across the ramp, started twitching back and forth, waving my foot about like a white flag at the end of a pole. I couldn't control it. I couldn't control any of this. "I can't, I can't, I can't," I pleaded as his fingers plundered me, relentlessly. What I "couldn't" I don't know. Control myself? Take it? Orgasm? Any of that. The approaching orgasm loomed over me, threatening to destroy me with its intensity.

"Of course you can," he told me. "You're my slut, aren't you? Take it, slut," and he pressed an extra time inside me and the floodgates opened. My foot waved around like crazy and I screamed repeatedly as I spasmed around his fingers, my own fingers alternately clutching at and slapping the ramp.

"Ohhh my God," I breathed when I could make coherent sounds again.

"How you feel, baby?" he asked, as he disengaged himself from me, stroking my back.

"Mmm, I could go another couple of rounds," I said, totally high on adrenaline.

"Okay, baby," he said, a smile in his voice. Big talk. Maybe I could have. We rotated, snuggling together under the sheets, and drifted off to blissful sleep.


  1. Wow. Awesome Conina.


  2. I think it is amazing how it just goes on and on, and the squealing! I love it.

    1. I did make an awful lot of noise.

      One of these days, he's going to let me make an audio recording of us having sex.

      That day will be awesome. (not that these others are not)

    2. Will you be sharing the audio with us?

    3. Heh, let's let me get the audio first. I dunno if anyone besides me would be interested in that anyway.

    4. I don't know about that. I personally don't care to listen to others, but I know H listened to Kitty at Sweet Surrender's audio spanking more than once.

      If this is a sex journal for progeny, then audio is encouraged. :)

  3. There's a reason they call it hump day...nicely written!

    1. Nice to see you, welcome. :) Thank you!

  4. Think I need to take Master to the bedroom now :-) Enjoyed it very much.

    1. ;) Not much better than inspiring others. Thank you!


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