Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's day interlude

We had innocent intentions on Sunday afternoon - a snuggle, a cuddle, maybe some kissing. We left the door open, why wouldn't we? "Hey, you want to read my post?" I asked him as I snuggled into his arms, offering it up to him on my Kindle Fire.

"Oh, sure," he said, taking it from me and reading quietly, resting the heavy device on my shoulder.

Our little one came scampering in several times while my husband read: "Daddy, daddy, come see!"

"In a few minutes," we kept telling him, laughing at his antics. The two of them had been stuck together like peas in a pod all day. I wanted some stuck together time too.

He finished reading and put down the Fire, stretching. "That's a nice story, my love," he said.

"Story? That's not how you remember it?"

"Mmm, pretty much."

He kissed me gently. "So, we still going to the store?" he asked. I nodded against him and he lifted the sheet off himself. "But touch me first," he said, letting me slip my hand down against the denim of his jeans, feeling the bulge of his erection beneath. I pressed gently and he groaned.

I fumbled at his belt buckle and he undid it, opening his jeans for me. "I miss your button flies," I whispered as I slipped my hand between his jeans and boxers, feeling his heat through the soft fabric, squeezing. My fingers sought out the gap in his boxers and slid inside to stroke his velvety skin. I pushed the waistband of his boxers down and moved my head lower, kissing the head of his cock hotly, wetly, sucking and swirling my tongue around it. I love to taste him like that. It was good, and his pleased whispers indicated he was enjoying me too. I wanted to stay there for a while, but I knew that would be hard to explain if the munchkin came wandering in.

"Tease," he whispered to me as I pulled my head away from his cock.

"Mmm... don't wanna tease you. Want to give you everything you've ever wanted."

"Have it already," he said warmly, squeezing me against him, humping my breasts through all the layers of our clothes. I purred, relishing the shivery delighted feeling hearing him say that gave me. I pulled my shirt and bra up above my breasts and he shoved his own clothes down, pressing his cock directly against my breasts, making me breathe heavily and sigh with pleasure.

He pulled me up after a time and kissed me, running his hands firmly over my body, possessive, claiming. He pulled my legs open and then his fingers were gliding against my open pussy. I was already naked below the waist.

"Oh, my, you're wet," he said, managing to sound surprised.

Our munchkin chose that moment to wander in, asking something. My husband pulled his fingers away from me, but I pressed my body against him, rubbing as we convinced the little person that we'd be with him in just a little while, that he could leave us alone again. He did.

"How'd you get so wet?" my husband asked softly into my ear, slipping his fingers back between my legs, making me whisper a moan.

"Yooou did it to me," I whispered back, arching into his touch, trying hard to keep my pleased sounds soft and low. "Such a tease," I moaned.

"Nuh, it's all you," he said, his fingers working me into a frenzy of delight. "If you turn over, I can fuck this horny pussy of yours. That sound like a good idea?" he asked when I made a soft pleased sound at his words.

"Yes sir," I whispered, turning over, shivering as his cock slowly made its way inside me. I buried my face into the pillow so my groans of pleasure were muffled. It felt so good, slowly pushing my inner walls apart, filling me up. Quiet was really hard to maintain.

He pulled me against him, tugging on my hair with one hand, whispering dirty words to me. He took his time, and when he came it was with a series of barely-muffled groans of his own.

He pulled me back to him, slipping his fingers to my sensitive places, urging me toward orgasm. "I can't, I can't," I whispered against his shoulder, writhing, biting into it a little to muffle my groans. "I can't..stay... quiet."

"Mmm, I know, it's hard, isn't it, baby?" he asked as his fingers pushed me closer and closer to oblivion.

"Fuck!" I bit his shoulder harder, helpless to stop him. "So, so hard," I agreed with him.

"You're doing just fine, baby," he said, as he pushed me over and I cried out in a whisper, over and over, my cries muffled into his shoulder.

He didn't stop. I tried to move my hips away from his touch but he followed me. "Mmm, can't get away from me, mine," he said, rendering me still except for writhing, acknowledging his ownership with my surrender to his touch. I moaned softly as I came again, and again. He gingerly brushed his fingertips across my wet flesh, soothing it, calming it so it was no longer expecting orgasms, then ceased his touching and pulled me tight against his chest.

"We're bad people," he whispered, kissing me.

I squeezed myself tightly to him. "Bad man," I whispered back.

"It's your fault, you gave me porn to read."

I shivered at that. "You gave me porn to write," I responded, grinning and kissing his chest.

I love this man. I feel like the luckiest woman to have ever lived, to be blessed with his love, attention, and to be the mother of his child! There is no hardship I'll ever have to face that his love will not be worth.

He's amazing.

We're amazing.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, well, if I can't gush here, there's just nowhere to gush. :)

  2. I always tell Him the same thing, He controls what I write. Sounds like he had a good fathers day.

    1. I think we both really enjoyed the day - we went out later and there was more nice stuff at night too.

      It's funny that we have to explain to them that they're the source of the writing. ;)

  3. Awesome way to spend Father's Day!!!


    1. It was! The rest of the day was awesome too. :)

  4. I miss button fly's too! What happened to them anyway?

    And the kiddo wandering in? We have had that happen a bit ourselves. I always wonder if they will put it together in their heads down the road, like I did with my parents (EWWWW....) :)

    Lovely post and lovely ending.... Musing and sex, how can you go wrong?

    1. Ha, I just totally found some on amazon, and they only had two sizes... but one of them was HIS! Which is difficult to find anyway.... so I'm excited!

      I don't know if he'll remember at this age what was going on. He's very much in his own world in those moments, though he does pick up on things we'd never thought he would.

      Thank you. :)

  5. Isn't love Grand!!!

  6. "It's your fault, you gave me porn to read."

    I shivered at that. "You gave me porn to write," I responded, grinning and kissing his chest.

    Absotively POETIC i say! Well done, m'lady!!

    and yeah, He reads the stuff I write then tells me he get horny. I'm like, dafuq? I'm writing what we already did... LOL i think it's funny!!

    and glad you had a glorious day! (and night)

    1. Thank you! :)

      It is funny. I think maybe it's the different perspective our writing grants them? I know since I've started sharing my writing with him he's gotten way, way more apt to take liberties with me.

      I love it.

    2. If I could hit the "like" button on that comment above, I would - "he's way, way more apt to take liberties... I love it."


  7. That's great, you get the first experience, then he reads it and you get it again....two for one. I love it.

    1. It's certainly an unforeseen perk of blogging, indeed.

  8. Our intentions weren't innocent on Sunday, I just can't do the details as well as you. A head full of Dippindots, that what I got, lol.

    1. Well, when we actually went to bed later, we didn't have innocent intentions either. But that's another story. :)

      I think there's something to be said for intensely crystallized moments, anyway.


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