Monday, January 14, 2013

Too hot to handle

Overwhelmed may begin to describe it; I don't know if I can do a fair job of it beyond that. I do know that I spent a good deal of time just reliving the wonder of it in my head. Sometimes, the man I married is so truly magnificent that I can't understand what he is doing with me - with any human. Surely he should be consort to a goddess somewhere.

There was a thing between us. It was just a tiny thing, said by him in the heat of the moment, but it'd been under my skin for days. It's so rare that we argue, that he says anything at all hurtful, that this was major. I withdrew. I still participated in our marriage, still enjoyed his company, but during quiet moments those words came back to me, made me sad all over again.

He held me in his arms last night, and after several failed kisses, he extracted the problem from me. "But that was days ago!" he said, sounding surprised.

He apologized. It was sincere, and as his words melted the protective ice around my heart, I melted against his side. When his lips came down on mine again, his hand on my throat, a moan rose up to greet him as I kissed him back. I gloried in it as he claimed my mouth, little whimpers of release finally escaping. The ecstasy of belonging to him was unleashed on my brain again, a flush of excitement, of submission, creeping all over my body as our lips danced. "I want to keep you safe from the monsters," he whispered. "I want to make love to you. And I want to use you as my fuck toy."

I whimpered, all of those words hitting me in all the right spots, turning me to a quivering mess. "Do those things conflict?" he asked.

"Not at all," I said, kissing him again and again until I was breathless.

His hands roamed. He pulled my hair, he squeezed my throat, he massaged my breasts. My hands stroked him everywhere I could reach, my fingers sometimes clutching him when he made me moan.

His fingers slipped between my folds, played with me, made my hips buck. His fingertip across my clit elicited a gasp of pure pleasure. I arched my hips up to him, to feel him better, spreading my thighs wide. Slap. He spanked my sex as I arched toward him. I whimpered.

"Good girl," he whispered, returning to stroking. His thumb made slow circles around my clit, flattening against it. I arched into him again. Slap. "Good pussy," he said as I cried out. He was slapping me each time I arched up to him, but it's not like I could control the involuntary movements he was causing. I shivered as my traitorous body arched up again, and groaned deeply as he delivered another slap. "Mine," he growled. This was wreaking havoc with my brain's circuitry, pleasure, pain, pleasure-pain, reward, punishment. It all got muddled up inside me and I got even more aroused.

"Please fuck me," I begged, so aroused, wanting him inside me right that moment.

"Just like that?" he asked softly.

"Oh yes, please please please, fuck me," I answered, desperate. I was met with silence from him, just the sounds of my own exertion filling my ears, and my voice got reedier, more desperate, as I continued begging, writhing on the sheets. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me, please fuck me."

 "So soon? I've only just begun to play with you. I think not. You haven't even sucked my cock yet. Don't you know you have some serious cocksucking to catch up on?"

I shuddered, a shaky cry coming from inside me. I'd had cold sores for the majority of the past few weeks, with a brief reprieve between them. But for him to put it like that sent heat through my body. I felt myself become even more turned on, my whole body flushing. I belong to him, was the thought crashing through my head. The insanely hot, true, wonderful thought. He could do whatever he wanted.

"You want me to climb on top of you right now, don't you? You want me to get on top of you and slide this cock all the way into you, to feel me fucking you all the way inside."

"Uhhhhhhhhh," I groaned, nodding, mindless, angling my body to best press against him. A sex zombie.

"Mmm, or maybe you'd like it if I turned you over, waited for your ass to back up to me, and slid into your pussy from behind."

I whimpered. I wanted him on top of me. Wanted to be completely open as he ground down into me, impaling me, pinning me to the bed. I wanted it. I needed it.

"Turn over," he said. I groaned, but I did what he said, and in a hurry. If  there was a chance of getting that glorious cock inside me I was going to take it.

"You want me, don't you?" he asked as I wriggled, backing up to him. The head of his cock pressed against my opening, nudged itself barely inside.

My "yes" was cut off by the primal groan I made in response to the minimal intrusion. He felt incredible, snug within me, my slippery juices coating him. I groaned, surging backward, wanting more as he rocked his hips slightly, just rocking the head in and out of me.

"Mmm, I think not," he whispered casually, pulling away, leaving me bereft, empty. I cried out with the loss, feeling the ache where he was not. He applied a little downward pressure to my shoulders and I moved down about an inch or so, my back still toward him.

"See, the problem with having a fuck toy, is I'm always trying to think of new ways to play with her, to see how far I can take her without giving her what she wants.."

He fucked his cock against the hollow of my spine while he spoke. The heat of his erection made me shudder with want each time he pressed against me. I whimpered with every stroke, my blood replaced with need. My core was in meltdown, and my brain was going with it. His palm splayed between my shoulder blades, his other hand clamping down on my nipple, making me groan deeply with want. Just a little more pressure, a little more stretching on that nipple, and I could have been there, it felt so amazing. "Please," I begged when I could speak again.

"If you turn over, I'll let you suck my cock a little," he said, pressing it against me as he spoke. Shudders wracked me, and I whimpered, a puddle of need with his cock fucking against my back. I couldn't move. I groaned. I wanted desperately to turn over, to take his cock in my mouth, but what does "a little" mean? Was he going to continue teasing me forever? I thought I might combust with the heat of the desire coursing through me.

"You okay, girl?" he asked, his hand kneading my shoulder, stroking my hair. "Is all this too much for you? Can you move?"

I drew a deep, shuddery breath and turned over, moving down more as I did. His cock was in front of my face, still smelling of me. I groaned, opening my mouth, breathing hard over it. For an instant I pondered turning the tables on him, making him want me the way he was making me want him, but the scent of my arousal combined with his own scent shoved that thought away, and I consumed him with a loud groan, sucking him in all the way before he had a moment to stop me.

His groan echoed mine. Maybe he did want me the way he was making me want him, no effort on my part needed. He was torturing himself just fine. My hand snaked around behind him and I gripped his ass, drawing him into me with all the fierceness of the desire he had stoked in me, forcing his cock down my throat. He gripped my hair, tugging on it, making me moan again and again around his cock. I pulled away just enough to breathe before I inhaled him again, pulling him tightly into me, gripping him as hard as I could as my throat convulsed around the head of his cock.

"Your mouth may have a little more power over me than your pussy does," he groaned as I kept sucking. "I may be evil, but I like this needy side of you, my girl." I pulled away just enough to moan softly, sucking gently, rolling my tongue over his foreskin, tugging at it with my lips. "Maybe I should keep sex from you more often. Keep you needy. Keep you wanting. I know if I just give you what you want, you'll not want me anymore." His hands were on my head, and he was fucking into my face now, holding me still for him.

He's diabolical. He knows full well there's no point at which giving me sex will sate me. He was just saying these things to make me make noises, to get a reaction out of me. It was working. The longer he fucked my face, the more words poured from him, and each one was like another stroke, another caress on my most sensitive sexual parts. I was mad with need, grunting with alarm and chasing his cock again when he pulled it away.

"Oh my, girl," he whispered, allowing me to take him back into my questing mouth. "I did say I would let you suck my cock a little, you know. I didn't say anything about this face fucking." He punctuated the words by holding my head and slamming into my throat.

He pulled away again, ignoring my alarmed cry, my attempt to suck him back in. He pulled me up to him, cradled me close. "Poor horny little slut."

His fingers slid inside me effortlessly, having already aroused me to saturation and beyond. His fingers were instantly slippery against my slippery folds, and I was out of my mind, tossing my head, my eyes rolling. I couldn't focus. His thumb across my clit made me gasp, and then he was fucking me with his fingers, his thumb gliding across my clit with each stroke. It felt amazing and I sighed with momentary relief, but then I thought: Oh God, is this all he's going to do? He could. He might. Oh God. 

And I was coming. Seemingly out of nowhere, I was arching up into his touch, his magical hand playing me like a harp. A series of helpless cries emerged from me, choked screams that I couldn't entirely hold back. "Oh look at you, girl, are you coming from desire?" he asked smoothly. I was. He drew it out, his fingers coaxing it into a second orgasm that was even longer. My legs shook as I arched my body. "Good girl, come for me, that's my girl," he whispered into my ear as I trembled.

"Oh, please, please, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," I begged.

"You want me to fuck you?" he whispered, his fingers still drawing pleasure from me, still making me shake.

"Oh, God, fuck me, please, you... you can fuck my ass if you want."

"I can fuck your ass if I want?" His tone bordered on amused. Of course he could fuck my ass if he wanted. That's kind of how we work. "Would your ass like that?"

"I just want your cock in me!"

He groaned. "Horny girl doesn't care where she's fucked, just wants a cock in her body, is that right?"

I whimpered, no answer really being necessary.

"Of course that's right," he said softly, in my ear. "Sweet little slut. Which hole wants it most?" he asked. I humped up into his hand, and his fingers slid just inside my entrance. "This one?" he asked.

"Mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm!" I responded, loudly. So close. So very fucking close.

"You sure?" he tormented me.

"Oh, God, please, please, please fuck me now."

"Mmm... well, I suppose, since you did come for me, I suppose I could give you the cock." He moved atop me, and his cock was slowly, so slowly, pushing into me. I screamed, out of my mind with the joy of it as he advanced, a little afraid that this would be merely an extension of the tease. I tilted my hips up to take more of him, and then he was in me, all the way. I wrapped my arms around his back and shoved my hips up into him, fucking him as he stayed still inside me. I grunted, moaned, groaned, whimpered as I moved around that glorious cock, as I felt it filling me, stretching me, moving as I hunched my hips.

"Mmm, girl, fuck that cock, go on, yeah," he said, urging me on, perhaps humiliating me a touch. I didn't care. I was beyond caring. I just wanted to fuck, and fuck I did. It didn't take long before the spasms began. I clutched him to me as I cried out, as my pussy pulsed around him. "Did my girl just fuck herself to orgasm on my cock?" he asked, and I whimpered my positive response as all my muscles relaxed, as I fell back. It was only then that he started moving, his lips claiming mine, his hips driving his cock into my body, pinning me.

My hands roamed his skin as he moved on top of me, relishing the closeness, his lips on mine, my body both claimed and rejoicing in it. He cultivated fantastic desire and he reaped the benefits of it.

I yelped when he was suddenly gone, when he was next to me and I was empty. "Nooooo," I screamed, just knowing he was going back to tormenting me.

"Mine," he growled. "Turn over."

I turned my back to him, whimpering, afraid of not being fucked anymore.

"I can do whatever I want with you," he rasped, "and right now I want to fuck you like this." He slid his cock deep inside me from behind as we lay on our sides. I shuddered. His hand came around to grip my breast; his other hand tangled in and pulled on my hair. I loved it, squealing my pleasure as his fingers clamped down and squeezed my nipple, making me twist.

"Would my girl like her ass fucked?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm," I answered, as we still moved together.

My leg wandered backward over his, and his fingers went to my now-spread sex. He stroked my clit as his cock pumped inside me, and he was talking again. I bent forward, his hand clamped on the back of my head, he squeezed. I was folded in half, bent up, spread open. My head and my knees were up off the bed, and he was fucking me, stroking me. "So good, so good, you feel so fucking good," I panted, my own verbal dam having broken at some point.

The angle put his cock thrusting right at my g-spot, and within several thrusts, I was screaming, another orgasm overtaking me, undeniable. "This isn't ass-fucking," he whispered.

"No, but it feels amazing," I countered.

"How about this - how about my girl gets a plug up her ass and then I fuck her pussy more?"

"Mmmhmm!" I agreed eagerly.

"You'd agree with anything I said," he mused.

"Mmhmm," I agreed, again.

The lube took some fumbling, because we've been gone for a while and bought lube where we were going... but then he was lubing my ass, sliding the plug inside me. "Take it, girl," he said as I squirmed.

His fingers made their way back inside me and I was groaning as he coaxed orgasm after orgasm out of me, the plug just making me feel all the fuller. I screamed, biting them back for the sake of our neighbors on the other side of the wall, but I'm not certain if I managed.

He wrapped me in his arms, when I was a boneless mess of girl. "Mine, mine, mine," he whispered into my hair, tossing his leg over me too.





  1. Another lovely post:)

  2. "Please fuck me," I begged, so aroused, wanting him inside me right that moment.

    "Just like that?" he asked softly.

    --- i don't know how, but i end up being needy WAY too soon too.. in my mind anyway.

    1. You know, generally, I am wishing for more teasing, for more time before the penetration. This was an interesting turning of the tables. :)

  3. I'm going to go sit in the snow now and cool down!

    1. I love it! Hope that worked for you. :)

  4. lol, at Emma, as always the whole post was smokin', Conina...somehow, this was deceptively very hot as well....





    1. Thank you, lovely. :) Something about that deep, post-multi-orgasmic sleeping is just really restorative and amazing, innit? ;)

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    1. Thank you! This one took me all day to write. I didn't even realize how long it was until I'd published it.

  6. Apart from thinking I'm glad I don't live next door :) another hot hot post Conina :)

    Dee x

    1. I really try hard to think about the neighbors. We hear them snoring sometimes and speaking in a foreign language, but those are deeper, rumbly noises. I dunno if my screams would reach, but I do try to be quieter.

      Damn apartment living. (I really don't care for it)

  7. Mmm such a great story! Instant turn-on!

    By the way, I have a small blog myself and was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange? Just add me to your friends list and i will definitely add you back! ;)

    Please let me know!

    1. I don't really do link exchanges. :) Actually there are a few blogs I've been meaning to add to my list and I haven't even gotten around to that. Tsk @ me.

  8. This might be the hottest post Ive ever read!

    1. Wow, thank you. :) That made me smile a lot when I read it. Day = made.

  9. Sorry I missed this one while I was sick. Your writing never fails to hit the spot! Unfortunately there's no snow here for me to go sit in ...

  10. Wow.. another extremely hot post! You certainly do not disappoint! Thank you for sharing this! ♥


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