Thursday, November 22, 2012

Say thank you

12:45 AM. What the hell? How? A chat with a good friend, a project to complete, lots of wonderful emails to respond to, and a bath. That's how. Time just flies away when you're mixing work and pleasure so very thoroughly.

Climbing into bed with my husband, I was a little put-out. Just a little. He'd coaxed me out of bed in the late morning with an implication we would go back to bed in the afternoon, and it hadn't happened. "In the interest of open communication," I told him as I cleaned up the bathroom vanity and then climbed in next to him, "when you coax a girl out of bed with promises of going to bed later, not going to bed later is going to lead to a discontented girl."

I wouldn't have even been put out if it was earlier, and of course the lateness of the hour was not entirely his fault, although he did nothing to stop my mad typing in the late evening. He is meant to be the one making the command decisions.

He drew me close to him, spooning me with his arm draped around me, and I started playing a game on my Kindle Fire. No tech in the bedroom has been suffering due to my cold - so I just started playing. Fruit Ninja. I assumed he would go to sleep. He didn't. His hand started to slowly, slowly squeeze a nipple until I was gasping in pain, and then he moved to the other one.

"What are you doing?" I squeaked, as he squeezed it hard and moved back to the first one.

"Playing with you," he said blithely, alternating slow painful squeezes with hard, sharp, twisting ones as he moved between my nipples. I was still trying to play. "I bet it makes it hard to slice fruit," he observed as I gasped. Eventually I let the Kindle drop to the bed and I gave myself to the sensations he was causing. God, I love when he hurts my nipples. I raised my arm over my head to provide better targets, breathing through it as he slowly, slowly, slowly squeezed. Through pleasure and into pain that was just a more intense pleasure and I was panting. I could feel myself getting wet just from this.

His hand moved and he slapped my ass, hard. Oh, that's been a while. Pain, spanking, oh, fuck, yes. Who cares how late it is? I rolled over enough to offer my ass up for more, and he gave it. He was landing hard smacks that resonated deep into my being, making me groan because they were so delicious and shook my very bones. "Good girl," he said, and tugged on my shoulder to pull me back onto my side, so he could access my nipples again. He alternated between smacking my ass and slowly pinching my nipple then, until I was groaning near-constantly, my breath coming in short sharp pants.

He pulled me onto my back and then he was smacking me right on my nipples, back and forth between them. "Oh my God," I cried out, far too loudly, arching up into his smacks. Oh, so good. So fucking good.

He yanked my legs apart and then he was smacking me on my inner thighs.

It's been weeks since I've been hit anywhere but on the nipples, and I was super-sensitive to it all, the thighs most of all. I cried out. "Oh my God, that hurts, that hurts, it's sensitive," I panted as I struggled to keep my legs open.

"Is my girl sensitive?" he asked mockingly, knowing that I was, not caring, knowing that it turned me on like a faucet. "Does it hurt when I hit you here?" he asked, slapping my right inner thigh several times.

"God, yes," I squealed.

"And here?" he switched to the other leg, slapping even harder.

"Oh, fuck, yes, hurts," I begged.

"And here?" he asked, centering the blows, right on my pussy. He wasn't slapping nearly as hard, but was doing it faster.

"No no no no no," I panted with each fast strike, and with each "no," he increased the force behind the next blow.

"No no no no no," I said, and then he hit the pain point and it did hurt. "Yes yes yes," I was squealing, squirming, as he continued his rapid-fire assault on my genitals.

When he stopped, his fingers gently explored and found me soaking wet. "Ooooooooooh, what have we here?" he asked, his finger slipping inside and making me groan. "Does the fuck toy like to be played with? Does the fuck toy like to be used?"

"Yes sir," I whispered, arching into his touch.

"Good girl," he said. "Let's see what else you might like."

He climbed up over me, pulled off his shirt in front of me, and put his cock in front of my face, just out of reach of my mouth. I was panting. I am still stuffy and can't breathe well, so most of my breathing is through my mouth, but this was beyond just mouth-breathing. He was straddling my body, so I couldn't bend at the waist to lift up and take his cock in my mouth.

He rubbed it against my cheek, over my open lips. I licked it as it passed, groaning.

"You like that cock?" he asked roughly, already knowing the answer.

I moaned in response, lifting my head as best I could to lick it. He rubbed it against my other cheek, and humped against my face as if he was fucking it, just not quite letting his cock in my mouth. I groaned, and then he was pushing into my mouth, pressing his cock in as I moaned, pushing it in as far as he dared considering my sore throat. He pulled away for me to cough and breathe, and then he pushed in again, fucking my face slowly until I had to breathe, then giving me a moment for air again.

I can't quite put into words how hot it was for me that he was fucking my access to air, and he knew it.

He pressed in so deeply he was almost in my throat, pinning my head to the pillow, and I couldn't breathe. I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter, and then he pulled away for me to cough, to haul in lungfuls of air.

"Poor fuck toy. You like sucking cock?"

I nodded desperately, as he rubbed his saliva-slick cock against my cheek while I panted for air.

"It's one of your favorite things, isn't it?" he said, shoving his cock back into my mouth.

I sucked, nodding slightly.

"I know. One day, you'll be able to have your face fucked without needing to cough, without needing to breathe. Won't that be nice?"

"Uh-huh," I grunted, as he pulled his cock away again for me to breathe.

He slid down my body then, and unceremoniously started to sink his hardness into my soaking wet pussy. I grunted as the head penetrated me - it felt enormous and I made a lot of noise.

"Good girl, take it, take me," he said, slowly, slowly pressing more into me. Slowly. So fucking slowly. I was writhing beneath him as he made his way into my body, making a lot of noise. He felt so incredible, stretching my internal walls apart, all the way down, and then he kept driving all the way through me, as if I wasn't there, pinning me thoroughly with his cock. I moved under him, squeezing my muscles around his hardness, relishing the feeling of being full of him. It was good. He pulled away slightly only to drive just as hard back down again, and then he was fucking me in earnest, pausing periodically to pin me down with both his cock and his gaze.

"Good fuck hole." My shuddery moan must have prodded him to keep talking, because he continued in the same vein. "This is what you're for, isn't it? For me to shove my cock into over, and over, and over." He accentuated each "over" with a hard thrust into my body that I gladly met, moaning with pleasure.

"Uh-huh," I agreed, out of my mind as we moved together.

"I give it to you and you just say 'thank you,' isn't that right, fuck toy?"

"Uh-huh," I agreed again, not processing what he was doing, the pleasure nerves that kept firing interfering with my normal brain function.

He drove into me, leaned his face down. One of my ears is dead right now, his lips were near my good ear. "Say thank you," he ordered roughly, his voice rasping along my ear canal all the way into my brain.

"Thank you," I whispered, breathless, and then, as if his command and the following words had unleashed some floodgate holding back my voice, I continued as we fucked. "Thank you, thank you, oh my God, thank you," I babbled, unable to hold it back.

"Good girl," he praised me through my babbling. "Are you thankful for my cock, fuck toy?" He drove it inside me and flexed for emphasis.

"Yes sir, ohmyGod, thank you." I was overwhelmed. I kept periodically babbling "Thank you, thank you," when he felt particularly amazing, his body moving against me. His hands grabbed my legs, pulled them up higher as he fucked down into me, and my eyes were rolling, open, closed, open. They caught his gaze once.

"That's right, fuck hole, look at me," he said. I did, as long as I could.

"Oh my God," I murmured, as his eyes burned heat into my soul and I couldn't stand it anymore - the pleasure was too great and my head rolled back, tossing as he kept fucking me. My hands roamed his back, pulling his hips into me hard when he allowed it. Sometimes he pulled away, lifting himself higher to slam into me with more force, but mostly he let me pull him close, our bodies merged and moving together.

His climax approached slowly, intensely. He was groaning for long moments as he came, as the pleasure washed over him. I glanced up at his face - if there ever was an image of bliss, it was his face at that moment.

Before he slid his fingers inside me and made me scream with pleasure over and over, as we lay tangled together, he whispered, breathlessly, "You forgive me for this afternoon?"

I laughed, loudly.

"No, that's not what this was about," he assured me, as he let his fingers take over the pleasure they had initiated so long ago.

Said to my friend, regarding holidays on my blog:
"Sometimes I just ignore these things and pretend they don't exist.
Unless we have special Thanksgiving-themed sex or something. Which would be hilarious
and I'm about to burst into laughter thinking about it."

Turns out, it's not so funny. It's actually insanely hot.


  1. "damn my man is awesome" is a GREAT tag.

    And you have so much to be thankful for! I love it.

    1. He really is awesome. Sometimes, he overwhelms me with the awesomeness. :) I am thankful for so much this year... friendship definitely at the top of the list.

    2. I can't wait to go home so I can be thankful too! Great post Conina xxx

  2. You actually had me laughing out loud with the thought of vainly trying to play Kindle through your Sir's caresses.

    Very hot post indeed.


    1. In retrospect it was kind of hilarious. He has been known to fondle me a little and then fall straight asleep though, to my defense. :)

  3. This was a super hot post! I enjoyed it! :)

    1. Hi Kitty, welcome! :) Thank you for the lovely compliment.

  4. Great post...Ya, I'm with Ava Grace...I was laughing at slicing fruit while having your nipples tortured!! Glad he cured you of that multitasking :)

    Hmmmmm Thanksgiving themed post...stuffed and .....

    1. Vigorously stuffed. :)

      He can use that cure on me anytime he likes... mmm.

  5. Love the thanksgiving themed sex. Now I want some.

    1. It was extra awesome because I'd been imagining, like, pilgrim clothes and stuff (the hilarious thing)... but of course, that's not what Thanksgiving's about.

      Even though he's European, he's got that. :)

      I don't think he went into it intending Thanksgiving-themed sex... but then again, I could be wrong.

  6. hot. thanks.

    i actually copied a chunk of it and sent it to BIKSS.


    1. The hot part or the background-laying part? :) I know some of y'all out there are background fetishists.....


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