Monday, June 4, 2012

Dream lover

Imagine a very short, very lovely young woman. She was not quite five feet tall, fully developed, beautifully proportioned, pleasantly fleshy, with masses of shiny blue-black hair coiled neatly onto her head.

She was lying on the bed with my husband and I, all of us fully clothed, me in between the two of them with my head on his chest. He'd arranged a lovely surprise for her, but it was ruined one night, so he had it arranged again, and when it turned out to be the amusing kind of lovely surprise rather than the romantic kind of lovely surprise, she was heartbroken, upset. She got up, walked around the bed so that she was next to my husband, crying, screaming curses at us, telling us we didn't really care about her. She started walking away from the bed, and we both reached our arms out to her.

"Shhh, don't," we both said, our hands somehow reaching her at the same time, pulling her toward us, knowing storming away was never the answer, that we needed to talk. We pulled her into the crook of his arm, and I took his other arm from around me and curled it lovingly over her, where his hand then stroked her head as we both crooned soothing things to her. "There, doesn't that feel like love?" I asked her as he gazed at her face, smoothing the hair from her forehead gently while I stroked her calves.

After she calmed down and started purring, we undressed her slowly, until she was completely nude there in his arms, and we stroked her soft skin, kissed her everywhere until she was panting.

My husband was sitting upright in the middle of the bed, this lovely young lady bent over his lap, humping away at his thigh where it emerged from his shorts while I stroked her hair and shoulders and he stroked her ass and thighs, spanking her lightly, occasionally dipping a finger into liberal amounts of lubrication she was producing and rubbing her clit.

She started vibrating, convulsing, and then she started screaming, so loudly, over and over. We both panicked and started to move her off of him, but she gasped out "No, no, no no don't stop," and I realized that those were orgasmic screams and so we put her back and continued on. Her screams resumed until she was completely spent, and she lay gasping, a puddle of orgasmic bliss. We curled around her, a set of parentheses meeting at head and foot, and stroked her lovingly until she came back to her senses.

We made plans to meet for dinner later.

So erotic, and we never removed our clothes.

I do not know what this sort of dream means. Maybe faerie will come along and enlighten us!

My husband said perhaps I shouldn't even post it as it's not at all like us, we don't play with others. But it's so hot, (well, to me anyway) how could I not share this with my buds?


  1. That was really hot! I would say that it was likely even more erotic for you because you were clothed and she was naked. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Thank you! If even one person thought it was hot, then that's a good enough reason to have shared it. :)

  3. I love this dream. I love that you posted it.

    I think it means that you like sex? But, perhaps I am oversimplifying a bit. Could be that you have two relationships with your husband (as I do) - the sex you and the marital you and both are welcome, but you were thinking maybe the sex you had to leave because of the marital you things right now?

    Okay, now I am over complicating it. I'll just go stop.

    1. You know that actually makes a LOT of sense.

    2. That's an interesting analysis. Huh.

    3. Huh? You don't understand or Huh? You have to think about it?

    4. Huh, I wouldn't have ever thought of that but sometimes it really is like there are two mes, as we are all split along such clear lines.


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