Sunday, June 17, 2012

All you need is love

It was late when we finally stopped chattering like teenagers and turned off the lights. "What can I do for you, love?" I asked him as I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head on his shoulder, running my palms over his back and chest, squeezing him to me.

"Mmm, hold me. Love me. Touch me. Kiss me. Be mine," he whispered, his lips lowering to settle gently on mine as I tilted my face to look at him.

"I am yours," I said when our lips finally parted, slipping my hand under his shirt, letting my fingers dance over all his sensitive places. I know them well after the years I've spent touching him.

I teased him, and he let me. I slid off his shirt, gliding my hands over his bare chest, setting to work on one of his nipples gently with my teeth. He moaned with pleasure and I rolled his other nipple between my fingers. I could feel the vibrations of his cock thumping periodically against his belly. I moved my lips up to his and kissed him as I climbed over his body to his other side, the one that rarely gets attention from my lips. 

I worked his boxers off, kissing his hips and thighs, slowly licking his cock on my way back up to his chest. "Oh, good girl," he moaned as I dragged my tongue up the length of his cock.

I spent a long time touching and kissing him, wrapping my fingers around his cock at intervals, squeezing, stroking it, relishing his moans of enjoyment, before I let my fingertips dance away to glide across some other part of his body. I kissed the head of his cock once, a long, wet kiss with tongue, sucking the entire head into my mouth and rolling my tongue across it. 

"Oh, yes, suck it, baby," he groaned. 

"Mmm, not yet," I whispered as I pulled my mouth away, letting my lips linger against the straining head while I spoke. I went back to touching him all over, at one point sliding down his body to love on the tops of his feet, making him squirm. I turned the fan away from us while I was at the foot of the bed, then slid back up his body. 

I straddled his knees and took his hand, sucking his thumb slowly into my mouth, all the way into my throat, stretching my lips around the base of his hand while my other hand delicately stroked over his chest. I moaned as I felt the tip of his thumb enter my throat. It just barely reaches there, a terrible tease. I groaned and sucked hard on it before pulling my mouth away, to switch to his other thumb. My free hand wandered over his body, rubbing his cock, his nipples, his lips, as I sucked his thumb into my mouth, letting my teeth sink gently into the fleshy part when it stretched my mouth. I pulled my mouth off his thumb and just bit hard into the fleshy part, which is a thing I do when overcome by desire, managing to restrain the bite so it's not painful. He's used to it, and he groaned too.

I pulled my mouth away from his hand and licked up the underside of his cock as it lay straining for attention against his belly. I slid back and forth, skating on my tongue, until it was too much for both of us and I slowly sucked his entire cock into my mouth, feeling it enter my throat and block my air.

"Oh, good, good girl, you suck that cock," he groaned, his hands tightening in my hair.

I did. Oh, yes, I did. I pulled away briefly to remove my own shirt, letting my breasts become part of the blow job too, squeezing them around him occasionally as I sucked just on the head of his cock.

Eventually my arms grew tired and I rolled onto my side, tugging him over with me to toss his leg over my shoulder. This is when he began to torment my nipple, making me groan with the pain as I sucked him.

I heard him as he approached orgasm, those wonderful noises of pleasure too intense to bear. It was a long time coming, and he came for a long time as I sucked it all out of him. I rested, my head near his hip. He held my hands in both of his as we rested, letting go of me for just long enough for me to turn the fan back toward us. It was hot. We dozed.

"You're wonderful to me," he whispered. "Why are you so good to me?"

"I am for you," I responded, half asleep. 

I think we might have slept then, but when I woke to him moving over me, kissing me, the tea light on our nightstand was still burning, so it couldn't have been for very long. He kissed me passionately, his hands pulling my legs open, trapping my right one between his thighs. His fingers slipped between my folds and he made a pleased noise, as did I. "Ooh, my girl gets so turned on sucking my cock," he whispered, his lips finding mine again and claiming them, sucking my tongue into his mouth and capturing it as his fingers continued making me feel incredible.

"You're mine. I can do anything I want with you," he informed me when he released my mouth, leaving me breathless and panting against his shoulder. He rose up a little higher, sliding some fingers inside me, pressing hard against my g-spot as his thumb danced over my clit, making me yelp with surprise at the intensity of the sensation.

"You like when I fuck you, don't you?

"Yes sir," I responded, breathless, moaning, unable to deal.

"You like being my slave, don't you?" he asked, deliberately, calculated, timed with his movements to make me squeal.

"Oh, yes, master," I squealed, my hips undulating to his every little movement.

He slid his fingers out of me, returning to rolling his fingers all around my pussy, making sure to give lots of attention to my clit, moving his head and capturing my nipple  between his teeth, effectively trapping me, pinning me, as I writhed beneath him. He bit into my nipple hard enough to make me cry out.

"Oh, fuck, that hurts, master," I whined, bucking under him, enjoying the bite of pain, but wanting desperately to move more. 

He pulled his mouth away briefly. "It's supposed to hurt, girl," he whispered against my skin, making me squeal again with the intentional nature of the act as he sucked my nipple back into his mouth and bit it again. His fingers were building the pleasure between my thighs to a level I couldn't tolerate, and I kicked and struggled, arching my hips up into him as much as I could as a scream emerged from me, starting as a small cry and building, building into a crescendo of sound that I couldn't dampen, my legs kicking out straight my back arching, forcing my nipple even harder into his mouth as the orgasm took everything that I had, leaving me an exhausted mass of nerve endings.

He wasn't stopping. Oh, God. I screamed again and rolled into him, his arm tightening around my shoulders and holding me tight to him as his fingers continued their nearly intolerable dance on my sex. "Oh I know, it's so hard to be mine, isn't it? I force you to do such horrible things. Or maybe just things you're too exhausted for," he murmured against my temple as he slowly coaxed more orgasms, more screams from me.

Finally, he stopped, gently soothing me before he pulled away. As I whispered words of love and thanks, the candle on our nightstand finally burned itself out.

We were asleep very very soon thereafter.


  1. Replies
    1. Mmm, it was. He is.

      Thanks. :)

    2. Yummy sex makes the world go round and this sounded very yummy. Very jealous

  2. You just described, almost to a T my Sunday afternoon. Musicman just mentioned the fact that I have a bit of an oral fixation. I love to lick him, all over, and suck on his fingers, just like you described. I bite sometimes too, lol. I just can't help myself, I so love the way he tastes :)

    1. I used to bite ALL the time, before we were able to be together all the time. He'd be sitting with me and I'd just...bite him, his hand, his shoulder, trying to take as much of him into me as I could get during any visit. It's calmed down a bit but it's still an expression of extreme desire for me.

  3. Is it my imagination or are you using the term Master more? Inquiring minds...

    Having said that, I love this post - so many good connections - it makes me smile quite happily. :)

    1. Not your imagination. I used to call him that back in the day, but it's taken it a while to come back.

      "What do you want me to call you, anyway?" I asked him a few days ago.

      "Mmm, I like master. You can call me master," he said, then, after a pause, "and husband."

      He's also referring to me as slave more often again as well, a term I avoided for a time after reading some of the more extreme blogs I read... but it's nice. We are us, and I am his, regardless of what other people's relationships look like.

  4. And I bet you had the best of sleeps too :)

    Dee x

    1. I can say without a doubt it was the best sleep I'd had in days. :)

  5. Sounds really nice! And you've got the Beatles' song going off in my head right now!

    1. I have the Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge stuck in my head a lot. :)

  6. Love the orgasm(s) forced after the orgasm. :)

    1. He's really gotten very good at that. And I love him for it. :)

  7. Hawt! And BIKSS likes master too these days.

    Lol. Biting is also staple for me. I try not to tho. I find men dont have quite the same threshold for pain as women do.

    Sounds like a great night of connecting!

    1. It's a thing I had to train myself to stop doing so hard, aye. Now I take most of the pressure of the bite I want to give into my jaw, so it feels to me like a harder bite than the one I'm giving. It seems to work well. I get to bite, and he doesn't have to suffer overmuch. :)

    2. i think it's best i just not do it at all. I've taken to biting the pillow.


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