Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two for one

"Your nipples are sensitive and need toughening." It started as a joke, we were reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, and that's a line in the novel. His fingers began toying with my nipples as we continued reading our chapters, making me squirm long before we put the book down.

When we did, his fingers began tracing delicate trails all over my back before I could turn over. His beard brushed against my lower back, his hands exploring my ass. "It's been a long time since your body's been properly touched."

He touched my back until I was purring with pleasure, and then he pulled out a wooden ruler and began to spank me with it. "You're getting nice and red back here," he said, and switched implements.

Something unfamiliar, painful, hard but bouncy. "What IS that?" I asked, already a little foggy with desire.

"What is this? Hm. I think it's commonly called a belt. How does it feel?"

"I like it," I gasped out between cries. It hurt, deep, thudding pain with a sting in the head, but it was good, like deep tissue massage. I could not hold still as he applied it to my rear, though. I squirmed and wiggled and lifted my ass and lowered it again - but he kept right on.

He switched implements again - the braided flogger, snapping across my back and across the places on my ass where he'd been belting me. It felt much like the belt, with more texture. I gasped as it landed over my back, raising my ass to provide a better target.

He knocked my knees apart roughly, and started spanking my sensitive inner thighs. I was still on all fours, a new position for this sort of spanking, and I cried out over and over. He wasn't playing around, his hand smacked roughly into my flesh and I gasped and cried out and he mocked me. My pussy was already spread and helpless from the position so when he started spanking it, I was even more sensitive. I squirmed and panted and little screams came out of me. Oh, hell, my clit, the position made my clit more sensitive and more involved in the spanking, oh, hell.

His fingers spread me open, finding my wetness. "Oh, wow. I think someone likes being used, being beaten... being touched. Does this feel good, slut?" he asked, his finger slowly circling my clit.

"Uh-huh," I moaned, squirming.

"I didn't realize we'd moved on to the feeling good portion. I thought we were still in the pain portion," he said, pulling his hand away, looking for something. "Oh, wait, there's no difference, is there?"

"No," I whispered.

"Well, no difference for you.. I suppose if I asked you to pleasure me, you'd know not to hurt me, wouldn't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Good girl. You like everything, don't you my girl? I can think of something else you might like." He reached across me, his arm across my lower back holding me down, and lubricated my ass. He slid the mood naughty plug into me as I writhed. "Take it, girl," he whispered as he pressed it all the way in.

"Turn and face me," he said then.

I did, exclaiming as I rolled toward the lamp. My hair was all over my face at this point, but the light was still bright.

"Is the light too bright for you, fuck toy?"

"Mmhmm," I murmured, trying to duck my head close to his chest.

"But I want to look at you. You don't mind if I look at you, do you, fuck toy?"

"No sir." I shuddered as the words left me.

"But... it might be nice to switch to candlelight," he conceded, and leaned over to light a candle.

When he turned back over, he seized on my breasts and nipples. Breast torture. Oh, the most divine torture ever. His mouth, sucking hard, biting at my nipples in the most exquisite ways, tugging, pulling, squeezing. I swear I could have come from that given enough time. I started humping at him, instinct controlling my movements.

"Do you want me to fuck you while I torture your breasts?"


"Do you want me to fuck you while you have a plug in your ass while I torture your breasts?"

"Uh huh..."

On top of me. "Oh, my, slut, you're so wet."

"No room," I panted as he nudged his way inside me, the plug in my ass making it harder, making me cry out.

"Oh, there's plenty of room, it just slides right in there..."

He pulled away a little, started moving with short quick strokes just barely into me. I groaned.

"Oh, God, what are you doing?" I begged, arching up, wanting to feel him driving deeply inside.

"You want more cock, girl?"

"Yes," I panted, struggling to lift my hips higher, to take more of him.

"Better beg for it then." He continued fucking just the head of his cock into me.

"Oh, fuck, please, please," I was babbling, no proper method of begging existing in my brain at that moment, "please, want more cock, please, please."

"You want more cock?"

"Yes, please, please."


"In my pussy, please, please!" I was writhing desperately, my hands clutching at his hips, trying to pull him into me.

"Mmm, okay, girl. Have more cock. In your pussy." He drove into me fully then, grinding, my clit throbbing between us as we moved. I gasped.

He grabbed my hair, two big handfuls on each side of my head, and pulled it up diagonally away from my head, effectively holding my head in place in the center. I felt stretched, pinned, helpless.

When he kissed me, his cock still driving, his hands still keeping up the pressure on my hair, I felt like I was flying away - or falling. Or both all at once. I screamed against his mouth, uncontrollably, kissing him back and screaming as I flew and fell and flew.

He was finished, and he rolled off me. His fingers began to pleasure me - inside, against my clit. Orgasm.



"Oh, wow, you are completely out of control, aren't you? You just keep coming.. I don't think you could stop if you tried."



Screaming, writhing under his touch, wanting it to end and wanting it to never, ever end, the waves of pleasure that kept crashing over me taking my breath away and leaving me wanting more, more, more.

He rolled atop me, and I gasped with surprise as his cock plunged inside me again. "Oh my God..."

His kisses sent me spiraling again, as he took his pleasure with me a second time. "You don't mind if I fuck you some more now, do you?" he asked roughly, as if I had a choice in the matter. I quivered internally at the entire situation.

He took his time this time too, extracting the maximum amount of pleasure for both of us.

We lay exhausted afterward, his body wrapped around me in my husband-cage, holding me tightly to him. "You belong to me," he said softly, a touch of wonder mingled with the matter-of-factness of his tone.

"I know," I murmured happily, settling as closely in to him as I could before we fell asleep.


  1. Very hot Conina. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Um. Yeah! That is exactly the right use for a butt plug... IMO.


  3. sounds like a wonderful evening

    1. That doesn't quite cover it, but.. yes :)

  4. your writing is exactly what I have in mind when I say that nothing turns me on faster than a good use of language.....

    1. This is an incredible compliment. Thank you so much - it made my day. :)

  5. I couldn't wait to go home I can't wait to go home even more!! :)


    1. Nothing like added incentive, huh? :)

  6. WHEW!!

    So beautifully written, and such a wonderful experience.



    1. Thank you - he does a remarkable job at the experience. My writing is but a poor shadow of it - but I'm glad to convey even that. :)


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